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By Clive Cussler | Comments: ( 1000 ) | Date: ( Feb 22, 2020 )

1996, Egypt Searching for a treasure on the Nile, DIRK PITT thwarts the attempted assassination of a beautiful U.N scientist investigating a disease that is driving thousands of North Africans into madness, cannibalism, and death The suspected cause of the raging epidemic is vast, unprecedented pollution that threatens to extinguish all life in the world s seas Racing1996, Egypt Searching for a treasure on the Nile, DIRK PITT thwarts the attempted assassination of a beautiful U.N scientist investigating a disease that is driving thousands of North Africans into madness, cannibalism, and death The suspected cause of the raging epidemic is vast, unprecedented pollution that threatens to extinguish all life in the world s seas Racing to save the world from environmental catastrophe, Pitt and his team, equipped with an extraordinary, state of the art yacht, run a gauntlet between a billionaire industrialist and a bloodthirsty West African tyrant In the scorching desert, Pitt finds a gold mine manned by slaves and uncovers the truth behind two enduring mysteries the fate of a Civil War ironclad and its secret connection with Lincoln s assassination, and the last flight of a long lost female pilot.Now, amidst the blazing, shifting sands of the Sahara, DIRK PITT will make a desperate stand in a battle the world cannot afford to lose

  • Title: Sahara
  • Author: Clive Cussler
  • ISBN: 9780307209610
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Clive Cussler

Cussler began writing novels in 1965 and published his first work featuring his continuous series hero, Dirk Pitt, in 1973 His first non fiction, The Sea Hunters, was released in 1996 The Board of Governors of the Maritime College, State University of New York, considered The Sea Hunters in lieu of a Ph.D thesis and awarded Cussler a Doctor of Letters degree in May, 1997 It was the first time since the College was founded in 1874 that such a degree was bestowed Cussler is an internationally recognized authority on shipwrecks and the founder of the National Underwater and Marine Agency, NUMA a 501C3 non profit organization named after the fictional Federal agency in his novels that dedicates itself to preserving American maritime and naval history He and his crew of marine experts and NUMA volunteers have discovered than 60 historically significant underwater wreck sites including the first submarine to sink a ship in battle, the Confederacy s Hunley, and its victim, the Union s Housatonic the U 20, the U boat that sank the Lusitania the Cumberland, which was sunk by the famous ironclad, Merrimack the renowned Confederate raider Florida the Navy airship, Akron, the Republic of Texas Navy warship, Zavala, found under a parking lot in Galveston, and the Carpathia, which sank almost six years to the day after plucking Titanic s survivors from the sea In September, 1998, NUMA which turns over all artifacts to state and Federal authorities, or donates them to museums and universities launched its own web site for those wishing information about maritime history or wishing to make donations to the organization numa In addition to being the Chairman of NUMA, Cussler is also a fellow in both the Explorers Club of New York and the Royal Geographic Society in London He has been honored with the Lowell Thomas Award for outstanding underwater exploration Cussler s books have been published in than 40 languages in than 100 countries His past international bestsellers include Pacific Vortex, Mediterranean Caper, Iceberg, Raise the Titanic, Vixen 03, Night Probe, Deep Six, Cyclops, Treasure, Dragon, Sahara, Inca Gold, Shock Wave, Flood Tide, Atlantis Found, Valhalla Rising, Trojan Odyssey and Black Wind this last with his son, Dirk Cussler the nonfiction books The Sea Hunters, The Sea Hunters II and Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt r Revealed the NUMA Files novels Serpent, Blue Gold, Fire Ice, White Death and Lost City written with Paul Kemprecos and the Oregon Files novels Sacred Stone and Golden Buddha written with Craig Dirgo and Dark Watch written with Jack Du Brul Clive Cussler lives in Arizona.

Sahara Klexikon Das Freie Kinderlexikon Die Sahara ist die grte trockene Wste der Welt.In ihre neun Millionen Quadratkilometer wrde die Europische Union zweimal hineinpassen Sie nimmt fast den ganzen Norden von Afrika ein Noch grer ist die Antarktis, das ist aber eine kalte, feuchte Wste aus Eis und Schnee. Frher hat das Meer die Gegend mehrmals bersplt Noch vor einigen tausend Jahren war es dort deutlich Sahara DER SPIEGEL Alarmphone Sahara Wie private Retter versuchen, Migranten aus der Todeszone zu holen Die Routen werden gefhrlicher, Hilfe wird kriminalisiert Experten zufolge sterben in der Wste mindestens Sahara SWR Kindernetz Bar Bela Mar Meer ohne Wasser nennen die Beduinen die grte Trockenwste der Welt, die Sahara Denn wie ein weiter Ozean erstreckt sich die Sahara ber den Norden Afrikas. Die Wste Sahara in Geografie Schlerlexikon Lernhelfer Mit rund Mio km ist die Sahara die grte Wste der Erde Sie liegt in Nordafrika und erstreckt sich vom Atlantik ber mehr als km zum Roten Meer im Osten Vom Mittelmeer und dem Atlas reicht sie von Norden nach Sden ber km mit der bergangszone Sahel bis zum Sudan Die Sahara ist ein Tafelland mit Becken und Senken Im Inneren erheben sich Gebirgsmassive. Sahara Film FILMSTARTS Sahara ein Film von Pierre Cor, stimmen Omar Sy, Louane Emera Inhaltsangabe Zwei Schlangen Clans leben in der Wste Die hbschen grnen Schlangen haben sich in einer Oase eingerichtet, wo

Comments Sahara

  • Michael

    Please, if you have seen the movie but have not read the book, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. The movie was absolute shit. A complete bastardization of a great read. 3/4 of the book was not there. The actors sucked and the screen playI have no words. The characters as Cussler writes them are fantastic. You get so wrapped up in this book you will not go to bed until you finish it. The story starts out with a bang and just keeps twisting and turning. This is not pulitzer material but it i [...]

  • Ammon

    This is the first book I've ever read that the movie is much better than the book. Skip the book, see the movie. Mr. Cussler redundantly over-explains even the most simplistic and obvious things and doesn't take full advantage of third person prose or even simple dialogue. His use of a dozen different plots is exhausting and completely unbelievable. In one book our hero saves the world from total oxygen depletion, takes down a dictator's regime, discovers a Civil War ironclad in the middle of th [...]

  • Jim

    I saw the movie & then read the book. It wasn't bad, but was definitely a candy read. A lot of unlikely events come together to make this a non-stop thriller. Suspension of disbelief is a must from the get go, but there is enough logic overall to make it enjoyable. Pitt reminds me of a modern James Bond from the movies - not the books - in that he's the man's man, equally at home underwater or climbing a mountain, with top skills in just about everything, handsome, witty, & . Well, you g [...]

  • Glen

    Time for another Clive Cussler Wednesday!For a guy working for Numa, Dirk Pitt spends a lot of time in the desert.I watched the movie based on this book several times. It wasn't so bad, but fairly generic, and Matthew McConaughey is not really action hero material. I can see why Hollywood wanted to make a movie based on this. I can see why they decided to change parts of the book. I can see why Clive Cussler became disgusted with the whole thing.To the bookDirk Pitt is called to find the source [...]

  • Eileen

    I loved this book, it was one of my favorite until some of his new ones came out. I love the surprise ending, it was a great book and the movie was great fun. If all you have seen is the movie then you have missed the best part of the duo. The combination of Al and Dirk is so good in this book just like in their other books where they are together. They play well off of each other and the story moves forward as seen through their eyes. Even though you know that everything will be all right these [...]

  • Paris Reynolds

    Great survival adventure with zombies and toxic waste all on top of a shocking conspiracy theory. I know that movies never ever live up to the books they were based on, but this one takes the cake. If I heard right, Cussler even tried to sue the movie for using his character names and book title because the movie was so far from the book. The characters were all wrong, the plot was missing its key element and the action (that movies usually can replicate to a degree) was boring. But, the book st [...]

  • Jonathan

    My first Dirk Pitt Adventure novel. Unfortunately, I wasn't all that impressed.Cussler lost me pretty early when one of the secondary characters, some scientist-type on a boat, pulled out a pair of M16s (one in each hand) and fired at another boat some distance away, managing to hit his targets. Seriously?!?! After that scene I pretty much had a negative attitude towards everything else that was to come.There were a couple of cartoon villains who liked to chat with our heroes revealing their evi [...]

  • সালমান হক

    I am a great fan of action adventure and Cussler is like one of the superstars of this genre. I meant to read his book for a long time and Finally i finished Sahara. And believe me it was worth the wait. I am glad that I've started Cussler with this one. :DFull on action right from the start. Evil industrialists, corrupt governments, an ecological disaster in the making that couldsee the end of all life on earth. And of course there is a hot chick in distress ;)The story has been broken into 3 p [...]

  • Robert O.

    Overdone and convoluted. Though certainly containing some intriguing mystery, the writing is very bland and unexciting; the action is ridiculous and unnecessarily violent; the dialogue is flat and limited to lengthy tech talk that would make a star fleet engineer's head spin; and the character development is basic at best. Furthermore, this book is pretty sexist--take this passage: "Like most women, Eva couldn't resist a take-charge man." On the other hand, the movie is actually way better, and [...]

  • Greg Strandberg

    Another great Clive Cussler book. I really liked the crazed-zombie-style aspect of the Africans that got contaminated. There's also the stellar opening, which is really what makes these books so good - they pull you in quickly with that historical fiction.I read this a few years after watching the movie, and after I'd read the other 10 books. It's a good read, and I'd pick it up in your used bookstore (do we really need another 90 million of these in print?)

  • Becky Kelley

    Book Report: Sahara Clive Cussler’s novel Sahara astounded me with its intense plot, diverse characters, and intriguing settings. As amazing as the Movie Sahara is, the book it’s based on threw it out of the water. Without a doubt, Sahara is one of the best books I have ever read. One of the things that captured me in Sahara was all of the remarkable settings, one of which was the desert itself. The main characters Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino cross the Sahara many times, once my an old Avion V [...]

  • Bev Taylor

    a creeping red tide of death set in the sahara - surprise! - a lethal chemical is being leaked into the rivers and hence the oceans. this is destroying the latter and therefore the lives of everyone on the planet is at risk it appears to come from an organisation that appears to be legal and above board but of course everything is never as it seems added to this u have warring african countries and pitt and giordino have to once again pit all their wits to survive and avert the disaster rather [...]

  • Natt Cham

    มันส์ระเบิดระเบ้อตามยี่ห้อของเดิร์ก พิตต์ และ อัล คู่หู. งานนี้เขาพาไปตะลุยทะเลทรายซาฮาร่า. สู้กับเหล่าร้าย (ที่ดูจะไม่ค่อยร้ายกาจสักเท่าไหร่). ที่โหดร้ายมากกว่าน่าจะเป็นสภาพอ [...]

  • Jill

    As I read, something was bugging me about Cussler's writing style. I realized what it was after about ten chapters: All of his characters sound exactly the same. With the exception of a "Jolly good!" thrown in when a character is English or an "Allo, mate!" when he's Australian, every person has the same speech patterns. It's as though all dialogue in the novel is spoken not by the characters, but by Clive Cussler himself. On several occasions, inevitably, they break into museum docent mode and [...]

  • Sofia

    Dirk Pitt is the Indiana Jones of the contemporary times. He has an extra oomph about him which is missing in Indie.Sahara starts with a scene just a week before the surrender of Confederate forces of Robert E. Lee in 1865. The plot then moves to 1931, when a lady, Kitty Mannock, is flying over the Sahara in quest of a new aviation record. And then it moves to 1996. A convoy of tourists are crossing the Sahara on a fleet of Land Rovers when they reach a scheduled stop at a village in the country [...]

  • Scott Dunham

    Loved this book. Wish it had more Civil War content, instead of it just being a subtextI want to talk about the Movie that came out about this it's a tangent, so bear with me when I read a book, my imagination always supplies the face and mannerisms and perhaps the actor- of the characters in the text.I just wanted to say that I was at first skeptical, then happy with the casting of Matthew McConagnahy as Dirk Pitt! Of course, although I love Steve Zahn- and he was hilarious in Sahara, he is abs [...]

  • M.M. Strawberry Reviews

    This is the first Clive Cussler book I have ever read. Reading some of the reviews, I see some people didn't like this book, but I actually enjoyed this book a lot. I had been going through the bargain bin of books at the local store and found this book as a marked-down paperback. I read the back of the book and it sounded interesting, so I picked it up. And I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.Yes, a certain suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy this book, especially the part with Ab [...]

  • Mark Lacy

    I picked up this book because I saw the previews for the movie coming out. But it wasn't until I had started reading the book that I realized I had tried to read this once before. I tried again, but gave up again. In this book at least, Cussler violates so many tenets of "good writing." He includes meaningless detail about what people eat and drink. His characters are stereotyped. He uses adverbs to describe dialog. I just got to the point where I said, why am I wasting my time with this? There [...]

  • Miki Habryn

    It's a rollicking adventure story, but the barest of fig leaves over Cussler's usual misogyny.

  • Richard Ritenbaugh

    One of the better Dirk Pitt novels, probably why it was chosen to be made into a movie back in the day.

  • Nine

    great love the action

  • Pamela

    I originally started reading the Dirk Pitt series because I wanted to read this one: Sahara. The film version (which I know Cussler hates and sued over) is one of my favorite movies. Definitely in my top ten. Snappy dialogue, wit, humor, doesn't take itself too seriously, but tells a cracking good story with no extra fancy bits thrown in. Oh, how I wish I could say the same about the book.The general premise of the book is the same of the movie, but I admire the screenwriters for how well they c [...]

  • Nolan

    I’ve read a lot of these Cussler books, and while I’ve enjoyed them all, I have to tell you, this one is my absolute favorite.Critics of this series will be quick to point out that Dirk Pitt is just too hard to believe. He’s a myriad of super heroes all rolled into one flawless man. But my experience tells me that once in a while, it’s ok to give into flights of fancy and to believe unabashedly in flawless super hero types.A nasty oxygen-devouring red tide has spawned off the coast of we [...]

  • Ken Consaul

    I'll temper this saying I have never read any Clive Cussler before. This must put me in a minority as the trade paperback I'm reading says there are 125 million books in print. I'm only at the beginning and the backstory created interest and it appears to be developing into a pretty intriguing story. The reason I'm commenting so early is I have some gripes with the editing or, the lazy effort by the author.In one scene, the heroine's car is being torched. The description of the arsonist says he [...]

  • César Lasso

    Digamos que este tipo de libros de aventuras no son mi género favorito, pero no está de más leer alguno ocasionalmente. Sirven para distraerse y evadirse por momentos de la realidad, y Sahara, en este sentido, cumplió su cometido.Comienza con un capítulo diferente de lo que luego será la aventura principal, pero con el que acaba por conectar la historia. Si mal no recuerdo, la otra novela de Cussler que después leí (Muerte blanca) utilizaba ese mismo recurso. Por lo que parece, el autor [...]

  • Barbara ★

    EXCELLENT! I have never been disappointed in a Clive Cussler novel and this is no exception. As is the usual start to a Dirk Pitt novel, there are two events that happened in the past that will somehow coincide with the current adventure. In 1865 during the Civil War, the Ironclad Texas disappears with a bellyful of gold and an unusual passenger, never to be seen again. In 1931 a female pilot flying solo from England to South Africa disappears without a trace somewhere in the Sahara desert. Dirk [...]

  • Alan

    Why read a Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt adventure? The description of Pitt as James Bond + Doc Savage, the series has gone for years so Cussler, must be doing something right, my mother used to really enjoy his books, and it cost only $1 when plucked from a clearance bin down the street from me.Why not to read a Pitt adventure? The concept is good, but the execution is weak. Pitt's concept, a former USAF officer and engineer, who works for an intelligence/scientific agency who gets into adventures sa [...]

  • Sana Khan

    This is my second Clive Hussler book and I loved it. Dirk Pitt is the epitome of machoness and cunning. From devising strategic plans for getting out of impossible situations to creating workable instruments out of the barest scarp - Dirk Pitt is truly Mcgyver meets James bond. I really enjoyed his sense of humor and wit along with the casual rapport he shares with his childhood buddy Al. The book offers a great adventure starting from the Nile to direst corners of the Sahara desert. The plot do [...]

  • Marilyn

    Copyright 1992r some reason this time I noticed all the "gotta have my girl" in the book. It was okbut a little bit "Rambo" for me right now. Nevertheless, a typically "good" Clive Cussler read."1995, Egypt. Searching for a treasure on the Nile, Dirk Pitt thwarts the atempted assassination of a beautiful U.N. scientist investigating a disease that is driving thousands of North Africans into madness, cannibalism, and death. The suspected cause of the raging epidemic is vast, unprecedented polluti [...]

  • Ed

    #11 in the Dirk Pitt series. This book was the basis for the 2005 movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Penélope Cruz, and Steve Zahn.Dirk Pitt series - Egypt, 1996. Searching for a treasure on the Nile, Dirk Pitt thwarts the attempted assassination of a beautiful U.N. scientist who's investigating a disease that is driving thousands of North Africans into madness, cannibalism, and death. The suspected cause of the raging epidemic is vast, unprecedented pollution that threatens to extinguish all [...]

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