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Jenna Reid purchased the Stonehill Caf to prove to herself that her ex husband was wrongat she could make her dreams come true Three years later, all she has is a crumbling building, no social life, and her bruised pride.Pride is something Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Maguire lost long ago and isn t likely to find living in the alley behind the caf He just needs a liJenna Reid purchased the Stonehill Caf to prove to herself that her ex husband was wrongat she could make her dreams come true Three years later, all she has is a crumbling building, no social life, and her bruised pride.Pride is something Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Maguire lost long ago and isn t likely to find living in the alley behind the caf He just needs a little time to get on his feet In the interim, keeping an eye on the overworked caf owner gives him a sense of purpose He has no intentions of making his presence known until he hears the woman screaming late one night.He rushes into the caf , but instead of finding her in dire straits, he finds a broken pipe and Jenna soaking wet and holding a wrench With her last bit of hope fading, Jenna accepts Daniel s help to fix up her building, but it doesn t take long for them to start trying to fix each other.

  • Title: This Old Cafe
  • Author: Marci Boudreaux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Marci Boudreaux

As a teen, Marci Boudreaux skipped over young adult books and jumped right into the world of romance novels She s never left Marci lives with her husband, two kiddos, and their numerous pets She is a freelance writer appearing monthly in a variety of local magazines as well as a content editor Romance is her preferred reading and writing genre because nothing feels better than falling in love with someone new and her husband doesn t like when she does that in real life.

Comments This Old Cafe

  • Arlena

    Title: The Old CafeAuthor: Marci BoudreauxPublisher: M. B.Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FiveReview:"The Old Cafe" by Marci BoudreauxMy Thoughts.If you are looking for a heart warming story you have come to the right place for Jenna and Daniel's story will give it to you in one neat package. How these two come together is so very unique but this is just how some things are meant to happen and at such a good time with Jenna definitely needing help. I liked how this author gives the reader such a [...]

  • Marsha Spohn

    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfSometimes we have no choice but to start life all over again. Circumstances change, love dies, war takes a toll on the spirit and nothing works anymore. That’s when we either give up or dig in and rebuild. Jenna and Daniel are both facing rebuilding for different reasons. But in the end, friendship can build into something neither was expecting… and dreams can come true, when you work at them.This Old Cafe is a realistic look at two mature people who have faced li [...]

  • P.e. lolo

    Jenna Reid has purchased an old café and as much as she wants to make it work she knows it also needs repairs that she cannot afford. Trying to fix a leaky faucet that has been driving her crazy she now has made the leak into a flood. Enter Daniel Maguire who rushes in and shuts off the water and also fixes the leak. Taken back by his appearance, she finds out that he has been sleeping behind her dumpster at night. Daniel is actually a former Lt. Col. and was forced to leave the Army because of [...]

  • Book Lover

    Jenna Reid moved back to be close to her brother and start over after self-esteem sucking marriage dissolved. She buys a diner in desperate need of renovating which turns into a money pit that she can’t fund. Daniel Maguire grew up with an abusive father and left for the military the minute he turned 18. After 25 years, he is dishonorably discharged for fighting. He seeks out his uncle, goes to work for him at his construction business, gets into a fight and is asked to leave. (What he gets an [...]

  • Diane

    This Old Café by author Marci Boudreaux is a serious romance about second chances. Jenna feels as if she lost everything when her marriage to Peter ended. She not only lost her heart and a chance to have a baby, but she also lost all of her inheritance which she had invested into the restaurant with Peter. Now she is back in Stonehill and with the help of her brother Marcus, she is grabbing for a second chance. She is attempting to make a go of running her own café in an old building which nee [...]

  • Barbara Tobey

    Jenna and Daniel are both trying to rebuild their lives. I started the book when I went to bed. I finished the book before falling asleep several hours later. A little love, a little hate, lots of trust issues. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad. The publisher provided a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review.

  • Jennifer Hanson

    This Old Cafe is the final book in Marci's Stonehill Romance series, although it could be read as a standalone. I have only read book 1 in the series and this one (so far) and I had no trouble along and didn't feel like I was missing any part of the story. There are some overlapping characters but nothing that requires you to read the previous books in the series.This Old Cafe is a heartwarming love story that you won't soon forget.I really enjoyed Jenna and Daniel's story. Marci creates extreme [...]

  • Neetu

    A simple and sweet story !!!!I loved Jenna's character.The way both Daniel and Jenna tried to overcome their demons was so touching.How strongly opinions of people we love about us can impact and shape our personality , how deep those scars can run and how difficult it can be to let someone else in again is portrayed so realistically it makes us fall in love with both Jenna and Daniel.

  • Angelique

    This Old Cafe,tells the story about Jenna and Daniel.Jenna is about to start a new life with her new Cafe save money,she tries to repair plumbing/toilete pipes break. and there you are.Daniel comes too the resqueey form a bond to help each other outd this is the start off afriendship who turns slow in to something more.I liked that this was not all about romance.but the buildingyourself up.loved the realistic endingARC was Provided By Netgalley

  • Shelved

    I received this book from Netgalley. I enjoyed this book. It had a happily ever after type of ending. I liked that it was older characters with history and not "new adult" as most books tend to be these days. The characters evolved during the story which was nice. As nice as the main male character was, I'm not sure that I would even give a homeless person a chance-- she is a better person than I. ;) There were really no surprises in the book, but it was a nice easy read. I would definitely read [...]

  • Despina

    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for a honest review.I found this book to be a delightfully romantic book, lately I haven't been able to find a lot if old school romance in books but I was lucky enough to come across just that, in this book. This Old Café is the story of Jenna and Daniel two bruised by life people but not broken. I loved the interaction between these two characters, and I thought the author did a fantastic job of pulling me into the story with the depth of each cha [...]

  • Rhonda

    Heartwarming love story This is the first time I've read Marci Boudreaux but it certainly won't be the last. This book was unlike anything I've ever read before. Jenna and Daniel's first meet was really unique. I loved that while they were both real flawed characters somehow being together was helping them heal. I thought they and the supporting characters faced real life challenges. This is a stand alone novel but I liked the supporting characters so much I look forward to going back and readin [...]

  • Connie

    I requested this from Net Galley to read as I was intrigued by the book description and I have a soft spot for veterans. Probably because my uncle served & was wounded in Vietnam. Even though he wasn't a career military man and was only in service maybe a couple of years when he was given a medical discharge, I can see (in hindsight) how he must have been suffering from PTSD when he came home. I can clearly remember how he was withdrawn and his personality was different than it was before. L [...]

  • Myst

    Reminded me of Susan Stoker's Badge of Honor series in that Marci tackles a society stigma. Which I find rare for a author to tackle so beautifully. Loved the story. As soon as I finished it I signed up for the authors newsletter! Will definitely keep a eye out for future ones by this author.This is a voluntary review via netgalley I do not get paid for this review,

  • Carolyn's

    Trying to rebuild your life, your hopes and your dreams can sometimes feel impossible when everything seems to be crumbling around you. Jenna Reid has that tenfold in her struggling love life and her cafe- anything and everything that could go wrong definitely is for her. In the midst of the latest crisis- a major water pipe break- Daniel McGuire wades in to help Jenna. Daniel McGuire is a seemingly disgraced vet with anger issues that got him kicked out of the service, lost him construction job [...]

  • Paula

    I had not read many books by Marci Boudreaux before reading This Old Café (Stonehill Romance). Even though this is book five of the series, it read well as a stand-alone. Supporting characters were introduced with background information so that everything was clear. It did serve to encourage me to look up the other books so see whose stories went with which book. I now have four more books on my TBP the read list.I found this an engrossing story so that went it was too late to finish the book I [...]

  • Ty

    I’ve read every book of the Stonehill series and after every book, I say that book is my favorite. But I’m pretty sure the latest book in the series, This Old Café is truly my favorite. One of the reasons Marci Boudreaux is always on my To Read List, is because she manages to find a way to write characters that feel real. Which is one of the reasons I fell in love with Jenna and Daniel. They feel like people I could easily meet at my local café, so from the start I was rooting for them. Ro [...]

  • Romantic Reads and Such

    I have to say this is one of the sweetest stories I’ve read in a while.  The best thing is that it is just as much about believing in yourself and finding your way as it is about the romance.  Both Jenna and Daniel have issues that they need to address before they can truly move forward.  Jenna has lost her confidence after a bad relationship and Daniel has some trouble controlling his reactions thanks to his childhood.  Both things are keeping them from embracing their potential, but toge [...]

  • Isis Ray-sisco

    This Old Cafe is a wonderful contemporary second chance romance. Daniel and Jenna both find themselves down on their luck. Daniel has issues after his career was ruined. He ends up homeless due to a chain of events that happened after he got discharged from the military. Jenna is struggling to keep her cafe and her dream going. She doesn't have the finances to keep her doors open for much longer. They are brought together and they may just be what the other needs. Can the two of them get over th [...]

  • Susan Foulkes

    Jenna and Daniel meet when a burst pipe in her diner kitchen brings them together. He is homeless and living in the alley behind her diner, she is struggling to get her diner repaired and into profit.What follows is a bittersweet love story as they both learn to conquer their demons, and begin to trust again.Jenna sees something in Daniel that many don't, she sees beyond his anger issues. Daniel recognises her lack of confidence and wants, no needs, to do something about it.Their relationship ha [...]

  • Negar Arvanaghi

    The guy told her she had to lose twenty pounds, and she still married him? So the poor man really is homeless? And a veteran?! Wait, his uncle lives in the same town, yet he is homeless and eating out of dumpsters? Bastard! It sounds like everything he did that was "dangerous" was done to help people. How lovely that they are helping each other. Not just physically, with her providing him with food and shelter while he does manual labor for her. But emotionally as well. They both had such low se [...]

  • Amanda Menninga

    First of all I would like to say I am still so very upset about Annies tragic story in The Forgotten Path, Book 3. As with all of the Stonehill romances this could be read as a book by itself or with the remaining series. This last book brings to you Jenna's story. She has been a background character in the other books in the series as she owns the cafe that they frequent. Jenna is struggling after her divorce to find her self worth. She has purchased the cafe with the help of her brother and is [...]

  • Diana

    This Old Café by Marci Boudreaux is an awesome sweet romance read. I love Jenna’s and Daniel’s story. I first thought this was going to be another typical sweet romance story, it is, but there is so much more. I really love how the author built their characters and made them seem real. Both Jenna and Daniel had issues they needed to deal with and the story did a great job with a twist I didn’t see coming. This was a fun story to read. I enjoyed every minute of of this story. This is the f [...]

  • Mommysmoose

    What a beautiful ending to a great series. But, even though this is the last book of the series it can be read as a standalone. Marci creates such beautiful characters you can't help falling in love with them. Daniel is a vet suffering from PTSD who calls an alley behind a Cafe home. Jenna is struggling to hold onto her cafe. With bad electrical and plumbing plus numerous other improvements that she wants to make she's in way over her head. One night after fighting with a leaky pipe, her handyma [...]

  • Valerie

    I loved this story. Marci Boudreaux delivered a heartwarming story of two people traveling through life and just trying to cope with what their lives had become. This book is an emotional rollercoaster that showcases the journey of two people, how life has stolen their hopes, dreams and pride and left them brokenhearted, but still pushing forward and looking ahead at what life could offer next. I enjoyed reading about their journey. I felt the author did a marvelous job with character developmen [...]

  • Elissa

    What looks on the surface to be a sweet, lighthearted romance is actually a novel dealing with a number of fairly deep issues including abuse, both physical and mental, PTSD, homelessness, and trust. Solutions are hard-fought and not lightly brushed aside and you may even learn a little something about plumbing. Until I started my review and looked again at the title, I hadn't realized that this was book 5 in a series although I can see how certain other relationships mentioned in this story ha [...]

  • Cyrene Olson

    Uncaged Review: This Old Café was a refreshing look at second chance small town romance. The characters were believable and not over the top. There were points in the book that made me want to cry and parts that made me laugh. I gave the book four stars only because it was hard to connect with the characters in the beginning. I felt that there wasn’t enough description of Daniel and Jenna to connect. The book also ended abruptly, jolting me and making me yearn for a better conclusion. Still t [...]

  • Jacki

    This is my first book by Marci Boudreaux.What I liked:The writing style The characters Part of a series: Stonehill Romance Standalone HEA I look forward to reading more from this author.I voluntarily received an ARC from NetGalley.

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  • Caroline

    I enjoyed this feel good book. The characters were engaging and I felt I could connect with them. Highly recommended to anyone wanting an easy to read, hard to put down book.

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