[PDF] Ì Unlimited ✓ Spider-Man: Emerald Mystery : by Dean Wesley Smith ✓

By Dean Wesley Smith | Comments: ( 444 ) | Date: ( Jul 05, 2020 )

The villain known as The Jewel possesses a fragment of one of the magic Jewels of Cyttorak, and is using its power to make the citizens of New York City run amok It s up to Spider Man to stop him, but how do you fight someone who can control your very mind

  • Title: Spider-Man: Emerald Mystery
  • Author: Dean Wesley Smith
  • ISBN: 9780425170373
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Dean Wesley Smith

Pen NamesEdward Taft Dee W SchofieldD.W Smith Sandy SchofieldKathryn WesleyDean Wesley Smith is the bestselling author of over ninety novels under many names and well over 100 published short stories He has over eight million copies of his books in print and has books published in nine different countries He has written many original novels in science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and romance as well as books for television, movies, games, and comics He is also known for writing quality work very quickly and has written a large number of novels as a ghost writer or under house names.With Kristine Kathryn Rusch, he is the coauthor of The Tenth Planet trilogy and The 10th Kingdom The following is a list of novels under the Dean Wesley Smith name, plus a number of pen names that are open knowledge Many ghost and pen name books are not on this list because he is under contractual obligations not to disclose that he wrote them Many of Dean s original novels are also under hidden pen names for marketing reasons.Dean has also written books and comics for all three major comic book companies, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, and has done scripts for Hollywood One movie was actually made.Over his career he has also been an editor and publisher, first at Pulphouse Publishing, then for VB Tech Journal, then for Pocket Books.Currently, he is writing thrillers and mystery novels under another name.

Comments Spider-Man: Emerald Mystery

  • Taneysha forsyth

    Death is an ugly business, and no one knows that better than the amazing Spider-Man. In a city like New York-crammed to the rafters with thugs, pugs, and superpowered losers-the chilling embrace of the Grim Reaper comes with the territory.Death can also be a personal matter, coming from the muzzle of a gun, or the razor-sharp point of a knife. No one knows that better than private detective Barb Lightner, whose partner was just killed for a mysterious trinket.But it's not just merder on Spider-M [...]

  • Kenny

    Spider man was in big trouble. A women steals everything she likes. She is also a murder. Then she found out that there is a very rare jem. So she tried to steal it. This is my book. So if you want to borrow it ask me.

  • Read1000books

    2 1/2 stars. The first half was pot-boiling and the finale of the villain was a little quick, but it was good to see Spidey back in action since my comic book days.

  • Ty Ridgway

    good book , would read again (after a few years)

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  • [PDF] Ì Unlimited ✓ Spider-Man: Emerald Mystery : by Dean Wesley Smith ✓
    462 Dean Wesley Smith
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