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By Diane Mott Davidson | Comments: ( 236 ) | Date: ( Feb 26, 2020 )

Fans of Diane Mott Davidson s Goldy Schulz, the gourmet gumshoe of Aspen Meadow, Colorado, love her modus operandi Treat every puzzle with questions and chocolate In Tough Cookie, Davidson s ninth culinary mystery, Goldy is waiting to reopen her catering business, which has been shut down by the health department for lack of adequate drains She s got a PBS cooking gigFans of Diane Mott Davidson s Goldy Schulz, the gourmet gumshoe of Aspen Meadow, Colorado, love her modus operandi Treat every puzzle with questions and chocolate In Tough Cookie, Davidson s ninth culinary mystery, Goldy is waiting to reopen her catering business, which has been shut down by the health department for lack of adequate drains She s got a PBS cooking gig for a few weeks, and is trying to build a reputation as a personal chef, but she s desperate for a little extra Christmas cash, so she agrees to sell a pair of vintage skis to Doug Portman, a local art critic and former sort of romantic interest When Portman s killed in a skiing accident at Killdeer Resort with Goldy nearby, the police treat her with suspicion It turns out that Portman was the easily persuaded head of the Parole Board, and Goldy s ex husband a.k.a The Jerk, who was imprisoned for domestic violence is coming up for parole But when Goldy herself narrowly escapes a chilly death after her van is forced off a snowy highway, she starts looking for connections and steps into a minefield of unsolved murders, including the three year old avalanche death of her friend Nate Bullock There re a multitude of suspicious characters lurking around Killdeer Barton Reed, a crazy ex con who sent Portman a letter loaded with poison Arthur Wakefield, whose wealthy mother was also killed in a skiing accident at Killdeer Jack Gilkey, a handsome young chef who was convicted of manslaughter in the death of Wakefield s mother and released by Portman Boots Faraday, a local artist and even Rorry Bullock, Nate s angry widow As usual, Goldy manages to solve the murders with the help of Chocolate Coma Cookies , save her own skin just , skewer a few local snobs in passing, and revive her catering business Lots of fun, and recipes too Barrie Trinkle

  • Title: Tough Cookie
  • Author: Diane Mott Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780553107234
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Diane Mott Davidson

New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson wrote three novels before one was accepted for publication when she was 41 She has since written 14 mysteries, all featuring Goldy the caterer In addition, she has written short stories and poetry for various publications Davidson has won the Anthony Award from Bouchercon, and has been nominated for the Agatha, another Anthony, and the Macavity Award In 1993 she was named Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Writer of the Year.Davidson was educated at St Anne s School in Charlottesville, Virginia, where her English teacher, Emyl Jenkins, encouraged her to become a writer She attended Wellesley College, where she was named a Wellesley Scholar, before transferring to Stanford University, from which she graduated with a double major in Art History and Political Science Several years and one child later, she received her MA in Art History from Johns Hopkins.Davidson has volunteered for numerous organizations She was a tutor in a correctional facility, rape victim counselor, and served for 10 years on the Board of Examining Chaplains of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado For years she taught the adult Bible study at her parish, where she was also licensed to preach.Davidson has been married to her husband, Jim, for almost 40 years They have three sons, a daughter in law, two grandchildren, and a basset hound.

Comments Tough Cookie

  • James

    Book Review4 out of 5 stars to Tough Cookie, the 9th cozy mystery in the "Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary" books, written in 2000 by Diane Mott Davidson. This was one of the stronger books in the series, but it didn't start off that way. When I first began reading the book, I was put off by the death and initial suspect. Goldy sells some skis to another guy, as her catering business was temporarily shut down due to some kitchen issues, which eventually cause an accident. A convoluted connection is m [...]

  • Lisa B.

    Still one of my favorite series.

  • Suzanne

    3.5 stars. Recipes look GREAT and I liked the setting/mystery. I didn't like the typical "go off alone ignoring warning" that seems to be a common cozy trope. And a couple of times there were a few pages summarizing the suspects/story - I can remember well enough with 300 pages that I just felt annoyed with that. But I'll certainly continue with the series.

  • melissa

    This series has grown, and I like the changes it’s making. Not only has Goldie and her family grown and changed, she has ‘matured’ too. She doesn’t do (as many) stupid things as she used to (I equate it to the girl that goes by herself down in to the dark basement in a horror movie.). I think Tom has been a good influence on her. And yet they are not less interesting, and there is not less action. For a caterer she gets sucked in to a lot. I like that they are light, fast reads. It bothe [...]

  • Ronica

    This one started out very slow for me, once I got over the first 100 pages the pace picked up. I still had a little trouble as the main mystery was overshadowed but two events that are mentioned throughout the book, if we could give half stars I would have given this a 3 1/2. I have been reading the series on and off for the past year and I do enjoy them and will continue to read every chance I get.

  • Lisa Morin

    I've just started reading this one again, for the 10th time, lol.I love this series!

  • Paula

    Plot was good. I felt the book is somewhat 'wordy.' Overall an okay cozy mystery.

  • Priscilla Dicarlo

    This was a fun read and of course enjoyed the recipes!

  • Beth

    This is a decent whodunit but seemed busy and the skiing lingo made it a more difficult read for me. In this series, the protagonist is a caterer married to a police officer and solves crimes as she prepares dishes for various events. In this novel, she is doing a PBS cooking show on a ski mountain and everyone seems to be involved in some way. She is exceptionally nosy in this book, more overtly than in the last Goldy novel I read, and though I think that I'd be able to let Angela Lansbury slid [...]

  • Amy Howard

    This is an enjoyable, not too heavy mystery. Although part of a series, I hadn't read any of the earlier books, but this didn't hamper my enjoyment. The characters seem real, the protagonist, Goldy, is an interesting person, and it took me into the worlds of a ski town and a personal chef quite convincingly. I don't ski anymore, so some of the references to the ski areas/equipment were unfamiliar, but I think that's a plus. The central mystery wasn't earth shattering, but was teased out nicely a [...]

  • Jennifer

    I am a fan of this series, but this book was just meh. I had a hard time getting invested in the story. There were too many unlikable characters, and the likable characters were the ones that ended up being bad! Archer was a greedy jerk who seemed like he killed his mom and framed her husband all for the money. Jack was nice but misunderstood because he was so attractive until it was revealed that he was actually the greedy killer, and that he was trying to murder more rich women. Arch was being [...]

  • Jeannine Stewart

    For someone who lives in a rather well-to-do area in Colorado and works for some very well-heeled people, Goldy Bear seems to cater to more murder victims than foodies. While the plot is muddy at times and the main character's actions are not in line with someone married to a police officer, it was a fairly enjoyable cozy with some good recipes.

  • BonLivre

    This was a very fun and enjoyable read, comprising of a well written and smoothly flowing plot complete with mystery intrigue and great recipes. Ironically, I seem to always read "beach books" during the Winter, so what fun it was to read a Colorado "snowy holiday" book during the Summer.

  • Lillie rice

    I think I need to read earlier books in this series to fully appreciate this book. That being said I really liked that the recipes were included

  • Karen

    Fun, easy read and loved the recipes!

  • Jan

    Typical Goldy Bear story. There were some interesting points and as always some good recipes. The only thing about the recipes is that they are multistepped.

  • Victoria

    While I have enjoyed her other books this one had a few issues but still entertaining enough to read the next in the series.

  • Tanya Stillman

    I enjoy the familiar characters and the little things the main character gets involved in throughout the books.

  • Reader

    Needed some light fiction to read. I read several of Diane Mott Davidson's books several years ago. They are "cozy mystery" books.

  • Peggy

    Goldy Schultz is a Denver area caterer and amateur sleuth. Super cozy, these are simple books, but, in my opinion, well written with engaging characters - one of the better cozies I have read. In this book Goldy is cooking on air for a local PBS station located at a ski resort. She is having financial difficulties while her commercial kitchen is out. She tries to sell some expensive Civil War era skis to a distasteful man she dated once upon a time. While trying to ski down to where she has the [...]

  • Cari Schaeffer

    I enjoyed the book and the mystery - very twisted and I had no idea who did it until they were revealed. Yay!The author has an unhealthy relationship with italics, however. There are very few pages without italicized words on it.

  • S. J.

    Review of Catering to Nobody: Book OneReview of Dying for Chocolate: Book TwoReview of The Cereal Murders: Book ThreeReveiew of The Last Suppers: Book FourReview of Killer Pancake: Book FiveReview of The Main Corpse: Book SixReview of The Grilling Season: Book SevenReview of Prime Cut: Book Eight*The Gush*Again, I can’t give this book the review it’s due because when you have six books of the series staring at you…you don’t really take time to work out what you want to say in a review. Y [...]

  • Asya Fergiani

    Diane Mott Davidson’s books are a tantalizing morsel for the overworked homesick Colorado Native or anyone with a desire to read a well-constructed mystery without unnecessary verbal or descriptive vulgarity. Tough Cookie is another mystery set in the Aspen Meadows mountain resort town where Goldy Schulz runs a catering business from her home with the assistance of Julian her sue chef and the support of her second husband Tom and son Arch from her first marriage to an abusive OB/GYN. Diane Mot [...]

  • Norma

    You know how there are certain authors that you just keep going back for more? Well, Diane Mott Davidson is one of those authors for me. Her books are like really yummy cookies. You just can’t help yourself, you have to keep going back for more.Tough Cookie is no exception to that. Everyone’s favorite caterer, Goldy Schulz, is once again meddling in the affairs of the police. After finding the dead body of a sort of ex-boyfriend that she was skiing with, Goldy finds herself trying to find ou [...]

  • Donna

    Touch Cookie is the first book I've read in this popular series, and it failed to hook me as a fan. But that's fine--I'm just one reader. I rather like a series with gimmicks, though, like the recipes Diane Mott Davidson scatters throughout her books. I may try the crab cakes and ginger snaps described in this one.The setting was well done, and I feel almost as though I've visited the slopes of the Colorado ski resorts in winter. (With my aversions to cold and heights, it's a setting I prefer to [...]

  • Ryan

    Unfourtunately for Goldy, a lot could go wrong. Horrible snow storms covering the land which makes her driving back and forth between home and work hazardous to her health, and the job isn't quite doing what she needed it to do to begin with. She's only booked one client for her personal chef buisness, and that her boss at the PBS station.Add on a murder, attempted murder via car plunging down side of a mountain, and threats against her family and you have a fun little mystery set in the moutain [...]

  • Tabby Kat

    Goldilocks Catering has been shut down by the health department. Inadequate drains, they say; so Goldy Shulz, Colorado's double threat chef/detective, has turned her hand to hosting a cooking show on Public Television while her husband fixes the plumbing. Her commute to work involves riding to the top of the Killdeer Ski Lift in a gondola and skiing to the doors of the Bistro, a posh restaurant atop a windswept peak, which, of course, sets up danger-filled situations as Goldy becomes embroiled i [...]

  • Anne Martin

    An old book I think I never finished. This time, I did the effort, and it left me wondering why. I love the idea of food recipes mixed with a mystery, but I didn't care much for the recipes we were given and could not enjoy the mystery. Too many characters and people easy to mix up if you have not read the other books of this series. It took me a while not to confuse Korman and Portman and I still cannot get why the narrator was feeling bad to sell the special skis to a guy whom she shared 3 din [...]

  • Carmen

    Once again Goldy is trying to figure out who killed someone because somehow she is mistakenly blamed. Amazingly enough she is often in the wrong place at the wrong time. In this next book in the series she has to take a ski lift during Christmas season to be filmed for a PBS tv series. Who knows how, but the guy she wanted to sell her husband's vintage World War II skis to is killed and it looks like she was trying to bribe him to keep the Jerk in jail longer, as he was the person in charge of t [...]

  • Marty

    This is one of a series of books featuring Goldy Schultz, a Chef who finds herself involved in trouble and must use her wits to put things right. Of course, these problems involve food. In this story, Goldie’s catering business has been shut down, but she is able to work with a local wine expert and together they produce a TV series featuring Goldie cooking meals that feature great wine. The show is produced at the ski lodge at the top of the gondola ride at the local ski resort. Of course bli [...]

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