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By G. Bailey | Comments: ( 358 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

With Kaiden in the hospital and my pregnancy coming to an end earlier than it should, everything seems to be going wrong when we should be celebrating the safe arrival of our child Will I get my happy ending with my guys This is a Reverse harem serial 18

  • Title: Strip for Me: Part five (Reverse Harem Serial Book 5)
  • Author: G. Bailey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

G. Bailey

G.Bailey lives in rainy sometimes sunny England with her husband, two children, one slightly strange cat.When she isn t writing which is unusual , she can be found reading or eating chocolate.

Comments Strip for Me: Part five (Reverse Harem Serial Book 5)

  • Jennifer G

    Kaiden has been shot, he's seriously injured. Annie is hurt. Ellie has gone into labor too early. The club is on fire. Drew is responsible for everything being a mess. The last part of Strip For Me starts out with tensions high!This book is the perfect conclusion to Ellie's story. It's incredibly sweet. The guys have proven their love for Ellie. Now we get to witness their love for their daughter. I didn't think it was possible for them to get any sexier, but when they hold their daughter and ta [...]

  • Kayla

    What an amazing conclusion to an amazing serial!! We get to see Ellie have her baby and how her boys help ease her into motherhood. We watch Kaiden recover and how the boys help Ellie. All loose ends are tied up in this book. It has a HEA ending, which Ellie deserves. It was a fantastic serial. Don't let page counts fool you G. Bailey has kept me interested from page one of part 1Does it have to end?!

  • Taylor

    Well didnt Part 5 of this serial start with a bang!! HOLY MOLY!!!So after the end of part 4 we have some very serious situations going on. Ellie is in Labor, one of her guys is in hospital fighting for his life, her ex husband finally made his move and everyone's lives are in absolute chaos!I love that this installment literally just started with it right in the middle of the action! That being said, everything was wrapped up so so well in this book!! Ellie and her gorgeous baby are perfection, [...]

  • Sherry

    So clearly I don't feel the same about this serial as the others who've read it. All 5 parts are rated over 4 stars as I write this, and I struggled to give this 2 stars. In the final part of the serial Strip for Me: Part five, G. Bailey ties up some loose ends with regard to Drew and what happened at the club, plus paints a contented picture of the future in the epilogue. I personally didn’t find any satisfaction with the series as it lacked the depth of background and relationship building b [...]

  • Alexandria Taylor PA

    Wow! From the very beginning G. Bailey has you completely engrossed. This serial had a bittersweet effect on me. Though I loved the series, I am sad that it has to come to an end. With that being said, I loved the story. G. Bailey has a way of giving her stories a deeper meaning, as I think you will find in this book. I loved Ellie from the very beginning, but as the series progressed, she grew into one of my favorite main characters. She is loveable, and though she puts up with so much she is n [...]

  • Ashley Edhouse

    What can I say other than WOW?!This book picks up right where the fourth book left off, thank goodness we didn’t have to wait long to find out what happens after that major cliffhanger!!This final in the series ties everything together, and wow what a tie it was! Any final questions were answered and we got to see a happy ended between Ellie and her guys I am sad it’s over for these main characters because my gosh did I fall in love with them!!I would highly recommend this series if you like [...]

  • Courtney Brown

    I flew through these books! I have read them in two days. El's story was original. I love that the guys weren't your typical 9-5 billionaire playboys. No, they had a No Girls in the House rule for G's sake! And I LOOOOVE that it got broken! I also love that there was very little drama between El and the guys. A lot of the time in a romance, whether it be a RH or contemporary, there's always some drama where the man/men and woman split until they realize that they're meant for each other. I love [...]

  • Mel B.

    Satisfying conclusion I enjoyed this serial, and really loved Ellie and the gang. I'm glad how Bailey tied everything up, my only complaint was Liz. Considering what a b**ch and idiot she was I can't believe how it "ended" for her. She should have had nothing at the end. I know, I'm coldhearted, but there is no way she gets to just la-te-da prance off into the sunset with her baby and meet a new guy etc after everything she put/and did to Ellie. Ugh! It would have been a higher rating if Bailey [...]

  • KaylaBrunson

    This was a good ending to a great mini series. It picks up right where the last one left off. It ends with a conclusion of the last four books and everything is cleared up in this book.We find out that future of Kaiden and the baby. I loved the interactions between the guys and the baby. My heart was melting at every turn. I just couldn’t get enough. I’m so glad that Drew got the justice we deserved. I have been waiting on that for the longest! I’m glad this ended on an HEA but, I hate tha [...]

  • SJ

    I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review it *sigh* the last book in this series and what a humdinger of a series it is.Ellie is in labour and Kaiden is fighting for his life. This last part of the serial ties everything up. Romantic and emotional I loved this ending to a fabulous series.Well written with great characters all my previous questions have now been answered. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the spin off series G Bailey is a [...]

  • TipseyBookReviews

    Wow! This is the dramatic conclusion to Strip for Me. It was so amazing. Everything is wrapped up and we get to see how great the guys are with their daughter, and a brief glimpse into the future. Ellie, Kaiden, Todd, and Andre are so great together. I love how they talk and work everything out. Their is drama but not between them. What a great end to the series.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this story that I received from the author.

  • Nicole Martinez

    This was a great ending to an amazing series!!! The book continues on the after the small cliffhanger. This book was simply fantastic. The characters and the plot were innovative and original. This book has a HEA. I will definitely reread. I recommend to anyone who loves romance and wants to read this amazing RH serial.

  • Erin

    Is Kaiden okay?! What about the Mum and baby?! Is she to early to deliver the baby?! Will everything turn out right or will things never be the same?! Want to know what i do that you don't. Huh? Wellllll. Then just read part 5 of this fabulous serial written by the fabulous author G. Bailey. And YES i said fabulous twice, well 3 times now but it's just the TRUTH!!!!!!

  • Beth C.

    Sweet ending to a fantastic seriesAfter getting past the improper grammar and British slang, the book was a great finale to the series. It picked up from a crazy cliffhanger and was quite an emotional book. Thankfully, Ellie, Andre, Dominic, Kaiden and Todd got their HEA and a lot of closure. Very enjoyable series.

  • Aleah Knudson

    WowWhat an endDrew finally get what he deserves. At this point if you have read 1-4 you already are going to read part 5. To all of you readers that have not read any of them I suggest you definitely dig into this serial.

  • stephanie Meyer

    A great endingThis was the perfect ending I had hoped for.Great writing the story flowed like water, I love the time hop at the end and being able to see were they all are later in life. I can't wait to see how Jude's story come together.

  • Brittany VanLanen

    What a sweet ending!! This is part 5 of 5 in this serial. This has the feel good ending you are looking for after all the turmoil. I am jealous that Ellie has. It 1 but 5 amazing men in her life to take such great care of her and their kids. And Liz is a beeeech.

  • Amy Naylor

    This is the fifth & final installment in a serial. This book ties up all the loose ends. Ellie finally gets her HEA. I loved every book in this amazing serial!

  • Pamala Hunt

    PerfectPerfect ending! I really love hate cliffhangers, lucky I didn't have to wait too long for this book. I will recommend this 5 part serial. Cannot wait for the spin off.

  • Anna

    A nice ending for the story. A little rushed at times, but that's to be expected form a serial.Overall, I had a good time reading each part and am pleased with the way it all ended.

  • Laura Wolf

    Awesome ReadAwesome conclusion too a great reverse harem love story! Can't wait tho read Jude's story. Excitement & sexy Alpha Males what more can we ask for? Great Read!

  • Sanam

    I got bored with the series with book 2

  • Vanessa Vargas

    Great bookThis was a great and sweet ending to Strip for Me. I look forward to reading more from G. Bailey.

  • Amanda Cash

    Great ending!Part 5, the final part of the Strip For Me serial, does not disappoint. Kaiden's in the hospital recovering, Ellie won't share the baby's name until all the guys can hear at the same time, and the guys now have to figure out what to do since the club burned to the ground.Bailey wraps up this series with a bow and gives us a nice peek into their life a few years down the road in the Epilogue. Drew gets what he deserves and everyone finally sees him for the crazy he is.All in all, ano [...]

  • Tiffany Barrentine

    EnjoyedThis book seems really short and only seem to cover like 3 or 4 days in the story. The epilogue did make up for a lot of that though. The book does feel finished but I would have liked a little more.

  • A. May

    Why does it have to end :( picking up straight where it left off Ellie is in hospital in labor, Kaiden is surgery and Andre is saving Annie Leaving it with such an amazing ending, I wish is wasnt over :( G. Bailey has a great habit of leaving you wanting more and more and more! Every part gets you addicted, and leaves you wanting more! Ellie and her guys are so sweet and special! making you fall inlove with each character. must read series! cabt believe it's over :(

  • Grace

    Blew through this series. It was a fun and quick read. Editing wasn't done well, but was something I could overlook.Reverse Harem theme (One woman with multiple male partners), likeable MCs and a bit of drama (normal for this genre).I'd recommend the series for someone looking for a light read you don't have to think too much about with some erotic scenes.

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  • Free Read [Suspense Book] ☆ Strip for Me: Part five (Reverse Harem Serial Book 5) - by G. Bailey ↠
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