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By Aubrey Law | Comments: ( 440 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

An Ancient Black Witch Resurrects in Los AngelesThe legendary and dreadful witch Black Annis rises again after she was brutally executed and snatches the body of an unsuspecting young woman in modern Los Angeles Annis must adapt to the new world after four hundred years of torment in the Lake of Fire and her hatred of the Priesthood with their demon allies is eternal TheAn Ancient Black Witch Resurrects in Los AngelesThe legendary and dreadful witch Black Annis rises again after she was brutally executed and snatches the body of an unsuspecting young woman in modern Los Angeles Annis must adapt to the new world after four hundred years of torment in the Lake of Fire and her hatred of the Priesthood with their demon allies is eternal The hunt for her enemies has begun but the woman s body she selfishly possessed will change Annis in ways she never imagined possible Can a Black Witch s cold empty heart ever know love Powerful Necromancers, deadly Archdemons, and even the angels of Heaven all want to spill the blood of Black Annis Those who seek to kill her will not rest until she is dead again and her dark soul is returned to the Lake of Fire.Leicestershire, England July 1, 1616 You can disappear Take the gold and travel the world She will never find you Not after we are done with her The handsome High Priest Gregor smiled and tempted the young woman with his impressive offer His muscular arm struggled to hold up the leather bag that was stuffed full of coins What is your answer Her mystical blue eyes were locked on the shiny coins and she trembled with every word from her quivering lips Double your payment, said the apprentice And I will show you what you want to see I will show you where Black Annis sleeps The silver ard High Priest glared at the young woman and walked in a circle around the wooden chair where she sat Silence your treacherous tongue, Witch Be thankful you are not roasting at the stake as we speak There will be no increase in payment Not one piece of gold You will lead us to Black Annis and accept the Church s offer or you will be thrown in the dungeon with the Tormentor And if she escapes capture and finds me said the young Witch She will never rest until I am torn to shreds But not just me Her vengeance will be upon every member of my household She will destroy my entire family bloodline Gregor dropped the heavy bag of gold coins on the floor and his hands illuminated with white hot Holy Magic Do you see my power, Witch I can bind her Black Magic long enough for the Executioner to snap her neck at the gallows She will be powerless when she is hanged Black Annis shall not escape her punishment It burns said the apprentice Witch Stop this pain I will stop when you agree to the offer The High Priest intensified the searing heat that flowed from his hands and blistered the weeping woman s skin.She screamed and her body collapsed to the cold floor that was covered with scattered gold coins The cave Annis sleeps in the cave

  • Title: Black Annis: Demon Hunter
  • Author: Aubrey Law
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Aubrey Law

Aubrey Law is a fantasy writer from Los Angeles, California who shares a house with two adopted dogs a spoiled Siberian Husky named Maximus and German Shepherd named Logan If you re looking for an intense dark fantasy thrill or a lighthearted fantasy laugh, you ve come to the right place All of Aubrey s stories are written for New Adult Adult readers.Dark Urban Fantasy Series Black Annis Available Winter 2017 Humorous Fantasy Series Pumpkintown Perils Volumes 1 3Coming soon by Aubrey Law Black Annis Demon Slayer Black Annis Demon Destroyer

Comments Black Annis: Demon Hunter

  • Grady

    ‘Now the world will remember why they fear the night. I, Black Annis, am returning to the land of the living.’Los Angeles author Aubrey Law is best known for her collection of stories – The Pumpkintown Perils –for the adult reader despite the witch’s stories and fol de rol that have a hefty dose of fantasy, imagination, some clever mystery solving, and a bit of naughty. Now she steps away from the pure entertainment aspect to pen her initial ‘serious sci-fi dark fantasy novel. It is [...]

  • Renee Spicuzza

    Aubrey Law’s, “Black Annis: Demon Hunter (Revenge of the Witch Book 1),” is the first novel in the series that follows Annis who had suffered from execution and living within the Lake of Fire for over four hundred years. The horrible experiences she has had make it difficult to adapt in modern Los Angeles in the new body that she was able to obtain and possess. There are various other levels of magic users that want to try and obtain revenge upon Black Annis, such as necromancers, angels, [...]

  • Mar

    Black Annis: Demon Hunter is a good fantasy book for anyone who fancies a dark (but really dark) story. It tells the story of a black witch who was killed and her soul kept in the Lake of Fire for over 400 years. Now she is back and won’t stop at anything to get her revenge. At the same time, she needs to hide from her enemies who are looking for her and is trying to realize the impact that the woman she possessed is having in her actions.It’s an interesting story but it does need some work. [...]

  • Eva Chau

    I really enjoyed this book, the story was very captivating, interesting, mysterious, dark, sexy and funny at time too. Really had it all.The plot twists though, they really made my eye open in surprise and I loved them, made the story so much more amusing.I really can´t wait for Volume 2 to come out so I can see what happens to Black Annis and Sonja too. Their story is really entertaining and incredibly sensual, a good relief from all the darkness surrounding them, although the end really shock [...]

  • P.S. Malcolm

    Book Review Black Annis**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**Black Annis is an interesting fantasy story that I can see appealing to a lot of readers. I thought I would really enjoy this book (Magic witches, LA), and to a degree I did, but unfortunately, it wasn't quite my taste. That being said, I think there are definitely people out there who will like this book.The Good Points:There is an interesting take on relationships in this book, with our main character be [...]

  • Maria Rivas-mc

    “There was no God on our side. No family. No friends. Just the two of us alone in the concrete city full of bloodthirsty demons and dangerous men that all wanted us dead.”Aubrey Law has created an LA where the ‘Priesthood’ is in league with the Devil and medieval necromancers and dark witches are par for the course. No one is quite what they seem (starting with Annis who has possessed Ashley’s body); worse, mistaken identities could literally be the death of you. Annis hasn’t been ar [...]

  • Tamara

    This book had a lot of potential, but it fell just shy of the mark for me. It felt like the author rushed through each scene, instead of taking the time to give us the details that would really capture our attention.

  • Kirk

    Awesome!Wow! I really enjoyed this book! Great read, terrific characters, fantastic story! If you're looking for a new author to follow, try Aubrey Law!

  • Sean Northage

    Black Annis: Demon Hunter is a great read. The character interaction is well written and the plot moves at a steady pace. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more

  • Hector

    Demon hunter Black annis is amazing u couldn't put it down until I finished get the book asap get the whole series if possible

  • DJay

    So, this was a nice little quick read. I do like how even though the MC is pretty much a demon, you can still feel for her. She's been through hell (literally) and has a lot of things and people she needs to kill. There's a lot going on, but never enough that you can't follow along. I do also love the growth that you see among the MC as the book goes on, see her start to struggle with beingwelln.

  • Pegboard

    This novel brings about mixed emotions. I enjoyed the fast pace at times, but the lack of description prevented me from connecting with the characters and left me guessing most of the time what the link was between individuals.My favorite part of the book would have been the epilogue, it set the whole theme. Black Annis is rejected by her own mother who refused to accept she had a daughter who was not immortal like she is. Then her mother could not have any more children so she kills her husband [...]

  • Valery

    Black Annis: Demon Hunter (Revenge of the Witch, #10 by Aubrey Law is a fast paced urban fantasy, paranormal story filled with witches, a touch of romance and a whole lot of revenge. The priesthood in LA is in cahoots with the Devil, and dark witches and evil are the norm. Black Annis, who has been gone for 400 years comes back to life,and takes over the form of Ashley, and this alone causes a world of confusion. Especially on the romantic front, it appears that Ashley was heavily involved with [...]

  • Lisa-marie King

    I did enjoy this book but have it a 2 Star because I think it was trying too hard to be diverse in an lgbt way. There was a lot of sexual references in this book. I am bi so I don’t have any problem with female female relationships at all obv. But talking about Sonja’s tits constantly started to grate on me. I understand it been there a few times, but on every page it gets a bit old. I hate giving this book a bad review because I did enjoy it. I just think there could have been less sexual r [...]

  • Iori

    I liked how everything sounded in the synopsis! It promised actions and revenge, my favorite kind of thing. And I bought it without reading the sample first, and I should have. Black Annis is dark, like really black of the night dark. Everything could have happened differently if the Main character would have been more prudent. And I find myself not liking her at all, I cannot empathize with her. Even though Annis has her reasons, she's still a psycho. I might avoid the works of Miss Aubrey if t [...]

  • Elena Núñez

    Aubrey Law made a great job by mixing all the fantastic characters in the book. This is a new fantasy world full of action and mystery as well as love and humor. Black Annis is an amazing character, I couldn't stop picturing this book as a live action film.

  • Natalie

    This was a freebie so not too disappointed. Its a bit of a mess, plot chucked on top of plot. It felt very patchwork and not much in terms of character growth.

  • Amelia James

    Very interesting!Very different like the concept of your characters. A dark witch escaping from a hellish existence is something I haven't read about. Nice

  • Carmen

    One character that I'd like to know more about is Sonja; since a person only gets a very vague outline of her in this novella, though it seems as if she has a lot to learn; I get the idea that she'd become a powerful ally if Black Annis let her. I got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Read å Black Annis: Demon Hunter : by Aubrey Law ↠
    403 Aubrey Law
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