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Emily Albemarle is a Duke s daughter from one of England s most ancient and powerful families She knows what to expect when she comes of age buy her first Season s gowns from the finest dressmaker in Paris, make her Come Out and be married off to a gentleman with a title and a fortune to match her own Faced with a choice of suitors, she vows to marry the one who lovesEmily Albemarle is a Duke s daughter from one of England s most ancient and powerful families She knows what to expect when she comes of age buy her first Season s gowns from the finest dressmaker in Paris, make her Come Out and be married off to a gentleman with a title and a fortune to match her own Faced with a choice of suitors, she vows to marry the one who loves her the most But how is she to discover who truly loves her, and who only loves her money Step in James Marsden, the ton s most notorious flirt He has no title, no money, no property but he is an expert in matters of the heart It doesn t hurt that his experience comes with a devastating smile and eyes so blue, women have drowned in them Emily enlists James s help in eliminating the false suitors one by one, until she is left with a choice she never imagined facing Please her father by marrying into title and fortune or please herself by choosing the man she has fallen in love with How will Emily persuade her parents, Society, and the man she adores that, for once, it s time to let the lady decide

  • Title: Let the Lady Decide
  • Author: Gemma Blackwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Gemma Blackwood

Gemma Blackwood Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Let the Lady Decide book, this is one of the most wanted Gemma Blackwood author readers around the world.

Comments Let the Lady Decide

  • Amy

    I loved this book. I hated to see it end. It was a wonderful romance between Emily and James. A quick read and hard to put down. I have since downloaded the other two books in the series. I hope that Jacob's story will soon follow. This was my first Gemma Blackwood book which I was delighted to receive as an ARC.

  • Claudia Stone

    What happens when you enlist the skills of a notorious flirt in your quest to find a husband? A wonderful regency romance, that's what! Harry Marsden is one of my favourite characters from Gemma Blackwood; a rake, with a secret heart of gold. He's seriously swoon worthy, a flirt and a thrill seeker. When Emily Albemarle enlists his help to weed out the baddies from the list of men seeking her hand, what ensues is a delightful romp through Regency London, with a H and a h who begin to realise tha [...]

  • BP34

    This is book three in Redeeming The Rakes series and features Emily Albermarle, the daughter of a Duke. This was a well written, clean Regency romance. Since she has little experience with men, she enlists the help of her brother's friend James to help her sort through her six of six potential suitors chosen by her father. Of course James is not a candidate ashe has no land or title. The locations, homes and fashions were so well described and detailed that I felt like I was right there with Emi [...]

  • Carol Bisig

    This is a lovely story of a Duke,'s daughter, Lady Emily, her brother Jacob, and her Mother, and Father, who are well aware of being a Duke and Duchess! By her twenty first Birthday, they plan to have her married off, her father has chosen six men, she may decide out of those six. However, her brother is best friends with James Marsden, whose brother inherited a Dukedom, which would have made James, Lord James, somehow this gets left out of the book. I love Gemma Blackwood, however, her editors [...]

  • Kristin Davison

    3.5 stars I would like to thank the author for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Emily is given a choice of six gentlemen to choose from to marry by her father. She engages her brother's friend James Marsden to help her find the most suitable. This book can be read as a standalone or as part of the Redeeming the Rakes series. I have always enjoyed Blackwood's writing and I love that her work is so well researched. The plot is unique and I love that all of the stories in t [...]

  • Cheryl

    Emily’s father, the Duke, has made a list of 6 suitors for her to choose her groom. Emily enlists the help of James Marsden, a rakish friend of her brother, to look into their backgrounds. There follows his investigation and their meetings to discuss his findings. James is beginning to have feelings for Emily but knows her father will not allow him to marry Emily. Emily reciprocates those feelings but can anything come of it, knowing how her father feels about James and his family? There is an [...]

  • Charmaine Nouwen

    Great read,well written historical romance,loved it! thumbs up to the author!! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book!!! thanks!!

  • Lisa Geiger

    I was hooked from page one and couldn't rest til I knew the ending! Emily Albermarle, a Dukes daughter, enlists her brothers friend, James Marsden, to vet the six suitors approved by herfather as she begins her first season, just prior to coming of age. James did such a good job eliminating suitors that Emily had to continue the hunt on her own. A love match seemed out of the question but a change of heart made the impossible a real possibility.

  • Carolyn Wilson

    First let me say that I love all of Gemma Blackwood's books! This is no exception. It follows Lady Emily and her first season. Her father, the Duke, has chosen six possible suitors for her. She is allowed to choose which one she will marry. You will be surprised at her choice! As always, I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the next chapter!

  • merilie Gonzales

    I received this book free for an honest review. A very clean sweet romance. I like mystery and suspense with my romance so this is not necessarily in my wheelhouse. However, I think it's perfect for any audience who likes sweet reads.

  • Trisha

    A very good read. A few surprising twists and turns making this an interesting story. I will continue to follow Gemma Blackwood - Great Books!

  • HR-MovieLover

    The action took place in 1820. Hero James, brother of a new Duke, was w/o title or property. Some thoughthis flirting insincere. Duke's daughter Lady Emily had a math & science tutor, to satisfy her curiousmind, Her brother Jacob was good friends with James. Emily's father suggested 6 potential suitors. She asked James for feedback on good/ bad aspects ofthese men. She sought a good man, & hoped mensaw beyond her heiress status.This was an old-fashioned kisses only story of love graduall [...]

  • Lokdyer

    James Marsden, a penniless second son and the brother of the Duke of Westbourne, is known as reckless, dashing, fond of fun, not caring for responsibility, and willing to flirt with anyone in a skirt. Because of his actions, he has been banned from Almack’s by the Patronesses, one of them being the Duchess of Rawly. Then he meets Emily Albemarle, daughter of the Duke of Rawly, and sister of his good friend Jacob Albemarle. Emily and James make a deal that he will investigate the six suitors he [...]

  • Kelly Tyree

    I just loved Let the Lady Decide. Emily Albemarle is a Duke's daughter and from a wealthy family. She is out for her first season. Her father has selected six potential men for Emily to wed. Emily is new to dating so she enlists the help of James Marsden. James is Emily's brother's friend and a flirt. As James and Emily work together to cross each man off of the list, James realizes he has feelings for Emily. James knows he has no title and no land to offer Emily. He has always been against marr [...]

  • Peggy

    Let the Lady Decide is a sweet, heartwarming story. Our heroine is Lady Emily Albermarle, the Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rawly. Her father has presented her with a list of six potential suitors, one of which she will choose as her husband by the end of her first season. She enlists the help of our hero, Lord James Marsden, bother of the newly titled Duke of Westbourne, and her brother’s best friend, to help her narrow the field. As they spend more time together, they begin to have fee [...]

  • Lori

    What to do when faced with trying to choose a husband from the many available? Lady Emily Albermarle, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rawly, finds someone to help her decide. Surprisingly, she looks to a friend of her brother's, Lord James Marsden, brother of the newly titled Duke of Westbourne. James is to help Emily determine who is suitable and who is not from the selection of men vying for her attention. Emily wants to marry for love and is determined to find the right person. As James a [...]

  • Kasia Burlakoff

    It was the first book by Gemma Blackwood I have ever read, and it made want to read the first two books as soon as possible. It was very well written, fast paced with some twists and turns. The characters were well developed, especially lady Emily and James Marsden. At first I believed James to be shallow and flighty, but as I was discovering his personality along with Emily, I discover there was much more to it than met the eye. It was fun to read about James helping Emily find truth about her [...]

  • Michelle Ferreira

    I really enjoyed this novel by Gemma Blackwood. This is the first novel that I have read by this author, but it will not be my last. I received a ARC copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. Let the lady Decide is the a wonderful tale about the romance between Lady Emily who is the daughter of a duke (and is of marriageable age) and Mr. James Marsden who is the second son and younger brother of another Duke, who is a little bit of a reckless funloving flirt. Emily has been given six [...]

  • Teri Donaldson

    Gemma Blackwood has given us another delightful book with a sweet storyline. James is a Rake with no title, although he is the brother of a new Duke. He does have a charming smile and a huge heart. When he is enlisted to help his friend's sister narrow her pre-selected suitors to make a marriage match, the fun begins. He has unique ways of finding out about the men. Emily trusts him completely. She is sweet and smart and only wants to marry for love. Her father wants a match that is equal to his [...]

  • Margaret Watkins

    A well written Regency romance, Let the Lady Decide has attraction, romance and some suspense as James Marsden attempts to assist Lady Emily choose one of the six suitors her father has set before her. While it might appear that Lady Emily has a choice in the matter, her options are in fact very limited. She then has the misfortune of falling in love with the one man her parents vehemently disapprove of. This sweet romance is clean and well thought out, with a good flow of language making it a p [...]

  • Candy Briggs

    James Marsden is the brother of the Duke of Westbourne, and he is a rogue until he sees Emily. Lady Emily Albemarle is the daughter of the Duke of Rawley, she has come to town for her first season.This is a delightful story. There is humor, kindness and angry parents. The descriptions are amazing.The characters are authentic and have so much life. The plot has a few twists but the author has taken them and made them into an easy to read tale. It is so funny how her parents know how smart she is [...]

  • Nicole Normand

    Received a free copy from the author (and then I bought it); this is my honest review.Good story, pretty good editing too. Just a few errors here and there, nothing to distract you.There were funny moments, LOL too, all believable for the time (regency). Action, a bit of adventure, Miss Emily doesn't follow rules like she should. For poor James, the merry times are over.Loved the twist at the end. Most of it is predictable but oh, so enjoyable to read.Usually the author brings you the next coupl [...]

  • Danielle Carpenter

    I really enjoyed the play of this book. It goes to show that maybe you shouldn't try to point a woman in the right direction. You may just end up getting to really know her and fall in love. I liked how the author worked out the family finally accepting James as Emily's choice. The book is fun and an enjoyable read.

  • Debbie Scott

    GREAT REGENCY ROMANCE SERIESHaving read three of the books in this series, plus the companion novella, we are more than ready for the next. Each book has had a great storyline and unforgettable characters. Thank you so much for all the reading pleasure you have brought us, Danny and Debbie Scott.

  • Tam

    A sweet, clean, Regency read filled with witty banter, romance and a dash of suspense. The characters were likable and endearing, and the plot was interesting and engaging. *I received a complimentary ARC of this story in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

  • cheryl giles

    Classic , light romanceDelightful. Yes, it was a bit predictable, but with just enough quirks to make interesting, fun reading. This story is perfect for light, escapist (is that a word?) reading.

  • Richelle ⭐⭐

    I think this was my favorite one in this series! For all of the reputation of being a rake, James is good, kind hearted, and honorable. I absolutely LOVED him. CONTENT : Language, none. Violence, none. Romance, sweet and clean.

  • Patricia Schuette

    The third brotherJames the brother of Harry the Duke of Westbourne was a confirmed rake. He never wanted to marry. Then he met Hus friends sister the daughter if the Duke of Rawly. Her father has presented her with a list of six men and she must choose one of them to marry.

  • Sarah

    I received this book as an ARC. This was a great story and I really enjoyed the twist at the end. I liked how Emily was very smart and I liked that James appreciated that about her. I thought this was a great story!

  • Maria Claudia

    Clean but totally previsible. Perhaps I have read lots of Regency romances so it is hard to find something different

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Let the Lady Decide | by Á Gemma Blackwood
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