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Reformed party animal Barrett McCall now takes life one day at a time, grateful for each new one that he has His job as a short order cook at Dixie s Cup pays the rent, and he likes living in small town Stratton, Pennsylvania When his apartment is destroyed in a fire, Barrett s boss Dixie steps in with an offer to rent her finished basement, and he eagerly accepts exceptReformed party animal Barrett McCall now takes life one day at a time, grateful for each new one that he has His job as a short order cook at Dixie s Cup pays the rent, and he likes living in small town Stratton, Pennsylvania When his apartment is destroyed in a fire, Barrett s boss Dixie steps in with an offer to rent her finished basement, and he eagerly accepts except this puts his solitary life on a collision course with Dixie s nephew arrogant high school art teacher Schuyler Rhodes Schuyler paid the reticent Dixie s Cup cook little mind until Barrett moved into Aunt Dixie s basement apartment Now they seem to run into each other everywhere, and the sexual attraction between them is undeniable only Schuyler is protecting a tragic secret Fifteen years ago, Schuyler s teenage cousin Matty drowned in a nearby lake Everyone believes it was an accident, but Schuyler knows the truth and so does the culprit Even though Barrett and Schuyler s physical chemistry is explosive from their first kiss to hands on explorations, Schuyler s guilt insists that he keep Barrett at arm s length Barrett exercised his own personal demons years ago, and he wants to help Schuyler do the same so their fledgling relationship has a chance to thrive But when the other witness to Matty s death unexpectedly shows up in town, Schuyler is forced into a deadly confrontation that may cost him his relationship with Barrett and possibly even his own life NOTE This work was previously published under the same title The book has been lightly edited, with updated cover art, but no major parts of the story have been changed.

  • Title: Color of Grace
  • Author: A.M. Arthur
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

A.M. Arthur

No stranger to the writing world, A.M Arthur has been creating stories in her head since she was a child and scribbling them down nearly as long She credits an early fascination with male friendships bromance wasn t a thing yet with her later discovery of and subsequent affair with m m romance stories When not writing, she can be found in her kitchen, pretending she s an amateur chef and trying to not poison herself or others with her cuisine experiments You can contact her at AM_Arthur at yahoo dot com

Comments Color of Grace

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

    4 Stars!We got a taste of Barrett and Schuyler in the first book and I was so happy that their story was next up. It did not disappoint! The book starts off with Barrett finding himself homeless when his apartment has caught fire along with a few other apartments, a used book store, and the Walsh's laundry mat. How the fire started is a mystery. One that doesn't get solved in this book, but I know it does in the next book. This book didn't have nearly as much drama as the first book nor did thei [...]

  • Kaje Harper

    This was a well done story of two men with difficult pasts coming together. I particularly liked Barrett, who'd weathered two major blows, and yet was willing to take a chance on building a life a third time. There were some threads that seemed to fade out with less attention than I expected (the possible arson?) and I almost felt this could have been longer, despite being a comfortably-sized novel, to touch more slowly on some of the baggage the men brought to this story. The characters were go [...]

  • Trisha Harrington

    This was so much better than the first one. I loved Barrett and Sky, they made a really nice couple and it was nice to see two men, both with pain in their past's find a way of helping each other. I had put off reading this because of the first one, but I am sad now I did. This just captivated me.Barrett had a trying past to say the least. He was an interesting character for me. He was also my favourite MC. His struggled hit close to home for me and the fact he was sober made me fall in love wit [...]

  • Nic

    3.5 starsThis was a nice follow up to the first book, Cost of Repairs. Both the main characters were easy to sympathise with, both with troubled pasts and looking for something more. I actually didn't warm to Schuyler (Sky) in the first book but he seemed a totally different character in this book. Nice story, good characters, well paced and easy to read in one sitting.

  • Natalie

    This very satisfying sequel to the first book of the series, features Schuyler and Barrett, who were introduced in Cost of Repairs. Dixie’s nephew Schuyler wasn’t entirely likable then, but improved in this story when he meets Barrett. The romance between the two was balanced, especially when Barrett called the arrogant Schuyler on his crap, yet found ways to help him deal with it less destructively. It’s one of the first books I recall that had primarily frottage scenes and they are extra [...]

  • Feliz

    I really really loved the first book in the series, Cost of Repairs. Unfortunately , as far as I'm concerned, this one can't hold a candle to the former. Why exactly though I couldn't say offhand. The writing was just as great, intense and skillful, the sex scenes hot, the relationship realistic, the characters likable. Particularly Barrett, the one who'd hit rock bottom more than once and was just bouncing back.Perhaps it was because I had some problems with Sky, not his character in and of its [...]

  • Gabbi

    Wow! I loved this book! I’ve read a couple of books by AM Arthur and this one by far is my favorite book this author has written. Fast-paced and smoothly written, I was immediately swept up into the characters’ lives and before I knew it, I had read the entire book in one sitting.The blurb does an excellent job at describing what the novel is about. Both heroes have their own baggage and issues they are going through. I also liked how the relationship between the two men built as the novel p [...]

  • Pjm12

    This starts off slow and quiet. Both homeless Barrett and perfectionist Sky have secrets, but their mutual attraction overrides their usual choice to be alone. The beginnings of this relationship is built very naturally. There is not really instant love, just instant *like* and lust, I guess. I liked the way they both just thought, 'oh, why not? I might as well show my interest and see how it goes'. (Quite nicely if you don't mind actually)Having already become acquainted with the people of Stra [...]

  • Annabeth Albert

    This is my new auto-buy author. I loved Cost of Repairs so much I pre-ordered this as soon as it came up. I really didn't think she could top the angst-and-heat combo of Cost of Repairs, but she proved me beautifully wrong here. So. Much. Angst. And much of it is revealed slowly, and I don't want to spoil that for you. I also appreciated how unique the heat was to these two heroes--so often love scenes fall into a certain pattern of acts that must be covered w/in a story and that's not the case [...]

  • Bea

    It was almost a four star review. I really enjoyed the difficult back story for both characters and I enjoyed the pace that we explored their relationship.So for 90% of the book I enjoyed the relationship based plot line. Then they pulled (view spoiler)[ attempted murder(hide spoiler)]. I somewhat already expected it, but the reasoning seemed forced and very tropey. It would have been much better if it had been left out, there were plenty of other conflict resolutions that could replaced it.Over [...]

  • Erica

    Huh. That was . . weird. I liked it, and all, and things happened and stuff occurred and romance grew, but for some reason I just never connected with any of it. The writing is polished and smooth and the pages just flew by. It was a good story, just not a great one, as the first book in this series was.

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    This was a disappointment because I very much liked the first installment of this series. Unfortunately here the characters remained shallow and the story couldn’t engage me. It was not a really bad read, just not anything special and not particularly good imho either.

  • Mandapanda

    3.25 stars. Solid romance but lacking a little passion for me.

  • Idamus

    Great book, but I found the ending a bit rushed

  • Louan

    Rolled 10 An Auhtor with Intials I hadn't expected to enjoy this book since I not thrilled with one of the MC. Of course I ended up loving him.

  • Emily Seelye

    I enjoyed this overall, but the ending was a little too close to the first book's, so I'm giving it a 3.5 rounded up.

  • Abbey's 1 Click Book Blog

    Good addition to the seriesI enjoyed this one more than the first, although I do feel like it ended rather abruptly. I would of liked to of see more of the loose ends tied up.

  • Shelby

    It's been awhile since I read the first book in this series, but I was looking forward to reading this one. I'm glad I finally got around to it. This was an enjoyable, if not overly exciting read. I liked the characters and their back-stories. Both men have a troubled past for different reasons and their roads have finally brought them to a place where they can be open to someone coming into their lives. It makes them face their past and decide how they want to move forward.Barrett hasn't had an [...]

  • DaisyGirl

    4.5 StarsBarrett McCall is a reformed party animal working as a short order cook at Dixie’s Cup. He’s content with his sober—if solitary—life. When a fire leaves him homeless, Dixie offers to let him move into her basement apartment. Art teacher, Schuyler (“Sky”) Rhodes, is Dixie’s nephew. Dixie’s kind-hearted offer to Barrett couldn’t have come at a worse time for Sky. On the anniversary of his teenage cousin Matty’s drowning, Sky is battling his own demons. Despite issues f [...]

  • Candice

    Once again, this was gearing up to be a 5 star read from me, but a couple of loose ends changed that.I absolutely adored Sky and Barrett. More so Barrett and his unwillingness to give up and his strength to continue on with life. Barrett McCall is a reformed partier. He drank, did drugs, and had a lot of sex. His life wasn't pretty, but he never said it was. He's been dealt a craptastic hand, but he's making the best of it. Third time's a charm, right? Schuyler Rhodes is an art teacher at a loca [...]

  • Lisa ~ Books Are My Drugs ~

    I really liked Barrett - he's far from perfect. He's an addict who's practicing sobriety. He's wandered from place to place trying to find home. He's lived hard, been knocked around by life. A fighter. But he owns his mistakes.Sky was harder to connect to. He has these secrets he's held onto for 15 yrs & they eat at him so badly he uses alcohol to punish himself. Then someone who shares the secrets comes back to town & what he thinks was hovering over his head was something else entirely [...]

  • Stephanie

    3.75 stars. I actually prefer the sequel more than the first book. I really liked it. The author does a good job in reminding some key points at the end of the first book that are relevant to the sequel without retelling the whole story. I like Barrett and Schuyler together and the chemistry between them. I like how the author slowly revealed their pasts in a way that's relevant to each scene in the story. It didn't feel awkward. I like that Dixie played a bigger role in the second book and we l [...]

  • Shannon

    My enjoyment of this book was hindered a whole lot by one of the MCs names. Yes, I know, odd. His name was Schuyler which I kept reading as "Shooler" but I know was supposed to be "Skylar" and it continued through the entire book because I couldn't get my brain to cooperate. I don't know how much of the story I missed because I was constantly going back and re-pronouncing the fucking name. The story was sweet and at least it had some sex in there. Not crazy, hot sex but not off page either. So a [...]

  • Meggie

    This story is solidly written and pulling enough. In my personal opinion I don't get a self destructive behaviour which is based on the guilt created and carried from the past. This behaviour makes a main characters weak and boring in my eyes. But okay, we aren't always strong and smart. In general I did like what did A.M. Arthur done with Barrett and Schuyler. They found each other and a new fresh chance. Finally they turned a fresh page into their future.

  • Heather

    Another story in this series that's not quiet wrapped up with a bow. I liked Barrett and Schuyler together, I could of used more. I feel like we had finally got going when it ends. I would of loved to have seen more of them. Both guys have shadows in their past, and use the strength of each other to overcome it. Rey and Sam come and go. They feel more settled into a HEA. I like the style of writing, it's easy and fast.

  • Donna

    Let me just start by saying.I LOVED this story!!!! Enough said! lol Wish I had book 3will have to go hunt for it!!! Both books in this series have been greatd the stories have touched my heart! I really, really wish I had book 3!!!!! Oh NOok 3 doesn't come out til August! grrrrrr

  • ♥J ♥

    This second story from this series was for me not as strong as the first. I definitely felt the connection in the first book but this couple was just meh for me. Again, some unfinished business in the story.Still like the characters enough though to read the next book in this series.

  • Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews

    3.5 starsI really enjoyed this book like really didThe writing was seamless and kept me entrancedMare~Slitsread

  • Michelle

    I really enjoyed this. The plot was ground breaking or anything, but you had two guys who were kind of broken and I dig that. Sweet quick read.

  • Alexandra


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