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By Isabel Sharpe | Comments: ( 160 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

Welcome to Kettle, Wisconsin, a town where everyone knows nothing bad ever happens.Enter Lorelei Taylor notorious, glamorous, and hot off a not guilty murder verdict that stunned the nation To the women of Kettle, bad things seem suddenly inevitable .Sarah Gilchrist A perfect house and garden can t quite make up for a marriage that s a wreck Sarah is determined to riWelcome to Kettle, Wisconsin, a town where everyone knows nothing bad ever happens.Enter Lorelei Taylor notorious, glamorous, and hot off a not guilty murder verdict that stunned the nation To the women of Kettle, bad things seem suddenly inevitable .Sarah Gilchrist A perfect house and garden can t quite make up for a marriage that s a wreck Sarah is determined to rise above her opinion of Kettle s dreadful newcomer and give her a perfect welcome But in the face of Lorelei s outrageous provocations, Sarah s control starts to unravel.Erin Hall What her husband does to her behind closed doors stays hidden But Lorelei s acquittal gives Erin hope for the first time Convinced Lorelei did kill her abusive lover and got away with it, Erin thinks she may have some power after all.Lorelei Taylor In Lorelei s eyes, peaceful, heavenly Kettle could not look any like hell She vows to shake up the town smug, priggish Sarah mousy, downtrodden Erin and while she s at it, her widowed neighbor, Mike Except the harder she shakes, the the shake up is happening to her.Sometimes the only thing women on the edge need is a push.

  • Title: Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakthrough
  • Author: Isabel Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9780061140556
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Isabel Sharpe

Isabel Sharpe was not born pen in hand like so many of her fellow authors After she quit work in 1994 to stay home with her first born son and nearly went out of her mind, she started writing Yes, she was the clich d bored housewife writing romance, but it was either that clich or seduce the mailman, and her mailman was unattractive After than twenty novels for Harlequin, and the exciting new direction of women focused stories for Avon HarperCollins, Isabel admits her new mailman is gorgeous, but she s still happy with her choice.

Comments Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakthrough

  • Marie

    Add this to my list of "I should have stopped on the third page." A really bad/evil/messed up character should at least be intriguing on their way to enlightenment, right? Not the case here. Every moment spent with this moron(s) is more annoying than the next.

  • Nikita T. Mitchell

    I won't lie. This was a classic case of judging a book by its cover. You see, what had happened was well I had a lot of Barnes and Nobles gift cards from graduation (May 08), and I bought a crap load of books from the bargain books section. Most I chose based on the reviews, but this just had an awesome cover and title. Would you have turned it down for 5 bucks? Didn't think soWell clearly, I've just gotten around to reading this selection (I bought a good 17 books in total with those cards). To [...]

  • Kourtney

    This book was 9 parts Desparate Housewives and 1 part disturbing, but in a good way. I wonder how many times someone has said that to the author - she must be sick of it!The story is of 3 women and a man in a super small town (Kettle, WI) and what goes on behind closed doors. It is a creepy "Wisteria Lane" that boasts no crime has ever been committed. Some parts are a bit slow and there was not much excitement or who-done-it to carry me through. I commented to a friend while reading that if I we [...]

  • Stacey

    I thought this book was okay. We read it in my bookclub and the other girls seemed to like it much more. I thought it was very predictable and the story was a Romance Novel masquerading as literature. Turns out the author has a few of the former under her belt, which explains a lot.I didn't really identify with any of the women in the bookey're all extreme caricatures of the type of woman they are supposed to represent.The whole thing was a little too "Desparate Housewives" gone bad for my taste [...]

  • Tifnie

    Yes I gave it 5 stars not because it's way up there with first rate books but because for a "chick-lit" it was worth 5 stars, especially the chick-lits I've read.Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakthrough was a laugh-out-loud story. Not only could I not place this book down, I'm laughing and at times cheering for these otherwise boring housewives.Women on the Edge about a spunky 40 year old woman, Vivian, who is acquited of murder and moves to her small hometown in Wisconsin to escape the repor [...]

  • Sari

    My friend gave me this book on Friday to read. I wouldn't have picked it up on my own because I'm not really a chick-litter or a romance reader, but I flipped it open to read the first page and suddenly found myself about 75 pages in, enjoying it! The story is a light and easy read, and everything ties up nicely at the end, but I found myself being glad for that. The main characters are likable (once you get past all their neuroses) and you want them to have happy endings. A good summer read - l [...]

  • Brenda

    Oh, this book I had high hopes. It disappointed. Nothing about it was unexpected except those things that make for a bad book: The sex scenes and the amount of bad language, which seldom bothers me, but in this book was gratuitous. Every character was a caricature whose story developed EXACTLY as you'd expect it to from the first time you're introduced to them.

  • Kathleen

    This book is really just a fun read. There are no real life lessons here, however some serious topics we see in life are addressed but the book doesn't dwell on that too much. The book is more of a look into the lives of three different women with major obstacles to overcome. You find yourself rooting for all three of them. There are also some hilarious moments in here as well!

  • Laura

    This is serious chick-lite. The plot moves quickly. For chick-lite, it's decent, just don't go in with high expectations. Serious things happen to the characters - but it's never delved into too deep. Book took place in Wisconsin - something didn't ring authentic to me. Probably just the one dimension of the characters showing through - so why would the location be realistic?

  • Tammy Foster

    This was really close to a 4 star book but the ending was a little too perfect and wrapped up too quickly for my taste especially after the rest of the book was so well developed. And I wanted to really hate one of the characters though she irritated me so much - but I guess that means its a good character if it can make you react that way. Overall a good read.

  • Jen

    I needed a BREAK from life so seriousd this is giving it to me! Easy read and so light, I have never even picked up a 'chic lit' bookbut like I said I needed a break from all things serious and it was $1. Worth the buck. I am enjoying it mostlye sex scenes are pretty lame, but the rest is just fun B.S.

  • Kayla

    A bit difficult for me to get into, but a really awesome book by the end! I absolutely LOVED the character of Vivian! Susan was frustrating and very negative, but as the book went on and we got to know her better, I liked her better! The end seemed almost a bit rushed to tie up all the strings, considering how long it took everything to be lined up, but overall, a great read!

  • Heather Young

    I agree with the reader that said this was similar to Desperate Housewives. The hot handyman next door was even named mike. Solidly average. I really liked the beginning but then it went downhill in my opinion.

  • Betsy

    I picked this up because it looked like decent chick lit, and it was set in Wisconsin, which is close enough. It was OK. The author, who has ventured into chick lit after apparently writing Harlequin romances, was trying too hard.

  • Luann

    This was the first novel I've read by this author, but look forward to checking out others. Her characters are witty, strong, intelligent women from very different backgrounds that intersect at a time in their lives when they'd least expect.

  • Nanci

    It was a fun read. The main character really shakes things up in a little town where no crime is ever committed.

  • Jenmack

    Easy and quick read. Cool story of women from multiple generations.

  • Suzanne

    I had been trying to remember the name of this book forever! I saw it at B&N last night and thought, "that's it!"

  • Lin

    Not bad, for a bargain bin romance novel.

  • Tracy

    Fun, fun book. Predictable, but a lot of fun. Read it in a few hours in one sitting.

  • Cooper

    This was terriblei want to punch every single character in this book

  • Erin

    Fun beach read

  • Sylvia

    Very Desperate Housewives and there were parts that made me roll my eyes and say "seriously?" (Hence only three stars) But I liked the characters for the most part and I'm gonna miss them.

  • Jamie Korngold

    I randomly found this book in the library and liked the title, which I had to read twice to get. Not one of my favorites but a good read.

  • Mischa Bates

    Really easy chick lit read. Not a super deep story, but served its purpose (reading while relaxing).

  • Jen

    Good book and cute.

  • Amy

    Decently entertaining chick lit. Nothing spectacular.

  • Kathy Lewis

    Loved this book! Just plain fun to read.

  • Leonel

    A good and empowering read for women who may be distressed.Full Review:luhathoughts/2012

  • Christy

    This was a really fun, fast read. I loved the humor and grit of the characters. For me, the story could have been a little deeper and more fleshed out but I still enjoyed it very much.

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  • Best Download [Isabel Sharpe] ↠ Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakthrough || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ☆
    348 Isabel Sharpe
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