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A treasured parent resource since its publication, Taking Charge of ADHD provides authoritative information on ADHD and its treatment From internationally renowned ADHD expert Russell A Barkley, the book empowers parents by arming them with the knowledge, expert guidance, and confidence they need Included are A step by step plan for behavior management that has helpedA treasured parent resource since its publication, Taking Charge of ADHD provides authoritative information on ADHD and its treatment From internationally renowned ADHD expert Russell A Barkley, the book empowers parents by arming them with the knowledge, expert guidance, and confidence they need Included are A step by step plan for behavior management that has helped thousands of children Current information on medications, including coverage of Strattera and extended release stimulants Strategies that help children succeed at school and in social situations Advances in research on the causes of ADHD Practical advice on managing stress and keeping peace in the family Descriptions of books, organizations, and Internet resources that families can trust.

  • Title: Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents
  • Author: Russell A. Barkley
  • ISBN: 9781572305601
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Russell A. Barkley

Russell A Barkley born 1949 is a clinical psychologist who is a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina and an author of books on ADHD Involved in research since 1973 and a licensed psychologist since 1977, he is an expert on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and has devoted much of his scientific career to studying ADHD and related problems in children His research interests include childhood defiance.

Comments Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents

  • Kcatty

    This took me way too long to get through, considering I borrowed it in November and it's almost March. Ah, ADHD, don't you just love it?

  • Michele

    I wish I had read this three years ago. This has become an invaluable resource for me in getting a gameplan together to manage my son's ADHD. I recommend this for anyone with a child who has trouble in the classroom. It doesn't touch on any learning disabilities, but gives plenty of arrows to point you in the right direction.

  • rob

    This is so far the most useful book I've read on ADHD. I should have started with this one. The chapters were short, which was nice.

  • Simon Peacock

    Best book I've read on Adult ADHD so far.

  • Entisar Radhi

    "طفلي لا يسمع اوامري.""طفلي يفشل في انهاء واجباته.""ابنتي تضيع اشيائها عادة.""طفلي لا يستطيع التركيز ويتشتت بسهولة.""ابني لا يستطيع العمل بشكل مستقل ومن دون مراقبة.""ابنتي تحتاج عادة لتكرار التوجيهات.""يتنقل من نشاط غير منجز لآخر.""تنسى عادة نشاطاتها اليومية."حول هؤلاء الأطفال سيأ [...]

  • Heidi Belleau

    I wasn't so keen on this book. There were a few helpful suggestions and I liked the breakdown of medications and explanation of how they work, but a lot of the book just wasn't relevant to my experience. There was a huge portion dedicated to "do you have adhd" and how to be diagnosed, which is a stage I am already past, and then there was a significant amount of time spent on much more severe effects of impulsiveness such as drug use, criminality, being unable to manage your temper/speak to othe [...]

  • Keith

    This book is a good example of lying with statistics. The author ignores the known obvious causes of ADHD and comes up with unproven claims that ADHD is caused by brain development problems or general chemical unbalances. At the same time he's a big fan of diagnosing ADHD with the "evaluation process", but he fails to mention that these questionnaires claim over 85% of people have ADHD. So by his logic over 85% of people have a chemical imbalance or an underdeveloped brain. He doesn't put these [...]

  • Ashley Pichman

    Very insightful for me, an adult with ADHD. I just wish he didn't push being medicated as such a strong course of action. I also don't agree with the theory that it's caused by an underdevelopment in the brain, a chemical imbalance, while it might be considered an underdevelopment, is much more comforting. Otherwise it answered several questions and life experiences that had been left a mystery, for me, for years. For example: ADHD is a form of blindnesstime blindness.

  • Lori

    Very insightful book for adults with ADHD. However, I find it a double edged sword as I desire to implement the ideas as an adult with ADHD which makes the task daunting, overwhelming and of course very half hazard.what is one to do?

  • Kris Kipp

    I found this book to be both informative and insightful. However, in my opinion, it also reads like a textbook and was at times a bit of a chore to get through.

  • Jaclyn

    (Review originally posted at The ADHD Homestead.)Dr. Russell Barkley’s Taking Charge of Adult ADHD provides a rundown of adult ADHD basics that’s comprehensive, yet easy to read.That said, I took it at a sluggish pace. It’s informative, conversational, and approachable, but the language often feels overwordy. I’m okay with this because the book’s true value isn’t in a one-time, sequential reading, but in the many times I’ll pull it off the shelf for reference. Taking Charge offers [...]

  • Anne Jordan-Baker

    Best book that I've read on this topic. Recent science, excellent advice. One downside for me: less attention (ha!) to inattentive type than to hyperactive and combined types. Barkley is a blunt guy, calling the myths about ADHD "fallacies" and those holding them to be "scientifically illiterate." This is also the first book I've read that addresses the true seriousness of ADHD, that even the term ADHD (which he thinks should be changed) "trivializes the disorder, since it grossly understates th [...]

  • Summer B.

    This is the bible of ADHD resources. I appreciate how thorough it is, and how the author cites references and dates for every study, fact, or statistic. If you have a child with ADHD, this is a must read, must highlight, must memorize passages. There is a third edition out, and I highly recommend getting the most recent edition, as ADHD research is advancing all the time!

  • Kyla

    I didn't like that they stuck fast to commonly used medical terms, like "minimal brain dysfunction" and "ADHD" even though not all cases of ADD include Hyperactivity, however I was extremely grateful for the medical explanations of what causes the inattention and for the many tips on how to use positive reinforcement to encourage attention and proper behavior.

  • emilee ashline

    Wonderful InsightI chose this rating because this book gave me a good idea and understanding of why I do the things I do as a person's with adhd. I liked how it was very informative and had wonderful suggestions about coping with adhd

  • Ramona

    Een erg interessant boek dat veel inzichten biedt en me behoorlijk aan het denken gezet heeft. Ik heb veel geleerd dankzij dit boek en ben erg blij met de nieuwe kennis over ADHD. Veel dingen kan ik toepassen in mijn eigen leven en dat van mijn kinderen.

  • Amber

    fantastic ADHD resource. I'm definitely a fact-based/science person, and if there's a why behind anything I want to know it. Some may feel this reads a bit like a text book, which it does at times, but, the information is valuable. As a parent without ADHD raising a child with ADHD there is so much to understand about this disorder & the disorders that can come along with ADHD that I never understood or knew because it wasn't a part of my life. Dr. Barkley explains why we see undesirable beh [...]

  • Lyndsy

    I think this book provides a great overview of adult ADHD, causes, treatments, and ways to combat ADHD that doesn't involve medications.The author continuously refers to steps, but it's hard to follow them in the book. The chapters are varied in length, which makes the book easier to read.The author also emphasizes owning ADHD, which is important to make progress. It helps alleviate feelings of guilt someone may have been carrying around for things that have gone wrong in life.

  • Mary Lou

    This seems like a good guide for someone who is new to the idea of having ADHD as an adult. Most of the book is taken up with explaining what ADHD is and how it affects adults, and persuading the reader to a) be evaluated for it, b) get medicated for it, and c) get professional help for it, none of which I personally needed to be sold on. I found the one section of the book that laid out actual rules/strategies for managing ADHD to be interesting and potentially helpful, though!

  • karen

    Barkley is tops in his field of ADHE. This book is written very well for parents. His behavior plans are simple and carefully stated. Once set up the should be helpful. As a former Guidance Counselor for 25 years, Blakely’s philosophy and theories are are similar what I have used with my students

  • Nikki

    A great overview of ADHD for parents. Lots of advice and ideas. I liked the review of lots of different treatment methods with pros and cons of each.

  • Heather

    so so great took tons of notes on ADHD and it is so helpful to read and gain knowledge a keeper book to review in the future as well and refer other to it.

  • Catherine Mikkelsen

    As far as I'm concerned, this is one of best books to read if your child has ADHD. But I wouldn't read it alone. Barkley is a brilliant guy. He's done tons of research, and he can bolster his points of view with fascinating data, but his mindset isn't for everyone:First off, his mindset is very medication-focused. Next, all children are different, and ADHD is a somewhat amorphous disorder. Your ADHD child may have a totally different personality and set of challenges than the kid down the street [...]

  • Tanya W

    I read this a few years ago and wrote detailed notes. This book is amazing and helped so much in just making me feel completely validated as a parent of a child with ADHD. Someday if I have time I might put my notes here but if you have a child with ADHD and feel you need help, this it THE book to read!One thing I liked and will put her now is this (some ideas as well as questions with my personal answers):Begin with the end in mind envision how I want a problem to turn out Exercise: look way ah [...]

  • Elizabeth

    I have read quite a few ADHD books, and this one is, hands-down, the most authoritative and helpful. Author Barkley's goal is to empower parents in their quest to understand and help their ADHD child. He does not preach a certain approach but instead encourages parents to read widely, gather as much information as possible, and then to constantly question and reassess that information, weeding out unsubstantiated claims, poor advice, and outdated research. The research he presents is well vetted [...]

  • Rebecca Grace

    THIS is the book I've been looking for! Finally a book that helps me see my sons' outrageous "bad" behavior in the context of their ADHD. When you understand WHY they do something, it's so much easier to know what to do about it (and to understand that they aren't driving me crazy on purpose, they are just wired that way). So this book is helpful two ways: it helps parents of children newly diagnosed with ADHD to understand what is going on with their kids and why they do what they do, and it al [...]

  • Hilary Roberts

    This book is full of useful information! It goes from giving lots of information to help the reader understand ADHD, to helping decide if and how to have your child evaluated, to providing ideas for parenting children with ADHD, to helping your child cope at school, to learning about medications that are available. This book honestly has everything a parent needs to know to understand ADHD and know how to move forward with helping your child. There is plenty to learn and know that isn't in this [...]

  • Graeme Roberts

    What a great book! If you have ADHD or love someone who does, it's essential reading.

  • Kerry

    I only read the first half of this, but since it was the part I wanted to read, I'm going ahead and calling his one "read" rather than a "did not finish".The information in here on ADHD was both fascinating and depressing at time. I learned some things I didn't know and others I hope my son escapes. But information is always a good thing to have, I figure, and the more I know, hopefully the better I can help my son.I skimmed the second half, which was behaviour ideas etc. Most of what would work [...]

  • Kristina

    I can't say enough good things about this book. It has completely changed my life just from reading it, and I am optimistic that it will continue to benefit us as we work on implementing the strategies outlined in the book. Grounded in current research, this book is a must read for parents, teachers and caregivers of children with ADHD.I am a big fan of Steven Covey's 7 Habits (what's not to love?) and so I was happy to see early in this book that Dr. Barkley's practical methods are based on the [...]

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