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By Marcel Proust C.K. Scott Moncrieff | Comments: ( 790 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

Large format paper back for easy reading Sixth Volume of the In Search of Lost Time AKA Remembrance of things past masterpeice of modernist literature

  • Title: The Sweet Cheat Gone
  • Author: Marcel Proust C.K. Scott Moncrieff
  • ISBN: 9781905432714
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Marcel Proust C.K. Scott Moncrieff

French novelist, best known for his 3000 page masterpiece la recherche du temps perdu Remembrance of Things Past or In Search of Lost Time , a pseudo autobiographical novel told mostly in a stream of consciousness style Born in the first year of the Third Republic, the young Marcel, like his narrator, was a delicate child from a bourgeois family He was active in Parisian high society during the 80s and 90s, welcomed in the most fashionable and exclusive salons of his day However, his position there was also one of an outsider, due to his Jewishness and homosexuality Towards the end of 1890s Proust began to withdraw and from society, and although he was never entirely reclusive, as is sometimes made out, he lapsed completely into his lifelong tendency to sleep during the day and work at night He was also plagued with severe asthma, which had troubled him intermittently since childhood, and a terror of his own death, especially in case it should come before his novel had been completed The first volume, after some difficulty finding a publisher, came out in 1913, and Proust continued to work with an almost inhuman dedication on his masterpiece right up until his death in 1922, at the age of 51.Today he is widely recognised as one of the greatest authors of the 20th Century, and la recherche du temps perdu as one of the most dazzling and significant works of literature to be written in modern times.

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Comments The Sweet Cheat Gone

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    685. Remembrance of Things Past = À la recherche du temps perdu VI, Albertine disparue, Marcel Proustتاریخ نخستین خوانش: شاید نوامبر سال 1999 میلادیعنوان: در جستجوی زمان از دست رفته، کتاب ششم - در ایران کتاب هشتم و دیگران کتاب هفتم: گریخته؛ نویسنده: مارسل پروست؛ مترجم: مهدی سحابی؛ تهران، نشر مرکز، 1377 هجری خورشیدی؛ در 392 ص؛ک [...]

  • karen

    note: i did not read this in french. i have to review the fugitive here, even though i read the modern library edition that collects the captive with the fugitive because i think i went on way too long on the captive review to fit any more opinions, even though i don't want to review this one with too many details because this is the one in which the Big Thing happens, so i don't want to spoil anything for those of you who are right behind me with your readings. plus, i loved the captive more th [...]

  • Michael Finocchiaro

    This book brought me a lot of comfort when I was going through a painful breakup. Albertine disappears and - spoiler alert - disappears for good and the narrator is at first unconsolable. What is fascinating for me is how he goes through each of the stages of mourning here: sadness, anger, longing and forgetting in a carefully described and beautifully written volume. It is the last volume where we have the more intimate one-on-one relationships as we approach WW I and the actual period when Pro [...]

  • Teresa

    None of my GR friends who've added this book as 'read' have reviewed it and I may take that as a sign that I don't 'have' to either. But, no, my real 'excuse' is that almost from the very beginning of my reading this, it was a time of two personal losses, which is 'appropriate' in that the story, what there is of one, is also one of loss and grief, but in such an abstract way, or so it seemed to me, that I had a hard time identifying mine with its, and I am generally very good at universalizing [...]

  • Darwin8u

    “I could no longer desire physically without feeling a need for her, without suffering from her absence.” ― Marcel Proust, The FugitiveI start reading Proust and it feels like I've submerged into a slow-moving prose river. The water is clean, with gradual bends, but sometimes filled with small boiling eddies, swirls, and reverses. Time and memory move in one direction, but the current of Proustian memory contains an involuntary universe of vortexes and wakes. We fall in and out of love. Ou [...]

  • Jessica

    Sit down, rock n' roll breakup-song maestros of the twentieth century (you know who you are)! Proust made you irrelevant before you were born.I wish I'd read this in my early twenties, when I still had an actual heart left to break. You know all those insane impulses and fantasies you experience at such times, like the urge to send a letter to your ex-girlfriend describing the yacht and Rolls Royce you'd secretly bought and were planning to give her the morning she left you, which now will remai [...]

  • ZaRi

    در نیازم به این که آلبرتین را هر شب این‌گونه نزد خود نگه دارم، گذشته از تمنایی که با پیشکش‌ی جوانی را می‌ستود، چیز دیگری هم دخالت داشت که تا آن زمان در زندگی‌ام بی‌سابقه بود. بدون شک بسیار تعجب می‌کردم اگه به من گفته می‌شد که یکسره آدم نیکی نیستم و بویژه این که می‌کوشم کسی ر [...]

  • Teresa Proença

    (Jean Béraud, L'attente)"Os laços entre uma pessoa e nós só existem no nosso pensamento. A memória, ao enfraquecer, afrouxa-os, e apesar da ilusão com que gostaríamos de ser enganados e com que, por amor, por amizade, por delicadeza, por respeito humano, por dever, enganamos os outros, é sozinhos que existimos. O homem é o ser que não pode sair de si, que só em si conhece os outros e que quando diz o contrário mente.""Não é só a arte que dá encanto e mistério às coisas mais ins [...]

  • Yann

    Cet avant-dernier tome de la recherche plonge le narrateur de Proust dans les affres de la déréliction et des regrets, suite au départ d'Albertine. C'est le plus court et le plus vite expédié de l'ensemble. Toujours aussi délicat, toujours à couper les cheveux en quatre, toujours aussi détaché, tout entier à son introspection, le narrateur s'accroche à la fuite du temps, et annonce le thème du dernier volume. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir avec celui-là, en particulier les réflexions [...]

  • Laila

    Öncelikle Roza Hakmen'e çeviri başarısı için hakkını vermek lazım sanırım. Sonrasında serinin sondan bir önceki kitabı diğerlerine göre en akıcı olanı diyebilirim. Proust okurken hayatın çok hızlı aktığını düşünen hareketli ruh halim durgunlaşmıştır her zaman. Seride ilerledikçe anların farkına varmadığımız detaylarını yakalayabilmek öğrenme sürecimin en büyük artısı olmuştur. Genelde seri okuması yapacaksam yazarın biosuna en son bakarım. Bu [...]

  • Isabel

    P. 154 - "Dizem alguns filósofos que o mundo exterior não existe e que é em nós mesmos que desenrolamos a nossa vida."P. 199 - "A mentira é essencial à humanidade. Nela desempenha porventura um papel tão importante como a procura do prazer, e de resto é comandada por essa mesma procura. Mentimos para proteger o nosso prazer, ou a nossa honra se a divulgação do prazer for contrária à honra. Mentimos ao longo de toda a nossa vida, até, e sobretudo, e talvez apenas, àqueles que nos am [...]

  • Greg

    I took almost a year off between the last Proust book and this one. I think I made the right choice in waiting so long to return to Proust. I will try to explain, but I will try to give very little details to spoil anything.The Sweet Cheat Gone starts almost immediately after the end of The Captive, as the title suggests and the French title even more explicitly makes known this book deals with the aftermath of the events of the last novel. (I've been curious about why certain books of Proust ha [...]

  • Manny

    Celebrity Death Match Special (reprise): Albertine disparue versus Killer CrabsOne of the most sensational literary discoveries of the last year was the hitherto unknown first draft of Albertine disparue. In the final version, (view spoiler)[Albertine dies off-stage, and the precise circumstances of her passing are never known. (hide spoiler)] It transpires that Proust had originally planned a more explicit treatment. I am proud to present my translation of the following key passage from Volume [...]

  • Paul

    Six out of seven volumes completed! This volume to me felt more like a linking volume, a preparation for the conclusion; although a great deal happens, mainly in relation to the now departed Albertine. True to form, now she's gone our narrator wants her more than ever. We learn more about the lesbian tendencies of Albertine and her friends. Our narrator visits Venice with his mother and reads Ruskin. We come across Saint-Loup again and Gilberte and the two get married, leading to various asides [...]

  • Greg

    "Personally, I found it absolutely immaterial from a moral point of view whether one took one's pleasure with a man or with a woman, and only too natural and human that one should take it where one could find it," writes Proust in the last three pages of this book. "The Fugitive" (as well as the previous volume, "The Captive") were both published posthumously, and by the time Proust is completing this sixth volume, he is no doubt very ill. At last, he is facing the truth about his own sexuality. [...]

  • Nelson Zagalo

    E ao sexto volume senti a força do romance irromper por entre todo aquele manto constituído por camadas e camadas de análise e auto-análise. Proust surpreende-nos, mas se me surpreendi com a reviravolta no enredo, mais ainda me surpreendi, por só agora me ter apercebido de um traço central em toda a escrita da ‘Recherche’, a tentativa deliberada para evitar a emoção estética. Proust cita por duas vezes Descartes ao longo da obra, mas só aqui me dei conta do quão contaminado por el [...]

  • Kaveh

    مـــــــــــرثـــــــــــــیـــــــــــــــه.یک واکاوی حیرت انگیز از ذهن انسان. شاید در این اثر پراحساس، پراحساس ترینشان باشد.حوادثی که در 70 صفحه پایانی این کتاب رخ میدهد، شگفتی بیشتری برمی انگیزد از نبوغ پروست و دقت و ریزبینیش در این اثر.

  • Silvery

    5 cinco estrellas

  • Duffy Pratt

    This series definitely counts as the longest reading effort where I have persisted (if sporadically). I first read Proust during the summer of my freshman year of college, almost 35 years ago. I quickly read the first two books, and then stumbled a bit in the middle of The Guermantes Way but finished all three fairly quickly. I didn't start Cities of the Plain for another three years, and I think it took almost two years to get through it. For some reason, the charm had been wearing off. I didn' [...]

  • Fionnuala

    Still thinking about how to review this volume in which the narrator finally gets to travel to VeniceBut here's a start, Proust in Venice thinking about starting the Recherche

  • Leslie

    I found this penultimate volume of Proust's series the fastest moving one yet. There is some musing and philosophizing by Marcel, as always, but there are also several exciting and/or surprising events.

  • panela

    Τι να πεί κανείς για τον Προύστ!Ενα έργο γεμάτο φιλοσοφία- συμπαγές, γεμάτο έννοιες γεμάτο αλήθειες που δεν σταματούν να σε γοητευουν!Δεν είναι σε καμία περίπτωση ευκολος- δεν μπορείς να τον διαβάσεις λίγο πριν κοιμηθείς για να χαλαρώσεις!Πρέπει να πάρεις ένα μολύβι και να [...]

  • Xandra

    Hurray! The abusive relationship is over and the introspection is back. But can you believe that by the end of this book the narrator of all people will be the only heterosexual left (to his mind, at least), everyone else seeming to have dark, secret homosexual lives?

  • Hojjat Sayyadi

    با چند جمله نمیشه این شاهکار کل اعصار بشریت رو توضیح داد. حتما توصیه میکنم کل هفت جلد رو توی همین تابستون برنامه بریزید و بخونیدش.

  • Beliz

    Uzun süredir okuduğum en en en güzel şeydi

  • Margot

    Qu'est-ce qui marque réellement la fin de l'existence d'un être? Est-ce la mort ou bien l'oubli? Et dans le cas où il s'agirait de l'oubli, ne meurt-on pas un petit peu à chaque fois que l'on est effacé de la mémoire d'une personne qui a traversé notre vie, comme un éclair, ou comme une mélodie qui a flotté pendant plusieurs années, plusieurs décennies et qui s'est perpétuée à la manière de la sonate de Vinteuil. La mort d'Albertine était vraiment très inattendue pour moi, mêm [...]

  • Farnaz

    برای آن ک با مرگ آلبرتین درد و رنجم پایان بگیرد باید ک ضربه‌ی سانحه او را نه تنها در تورن ک در درون من هم می‌کشت. اما هیچ‌گاه تا این اندازه در من زنده نبود.هرکسی برای اینکه ب درون ما راه یابد ناگزیر بوده شکلی ب خود بگیرد ، در چارچوب زمان بگنجد؛ از آن‌جا ک فقط در زمان‌های کوتاه ت [...]

  • Craig Werner

    I've now read six of the seven books of the Recherche and I'm going to pause to reflect on the entire sequence before seeing how the pattern comes together in Time Recaptured. The Fugitive exemplifies both Proust's strengths--above all his insight into erotic psychology and the elusiveness of personality/character/identity--and his weaknesses--the immersion in the minutia of French society and an obsessive solipsism that struck me as more distasteful in The Fugitive than it had in the previous b [...]

  • Özge Erdönmez

    "Kimse Albertine'i tanımadığı, kimse Proust'u bilmediği için bu kadar sefil ve acıklı bizim ülkemiz, diye düşündü ihtiyar gazeteci. Bir gün Proust'u ve Albertine'i anlayacak birileri bu ülkede çıktığında, evet belki o zaman sokaklardaki bıyıklı ve yoksul insanlar daha iyi bir hayat yaşamaya başlayacaklar, belki o zaman, ilk kıskançlık anında birbirlerini bıçaklayacaklarına, Proust gibi sevgililerinin hayalini gözlerinin önünde nasıl canlandırdıkları üzerin [...]

  • Laura

    From Wiki:The Fugitive (Albertine disparue, also titled La Fugitive, sometimes translated as The Sweet Cheat Gone [last line of Walter de la Mare's poem "The Ghost"] or Albertine Gone) (1925) is the second and final volume in "le Roman d'Albertine" and the second volume published after Proust's death. It is the most editorially vexed volume. As noted, the final three volumes of the novel were published posthumously, and without Proust's final corrections and revisions. The first edition, based o [...]

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