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England s most valiant knights paid court to wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous warrior Rogan Peregrine made no secret of his powerful desires His very caress melted Liana into liquid fire, and she vowed to capture this manificent, wild man Boldly the delicate beauty gave him her hand and Britain s richest dower Yet he was bound to a bitter feud for love bEngland s most valiant knights paid court to wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous warrior Rogan Peregrine made no secret of his powerful desires His very caress melted Liana into liquid fire, and she vowed to capture this manificent, wild man Boldly the delicate beauty gave him her hand and Britain s richest dower Yet he was bound to a bitter feud for love betrayed, brothers killed, and ancestral land usurped In Rogan s war ravaged castle, Liana would lay her tender seige redeem his embattled spirit and win his untamed heart

  • Title: The Taming
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780671743833
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jude Deveraux

Jude Gilliam was born September 20, 1947 in Fairdale, Kentucky She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers She attended Murray State University and received a degree in Art In 1967, Jude married and took her husband s surname of White, but four years later they divorced For years, she worked as 5th grade teacher.She began writing in 1976, and published her first book, The Enchanted Land 1977 under the name Jude Deveraux Following the publication of her first novel, she resigned her teaching position Now, she is the author of 31 New York Times bestsellers Jude won readers hearts with the epic Velvet series, which revolves around the lives of the Montgomery family s irresistible men Jude s early books are set largely in 15th and 16th century England in them her fierce, impassioned protagonists find themselves in the midst of blood feuds and wars Her heroines are equally scrappy medieval Scarlett O Haras who often have a low regard for the men who eventually win them over They re fighters, certainly, but they re also beauties who are preoccupied with survival and family preservation Jude has also stepped outside her milieu, with mixed results Her James River trilogy River Lady, Lost Lady, and Counterfeit Lady is set mostly in post Revolution America the popular, softer edged Twin of Fire Twin of Ice moves to 19th century Colorado and introduces another hunky man clan, the Taggerts.Deveraux manages to evoke a strong and convincing atmosphere for each of her books, but her dialogue and characters are as familiar as a modern day soap opera s Historicals seem to be all I m capable of, Jude once said in an interview, referring to a now out of print attempt at contemporary fiction, 1982 s Casa Grande I don t want to write family sagas or occult books, and I have no intention of again trying to ruin the contemporary market Still, Jude did later attempt modern day romances, such as the lighthearted High Tide her first murder caper , the contemporary female friendship story The Summerhouse, and the time traveling Knight in Shining Armor In fact, with 2002 s The Mulberry Tree, Deveraux seems to be getting comfortable setting stories in the present, which is a good thing, since the fans she won with her historical books are eager to follow her into the future.Jude married Claude Montassir, with whom she had a son, Sam Alexander Montassir, in 1997 They eventually divorced On Oct 6th, 2005, Sam died at the age of eight in a motorcycle accident Jude has lived in several countries and all over the United States She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and has an additional home in the medieval city of Badolato, Italy.

Comments The Taming

  • Karla

    Oh, what wicked smelly webs we weave.For all the complainers out there who hate it when historical romances, medievals in particular, gloss over the ripe aromas and body hygiene of the time, this is the book for you!I admit that I've griped on numerous occasions when a heroine's legs and armpits are amazingly smooth or a hero only smells "overpoweringly masculine." Whatever that is. Scrotal funk laced with sandalwood is my guess. But this book took medieval odiferous realism to a whole new level [...]

  • Pamela(AllHoney)

    The first book in the Peregrine series by Jude Deveraux. Setting is England in the year 1445. Liana Neville is wealthy and much sought after. But she has avoided marriage for all these years and now her stepmother has given an ultimatum - either Liana gets married or she will leave. Liana has countless men parading before her, giving her compliments all in the name of her great wealth. When she meets Rogan Peregrine, she decides to marry him, even though she is warned of his barbaric and savage [...]

  • Wendy,Lady Evelyn Quince

    Looked through my old reading notes, and what the heck was I thinking when I gave this four stars. My memory is failing me! This was a two star read at best. As a teen, I loved Jude Deveraux but the one hero I HATED more than any was Rogan in The Taming (even more than Gavin in The Velvet Promise)! This book was the opposite of Highland Velvet, where the hero works his ass off to make his wife happy. Here, it is the wife working her fingers to the bone to help her lazy husband and his annoying s [...]

  • Silvana

    I remember reading this prior to GR, I came across Jude Deveraux's paperbacks on sale and bought them- This happened to be one of them. While I enjoyed the other books, mainly , The taming was awful, I recall throwing up a few time in my mouth while reading about the hero, he's no hero, just a cheating dirty jerk. The heroine wasn't much better, it's like she asked to borrow some of the hero's idiocy and never gave it back. I just couldn't understand what had her melting in his arms, I guess The [...]

  • Dina

    From Fani @ Ami:'The hero sleeps with a different woman every day of the week (he actually names them Monday, Tuesday, etc. to keep track), after his marriage to the heroine.I must confess that I liked The Taming myself (*blushes*). After all it was my first historical romance. But, it IS written in a humorous way. The hero married the heroine because he badly needed money, she married him because of his looks. He takes her to his castle and forgets about her as he goes on with his life the way [...]

  • Kathy

    Ever read a book and say to yourself "damn, I'm glad that's finished"? I have. This book was painful to complete and, truly, I am very surprised I didn't just put it down. If I said "ew" or rolled my eyes any longer I would have gone mad. Or maybe I did go mad as I kept on reading it.Rogan was dirty and abusive, which, ok, men supposedly were during this time period, but he was also quite childish. Liana was, I don't even know what to say. Oh, and Rogan had women named for every day of the week [...]

  • Shannon Stacey

    This was one of my favorite romances when I was younger and, between my Medieval glom and discovering the Kindle edition, I had to reread it. It remains one of my favorite romances, though I was a lot more annoyed with the heroine's TSTL moment that precipitated the crisis this time around. And it ends a little abruptly, but I still sighed a happy sigh when I finished it.

  • Julz

    The overkill with how disgusting (though handsome!) the hero is, coupled with the utter stupidity of the supposedly brilliant heroine, is just too much for me at the moment. Maybe I'll be in the mood for gross and pathetic down the road.

  • Ane

    I had to take a few days to think about how I felt about the book before I rated or reviewed it. Then I decided that the book was just okay, I didn’t like it, and I’m almost on the verge of disliking it. The hero is the most un-hero like hero I’ve ever ever ever read about. He’s a supreme cave-man-like asshole type hero the first half of the book, then he was just an ignorant-sometimes-tolerable asshole hero the rest of the book. I don’t particularly hate them though because… well… [...]

  • Zoe

    This is a re-read for me. I like Jude Deveraux and her books well enough. This book is however not my favorite from her. The hero is, well, not a hero. I mean, most of the romance novels have alpha males and they all pretty much act the same with minor variations. This hero is of the dirty variation, the most unhygienic kind, in the literal sense. He does not shower often and keeps a week supply of mistresses with extra to spare in case of their "monthly flux". The mistresses, are named after th [...]

  • tess75

    Cette romance historique fait partie des premières que j'ai lues et je garde une tendresse particulière pour ces histoires, même si leur schéma est très convenu avec la petite intrigue qui se résout dans les dernières pages (ce qui fait que la fin arrive trop vite !). Les personnages sont aussi très caricaturés. Certains détails de l'histoire me restent aujourd'hui en travers de la gorge (relations à la limite du viol, héros infidèle) mais ces détails mis à part, cette romance est [...]

  • L.W.

    The book started out greathad an interesting story and I wanted to see where it was going and how the characters developed. The story did have an interesting twist or two and I was happy to follow along, and the then.m was like the author decided she had other things to do and just ended it.I sat there and looked at the end of the book and wondered just what in the world happened. There were several lose ends that just remained out there blowing in the wind and they weren't resolved.I have read [...]

  • Jessa

    Hmm. I was ultimately entertained, but it was really hard for me to get past the whole disgusting habits/poor hygiene thing going on with the hero for a good part of the book. I'm mad I had to make a stinky-hero tag. Also, Rogan was really shitty when it came to taking care of his MULTIPLE bastard kids. Even at the end, he didn't seem to care about any of them, they were that irrelevant. I get that this was all part of the times, but sometimes realism is not always best.

  • Diana

    I found this book funny! Having to read it in the light of times, I had to keep a sense of humor. H was just awful! Mostly because of his hygiene. The story is like most, but with this twist of a filthy husband, castle, and brothers added a very nice touch to it. Good for a light read without a bunch of dark agnst. Loved how he made up for evrything in the end.

  • Roger Royer

    I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/13158805I surprised myself and really enjoyed this book. I have no clue what there is in this book that made me laugh and smile so much but I did. I am glad that I took the day to read it.

  • Nicole

    Cannot yet post a review about this one as I have an urgent need to go to the pharmacy and buy anti itching creme first.

  • Viola

    Šajà paplānajā dāmu romānā liekas, ka atrodami visas iezīmes, kas raksturīgas šāda tipa literatūrai- stūrgalvīga, bet sirdī trausla lēdija, viduslaiku pils, klusējošs un sākumā pabaiss iecerētais utt! Galvenais, kas man liekas pievilcīgākais, ir tas, ka beigās tu vari būt drošs- viss būs labi! Happy ever after būs sasniegts.

  • Rie_dominique

    suka banget ama Liana, geram ama Rogan dan terkagum2 pada para simpanan Rogan yang dinamai Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday dan Saturday (sesuai hari mereka ditiduri), yang bikin Liana langsung menyulut tempat tidur Rogan dengan obor [image error]paling terkakak waktu baca Liana ngasih tau Rogan CS kalo makanan mereka udah diludahi ama juru masaknya yang minta ampun jorok [image error]above all, suka ama karakter Liana yang tegas dan tanpa ampun, langsung mengusir para "days" [...]

  • SaturNalia

    Liana is a heiress running her father's castle, until her new step-mother decides she wants control so she harps at her lazy husband to marry Liana off. After countless suitors Liana chooses to merry arrogant, penniless but beautiful to her Rogan. Rogan is dirt poor, needs money to continue his war against the Howards. Liana was awesome, smart, fair with radical notions of cleanliness, education and keeping her subjects feed. I liked her a lot but she turned stupid around Rogan, who was a big je [...]

  • QiJia 치쟈

    This is not a historical I would recommend it's funny in a way but just not my cup of tea.Liana seems like a strong independent smart heroine but I still don't SEE what's so fantastic about Rogan. To straddle yourself onto Rogan willingly? That's stupidity. or plain insanity.Rogan is one of the most dumbass hero I've ever read. And he names his mistress according to days, Sunday Monday Tuesday etc and a Waiting just in case one of them couldn't do it. He rapes his wife, cheats on his wife and ha [...]

  • Lisa

    N'étant pas fan de Jude Deveraux je n'ai pas été surprise de ne pas accrocher ce livreDécidemment je n'aime ni le style, ni les intrigues et encore moins les personnages féminins!Même en remettant les choses dans leur contexte, Liana m'a tapé sur les nerfs pendant tout le livre!! Complètement asservie, sans réel tempéremment ni caractère, elle m'a semblée complétement effacée.Par contre j'ai adoré le personnage de Rogan!!!! Il est parfait pour se genre d'histoire!! et tout ce qui [...]

  • Lisarenee

    Loved it. About two feuding families the Howards and the Peregrines. The Peregrines had their family wealth and home stolen from them when their father's second wife. She destroyed all evidence of first wife's marriage, had the Peregrines decreed not the legal heirs because not records could be found, and made her sons the heirs(not sure why there are two different family names). This story deals with the "taming" of one of the Peregrine brothers by his new wife. Not a nice guy by any means at t [...]

  • Crystalclear

    it was ok because i dont really like the fact that the hero slept with different women everyday(the women he also share with his men) even after he married with the heroine(eww). a bit repulsed by it.d the hero got lice too.allyhe cant even remember the heroine's nameetely stupid and not romanticyway i guess maybe the dirtiness itself that make this book interestinge characters(the hero.his brother,sister and all the people except the heroine) and also the castle(with the maggots and dead horse [...]

  • Karen

    Rogan isn't your usual knight in shining armour or brawny highlander who is gentle and loving toward his wife. He's not big on personal hygiene, he's rude and uncaring, his castle is a pig sty, he sleeps with another woman on his wedding night and he has no idea why his new wife is furious with him. He marries Liana for her dowry, he needs funds to wage war against the clan that took his land.Sounds like a turn off, but I still found myself really enjoying this book and had quite a few chuckles [...]

  • Alexis-Morgan Roark

    I got sick of hearing how "wee" the heroine was. Ok. It wasn't that bad but coupled with the last book I read, it's just starting to get on my nerves.I'm not sure if I liked this book. The H was a completely lost jacka@@, but the h stood up to him. Points for that!It just seemed to go on and on and on to me. Maybe I'm in a mood. There was that really great scene where she puts the H in his place and begins to earn his respect. I think I'll bump it up to 3 stars just for that!

  • Anna

    She sees him, lusts after him, marries him. He rapes her on her wedding night, he is full of lice, he terrorizes his peasants (kills them when he suspects someone is robbing him), he ignores her. And then, one night she bathes him, he behaves like a normal being and is a little gentle, and she thinks: "I love him ". Oh, no. I couldn't keep reading, even knowing that the "taming" has just begun. The wedding night is one of the must demeaning scences I've read so far.

  • ❆ Crystal ❆

    I thought this was a good book. I'd give it 3.5 stars.

  • Plum-crazy

    I read this book umpteen times in the early nineties - admittedly I did go through a rather obsessive stage with this author & read everything I could get my hands on. I adored this book BUTI have to confess while my copy still sits on my shelf it hasn't been read for a good fifteen years or more. These days my tastes have changed, I'm worried a re-read would now disappoint & I'll lose the happy memories I have of it. But no one can beat Jude Deveraux for romantic/historical fantasy & [...]

  • Sunni

    I love Ms. Deveraux's writing, and this novel was in my opinion one of her best.Rogan marries Liana for all of the wrong reasons. He wants her dowry not her. Liana, against all protests of her step-mother decides that this is the one of the many suitors she will wed. Liana wants love and is determined to get it, while Rogan wants nothing of the sort, and is determined not to give it. Who will win?Ms. Deveraux has outdone herself. Her characters are easy to believe in. She weaves a fantastic tale [...]

  • ksstannard

    Always a wild ride with JudeLoans has an impossible task ahead of her. The taming is of her new husband. Rogan is wild, dirty, rude, and has no understanding of women. Enjoy the ride.

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