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By Gordon Gravley | Comments: ( 711 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

This is the story of two cowboys, Billy Colter and Thomas Andrew Benton, out of work in the rapidly changing world of the early 1900 s They find jobs in Arizona with a renegade group of silent film makers, and are soon lured to a land of great enchantment and seduction Hollywood It is a story of truth, fiction, and disillusionment, woven of humor, romance, and tragedy.

  • Title: The Quieting West
  • Author: Gordon Gravley
  • ISBN: 9781546602170
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Gordon Gravley

Gordon Gravley has been making up stories all his life As a child, they would take the shape of rudimentary comic books, and Super 8 movies As he was drawn to stage acting in high school his stories became one act plays, and then feature length screenplays none of which ever saw the light of the big screen.It wasn t until his thirties that he finally decided to take the plunge, and like a real writer he made his stories into, wellories And just like a real writer, his efforts garnished multiple rejection letters Twenty years later, those efforts would culminate into his first self published novel, Gospel for the Damned.Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Gordon moved around California Colorado Alaska Northern Arizona before eventually settling in Seattle, Washington Having called the Northwest his home since 1998, he doesn t expect to be moving elsewhere anytime soon There, he continues to make up stories, write novels, and lives with his wife and their son.

Comments The Quieting West

  • Ben

    Please note that I received a free copy of "The Quieting West" to read and review through .What a wonderful novel is "The Quieting West". From the moment I cracked the first pages until the Epilogue, I was completely caught within the story of Billy Colter, the working cowboy who became a movie star.Mr. Gravely, who is, as far as I know, a first time author, wrote a book full of memorable characters who lived at the end of one era, the frontier West, and then began another, the Movies.At the beg [...]

  • Laura Reading

    When you think of cowboys and ranch hands, poetry is probably not among the first traits that come to mind. Images of six guns and roping cattle and dusty ten gallon hats are more likely to dance in front of you. In this amazing book you get all that and more.The prologue is written by Billy Colter, the great grandson of the protagonist of this tale. Each chapter is headed with a snippet of a poem from William's mentor sidekick, the infamous lawman Thomas Andrew Benton. If you are not yet a fan [...]

  • Sage Adderley-Knox

    What a fascinating story! Upon finishing this novel, I was left with a great feeling knowing I had read a solid and well-written story. The Quieting West has an enticing opening that leads readers into the historical west - hard working men on ranches. Quickly, it evolves into two main characters, Thomas and Billy, who travel deeper west to California. This is where the plot truly hooked me. I felt Billy came into his own and began standing out apart from Thomas who had since been a lead role. S [...]

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  • Best Download [Gordon Gravley] Ä The Quieting West || [Children's Book] PDF ↠
    251 Gordon Gravley
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