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By Lori Foster | Comments: ( 963 ) | Date: ( May 28, 2020 )

A Lori Foster book is like a glass of good champagne sexy and sparkling Jayne Ann Krentz You first met Bruce Kelly in Lori Foster s steamy novel, The Secret Life of Bryan Now, Bruce comes into his own and a whole lot of trouble when he falls for a woman who is nothing like he is, but she s everything he wants When Opposites Attract Bruce Kelly has spent mA Lori Foster book is like a glass of good champagne sexy and sparkling Jayne Ann Krentz You first met Bruce Kelly in Lori Foster s steamy novel, The Secret Life of Bryan Now, Bruce comes into his own and a whole lot of trouble when he falls for a woman who is nothing like he is, but she s everything he wants When Opposites Attract Bruce Kelly has spent most of his life helping people who are down on their luck, guiding them toward making better lives Compassionate and kind, Bruce understands that everyone makes mistakes, even if he s never actually done anything but color inside the lines Nobody s perfect, but Bruce is about to meet a woman who s perfect for him He s determined to show her that he can be trusted And if that means proving it by being the absolute gentleman at all times, then so be it No matter how many cold showers it takes Just Get Out Of The Way Cyn Potter is a survivor, with a sassy, gallows wit and a fierce independent streak to show for it She s used to men wanting only one thing, and this girl is no longer taking applications from big bad wolves in sheep s clothing, thank you very much, drive through please and keep on going But Bruce Kelly is actually different Totally hands off Sometimes she can see a hint of fire when he looks at her, but the guy treats her with the respect she s always wanted Maybe too much respect, because truthfully The guy is fine Worth taking down a few defenses for d a few other things And maybe somebody needs to help Bruce start over and discover just how perfect being imperfect can be.

  • Title: When Bruce Met Cyn...
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: 9780821775134
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Lori Foster

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St Martin s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley Jove She is currently published with HQN.Lori hosts a very special annual Reader Author event in West Chester, Ohio Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children s Home.Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity You can see the benefit romance books here lorifoster benefit books Career Highlights In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy In 2002, Lori s book Too Much Temptation was the top selling romance title for books In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for Waldenbooks In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for the BGI group In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Contemporary Romance In 2006, Jude s Law was the Bestselling Romantic Comedy romance title for the BGI group In 2007, Lori launched a new urban fantasy series under the name L.L Foster See on her dark side at llfoster In 2007, Causing Havoc was among s Top Ten Editor s picks in Romance In 2008, Hard to Handle made 2 on The New York Times In 2009, Servant The Acceptance was s 1 Editors Pick in Romance In 2010, Lori was a clue in the USA Today Quick Cross puzzle.

Comments When Bruce Met Cyn...

  • Daisiemae

    I really liked this book. I am a sucker for the minister/bad girl with a heart of gold storyline. I have seen several bad reviews of this book because Lori wrote Bruce as a Mant just a minister. Personally, that is what I thought was refreshing about it. I liked that he wasn't perfecthe didn't always have "pure" thoughts, and wasn't ashamed of his attraction for Cyn. He is still a hero I would stand behind anyday, and I enjoyed the trust and love that developed between he and Cyn. It was a fast- [...]

  • Alexis

    Bruce Kelly, identical twin brother of Bryan Kelly from The Secret Life of Bryan, is back, and this time he's also relocated to Visitation, NC. But Bruce isn't the only one who's decided to move there. Cynthia Potter has made the decision to turn her life around. She's been on the run for a long time but now she's done with being a prostitute and is going to Visitation, a place that's appeared in her dreams. Bruce, a preacher and all-around good guy, first encounters Cyn in the parking lot of a [...]

  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Deborah Vespo

    Part of the Visitation series, which I just found out about and I now have to go and read the whole thing. Bruce is such a wonderful character, a genuine sweetheart that any female reader would fall in love with. Cyn (Cynthia) has had such a difficult life, drunken mother and a rather nasty boyfriend character that has rather nasty intentions towards Cyn. She runs out after beating him to death when he appears in her room one night and takes to life on the streets. She never finished school and [...]

  • Laurie

    I liked this book, but the hero wasn't one of my favorite characters. I guess since Bruce was a preacher I was expecting him to have more skeletons in his closet to make the story more interesting. Instead, he was the standard gentleman who was straitlaced and had not much of a shady past all. The only thing that distinguished him as a hero was that he was protective, sexy, and he falls in love. The heroine was much more colorful. She was a former prostitute running from the past. She shows her [...]

  • Jamilah

    I have read this entire series with the exception of Jamie and I have to say this is by far the most disturbing. I love Bryan's story but Bruce just came across as a creepy and slightly abusive jerk. Cyn feels self concious because of her breasts, so of course Bruce spends most his time focusing on them. She's a child prostitute who has never felt love so why don't we rush her into a marriage. And when Brucgets mad over something she says why shouldn't shake her up a bit to get his point across. [...]

  • Samantha

    This book was just ok. I've read some of her other works and they are definitely better. This one didn't really flow correctly. I wanted her to go into more detail about their relationship and how Cyn felt about her past. She didn't really go into how Bruce felt about Cyn's past and how he is planning on working through it. I just felt let down by this book. It didn't explore the rest of the town's ideas or further their relationships either. Just wish Ms. Foster would have taken more time with [...]

  • Cindy

    Contemporary romance with protected sex. This is Bruce's story. Bruce is a likeable guy. He deserves a good story. He doesn't get one IMO. Cyn is a recent former hooker. I tried not to hold that against her, but she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.This story plays out like a really bad Lifetime Channel movie. Before you judge, I'm a nurse who works in a hospital. I frequently get stuck in a pt's room when Lifetime movie marathons are playing. I've seen enough to know how bad they can get! [...]

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely love Lori Foster. I am glad that we got to see a different side of Bruce and that both Bryan and Joe were present in this book. Cyn was a fun character and I really liked how she was able to reach out to Jamie. Cannot wait for the next book in this series.

  • Shannon

    Is Visitation, NC a real place? If it is I'm heading there tomorrow.I love this cast of characters Lori Foster has createdl these big, strapping, protective, alpha males.

  • Susan

    I thoroughly enjoyed this slightly-dark romance. I definitely want to pick up the other books that have the characters in this book - especially the one about Bryan!

  • Maura

    Bryan's twin brother Bruce is on his way to Visitation, where he's moved to set up his new church. But he encounters a tough, young woman who seems to be running away from something, or simply toward a new life in Visitation - she's Cyn, a former prostitute with an abusive childhood who managed to keep her head above water during a five years of turning tricks and now has enough money saved up to get out of the life. And she runs straight in to Bruce's. He's enamored with Cyn straight off, but h [...]

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsWhen Bruce Met Cyn begins with Cyn going to Visitation. She's had a really hard life, and is tired of being a hooker, so she sets out to the first place she feels right. Along the way, she encounters Bruce Kelly a local preacher who also lives in Visitation. Bruce understands Cyn more than she wants him too, and can't seem to help but feel attracted to her. And as he gets to know her more he he wants her more and more. But he's unsure of how to go about [...]

  • Anita

    I have really enjoyed the Visitation, NC series and this book is really good too. The family and friends that Lori Foster has created are wonderful. The heroes are sexy and macho with soft hearts. The heroines are beautiful and smart. As the third book, you really need to read the others to truly enjoy the characters and their relationships.This is the story of Bruce Kelly, a preacher and really good person who has left his half-way house for recovering prostitutes to build a church in Visitatio [...]

  • Pattianne

    WHEN BRUCE MET CYN - VISITATION/N.C. - (Bruce and Cyn) - Preacher Bruce saves Cyn from her former life and marries her.Bruce Kelly has spent most of his life helping people who are down on their luck, guiding them toward making better lives. Compassionate and kind, Bruce understands that everyone makes mistakes, even if he's never actually done anything just colour inside the lines. Nobody's perfect, but Bruce is about to meet a woman who's perfect for him. He's determined to show her that he ca [...]

  • Sammie

    It was so awesome ,i loved every moment of this book ,i could not put it down.Bruce is just plain awesome and super hunky and really funny ,i loved every moment of his book.Cyn was pretty great too ,she's really funny and i just loved how her mind worked when she thought of bruce ,it was just great.I loved seeing her and Bruce fall in love with each other ,it was just great seeing their story unfold , i also loved all the parts with Jamie,Scott and Alyx they are such great characters that i can [...]

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)

    So a prostitute and a preacher meet in a truckstop Sounds like the opening of some kind of joke doesn't it? Instead it's the opening of a fun romantic read. It's sort of like the opening of The Secret Life of Bryan but this time they really are a whore and a man of the cloth. I really liked Cynthia. I even mostly liked Bruce (although his I'm not going to do anything with you until I think you are ready no matter what you say attitude was a bit off putting.) Also liked seeing everyone from the l [...]

  • Cindy Winder delong

    I got half way through this book and couldn't finish. I just didn't feel that the story was believable. The author wanted the reader to see the preacher Bruce as sincere and honest but Bruce didn't seem familiar with the Bible. So many principles were ignored. He didn't equate his thoughts with his actions and openly lusted. He seemed to be considering fornication. And he didn't show any concern that he and Cyn would be unequally yoked if they did become married because she never spoke once of h [...]

  • Jessi

    Oh my. A contemporary romance with a former hooker as the female protagonist. And a priest as the male lead. Cyn (Cynthia) Potter left her family's house when her mother's lover tried to rape her. She survived the only way she could. But now she's ready to go straight and she's mysteriously drawn to Visitation, North Carolina. On the way, a trucker tries to extort sexual favors in exchange for a ride when Bruce shows up to save the day. Of course, he falls into lust with her and then into love. [...]

  • Mauaqui

    The Preacher's CynWe met Bruce, the Preacher, in Bryan's book. I think we all fell in love with his demeanor; a soft spoken loving man full of humbleness and goodwill. I certainly felt he deserved a love of his own to cherish him. Well let me tell you he found CYN! Both were making their way to Visitation when a chance encounter at a truck stop threw them together and what a roller coaster ride it was until they reached their HEA! Loved it! The Preacher and Cyn proved the maxim opposites attract [...]

  • B. Barda

    A guilty pleasure and my favorite of Foster's books. I've re-read it multiple times. It's a must-buy for anyone who loves the tough but gentle trope. Bruce is a preacher with a lot of compassion and just a great character to cuddle up with when you need a little shmaltz or a case of the warm-fuzzies. I do wish Foster would abandon the need to make her protagonists do the 'save the damsel in distress with my manly muscles' thing in every novel's climax, but with this genre, it's an expected clich [...]

  • Lynsey

    I haven't read these books in order, and so I read this one last. I can honestly say I am really sad to have finished the Visitation series because I loved all the characters so much.This is another great romance, and Bruce - wow! I thought Joe was my favourite, but it's a pretty close call.I love how Lori Foster weaves in characters from past books, it feels effortlessly done. I really enjoyed the banter between Joe, Bryan & Bruce - they are all such wonderful characters. Plus Alyx is just [...]

  • Jenny

    Registered at Bookcrossing: bookcrossing/journal/1I started reading this last night and it seems really familiar. If it turns out I have already read it I'll find another home for it.I think I have read this before, but I decided to finish it, since a lot of it was pretty hazy. Another good romance from Lori Foster. Her books have sweetness, humor, and a bit of magic to make them special

  • Linda

    I really enjoyed this book about the other twin Bruce. Lori Foster's description of the preacher was perfect and he was perfect for Cyn. He took his faith very seriously but he was also a man who was in love. Cyn had spent five years of her life running and hiding until she met Bruce. This adventure goes back to Visitation, North Carolina and with Jamie's help, everything comes around to where it should be.

  • Mandy

    Caveat: I never like romance books with preachers as a protagonist. This is no exception. Bruce kinda just creeps me out the entire book. Bruce leering lasciviously at a reformed prostitute? Creepy. Bruce holding her in his lap while she details her abuse as a child? Creepy. Bruce all but forcing a marriage on the reformed prostitute? Creepy.

  • Turdlemary

    This is the book after The secret life of Bryan. Bruce is his twin and the preacher who meets an ex-hooker and falls in love with her. He needs to protect her and get her to trust him because of someone trying to her her from her past. This story is about surviving by any means even if it meant selling yourself though Cyn is strong minded and educated herself to protect herself mentally.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)

    The third book in the Visitation series by Lori Foster. Bruce Kelly is a minister and the twin of Bryan. He has moved to Visitation, NC. Cynthia Potter has let the life of prostitution and is attempting to make a new life for herself. A little more serious than the others to me. But I still loved it.

  • Rachel

    Loved it - all of this series is funny, sweet and still holds the attention. They are well written and sexy too.This one is about Bruce who is a preacher and I think I like him better than cranky Brian.Bruce is honest and strong and just so sexy. It was great to catch up with the others (joe, brian, shay and Jamie) just love thatnt wait to read the others

  • Jill

    I liked the story Quick moving and entertaining. I liked the story about Bryan alittle better, however they are different types of characters and this story about Bruce does flow and I was glad they didn't have hot love scenes right away. Usually the back and forth teasing the heroine usually does annoyes me but not in this story It was appropriate.

  • Tanya

    This book was amazing. It feels like you are in the storie with them when you read it. It catches your attention the fact that some people really are that mean in the world. But the storie was also sweet and exciting. I loved it, it was really good can't wait to read more of her books.

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  • Best Read [Lori Foster] ☆ When Bruce Met Cyn... || [Christian Book] PDF ✓
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