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Three guys are so much better than just twoThey call her the hospital heiress All that means to us is that we hold her by the hair as she screams yes And trust me, when the three of us take her, she will do nothing but scream yes I mean, three giant alpha males Three pairs of hands Three pairs of lips Three c cks inside of her Shooting her up to paradise How canThree guys are so much better than just twoThey call her the hospital heiress All that means to us is that we hold her by the hair as she screams yes And trust me, when the three of us take her, she will do nothing but scream yes I mean, three giant alpha males Three pairs of hands Three pairs of lips Three c cks inside of her Shooting her up to paradise How can she scream anything but yes Is there a story in all this messy fun There s a great story about love and betrayal Jealousy and lust All capped with a HEA that will have you sighing But darlin , I m telling you now You re going to need a lot ofeaks If you know what I mean And if after you finish, your actions lend you to getting pregnant We want you to name the girl Abby.

  • Title: Harem: An MFMM Romance
  • Author: Abby Angel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Abby Angel

Abby Angel Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Harem: An MFMM Romance book, this is one of the most wanted Abby Angel author readers around the world.

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  • Sonia Perez

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. OMG If you are looking for your next steamy super hot burn up the pages read that also has some suspense/mystery/betrayal then look no further than Harem by Abby Angel. You will be sucked in from the start and not able to put down. Three hot alpha male surgeons David, Julian, and Stefan find Elodie in a club where she decided to unwind forget about her problems. They all share a intense night of passion and c [...]

  • Patti Ashley

    Be warnedThe scenes are very graphic and made me personally a little squeamish. Not for me. The characters were very well done, the opposite of the sex scenes.

  • Heather Miller

    I did receive a free ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. In this book we have David, who is a top neurosurgeon. Stefan, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon. Julian, is a plastic surgeon. All three of the guys are medical partners who run a billion dollar private medical practice, working together all over the world with their specialties. The guys don't always get the same girl in bed together, but they have shared the same woman between the three of them. Elodie Winters is 27 yr [...]

  • Lynne Cuda

    This book is highly entertaining. It has one lovely heiress (Elodie) who is now starting a job as hospital administrator for her adoptive father's flagship hospital. But she needs to relieve some stress so she goes to an exclusive, private, secret sex club to hookup. And hookup she does with 3 very hot, gorgeous GQ cover-worthy surgeon friends (David, Stefan, Julian) who share her for a lively foursome. Every one was well satisfied and the scene was sexily (is that even a word?) described!). The [...]

  • Daria

    Sometimes the best stress relief is to get your freak on, what better way for anyone one in a high power position to just let it all go for an hour or two. Harem by Abby Angel a new to me author that I volunteered to read and review for. You have a set life that you’ve worked hard to obtain Admin to a very prestigious well known hospital, a triple threat surgeons that are beyond good at what they do. Each of them needing some serious destressing. It was easy to walk away after a few hours to t [...]

  • MJM

    This book surrounds Elodie's arrival in town ready to start her new position at her adoptive father's main hospital where she is to be the new administrator. She feels rather stressed so she goes to an exclusive, and secret, sex club where she encounters three very HOT men who just happen to be friends and surgeons at the hospital called David, Stefan, Julian. They have an unbelievable night together and they do their very best to try and make it difficult for her to walk for days. WARNING: you [...]

  • Maura Pritchard

    This might be my favorite Abby Angel book, well until the next one!I received an Advance Reader Copy from Booksprout of this book for my honest review. But I bought it because I love all the “Angel” books. Who wouldn’t want the undivided attention of your man and Elodie has three! She’s a Sultana of her Harem. WOW, I think that Abby Angel might have written their hottest book yet! This book is three times the hotness, extra extra extra steamy and risqué story. Be prepared this has some [...]

  • Leirmarx

    Argh! I'm sorry for those who love this book but I didn't enjoy it. I cringed half the time. I think I have some type of standard with the main characters specially the men. and these men aren't it. In this book the men are douchebags . They don't have respect for women. They think on the superlative about themselves which is a turn off right off the bat. I don't mind a bit of literary porn so long as it was written well, have a good storyline and great character development. Unfortunately this [...]

  • SBee Reviews

    Review Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars. A harem we wil go…I received an Advance Reader Copy for Harem written by Abby Angel and voluntarily reviewed this book. Elodie Winters is poised to run one of the most prominent and renowned hospitals, the Havenfield General Hospital as a hospital administrator. She was raised by Al Jefferson, her adoptive father who was still recovering from a recent car accident and who owns a hospital firm. Only he was hellbent on suing the surgeons responsible for his sur [...]

  • Linda

    Holy Hot Harem!!! Holy Hotness! If you’re looking for an awesome reverse harem, Abby Angel delivers one of the best I’ve read. If there was ever a “one-click” worthy read, Harem is it! Once I started reading, I was unable to stop. I just kept turning page after page until there were no more pages. I highly recommend you grab a copy of “Harem” to add to your own library, you will NOT be disappointedSurgeons David, Julian & Stefan are three hot alpha males who meet Elodie at the mo [...]

  • Linda

    Abby has certainly written an incredible erotic romance. Not only is the book intensely sexual there is also a well-written love story. Once I began reading this book I couldn't put it down till the last page was read. “Harem” is the story of Elodie the new administrator of a hospital and the three gorgeous, talented surgeons (Julian, Stefan and David) who work together at the hospital. The group meet up at a private club to relax and end up spending hours in sexual bliss. It is not until th [...]

  • Julianne Macneil

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. This is the story of Elodie, a young woman who is set to run a hospital for her adoptive father Al. When Al is involved in a car accident, he is operated on by three surgeons, David, Julian, and Stefan, who run a successful practice. When there are complications from the surgery, Al decides to sue the men. Elodie decides she needs to relax so she goes to an exclusive club where she meets the three men and the [...]

  • Caroline Doig

    This is the 1st book I’ve read and reviewed for Abby Angel and I must say it has the wow factor. Elodie goes to a private club when she walks in 3 guys take notice of her and they go up to Elodie and ask her if she wants to go up to one of the private rooms and Elodie says yeah why not. After a night of full on hot sex Elodie goes back to the hospital and finds out that the 3 guys David, Stefan and Julian are doctors at the hospital. Elodie’s stepfather is suing those 3 doctors for malpracti [...]

  • Raecharmed

    Elodie has come to run one of her adoptive father's hospital and he is said hospital recovering from an injury. Upon her arrival he informs her that he wants to sue the surgeons that worked on him she agrees to look into it. She received an exclusive invite to a club that is known for discretion and decides to go let off some steam there. She meets three gorgeous men and they all end up in a private area to have sex. Unknown to them they're filmed. What none of them knew either was Elodie was ru [...]

  • Terry Sasada

    I recieved a free copy of this book from bookfunnel for my honest review. True to the title it is in fact a harem, but this book is more then the title. This book is super hot and sexy with Elodie discovering that the three new men she discovered at the exclusive club are going to be more then a one night of stress relief. After one night everything in her life and the lives of her new men, Stefan, David and Julian, are about to be turned upside down. These wonderful sexy highly respected doctor [...]

  • Laura Wolf

    okay so this book was a good story. but what are the chances of finding three guys with 12in penis's the thickness of coke cans. I mean really? and I have a few questions for the authors. several instances this woman has had anal sex with these guys and next thing you know the guy s sticking his penis in her mouth. WTF? Can we say gross! and she has sex with Stefan one-on-one and he sprays her repeatedly from Head to Toes in semen and nobody goes and gets cleaned up & they just curl up and l [...]

  • April Symes

    I found this to be a very hot and enticing read about a young woman and three hot guys. The guys are alpha doctors and the younger woman is going to be taking over as the hospital administrator in one of her adoptive father's hospitals. Thing is on a night out, she meets these sensual and sexy trio of doctors at an exclusive club in town. Oh there is a lot going on and they definitely have some things to overcome in order to make it work. I don’t want to give too much away (spoilers) so you de [...]

  • Jasmine

    This book is HOT and so naughty!!! Elodie is about to take a position at her adoptive father's hospital, but once he has an "accident", things start to turn for the worst. Needing a release, she goes to an exclusive club where she meets Stefan, David, and Julian. None of them know they are being filmed until it is too late. Once they know, they can't stop seeing each other and quickly fall in love. The truth comes out in the end about her adoptive father and all of his flaws are exposed at trial [...]

  • Sharon

    Another sexy read from Abby Angel. This is one author who constantly delivers some steamy scenes with characters you can love or hate whatever the case may be and let’s face it, what woman would not want the undivided attention of three alpha hot males! Elodie is on the brink of finally getting her dream job as the director of a hospital system. However, with all of that pressure, she obviously needs to find some release. As luck would have it, she receives an invitation to an elite adult club [...]

  • Laila Petersen

    Hot read. Steamy and enjoyable. Very well written taboo themed story with great storyline and plot. The characters are well described and develops nicely. They are likeable and I had a great time reading this story. A story with twists that only makes it better and more captivating. A book with lots of chemistry, lust, betrayal, jealousy, emotional ups and downs and passion. Their relationship is fast paced.It is written in multiple POV which gives the reader much more of the thoughts and feelin [...]

  • Monica Randau

    A very captivating 5+ star read from Abby Angel. This book will pull you in from the beginning and hold you till the very end. When Elodie, a young hospital administrator takes over the head of one of her adoptive father's hospitals, she meets not one, not two, but three sexy as sin surgeons at an exclusive club in town. Unbeknownst to her at the time, these very hot seductive surgeons are being sued by her father for malpractice for a botched surgery. This erotic MFMM tale will take you on a ro [...]

  • Heidy

    Elodie needs to relax and needs a release. She finds herself at an exclusive club. She decides she wants to play with not one, not two, but three men at the same time. They all three have the time of their lives. They think it is a one time thing. Little does Elodie know, these three men are being sued by the person she looks to as a father figure. They cannot seem to keep their hands to themselves. Will this lawsuit be the end to them all? If you want to be hot, wet and turned on for the entire [...]

  • Christina Rybka

    Elodie Winters is a strong woman who on her way to becoming a hospital administrator for a top notch Havenfield General Hospital. Her adopted father Al Jefferson gets into an accident and says there was malpractice on the surgeons who took care of him. Elodie needs a stress relief so she goes to a secret club Coeur De La Nuit where she meets 3 amazing men Stefan, David, and Julian who are sexy alphas and has amazing sex. The next day a sex tape is released and that is when they find out Elodie i [...]

  • Meghann Alford

    Woo another truly sexy and smutty read from Abby Angel. These four know what they want and, despite the scandal, are determined to go and get it! I really loved this book and had a really fun time reading it! Super hot read that will leave you begging for more! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.Hero, David, Julian and Stefan = 5/5Heroine, Elodie = 5/5Chemistry = 5/5Sex = 5/5Plot = 3/5Mystery = 2/5Action =  1/5Darkness = 2/5Humor = 1/5POV = all fourWould I recommend this boo [...]

  • Esther Alayeto

    A good reverse harem story that is very hot and steamy. Elodie is in town to run her father's hospital while he's recovering from an accident. She meets three gorgeous men in a club and they go to a private area to have sex. Unbeknownst to Elodie, not only are they video taped but David, Julian, and Stefan are doctors in the hospital she's running and her father wants to sue them!! A tangled web indeed but lots of fun to untangle!I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntar [...]

  • Co

    This was a really good book. The story line was easy to follow along to. I had to read it all in one sitting just to see what was going to happen. Poor Elodie is trying to take over her "adoptive" father Al's hosptial business. Al has a accident but things are not how they appear. He's suing the three alpha male doctors. Who end up meeting Elodie one night while all 4 of them were out trying to relief some stress. This book had plenty of twist and turns you would not see coming. You need to read [...]

  • 💋Meme Chanell Book Corner💋

    I voluntarily received an arc copy through Booksprout for my honest review.Elodie loved the name a hospital administrator the head honcho. I think she has finally met her matches three headstrong men all doctors that own a practice and are not hurting for money or female company. But Elodie has their attention what a lucky girl. This story is sexy with three males and one female. They are all about putting her needs first. Every time I think Abby Angels books can't get any hotter she surprises m [...]

  • Princess J. Antoinette

    Book Abandoned! Okay so last night I started on this book. OMG is sucks and I'm only 4% in. This book reads like I'm looking at a bad porno movie. Not only that, can you believe it's 1385 pages long, like really? Okay so it's smut but I've read some books of smut with a better story line and more realistic. I've abandoned this book but damnit I paid $.99 for it but I will just cut my losses and be done with it. Since it sits in my Kindle maybe just maybe I will read it if I'm extremely bored and [...]

  • Pam

    A hot sultry foursome. Is it over the top? Of course it is but we can all dream can't we. With all the nonsense going on in her life Elodie turns to orgasm relief, one way to block everything out I guess and help you sleep when you are stressed. At least the men in her life are being proactive but she is just hiding away waiting for them to visit to "help her out". Add in an evil stepfather who is suing said men and you have a story line well worth the read with twists and turns you won't be exp [...]

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    428 Abby Angel
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