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By Lori Foster | Comments: ( 913 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Lori Foster enchanted legions of romance readers with her seductive novellas featuring the Winston brothers Now, these tantalizing tales are available for the first time in one volume.

  • Title: The Winston Brothers
  • Author: Lori Foster
  • ISBN: 9780515131734
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Lori Foster

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St Martin s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley Jove She is currently published with HQN.Lori hosts a very special annual Reader Author event in West Chester, Ohio Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children s Home.Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity You can see the benefit romance books here lorifoster benefit books Career Highlights In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy In 2002, Lori s book Too Much Temptation was the top selling romance title for books In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for Waldenbooks In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the Bestselling Original Contemporary romance title for the BGI group In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Contemporary Romance In 2006, Jude s Law was the Bestselling Romantic Comedy romance title for the BGI group In 2007, Lori launched a new urban fantasy series under the name L.L Foster See on her dark side at llfoster In 2007, Causing Havoc was among s Top Ten Editor s picks in Romance In 2008, Hard to Handle made 2 on The New York Times In 2009, Servant The Acceptance was s 1 Editors Pick in Romance In 2010, Lori was a clue in the USA Today Quick Cross puzzle.

Comments The Winston Brothers

  • Hillary

    i loved this book so much because it was a great love story. i have not read a great love story in a long time. i have not read this author before but i will be reading more of her in the future. i can not wait to read the last book in the series. she is such a great of love stories that makes you feel like you are living in the same memory as the people who are in the book.

  • Lisa

    This book has 3 novella's for three of the Winston Brothers Mack, Colee and Chase with a sneak peak at Zane's story at the end. This is a older book originally released in 2001 i believe. I'm always trying to catch up on the back lists of authors i really enjoy. I walked up to my bookshelf and snatched this one off the shelf the other day and began to read. It was a quick one afternoon of reading.First up is Tangled sheets which is Cole Winston's story. Cole is the oldest and took over raising h [...]

  • Myra Sullivan

    I'd heard a lot about Lori Foster from a friend, and so was curious as to how good her writing was. I've also noticed how completely unsatisfied I am with the bits and pieces of romance that I've been reading in my usual action/adventure/fantasy books, and so decided to take my friend's advice and give this a try.To put it simply, it was mindless entertainment. :P The book was basically nothing but romance, relatively well-written, that lacked any semblance of reality. Well, maybe that's putting [...]

  • Dana

    I love how this book jumps right into the action. There is no pussyfooting around, talking about inconsequential details; no setting of the stage just immediate action. This is the major benefit of short stories. The reader is thrust straight into the sexual desires of Sophie and Cole in “Tangled Sheets.” This first story is all about having the courage to go after what you want and not being afraid of being yourself. The second story, “Tangled Dreams”, stars Chase and Allison, and is ab [...]

  • Katie

    Have I told you how much I love Lori Foster???? Have I??? Well.I do!Reread this bookt a huge fan of short stories but the first and third ones are really good. The middle one seems really dumb to me!

  • Maura

    Tangled Sheets - 2 /5 - So we start with Cole Winston, owner of the bar where shy and sweet Sophie hangs out. She wants nothing more than to lose her virginity to Cole, but she’s too shy and he hasn’t shown any interest. So she pretends to be her pretend twin sister, act sexy and entice him to make love to her. She doesn’t realize that Cole is supposedly in love with her and she’s making things worse for herself. For a lot of people, this is probably a cute and fluffy story with an endea [...]

  • Carol

    Loved having three of the brothers stories in one bookw onto the fourth and final!!!

  • Andrea Garcia

    My thoughts on this book are included in My Week in a Nutshell #3 video on my booktube channel.

  • Serena Miles

    Los hermanos son unos machorros macizorros impresionantes por los que babean todas las tias osea, los tipicos protas jejejjeY las protas son virgenes, menos la ultima que esta divorciada y desde entonces no ha hechado un kiki son corrientillas y los hermanos Winston se enamoran de ellas locamenteMe he aburrido, hay hasta fantasmas no se, dos llevo de esta saga y han sido aburridos los dos4/10

  • Cindy

    Contemporary romance with protected sex. This is a 3 story anthology aboute Winston brothers. There are actually 4 of them, but only 1 rates a full length novel. Tangled Sheets - 3 stars. An ok story. This one is about Cole who raised his 3 brothers at age 22. Now he's 36 & ready to look for love. Sophie is 26 & owns a lingerie shop not far from Cole's bar. She decides she's too shy to approach Cole about something more than a friendship. So, she makes up a story about a twin sister, the [...]

  • Lynsey

    I loved the first story, about Cole and Sophie. It's really romantic, and really steamy. The ending was almost perfect, but something about how he asked her to marry him really made me cringe - not quite sure what, but it hasn't hampered my enjoyment of it. I will re-read this one again and again and still enjoy it.The second story was totally unexpected, and a little weird, but I still enjoyed it - perhaps because it was so different. A couple of the themes in this one are dealt with in greater [...]

  • Kz

    3 short novellas, not much character development and sketchy plots make this kind of hard to believe. First story in the book is better than the second and third is the best of the three. The author has written many other stories which are far better. It's too bad that she didn't take the third story and make it longer, giving a more in depth look at these three characters and develop the plot more. It had a lot of unfulfilled promise and could have been turned into a full length book without th [...]

  • Christina Montminy

    Wowl 3 books were good. I have to say that I laughed at all of them, but Chase & Mack's were hilarious. Chase had to deal with Allison's ghosts & Mack had to deal with modeling men's underwear for the woman he couldn't get out of his mind since college Jessica. Cole had to deal with Sophie's twin sister which she didn't really have to finally get her to admit that she had feelings for him, Chase had to put up with being able to read Allison's mind & Mack had to deal with Jessica's id [...]

  • Vasilena

    I love Lori Foster, but these brothers weren't as hot sexy as some of her other characters. I loved the first novella the most, and also Mack's story (the third novella). but the Chase story was a bit rushed for what she was trying to do, and as a result there was no background for Chase and Allison to fall in love. He just basically fell for her that night, while she supposedly liked him from before but still there was way more build up in the 1st novella (Cole) and hence why it was the best! m [...]

  • Jody

    1 - Tangled Sheets - Cole and Sophia have known each other for seven months. Everyday she comes into his bar for hot chocolate. Both have big plans for Valentine's Day and Shelly makes a brief appearance. Picture #1 for Valentine's contest.2 - Tangled Dreams - is Chase's story. Allison inherits a haunted house with some interesting ghosts. Rose makes sure Chase can hear Allison 's dreams. Jake turns out to be after the jewelry.3 - Tangled Images - is Mack's story. Mack gets roped into doing a ph [...]

  • Thenia

    Cole Winston's story read August 2nd 2011:Sophie's self esteem issues were a little over the top but, sadly, realistic. Cole handled everything as he should have, so good for him. A cute story, all in all.Chase Winston's story read September 6th 2011:As unrealistic as they get, but still a fun story to read. The twist was a liiiittle bit over the top but we got our HEA so no harm done.December 30th 2011:The third and last story, Mack's, is the one I liked most. It's sweet and simple if a little [...]

  • Lady Raven RAVE!

    In a compilation of anthology stories, Lori Fosters brings this family to life. The way Lori writes from a male point of view is incredible, and has me constantly guessing what these hero's will be up to next. With the Winston family, she has created a wonderful family, who you at times want to cuddle up and hug, and at others just reach out and smack them. LOL, and she's given them the perfect heroines. This is a not to be missed book, and it's follow up, by Wild, which is about the youngest Wi [...]

  • Tamara

    Loved these stories! Sam was too cute in "My house My rules" Thinking he is sooo big and bad and gonna scare away the little Ariel! Huh! We are made of stronger stuff! Gil was so funny, telling himself he didn't want the girl of his dreams. because she wasn't what his corporate image needed. Love doesn't let you pick and choose! And Pete, Well, he finally found his HEA, great read, as always from Lori!

  • sakura_txell

    Son tan pocos los libros a los que pongo un 'decepcionante', pero es que este lo es. La única historia que vale un poco la pena es la primera, pero es tan y tan corta, que se queda en nada. Demasiado corta, y demasiado rápida. Pero ofrece un 'algo' que parece que seguirá en las dos siguientes pero no. No digo que sea una pérdida de tiempo, pero si que quizá estas historietas podrían haber dado mucho más de sí.

  • Jessica Alcazar

    Another really cute brother series for Lori Foster. I really thought Tangled Sheets (Cole's story) was really cute until I read Chase's story, Tangled Dreams. Now THAT was cute! and Mack's story was just plain HILARIOUS! All 3 were short, sweet and to the point. The only one I would have liked to have been longer was Chase's story but that just cuz I got a real kick from Rose and Burke's story! ;) lol

  • Alex (HEABookNerd)

    Overall Score: 3 Stars---Tangled Sheets: 3 Stars --- Series: Winston Brothers #1Read Count: 1---Tangled Dreams: 3 Stars --- Series: Winston Brothers #2Read Count: 1---Tangled Images: 4 Stars --- Series: Winston Brothers #3Read Count: 2

  • Rachel

    3 stories.I liked all the stories, probably Cole's one the best. Alot pf people didn't like Chase's story but i thought it was quirky and funny.All three stories were very simple. Man falls madly in love with woman very very quickly. But they are short stories after all.I always go for Lori Foster when i want a light hearted fun read - with a HEA.Sweet quick read

  • Dawn ♥ romance

    Each steamy story about bar owning brothers got better than the previous. All had good plots so my rating 3.5* 1) Cole and boutique owner Sophie skimmed some pondering. 2) Chase and Allison gimmick for internal thoughts. 3) Mack and photographer Jessica love when male pursues older woman.

  • Anna

    Tales of how the first 3 Winston brothers find their brides. Cole is the eldest and has raised his 3 younger brothers on his own since their parents were killed. The brothers run a bar in their town and have the opportunity to meet LOTS of women.

  • SweetSue

    Read this one awhile ago. I liked it - particularly the third story with the younger brother and older woman. Loved how he was with the daughter also. All three stories are good though - light, but sexy.

  • Lynne

    This is a compilation of the previously published stories about the Winston Brothers. I had previously read them in their seperate anthologies, but it's nice to have them all together to easily read them in one shot.

  • Ann aka Iftcan

    This is a collection of 3 stories about 3 of the 4 Winston Brothers (hence the name.) The middle story includes ghosts, for those who are into them.Not a bad set of stories, but not the greatest, either. Still, light, fun to read and a good beach book.

  • Peni

    I have read this collection many times. It continues to delight me. Classic Lori Foster. The brothers are ideal if not just a bit alpha. But I love that in a man, protective, loyal, not afraid to exhibit their love and care to their mates and family.

  • Shannon

    Love the Winston brothers, but what Lori Foster male do I not love??!? I think my favorite is Mack, but honestly, does a girl really have to choose?!?

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*

    I always enjoy this collection, have read it several times now. The humor in these stories is subtle and warm.

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