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By C.K. Kelly Martin | Comments: ( 664 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

Anything is possibleFinn has always felt out of place, but suddenly her world is unraveling It started with The Party And Adam Porter And the night in September that changed everything The only person who knows about that night is Audrey Finn s best friend, her witness to everything, and the one person Finn trusts implicitly So when Finn s childhood friend Jersy moAnything is possibleFinn has always felt out of place, but suddenly her world is unraveling It started with The Party And Adam Porter And the night in September that changed everything The only person who knows about that night is Audrey Finn s best friend, her witness to everything, and the one person Finn trusts implicitly So when Finn s childhood friend Jersy moves back to town reckless, beautiful Jersy, all lips and eyes and hair so soft you d want to dip your fingers into it if you weren t careful Finn gives her blessing for Audrey to date him How could she possibly say no to Audrey With Audrey gone for the summer, though, Finn finds herself spending and time with Jersy, and for the first time in her life, something feels right But Finn can t be the girl who does this to her best friendn she

  • Title: One Lonely Degree
  • Author: C.K. Kelly Martin
  • ISBN: 9780375851636
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

C.K. Kelly Martin

Long before I was an author I was a fan of books about Winnie the Pooh, Babar, Madeline, Anne Shirley and anything by Judy Blume Throughout high school my favourite class was English No surprise, then, that most of my time spent at York University in Toronto was as an English major not the traditional way to graduate with a B.A Hons in film studies but a fine way to get a general arts education.After getting my film studies degree I headed for Dublin, Ireland and spent the majority of the nineties there in forgettable jobs meeting unforgettable people and enjoying the buzz I always believed I d get around to writing in earnest eventually, and I began writing my first novel in a flat in Dublin and finished it in a Toronto suburb By then I d discovered that fiction about young people felt the freshest and most exciting to me You have most of your life to be an adult but you only grow up once.Currently residing near Toronto with my Dub husband, I m an aunt to twenty one nieces and nephews, and a great aunt to two great nephews I became an Irish citizen in 2001 and continue to visit Dublin as often as I can while working on novels about young people.My first young adult book, I Know It s Over, came out with Random House in September 2008, and was followed by One Lonely Degree, The Lighter Side of Life and Death, My Beating Teenage Heart and sci fi thriller Yesterday I released Yesterday s sequel, Tomorrow, in 2013 and put out my first adult novel, Come See About Me, as an ebook in June 2012 My most recent contemporary YA books, The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing and Delicate, were published by Cormorant Books Dancing Cat Books imprint in 2014 and 2015.

Comments One Lonely Degree

  • Reynje

    Good. Really, really good. Exactly the kind of wistful, painful realism I like in contemporary YA.

  • Alyssa

    So my English teacher told me to stop using dashes and to start “utilizing semi-colons; they’re more proper.” I, of course, wanted to trap her in the stinky staff room, considering dashes and semi-colons are BASICALLY the same thing, but I stood by her word and decided to figure out WHAT THE HELL SEMI-COLONS DO.You use semi-colons to JOIN ALIKE PHRASES SO THEY BOTH FIT IN A SINGLE SENTENCE. I honestly think dashes do a better job of that, and that they’re prettier, but hey. She’s the E [...]

  • Carol Shaw

    I have had C.K. Kelly Martin’s second book, One Lonely Degree, on my “to read” list for quite a while. I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to read it. And now I want to read it again.I loved it. Every page. Every word.It’s the story of Finn, a fifteen-year-old girl who is trying to navigate her way through high school, her parent’s failing marriage, and the changing nature of her friendships.When Finn meets Jersy, a new boy at school whom she knew briefly as a kid, her life becom [...]

  • Kristi

    I’m not really sure what to say about this book. I liked it, but I didn’t. I liked Finn, but I didn’t. The only thing that I really liked was Martin’s writing. There were some aspects of the novel that I really thought played well, the dysfunctional family, the forbidden relationship, and Finn’s growth, but everything else was just meh. It kept me entertained, but I didn’t particularly enjoy reading it. The ending is another big issue for me. I like how Martin kept it “open” but [...]

  • Nomes

    4.5I absolutely loved this. beautiful and seamlessly written. It made me ache. I absolutely loved this. Beautiful and seamlessly written. It made me ache. I loved Finn - I so related to her - quietly, beautifully angsty and unassuming and genuine - a stunning portrait of a teen muddling through life.As for Jersey - what a dynamic relationship - so much to read in between the lines. I am crushing on him hard. HARD. This is contemporary relationships crafted at it's best. Friendship and family and [...]

  • Kate Audsley

    Not my favorite C.K. Kelly Martin book but still 5 stars. Just can't think of anything wrong with it.

  • Abbie

    This was an okay read, but it took me a while to get into it, and even then, it didn't suck me in. The characters in this were alright, but I didn't love any of them.Overall, An average read.

  • Kelly

    4.5.I adore Martin's writing. Something about it just works for me. But more than that, I loved the characters -- Finn and Jersy and Audrey. They're all so real and flawed and yet so likable. I related a lot to Finn, her insecurities, her rocky relationship with a father who she doesn't get and who doesn't seem to want to get her, either. I so appreciated how the ending isn't cut and dry. It's open. Not all of the questions in the story have answers nor should they. It's life. It's Finn's life. [...]

  • Jessica

    Damn, it has been a month since I've read this book and I honestly can't remember how I felt about it. I think it was a 3 stars read for me *frowns*

  • Yan

    Ms. Martin has a way with manipulating the past into the present and future. The format of her previous book, I Know It’s Over, makes another appearance in One Lonely Degree. She has this way of forcing the past into the present as the prominent setback the character faces and yet still making it seem a part of whom there are. Not just as an unfortunate event that happened but rather what makes them grow. It becomes what they are as they face every day life with the ever lingering past hauntin [...]

  • Isamlq

    3.75/5The girl is Set apart. Intense. And yes, I’d even say lonely. More, having hard time with the changes going on. She’s an intense girl who feels everything deeply - too deeply. With all that in mind, things are not made easier with her needing only a few deep connections. So she has those: one deep connection with Audrey, the only person who knows most everything about her then, and another close(ish) relationship with her father. But when her hated “anything is possible” rears its [...]

  • Rachael

    Finn’s life has been unraveling ever since that night in September, that party and Adam Porter. And of course, to add even more stress, her parents’ relationship has been steadily deteriorating. Life is almost more than she can bear. It’s a good thing her best friend Audrey is there for her, or Finn wouldn’t know what to do. Thus, Finn ignores her tentative initial attraction to Beautiful Boy Jersy, her childhood friend from way back when, when Audrey expresses her interest. When Audrey [...]

  • Haley

    Anyone who looks at this cover would think it's a romance. Two teens by the swimming pool. Someone's lonely, obviously. The tagline is "Anything is possible" Their hands are touching just barely atthe fingertips.But I didn't put this in the romance shelf because it's really not just a romance. It's more about a girl, and romance sort of just happens to be there. And if you read the book, you know the tagline isn't really romantic. Here's an excerpt, a mini-spoiler of the first page about the tag [...]

  • Alea

    This is the first book I've read by C.K. Kelly Martin, I know for shame, I need to read I Know It's Over. I really liked the idea of this book but it played out a bit differently than I would have hoped. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it and I loved Finn. I mean she wanted to be a graphic designer and move to London or New York, we basically had the same dream!One thing I was really interested in finding out was what happened at The Party, and I was surprised to find out how soon that info [...]

  • Caitlin

    Meh. 2.5-3 stars. Not nearly as good as I Know It's Over. I'm hoping The Lighter Side of Life and Death will be better.I feel like Finn and Audrey's relationship needed to be fleshed out more. And Finn herself was just okay. Definitely too many Beautiful Boy and emo band references for my taste.But I also thought Martin did a good job writing about how Finn's experience with Adam affected her and her relationships thereafter. And I liked that the ending was left open.Good, but disappointing afte [...]

  • Whitney

    I stayed up until 1:15am finishing this book and although I'm exhausted today, it was worth it. I loved, loved, loved this young adult novel. I think CK Kelly Martin is getting better with every book. She continues to successfully tackle "hard subjects" with characters that are complicated, realistic, and relatable. Sexual assault, divorce, messy young love, friend "break ups"--she pulled it all off without making cheesy concessions or sounding like a lecturer. can't wait for her next!

  • Smudgedink7

    It's the right amount of awkward. Normally I'm not interested in YA because of the selfishness and angst but this put a kid in impossible and adult situations. Finn is an outcast trying to make it through family issues, a lost best friend, new job, a boy, and a traumatic event. Though I may not agree with her decisions, she's a teenager, but more importantly human, and makes mistakes like all of us. she simply does the best that she can.3 1/2 stars.

  • Kiera Brokbad

    Read this two years ago and absolutely loved it no doubt. Picked it up just a few weeks ago and realised how it wasnt that great of a book after all. Overall and average read.

  • Danielle

    This story is about a girl named Finn who feels like her whole world is changing around her. Finn’s mom and dad are the perfect couple, until they start to drift apart and divorce. Her younger brother, Daniel is popular and is always doing something with her friends. Finn is an out of place teen aged girl with a best friend named Audrey. Audrey isn’t as awkward as Finn, but their personalities are the same and they know each other inside and out. Finn had a different best friend when she was [...]

  • Lala

    This was almost 5 stars. But the ending just sort ofwell ended. There wasn't some great revelation or even closure. For me it was a bit abruptjust when I thought we were getting closure with Jersy and Finn. Ugh. But overall this was actually a really fun book to read. I fell HARD for Jersyke I'm madly in love with him HARD haha! He was a total dream and the chemistry between him and Finn was obvious from day one. I wanted Finn and Jersy through the whole storyI didn't even care about Audreyher c [...]

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    After reading two of C. K. Kelly Martin's novels, I added all of the others to my wishlist on , and bought three of them, her first three novels, when they went on sale. One Lonely Degree differs quite a bit from my prior experiences. Although the style clearly belongs to Martin still, and the books have a similar tone that I associate with her, I can really tell how much she grew as an author from this book to My Beating Teenage Heart. I did enjoy reading One Lonely Degree, but the subject matt [...]

  • Reader Rabbit

    For fifteen year old Finn, the world seems like it's crashing down. For one thing, her family's falling apart. And on top of that, there's that thing with Adam Porter that happened at the Party and it continues to haunt her. Only one person knows about it and that's Audrey, Finn's best friend. But when Finn's childhood friend, Jersey, comes to town and things between him and Audrey begin to heat up, well, things begin to change.When summer rolls around, Audrey's parents go off, with Audrey in to [...]

  • Grace

    Review Posted @ She Reads Thingsshereadsthings/20This book was hot and cold. There were moments where it was just so spot on. But then there were the other times where everything drew a blank. I truly think that this is a hit or miss kind of book. For me, this was a miss unfortunately.First of all, the characters. I couldn't relate or connect in any way whatsoever. I felt for them, that's for sure, but I don't think they were developed thoroughly enough. I got glimpses of each of them, but I nev [...]

  • Michelle (FabBookReviews)

    ***Some spoilers ahead***YA author (and fellow Canadian) Courtney Summers has given high praise to the writing of C.K. Kelly Martin. I adore Summers' writing style, so after reading her reviews of Martin's books on , I thought I should definitely give Martin's books a go. One Lonely Degree is a contemporary, emotionally-charged, roller-coaster of a YA novel; one that took me by surprise. The book description makes it sound like it will be- more than anything- about a potentially awkward love tri [...]

  • Hidalgelis

    One Lonely Degree is a perfect book for summer ,this book put me in a summer mood. The main character Finn is shy which is why I connected mostly with her because I am just like her. Finn had only one true friend, her best friend which was Audrey. Finn has always been nervous around guys probably because she has never been so close to guys, but she got more scared to be around guys after what happened at one of the parties she went to. After her friend Jersy (a guy which was her friend years ago [...]

  • Jessica

    Soo, I was heading to the beach, and thought, I want a nice fluffly book to read while there. So I choose this.Turns out, not a nice fluffy book.It's a book about a girl with serious issues and who frankly needs to get over herself.Maybe I'm not being sensitive enough, because personally I would have never have gotten into the situation she did I would have just kicked him (view spoiler)[[possible bit him, it was right there] (hide spoiler)] and walked out the door to the crowd of people outside [...]

  • Alex

    I felt that One Lonely Degree is a mix between Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti. But Speak is much more powerful. One Lonely Degree is mostly the cute, light, summer read that while realistic, doesn't have much deeper meaning. It's straight forward.Audrey likes Jersy. Finn likes Jersy. Finn is too broken up from her "encounter" with Adam Porter to be able to do anything with Jersy. So Finn gives her blessing to Audrey and Jersy, who for months, date with the [...]

  • Lauren

    After reading C.K. Kelly Martin's fantastic first novel, I Know It's Over, I was a bit weary to see how this one would compare to that amazing and heartbreaking tale. Luckily, by the end of the first chapter, I was already addicted to One Lonely Degree. Leaving me to think only one thought: C.K. Kelly Martin never writes a bad book!Finn was a character that was easy to love. I was constantly cheering for her to overcome what had happened the previous year and to work out the situation between be [...]

  • Lacey Louwagie

    So, I loved C.K. Kelly Martin's debut novel, "I Know It's Over" so much that I had HIGH expectations for this one. I'm not sure I even would have picked it up if it wasn't by her, but as soon as I saw her name, I couldn't resist (mind you, I still get lots of books for free from my old job, so it wasn't like my non-resistance cost me any money--just bookshelf space. ;))There were a few moments when I thought this book might live up to the promise of the first one, but in the end, it didn't quite [...]

  • Stephanie

    I had tons of mixed feelings about this novel. There were the good and the bad. The unexpected and the expected. The useless excess information and the highly addictive facts that will keep you going.There were a lot of things in this book that I wasn't so sure about. Finn, for example, was someone I liked but didn't like at the same time. On one end, she seemed like a good girl set out to do the right thing. On the other hand, she's easily swayed and she seems to have little to no backbone. She [...]

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