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By Eva Ibotsone Laura Romanovska | Comments: ( 273 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

Hala vec ki ir bag ti Vi u milz gaj nam ir smalki z da aizkari, d rgi pakl ji un ne mi as no maz k putekl a Ta u z na karst k v l an s ir ieg t pa am savu sun ti Suni mamma ir sa utusi par d la l gumu Nem am Padom , kas par pu Viss saskr p ts, uz gr das pe es Tom r Hala dzim anas dien notiek br nums Ieraudz jis rto m jas m lu u a ent r Kleksi, zHala vec ki ir bag ti Vi u milz gaj nam ir smalki z da aizkari, d rgi pakl ji un ne mi as no maz k putekl a Ta u z na karst k v l an s ir ieg t pa am savu sun ti Suni mamma ir sa utusi par d la l gumu Nem am Padom , kas par pu Viss saskr p ts, uz gr das pe es Tom r Hala dzim anas dien notiek br nums Ieraudz jis rto m jas m lu u a ent r Kleksi, z ns saprot, ka ir atradis savu ide lo suni Ta u vec ki noklus , ka ap r gais kuc ns nepaliks vi a dz v uz visiem laikiem is prieks z nam sag d ts tikai uz vienu ned as nogali.Halam un Kleksim n ksies pa iem mekl t iesp ju, k palikt kop , pat ja tas noz m tu b g anu

  • Title: Kāds suns un viņa zēns
  • Author: Eva Ibotsone Laura Romanovska
  • ISBN: 9789934061721
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Eva Ibotsone Laura Romanovska

Eva Ibotsone Laura Romanovska Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kāds suns un viņa zēns book, this is one of the most wanted Eva Ibotsone Laura Romanovska author readers around the world.

Comments Kāds suns un viņa zēns

  • Kate Quinn

    Eva Ibbotson's books are always delightful, and her children's books are in particular a grand escape for an adult who feels a bit battered by the real world. Here we have a lonely little rich boy whose parents can't see why he's upset when the dog they've rented for one weekend just to give him "the dog experience" has to be returned. Hal refuses to accept this and takes off with the dog, along with a variety of other dogs from the shelter who are also yearning for homes. Adventures ensue, and [...]

  • Elen Caldecott

    I think I may have a new favourite book. This is such an elegantly written, touching, funny story. I only wish I had written it!Hal and Fleck seem perfect for each other; the dog and his boy spend a wonderful weekend investigating the smells and sights of the local park. But when Monday comes Hal is horrified to discover that his parents have merely hired Fleck - his dog has to go back to the rental company. The smouldering rage that Hal feels towards his parents leads him to become the reluctan [...]

  • Amy

    I've been reading this book with my severely disabled brother for a while now. We've been reading a chapter each day and it's been a really pleasant experience. It wasn't until recently we even knew he was interested in books but his one-to-one carer at his new day scheme said he really enjoys story time. Using this information we tested the waters, we quickly figured out the trick to funny voices, keeping him interested and bluffing your way through tongue twisters. This was his first chapter b [...]

  • Barb Middleton

    Our three-year-old daughter named her favorite stuffed dog, "pee-pee." When we got a real dog we wouldn't let her name it that so she called her, "Peach." Although "pee-pee" would have been a better name. Thirteen years I scrubbed up after that darn dog and her pea-sized bladder. Argh! But I digress. Most people have dog stories and our family is no exception, so when I started this book which is about a boy named, Hal, who begs his parents for a dog, it was a walk down memory lane. And when I g [...]

  • Gwen the Librarian

    The late, great Ibbotson's final novel for kids is a bit of a departure from her usual themes. It is essentially realistic fiction and is about the bond between a boy and his dogd some other dogs. Hal has longed for nothing in his life like he longs for a dog of his own. But his wealthy and tidy parents don't want a messy pet in the house and don't understand Hal's feelings. When Hal meets his doggy soul mate - Fleck - because his parents rent him for the weekend, he can't just let him go back t [...]

  • jazz-ee2

    I loved loved loved this book!This is the story of how beautiful it can be when the right dog is with the right people.My favourite quotes:'Often and often when you wanted something and then got it, it was a disappointment But having a dog was completely different. He'd wanted and wanted it and when it happened it was even better than he'd thought it would be. He'd imagined some of it - the companionship and the warmth - but he didn't realise a dog would make you laugh so much, or nor that he w [...]

  • Leona

    i like nice round characters that kids can recognize and learn from or gain insight from their behavior, not caricatures of people that kids can't relate to. when a character has no redeeming qualities they can be dismissed and when there are so many easily-dismissed characters, the story isn't engaging and relevant. i love this author so was disappointed by this book.

  • Prodowd

    Not that good :(

  • Rebecca

    Good gravy this book was lame!

  • Marta

    A very sweet book which I read because it will be one of my class' designated texts for the next school year. Ibbotson is a brilliant author who portrays the world without sugar-coating ridiculous adult behaviour, corruption, materialism and other things we normally don't represent to our children. The adventures of pure-hearted and simple Hal who simply doesn't fit in with his well-to-do wealthy parents, and his quest to find and keep his dog Fleck, have warmed my heart and made me giggle. As a [...]

  • Thảo Moon

    Nói chung là ham chơi quá nên đọc sách cứ đổi qua đổi về rồi ngâm đó. Hồi xưa đọc giỏi lớn lên càng tệ lậu, mình đang tập lại thói quen tốt đó.Quyển sách này thấy bất ngờ lắm, cũng biết tụi nó tình cảm cơ mà không nghĩ là đáng yêu đến zị.Từ hồi chơi vs nhiều bạn thương yêu động vật làm mình cũng dần dần thay đổi ánh nhìn vs tụi nó. Một chuyến phiêu lưu thú vị và trẻ em [...]

  • Alekz Hannah (Bookupied)

    Audio book for my book club.

  • Gracie

    If there were more than five stars, I'd be on this forever!

  • Jill

    All Hal Fenton ever wanted was a dog. His rich parents are never around, and in any event don’t like messes, or spontaneity, or companionship – all things he knew he could get from a dog:"Hal didn’t mind what it looked like; it would be alive, and it would belong to him, and it would be there when his father was in Dubai and his mother was out with her friends and he was alone in the house with the maid who changed every month and was always so homesick and so sad.”Before his tenth birth [...]

  • Pamela Kramer

    'One Dog and His Boy' by Eva Ibbotson is her last book for children. This extraordinary writer and winner of many awards died days before seeing the uncorrected proofs of this book. She would be proud of the final result.All Hal wants in the world is a dog. His parents have so much money they couldn't possibly spend it all, and they shower Hal with gifts, but refuse to get a dog."Too smelly, too messy, and liable to scratch the furniture" are just a few of the reasons his mother gives for not al [...]

  • Sita Maria

    This is a story about a boy who really wants a dog however his rich parents do not want to give him one as they think the dog will ruin their expensive home. His parents find out about a pet renting scheme and rent him a dog as they think he will get bored of it quickly. The boy is unaware that the dog will be returned and bonds with it. The boy, Hal, then plans to run away with the dog. Hal’s wealthy parents offer a reward to help find him. I like this book as I think lots of children can rel [...]

  • Anne

    I finally got around to reading One Dog and HIs Boy, and it really is a delightful read.It's so very sad that Eva Ibbotson died just a couple of days before the proof copies were ready for her to see, she is a great loss to children's literature.The story has a strong moral feeling throughout, yet is written to appeal to children of all ages. Younger children will enjoy the adventure story and older ones should take on board what Ibbotson is trying to tell the reader; that material things are no [...]

  • Beth Bonini

    I'm not really a dog person; I say that knowing it is probably a huge flaw in my character.And yet, I was completely charmed by this book -- which, although it is about many things, is primarily about the loyal and loving nature of dogs. The main characters in the book take a strange sort of odyssey, and the best bit of it is that a group of unique dogs all manage to find the right owner to belong to.When I read Ibbotson's books I always feel that her character and all of her most strongly held [...]

  • Matthew Sandstrom

    Usually I'm immune to sap and sentiment and such, but this book - particularly the end of it - was a bit too fluffy. I loved the beginning, which looked to be setting up for a real adventure, but then there were all the minor characters - too many, for a book this short. By the end I didn't feel as warmly towards Hal or Pippa as I thought I would, as neither were very interesting, or perhaps because I wanted to spend more time with them. Still, the story is very nicely written, and all that.

  • Cupcake Girl

    I read this book in two days at my grandma's house. In the room where my sister and i sleep is a small bookshelf and every time we go I check to see if there are any new ones. This was there. Being her last book I made sure that I read it through to the end, that was easy enough. The writting was brilliant and the story is really, I can't think of a word to describe it, it was just amazing,very i want to say sweet but that's the wrong word, it was an entracing story of a boy and his dog( or a do [...]

  • Claudia

    A lovely story, funny and heart warming. Suitable for dog lovers of all ages. I'm sure this is going to be one that I read time and time again. It was definitely worth spending a little more to get the hardback illustrated edition, as the little drawings of dogs are beautiful too.

  • Tracy

    My 8-year old son and I did this as a read-aloud together. We both enjoyed it and it gave us a lot to talk about along the way.

  • Grace

    I couldn't even finish this.

  • Yellowoasis

    A lovely story, even if you’re not a dog lover. It’s touching and poignant, with just the right amount of sentimentality, and yet it’s not a soft story by any means.

  • Milana Waller

    If here was a such thing as a knock off book, this is it. It seems like the author tried to copy classics and at the same time make it modern but the mixing didn't really work at all

  • Tintaglia

    Non una parola fuori posto. Un romanzo perfetto, divertente e commovente. Mrs. Ibbotson, grazie per quest'ultimo regalo.

  • MissHancock

    A really nice read.

  • Jerren Reyes

    There was a rich family that can get anything, clothes, jewelry, shoes and more. Hal the son of the family wanted something too, more than the whole wide world. That something that he really wanted was a dog. The problem is his mom wouldn’t allow a dog in the household. When his dad comes home from a trip he tells Hal he can have a dog. Hals dad had a thought of only keeping the dog for a week because he thought Hal will get tired of the dog. When he got his new dog Fleck he could never let hi [...]

  • Ieva

    Grāmatas, kuru centrā ir suņi, pilnīgi noteikti ir mana vājība - ja es uz vāka redzu suni un vēl nosaukumā ir suns, es vairs nešķiroju mērķauditoriju un tik ņemu lasīt (lai gan nevarētu teikt, ka kopumā mani jelkad būtu mulsinājis lasīt bērnu literatūru). Pat ja atmet suņu tēmu, Ibstones grāmata nudien ir tāda, kuru būtu jādod palasīt tiem, kas pārliecināti apgalvo, ka visas labās bērnu grāmatas tika uzrakstītas kad mēs vēl bijām bērni un pirms tam, tagad t [...]

  • Debbie Battaglino

    This is such a special book. Eva has perfectly captured the connection we have with dogs and the selfless choices they make for love of their humans. Her beautiful writing immerses you in her story so completely. Adults and children alike will love Fleck’s and Hal’s adventures. Hal is ignored and underestimated by his wealthy parents when they go about renting a dog for the weekend to appease his wanting a forever furry friend. The adventure begins when the dog is returned, Hal takes action, [...]

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