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By Sarah Lyons Fleming | Comments: ( 953 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

This novella contains major spoilers from the novel UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD It s suggested you read the novel before you read SO LONG, LOLLIPOPS Unless you re someone who likes to read the last page of a book first Peter watched his new family drive away, certain it would be the last time he d ever see them But sometimes plans go awry in the best way Now, the planThis novella contains major spoilers from the novel UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD It s suggested you read the novel before you read SO LONG, LOLLIPOPS Unless you re someone who likes to read the last page of a book first Peter watched his new family drive away, certain it would be the last time he d ever see them But sometimes plans go awry in the best way Now, the plan is to get back to them But sometimes plans go awry in the worst way Sometimes the only plan is to believe it will be all right, even when it s almost impossible to believe.

  • Title: So Long, Lollipops: Book 1.5, an Until the End of the World Novella
  • Author: Sarah Lyons Fleming
  • ISBN: 9781974404100
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sarah Lyons Fleming

I m a Laura Ingalls devotee, wannabe prepper and lover of anything pre apocalyptic, apocalyptic and post apocalyptic or anything in between Add in some humor and romance, and I m in heaven.Besides an unhealthy obsession with home canned food and Bug Out Bag equipment, I love books, making artsy stuff and laughing my arse off Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I now live in Oregon with my family and, in my opinion, not nearly enough supplies for the zombie apocalypse But I m working on it.

Comments So Long, Lollipops: Book 1.5, an Until the End of the World Novella

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I really need to warn anyone planning to read the first book in the series, Until the End of the World, to stop reading this review now. I cannot talk about this novella without spoiling the first book. It just cannot be done. This review could ruin one of the best moments in the first novel. You have been warned.I enjoyed this novella quite a bit. I usually listen to audiobooks at work and only rarely listen to much at home. I decid [...]

  • Ian

    Standing on a dumpster and surrounded by zombies, Peter watched the people who had become his family drive away. He laid down his life so they could live. Then just when he was about to use his last bullet and end it all, a window opens and a ladder appears. At 70 pages, So Long, Lollipops is a fairly short novella taking up Peter's story from when his new family drove away until they are reunited. I'm a bit ambivalent about the whole zombie genreere are things I love and things that really bug [...]

  • Jason Parent

    This novella was free as an audiobook on Audible, and even though it warned me that I should read the first story in the series first, I went ahead and picked it up and felt it worked perfectly fine as its own story. In the vein of The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, though with a more positive outlook on humanity and its perseverance, So Long, Lollipops follows Peter's journey to reunite with his zombie apocalypse family after selflessly attempting to sacrifice himself to save said family. His [...]

  • Ambs ❤❤

    Nice quick read. Story was written just as well as Until the End of the World. Sarah Lyons Fleming expanded on the already introduced Peter and made him more personable - something we didn't really see before because he was a secondary character (in my reference, we didn't get to hear things from his point of view). We also feel connected to some of the people he meets along the way. This would be easy enough as a stand alone story, and was a great accompaniment to the series. Check it out if yo [...]

  • Lisa-Books Smiles

    Oh my goodness, this series is amazing. I adore all the characters and friendships! I have a terrible habit of starting series, which I will read until the end of the second book, but for some reason I never complete a series. However, this will be a series that I will finish, and I already have the next book started. Please don't hate me for saying this but I'm not liking the current season, of the tv series The Walking Dead; I believe it's due to all the violence this yearyway, I still crave g [...]

  • Wanda Hartzenberg

    Peter is such a nice guy. I have a bit of a book crush on him.This is well written, I love the title and the meaning of the same explained in the book.I have not read or listened the series but guess what? I sure will invest in copies now. This is such a cool story with such an easy voice from the writer and the narrator rocked this.WaAr

  • Jean

    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!!  Loved this short novella more than the 1st book!! But I really loved the first book too!I will not say too much as there will be spoilers if you read anything about this book before reading Until the End of the World.  This book is about a certain someone and the trek made to make it to Kingdom Come Farm.  Wow, just wow!  I have a whole new perspective of this person, whom I wasn't really liking in the first book, but facing the end of the world sure can change a pe [...]

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson

    DO NOT READ MY REVIEW IF YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK, UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! You have been warned!!*****If you have read the first book you know that Peter dies. Well his family thought he died but in all reality he was saved. I guess you can say it was a Dumpster Glenn move (The Walking Dead). But Peter’s saving was a bit more realistic. Like for real. Don't get me started on Glenn's resurrection moment. At the end of book one Peter makes it back to his family and it is a wonderful reunion [...]

  • J.S.

    Don't even look at the book description if you haven't read book #1 yet! This is a follow-up to Until the End of the World with a little more backstory. Just as good as the first one, but much shorter.

  • Kylie

    This tells Peter's story, and should not be read until you have read the first book.Peter was a selfish, spoilt brat. A very well written, unlikable character, and you feel exactly the same for him as Cassie does. But even the least likely people have moments of redemption.(view spoiler)[ In book one, Peter shows that he can be strong for others, when he does his Dickens moment (It is a far, far better thing) and sacrifices himself so that the others might live. We of course learn at the end of [...]

  • Stormy Grant

    Loved this book! I just LOVED it! I am sitting here still suffering from Until the End of the World hangover, so when I saw there was a tie-in Novella to sate my unquenchable thirst for the next book in the series, I happily downloaded it! I would NOT read this book until you read Until The End of the World first though! This book was just what the readers needed I think to get a glimpse of Peter and really why he is the way that he was! It's funny how he was one of my LEAST favorite characters [...]

  • Maribel Zamora

    So Long, LollipopsI have to say the last couple of chapters in Until the End of the World and this nice little novella have been some of my favorites.How can you wish someone DEAD, then have your heart drop to your stomach when it looks like you're getting your wish, but not when you wanted it or would have minded. No it had to be when there was no trace of a spoiled rich kid, but a man that would sacrifice himself for his new family. When he'd redeemed himself from past mistakes. In book one a [...]

  • Andrew Obrigewitsch

    I went into this book having no idea what it was about. And the last thing I expected was a Zombie story, I got the audiobook for free and was leaning more towards a coming of age story or something like that in what I thought I would get. Now Zombie apocalypse is a genre I actually dislike, however this book was one of the best I've read in that genre so I had to give it 3 stars, which means I enjoyed it.

  • Brenda Fryland

    great short to tide me over until book 2 is released! cant say much without spoiling the author stayed true to the character and filled in holes that didn't need to be filled to enjoy the first book but certainly adds to the total story. as with until the end of the world there are developed characters and full storylines in addition to zombies and tolerable gore.

  • T.W. Brown

    This is a very enjoyable and well written zombie apoc novel. It does not go crazy with zombies ripping people apart on every other page. it is about the people. It is loaded with developing characters. As a preview to the series, it was certainly good enough to encourage me to pick up more work by this author. I suggest giving it a shot.

  • Sarah

    I really enjoyed this behind the scene book on Peter and what happened to Peter after his "family" left him. I am glad that he made it to meet back up with his family. Do read book 1 before reading this book.

  • Autumn

    I really liked this book more than I thought I would. The characters were all well written. I found myself on the edge of my seat several times during this read. I will look for more books in this series.

  • Kelly

    Yes, another zombie book series I can get on board with. This was a nice preview to the series.

  • Laura

    a great fix for those that loved "until the end of the world"

  • Bob Platypire

    This book was a great short read. I liked how Peter had to actually think things through, and that not everything was just perfect for him. I loved the characters he met along his way, and was cheering for him by the end. I have a feeling, from his own inner thoughts and the preview at the end, that he has gone through some major character development, and I’m pretty excited to see that happening! Which means yes, I will be continuing on in yet ANOTHER series. I should really just start sendin [...]

  • Jasmyn LaFreniere

    ExcellentUrged on by the amazingness of the first book, I bought this — Peter’s tale — and was not disappointed. This author has a knack for investing her characters with very human flaws, hopes, mistakes, and needs. I’m extremely glad I started reading her work, and I suggest you try it, too.

  • Ian Seal

    So goodLoved this short story. It was so good to read about Peter. This is my 2nd read through the entire series & I rarely do reviews, but I want everyone to know how great it is. Keep reading. Each book is better than the last. I don't know how the author does it, because each book is amazing.

  • Ben Marcher

    Actually not bad! I expected very little, but I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from some incredibly corny dialogue, there definitely seems to be something here. I might be more inclined to speak highly of this if I had read some of the other books in this series.

  • Teresa R.Fieck

    I Love this Series!!In this short Novella we get to see what happens to Peter and what he goes through to get to friends.I can’t get enough of Ms Fleming books .I would give this series 10 star ⭐️ if I could.

  • Essence Northern

    Time well spentYou can tell that the relationship between Peter and Cassie is beyond strong because only a man in love would try to travel across town during what seems like a zombie apocalypse. Kind of reminds me of the Walking Dead.

  • Valerie Roller

    This will make no sense unless you read Until the End of the World. It’s a novella about Peter’s journey from the moment he thought he was going to die for his friends to the moment he was reunited with them. Fun add-on to the series!

  • Lucille Bransfield

    I love this series so much! Sarah Lyons Fleming has done it again. Made me tear up, and laugh out loud. I love Peter and loved getting to know him a bit more. I sure hope we meet up with Rich, Chuck, and Nat again!

  • Red

    This story (novella) takes place at the same time as a part of the first book in Until the End of the World from a different person's view. I won't say who but I will say, that knowing where this novella was going, I STILL bawled my eyes out. Can't wait to read book 2.

  • Kevin

    A short side tale on how Peter got his groove back. We last leave him in an unfortunate, and likely to end badly, situation. We know where he goes at the end, but as always it's about the journey rather than the destination itself. A very satisfying piece of backstory.

  • Maria Elmvang

    I liked this further insight into Peter's psyche after seeing him turn from annoying douche-bag to general good-guy in "Until the End of the World".

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