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By Amanda Milo | Comments: ( 225 ) | Date: ( Jul 02, 2020 )

Someone s using me as leverage against my family I was your average citizen, innocent of any crime worth going to prison for, and yet here I am.But this isn t a regular prison ship Torture Experiments.They alter me And when the ship crashes on an alien planet, some of my new abilities come in quite handy it s the side effects that aren t entirely welcome.Not by me, anySomeone s using me as leverage against my family I was your average citizen, innocent of any crime worth going to prison for, and yet here I am.But this isn t a regular prison ship Torture Experiments.They alter me And when the ship crashes on an alien planet, some of my new abilities come in quite handy it s the side effects that aren t entirely welcome.Not by me, anyway The tribe of aliens that have taken me captive They don t seem to mind.The Valos of Sonhadra series is the shared vision of nine scifi and fantasy romance authors Each book is a standalone with a guaranteed Happy Ever After and can be read in any order Note Explicit content, sexual situations, and language warning 44K word novel.

  • Title: Alluvial
  • Author: Amanda Milo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: None

About Author:

Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Alluvial book, this is one of the most wanted Amanda Milo author readers around the world.

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Comments Alluvial

  • T00zday

    New world, great setup.Kindle UnlimitedMars needs womenReverse HaremHFN endingAmanda Milo has made my ‘auto-buy’ list of authors. This did not disappoint in any way.I’m absolutely going looking for the sequel by Poppy Rhys.This is one of those ‘multi-author’ series that all contribute to building.Absolutely recommended

  • Hollie

    Quite the clusterf#ckThis book was just all over the place. I never connected to any of the characters or with the plot. Waste of time for me. Sorry.

  • Galateea

    OK ladies.Hold onto your panties.Or try to.I tried.OK, maybe not that much. But still,I'll start by saying that I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. It does help a bit that i would have possibly killed, stolen, blackmailed, threatened and poisoned for it, but fortunately for a few still living souls out there, the wonderful Amanda Milo made it possible for me to skip this step.Now, i do feel obliged to give you a fair warning first and foremost: we're dealing here with quite the [...]

  • Brutally Honest

    Okay, sooo let's start.This book has a lot of my favourite tropes. Mars needs women, cultural differences between humans and aliens, what I dub the "great prison escape", a lab rat heroine, reverse harem Yep. I like the author's voice, and it was very amusing. But what has me subtracting a star is that this story line was just too damn interesting for such a short novel!! This deserved KO'C levels of fleshing out, not a quick 5 second synopsis.

  • Christina Rodriguez

    This book is absolutely amazing! I adored the characters and how they all interacted together. I caught myself laughing out loud quite a few times, and the banter! Oh my goodness. This is one of those books that you just don't want to end. Don't get me wrong, the ending is perfection, but I wanted to stay in her world longer. She did such a wonderful job of bringing this world to life in vivid detail. I'll be rereading this in the near future. This is the first book out of nine in the Valos of S [...]

  • Danny

    I read it but I had no clue what the book was about lol it was very confusing, especially the beginning

  • Kristi

    Amanda Milo has done it again! She brings truly alien aliens to life in ways that intrigue me instead of repulse me.Preta has been an unwilling experimental subject in a space prison. During the course of the experiments done upon her, she has formed a relationship with a guard. There are emotional ties between them that are about to complicate their lives tremendously when the prison station crashes on a strange planet.Mayhem ensues and in the mad dash to safety, Preta Sol and Ryan Drogan run i [...]

  • ( Jo ) bubbles the book pimp

    Book 1 in the valos of sonhadra seriesPetra is leverage, her father is a military major, her sister is a secret military operative Petra was just Petra she didn’t have the will to join the military but held captive on the prison ship The Concord she has no choice slowly but surely she is being turned into a super soldier. With mind programming and secret serums to keep her at optimum levels. Her one happiness is a guard, her guard Drogan. After discovering that the experiments have caused her [...]

  • Charlotte

    Original charactersI liked this mostly because of its originality. Petra was imprisoned on a spaceship, she was experimented on, she found a guard she could trust, fell for him, ended up pregnant, the ship crashed on an alien planet. None of that sounds very original, but what comes after is!Petra and her guard Ryan run into some pretty vicious predictors on the planet. Ryan (her loved guard) tries to protect her from not only the predators, but the other guards who are almost as vicious. They g [...]

  • JoAnn

    Its ok. It was pretty funny and entertaining or else I might have rated lower. The characters were flat and the love interests and sex boring. The parts that connect this book to the 2nd book were just as awful in both books. I’ve never read this author so that’s one thing I like about the series itself, the fact that each new books is going to be a different writing style with the same background. I will still continue with it, hopefully I can find a new author that writes a hell of tale, e [...]

  • Dianne

    Valos of Sonhadra Multi-Author Series #Release & #Giveaway Enter to win a $20 Gift Card ~ Ends March 1, 2018 ~ Click on Banner to Enter!International where allowed

  • J.L.

    3.5-4 Stars3.5-4 StarsI’m not even sure what I should write. This book was beyond strange yet interesting. Even with the detail the men were hard to get a mental picture. But even with that difficulty they story pulled you in.

  • Solinda

    This is the first book of the series. Preta is an innocent person, who is imprisoned wrongfully on a floating spaceship prison above Earth. Preta is tortured experimented on by vile scientists. Her only silverlinig is a guard named Drogan. He shows her compassion, but he also accidentally impregnants her. The floating prison crash lands on a strange alien planet named Sonhadra. She meets up with some of the local males who can shapeshift into a tree dragon. The males can sense Preta is with ”s [...]

  • Shasha

    This will "grow" on youPrisons and experimentation are dismal subjects but the characters are amazing.I really liked the uniqueness of there being a human male along with this reverse alien harem. The feelings were realistic in an out of this world crash landing. The lust and other feelings (or none at all) had scientific reasons. I'm very interested to read other stories in this collaborative world.Mature contentRead in KU

  • Sheila

    If your looking for a different alien romance this is your book!Where to start first Amanda Milo writes aliens that aren't colored copies of humans. So don't expect a green human looking alien man. In this book they are more part of their planet that is sentient. A dragon that looks like a tree and transforms into a humanistic shape made from bark, vines, moss and dirt.Second, I have to admit that this books beginning took me by surprise, but I should have expected that given the author. She som [...]

  • Kayla Pipkin

    Tree-Dragon Aliens!Preta was taken into custody aboard a prison in what she believes is a plot against her family.While aboard, they change the very core of who she is.She had been innocent of any crime before she was brought into custody, the same can't be said now.With the changes being made, Preta has overwhelming needs that cause her to seek out a guard she can trust. When the prison comes crashing down on an alien planet, they use it to their advantage to escape.Preta and Ryan never expect [...]

  • Erin

    Aliens that aren't just oddly colored humansMilo always gives you aliens that aren't just different colored humans. Petra had done nothing wrong other than be born to a well known family. For this crime she was taken aboard a prison/space station. For an added bonus the prisoners were used as unsanctioned test subjects. Suddenly the awkward little sister was as fierce a soldier as her dad and big sister. One of the experiments left her body in overdrive; hungry more often, stronger, faster and a [...]

  • Jody

    Different kind of aliensThis book is little "out there", on the alien characters. It also seems to jump ahead without any warning.Preta is a human that was kidnapped and put on a prison spaceship for experimentation. Her sister and father were part of the armed services but she wasn't. The scientists inject her with experimental solutions to make her into some sort of super soldier. Her guard is named Drogan. One of the side effects of her treatments is that she needs to have sex several times a [...]

  • Eva

    C'était prometteur; hélasUne héroïne "kick ass", de l'humour, plein d'action et les voilà, Sol et Ryan, "enlevés" par des dragons de bois. La barrière de la langue au début empêche ceux-ci d'expliquer que, pour eux, copuler est en fait nourrir. Comme Sol est en train de crever de faim, Chor est le premier à lui donner son "nectar", sans savoir qu'il est en fait en train d'abuser d'elle. Et me voilà, impatiente de lire les discussions, de voir le malentendu se dissiper, comment Sol va [...]

  • LaShanta Charles

    Tree Dragons!!!Initial thought: Man can Preta go off on some tangents! And then I kept going and found myself looking forward to laughing at her tangents. I wasn't sure about Ryan at first, my brain pinged him as a secret agent 😁. I enjoyed the glimpse that I got it this new world and I especially love the tree dragons - so freaking awesome! I need more info on their rootstems though, like a fan drawing so Amanda if you're reading this feel free to indulge me lol. I enjoyed the characters and [...]

  • Andrie

    Amanda Milo has the talent to make me fall in love with her characters and somehow believe that the world she built actually exists. I know, I know it's sci-fy and even if there were aliens they wouldn't look like Petrichor, Mace and Ammos but Milo makes you wish they were. Summary: This is the book of Petra and her mates. Petra is in a prison orbiting Earth and she is the experimental pig of sientists who try to create a super soldier. One of the disadvantages is that she craves sex all the tim [...]

  • Rachell

    Lots of gapsThe book seemed disjointed. More like she was summarizing the high points of a book than writing the actual book. Which sucked cause the plot and storyline were soooo freaking interesting!! I really want to read the long version with all the details.Got lost a few times because there wasn’t enough detail for you to realize that she had moved forward with the story and was now in another scene.The story is worth reading if you can use your imagination to fill in all the lack of deta [...]

  • Anna

    50% of the time I was confused as hell. I did not understand what was going on, which was frustrating, but I sure was intrigued and wanted to keep going. The writing was great - something I came to expect from Amanda Milo. She created an amazing setting for the story and made it all work perfectly. The aliens were fascinating, even if mildly horrifying, and extremely well thought through. It was,however, a little difficult for me to properly picture them in my mind. But, I wanted to have more ti [...]

  • Mom23greatboys

    3.5 StarsHmm, this is a tough one to describe. The words “odd but interesting” come to mind. I’ve felt a little uninspired by my sci-fi romance books lately. Even my favorite authors such as SE Smith and Evangeline Anderson seem to be rehashing the same plot lines. This book definitely has a different but interesting world building. I had a very difficult time really picturing the combination dragon, humanoid, plant thing. Early on I kept picturing Groot, yep, not the sexiest picture. Whil [...]

  • Badh

    I think that this is a 3.25 star read instead of straight 3. I think that this is a really interesting premise, and I like the idea of several authors writing a series that is interconnected and all in the same world. It's interesting to get all the different views of the same world and how each author puts their own spin on what's happening. I liked the premise of this particular story, and I did like all the explaining that Amanda did in the beginning of the book. I liked her aliens and how th [...]

  • Nancy

    Just WOW! This book was a superb start to the Valos of Sonhadra Series! It has adventure, action, and hot sexy times. And don't forget the side of strange scientific experiments on our main character, Preta. You couldn't have an evil prison ship without that! Preta has become pregnant by her guard/boyfriend, Ryan Drogan. When their prison ship crashes, Ryan does his best to protect Preta. What he didn't plan on was getting shot and then "picked up" by 3 huge alien tree-dragons: Petrichor, Maceou [...]

  • Shannon

    I loved tthe premise behind this book, but it was a little like eating a cake pop. It was delicious going down, but the experience was all too brief.Also, I wasn't satisfied with the reverse harem aspect of the book. Preta, our heroine, already had a lover, and that romance was interesting enough on its own. But she's got to have sex with three plant-like alien creatures to survive? OK then. And I never really felt from the first hero's POV that he'd gotten much beyond resigned acceptance of the [...]

  • Pet

    I have loved many many authors over my half a century of life, but only a select few have resonated with me on a deeper level. Amanda Milo is one such author, her characters don't just pull on my heart strings, they slam right inside, wrap the beating organ around themselves and become a living thing snuggled up inside. No matter how strange, and yes, alien they have a realistic humanity to them that keeps me thinking about them long after the book is closed. This story is not lived in the same [...]

  • Jannie Cv

    What a unique concept- I love it!I am finding the widely varied Valos natures very fascinating! Petra Sol has been imprisoned on the Concord. The research scientists are turning her into something she thought was impossible, with a few extra special effects. A guard, Ryan Drogan, assists her with side effects as much as he can. After a crash landing, they meet Petrichor, Bortammos and Maceous. The description of these males defies logic, and they are utterly fascinating. Both Petra and Ryan are [...]

  • Tina

    AlluvialI absolutely loved this book and all the wonderful characters. The world building was outstanding and the action was awesome. The struggles and the laugh out loud moments were the best. I am still chuckling over them. I truly love your writing style Ms. Amanda Milo and I have read all your books. I can't wait for the next in your series. Now about this series I already downloaded the second so now I am on to read more about Valos of Sonhadra. I highly highly recommend this book.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ Alluvial : by Amanda Milo Å
    240 Amanda Milo
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