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By Christopher Forrest | Comments: ( 901 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

Michael Crichton meets Dan Brown in this novel of the real secret code hidden in human DNA Nobel Prize winning geneticist Joshua Ambergris has made an astounding discovery that will shake the foundations of science He has discovered a coded text hidden in human DNA Before Ambergris can change the course of history by announcing his incredible discovery, he is brutallyMichael Crichton meets Dan Brown in this novel of the real secret code hidden in human DNA Nobel Prize winning geneticist Joshua Ambergris has made an astounding discovery that will shake the foundations of science He has discovered a coded text hidden in human DNA Before Ambergris can change the course of history by announcing his incredible discovery, he is brutally murdered in his office at Triad Genomics, an international biotech company Ambergris has left behind a labyrinthine series of clues that ultimately reveals the truth There is a message from a much earlier, sophisticated human civilization encoded in the human genome Who planted this code eons ago And why And can it be decoded before it s too late Ambergris s prot g , Christian Madison, and his assistant, Grace Nguyen, must follow the serpentine trail to uncover a global conspiracy of silence, secrecy, and murder that spans the breadth of human history A shadowy group known only as the Order guards the ancient secret enciphered in the mythologies and architecture of Earth s oldest civilizations and encoded into the very fabric of human DNA Ambergris s clues lead Madison and Nguyen through the mysteries of the Maya and ancient Egypt, the forgotten knowledge of Sumeria, and the enigmas of modern science Pursued at every turn by Ambergris s killers, Madison and Nguyen race to uncover the secrets of the Genesis Code before the Order can carry out the final, sinister step of a genocidal plan Driven by scientific fact and new interpretations of ancient writings, symbolism, and mythology culled from thousands of years of human history, The Genesis Code digs deeply into the questions of the real nature of the human DNA code.

  • Title: The Genesis Code
  • Author: Christopher Forrest
  • ISBN: 9780765316035
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Christopher Forrest

Christopher Forrest, best selling author, propels his readers through the fast paced, action filled adventures of the TITAN SIX special ops team.Christopher Forrest has lived on a sailboat, explored Mayan ruins in the jungles of Central America, been struck by lightning, free dived the barrier reefs off the coast of Belize, and solo hiked through the Everglades Hard at work on his next novel, Christopher lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife Amy and four chihuahuas who think they are people.

Comments The Genesis Code

  • Dan Makaon

    Okay, maybe I’m being picky, but would you knowingly name a main character after "whale vomit?" Well, that’s what Christopher Forrest does in his novel, The Genesis Code, not to be confused with the recent movie by that same name. One of the protagonists, a winner of the Nobel Prize in genetics, is Dr. Joshua Ambergris. Yes, look it up and you’ll find that ambergris is a digestive regurgitation of sperm whales. Yuck!Dr. Ambergris is targeted by a secret society bent on preventing him from [...]

  • Karen

    This books reads almost like a movie.It starts with a scene in the jungle where 2 kids break into a some hidden ancient burial ruins to see what type of pottery, etc. can be taken to sell off. There's darkness. Torches (their lights) flickering and being blown out. Mysterious eyes shining in the darkness. A chase. Screams. Blood.And cut to the modern day. The rest of the story has numbers, science, archeology, computers, myths, and murders. Seems like all the numbers, science, archeology, and pr [...]

  • Aziff

    After the success of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, I believe it was imperative for most other aspiring authors out there to jump the gun - Well, The Genesis Code was certainly a first-class case of it. At the reading of the blurb, I found the premise to be rather intriguing, having involving the idea of human genetics. But once I was quarter-way down and started seeing a trend in the narrative, I groaned and the rest of the ride was predictable if not disappointing. The premise for Genesis Code had [...]

  • Sarah

    The blurb on the back of the book was much more exciting than the actual book but that didn't even really bother me. It was too easy to figure out who the "bad guy" was. If you are not going to be exciting at least be intellectually challenging. He was also reaching too far on the plot, trying to mack connections where connections do not exist. AND repeating the same paragraphs of text over and over again is really annoying. It would be one thing if it was text from a letter that he was repeatin [...]

  • Michelle

    This book combined a broad selection of topics such as mapping the human genome; Mayan writings, calendars and prophecies; and ultra-secret societies into a truly entertaining story. There were quite a few characters and none were developed as fully as I might have liked, but they were good enough. The ending was also what one of my friends would call "gimicky" but I actually liked it. You really have to be impressed by the broad knowledge that the author has and his ability to weave them togeth [...]

  • Carla

    This book is about two scientists that get thrust into the middle of a conspiracy by a secret society to hide an ancient truth that one of their colleagues has discovered. The plot kept me engaged, but it lacked the "keep you guessing" element that I prefer. There were some twists that I didn't predict, but there was something missing. Overall not a bad book but not one of my favorites.

  • Mattias

    As with a lot of books I have read lately the premise is very interesting but the execution is somewhat flawed. The book gets a little bit too "talky" and not that thrilling. And I have to say that I am not too pleased with the ending. But it is worth a read and I think Mr Forrest can be interesting to follow in the future.

  • Brenda

    The dust cover preview made it sound much better than it was. I didn't finish it. I thought I was reading the Genesis Code that is being made into a movie, my mistake. I didn't like how female characters were portrayed. Someone should tell this author that books aren't written like that anymore. "Her robe fell open to reveal the curve of her breast." Why? Recommendation: Skip this one.

  • Eugene

    This was a fast read with a very complicated premise. Intelligent, ancient humans wrote a warning into our genetic code about the future destruction of the earth. I never quite suspended disbelief.

  • Merrilee

    Easy read. Interesting conceptde you think. The romance aspect was kind of cheesy. Lots of adventure.

  • Maik

    Man kann Bücher auch nach Rezept schreiben, man braucht hierzu nur die richtigen Zutaten: Denn diese liegen ja in den Auslagen der Buchhandlungen in Form der erfolgreichen Beststeller schon herum: Da kann man sich ja bedienen – und wenn man von allem das nimmt, was das breite Publikum wirklich interessiert – und das dann miteinander kombiniert, dann muss das Ergebnis doch ein Erfolg werden. Oder etwa nicht?Der amerikanische Jurist Christopher Forrest probiert es in seinem bei rororo erschie [...]

  • Graham

    Three and a half to be fair. Loved the premise, a code hidden in our DNA. I recently read Who Built the Moon in which measurements and distances cropped up far too many times to be coincidence. Same idea here but involving the microscopic world. Again, numbers from ancient histories around the world repeating far too often to be mere chance. Not sure how anyone without an open mind would react to this book but I enjoyed it.

  • Ben Campbell

    Thanks to the Genesis Code I'm now a significant part of my own DNA. Christopher Forrest's plot was just full of soft DNA. He could have staged multiple twists, used undiscovered numbers while spinning a top, splashing vomit on naked transvestites. But he didn't.The story was a spring-loaded-spring of spiraling, empty DNA. I need a beer, chips and salsa, oh, and a lobotomy.Two stars for effort.

  • Daniel Williams

    I really feel average. It was more about the case than a code. It had the stereotypical "Order" or "Society" protecting secrets. Though it had its exciting points, it seemed choppy and disjointed at times.

  • Suzanne

    Fairly entertaining, but not really original. There are parts of the story where I felt like the author had just finished the Da Vinci Code and wanted to write a more scientific version.My sister has epilepsy and I thought the scenes with Quiz and his impending seizures were just ridiculous.

  • Janny

    A hidden code written in human DNA is discovered by scientists. The code alerts them to the potential collapse and destruction of civilization, just as it has happened to past civilizations such as the Maya, Omec, Assyrian etc.

  • Tracie Sampson

    There has to be a new genre of Dan Brown-inspired books. Historical sci-fi maybe? Conspiracy theory fiction? This one is a DaVinci code copycat, but still a good read. Don't ever discover the secret to the human race or someone will definitely want to kill you. Ya think?

  • D.

    Just as everyone said, it was very predictable. It was a lousy read. I honestly had a hard time getting through the first few chapters.

  • Mary Ann

    Genesist discovery secret code in our DNA, & the Order is trying to stop the information getting out. Quick mystery read for vacation.

  • Arwen

    I'm sure there are many good novels out there inspired by the DaVinci Code.This is not one of them.I didn't finish it, I found it unoriginal and boring.

  • Aubrey

    A Tor book

  • Clara Dearmore Strom

    I liked this one. It was a fast paced biomedical, history thriller. It has something for everybody.

  • Amy

    fun fast read gentics, history, doomsday. great ending

  • Ray

    It's not real, but it's written so well, that you'll think that it IS real.

  • SFReader


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  • [PDF] Download è The Genesis Code | by ✓ Christopher Forrest
    433 Christopher Forrest
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