[PDF] Download ✓ Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Prince | by ✓ Darlene A. Cypser

By Darlene A. Cypser | Comments: ( 937 ) | Date: ( Jul 10, 2020 )

A woman comes to Sherlock Holmes with a very delicate matter, a secret that she has carried for many years about a man she called the Dark Prince.

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Prince
  • Author: Darlene A. Cypser
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Darlene A. Cypser

Darlene Cypser is a writer, attorney, and historian.She is currently the Chief Surgeon of Dr Watson s Neglected Patients and has been a member of the Hudson Valley Sciontists, and The Hounds of the Internet The Baker Street Journal the official publication of the Baker Street Irregulars published three articles that she wrote about the Sherlock Holmes stories.Darlene is writing a series of biographical novels about Sherlock Holmes She has also written four Sherlock Holmes short stories.She is writing several non fiction history books that grew out of papers she wrote in graduate school.Darlene s first fiction story to be published was a ghost story published in October 1992 by the Boulder Daily Camera.She has written number of papers and articles which were published in magazines and professional legal and scientific journals on international space law, liability for induced seismicity, landlord and tenant law, intellectual property law, tax law and motion picture production and distribution.Darlene loves reading and writing about history, science and law, as well as fiction She also enjoys hiking, cooking and photography.

Comments Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Prince

  • Jen 3_Piets

    I am really starting to admire Darlene Cypser's short tales of Holmes & Watson, and this is no exception. Ms Cypser writes close to ACD's own style and voice, while still giving the reader original ideas. Holmes' client presents him with a delicate problem, with a mystery that is over 20 years old. True to his name, he seeks to both solve her problem and the related mystery. Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Prince is a worthy read.

  • Clifton McLendon

    Quite the short story!This story was more of a "short-short." I am accustomed to having Holmes explain his procedures, so I was left unfulfilled.

  • Richard Mellon

    Holmes short storyA good quick read of Holmes story is good as are Holmes and Watson Just another time the heroes turned in a job well done

  • Darlene Cypser

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Prince | by ✓ Darlene A. Cypser
    282 Darlene A. Cypser
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