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By Katie Cotugno | Comments: ( 738 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

The irresistible sequel to the bestselling 99 Days.Molly Barlow isn t that girl any A business major at her college in Boston, she s reinvented herself after everything that went down a year ago after all the people she hurt and the family she tore apart.Slowly, life is getting back to normal Molly has just said I love you to her new boyfriend, Ian, and theyThe irresistible sequel to the bestselling 99 Days.Molly Barlow isn t that girl any A business major at her college in Boston, she s reinvented herself after everything that went down a year ago after all the people she hurt and the family she tore apart.Slowly, life is getting back to normal Molly has just said I love you to her new boyfriend, Ian, and they are off on a romantic European vacation together, starting with scenic London But there on a Tube platform, the past catches up to her in the form of Gabe, her ex, traveling on his own parallel vacation with new girlfriend Sadie.After comparing itineraries, Ian ends up extending an invite for Gabe and Sadie to join them on the next leg of their trip, to Ireland Sadie, who s dying to go there, jumps at the prospect And Molly and Gabe can t bring themselves to tell the truth about who they once were to each other to their new significant others.Now Molly has to spend nine days and nine nights with the boy she once loved, the boy whose heart she shredded, without Ian knowing Will she make it through as new, improved Molly, or will everything that happened between her and Gabe come rushing back

  • Title: 9 Days and 9 Nights
  • Author: Katie Cotugno
  • ISBN: 9780062674111
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Katie Cotugno

Katie Cotugno went to Catholic school for thirteen years which makes her, as an adult, both extremely superstitious and prone to crushes on boys wearing blazers She routinely finds herself talking about the romantic endeavors of characters on TV shows as if they actually exist in the world.Katie is a Pushcart Prize nominee whose work has appeared in The Broadkill Review, The Apalachee Review, and Argestes, as well as on Nerve Her first novel, HOW TO LOVE, is due out from Balzer Bray on October 1st, 2013.The great loves of Katie s life include child s pose, her little sister, and mozzarella and honey sandwiches She lives in Boston and in sin with her boyfriend, Tom.

Comments 9 Days and 9 Nights

  • Ginger at GReadsBooks.com

    Starting 2018 with a Katie Cotugno novel was the best decision. Her storytelling never fails to impress me, and inspire me. It’s been a few years since I read 99 Days, the companion novel to this one, so I needed a refresher on just how that story ended. Katie did a really good job of catching the reader up to speed & filling in the details, at just the right moments. I never once felt lacking, or pulled from the story, trying to remember what happened before.This story is a branch, all on [...]

  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)

    I am so over the moon excited for this sequel! I really adored 99 Days, and this sequel just sounds so perfect. I suspect that there will be lots of drama in this one, and it will be interesting to find out how this one plays out.

  • Sam Kozbial

    I just found out about this book, and I am over the moon! I posted the other day on my blog about this book, and now I get more of Gabe and Molly's story, which I never thought was over.

  • Sarah Louise

    This synopsis already kills me.

  • Peachy

    "I’m a damage doer, no matter how hard I try not to be. Maybe everybody is, in some way."My synopsis: After some regretful occurrences from the previous summer, Molly Barlow has moved on, or at least, it seemed so. In Boston, Molly is not who she once was that summer. In Boston, she met Ian. Ian is the perfect balm to her healing heart and with Ian, Molly is a better version of herself – or so she thinks. During a European tour with Ian, Molly’s new life starts to lose its balance – Gabe [...]

  • Shanyn (Chick Loves Lit)

    I was able to read this directly after reading 99 DAYS, the first book in this duo, so I was very excited and ready to start this. Sometimes (usually) I am very bad at remembering details in books, which is why I read them directly after one another, but Cotugno does a great job of recapping in bits here and there to jog your memory.Molly is not a perfect person, by a long shot, but this book showed that she actually learned from her mistakes before, which I wasn't sure was going to happen after [...]

  • Eileen

    Hahaha I can’t believe there’s a second one of these, but I actually kind of want to read it.

  • Sophie_The_Jedi_Knight

    Will I be reading this, after I gave 99 Days 2/5 stars?Well, in 99 Days, I enjoyed Cotugno's writing style, the 99 days format, and some of the characters were temporarily likable. And, as I said in my 99 Days review, one of the big things that bugged me about that book was its largely unresolved ending. So I have a bit of hope for this one.And, I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, this is the YA book I've been waiting for. College student meets up with ex and sparks fly. Will they get together? What [...]

  • Shannon

    4.5 stars!I forgot how much I liked 99 days until I re-read it in preparation for this sequel. I'm so happy she wrote a sequel because it was left so open-ended. This sequel delivered in every way. It was sweet, emotional, adventurous and fun. I really enjoyed the travel aspect though I had to suspend disbelief that broke college students could afford to traipse around Europe for a couple weeks at the end of summer. I really loved Ian. I loved seeing how their love story unfolded. How slowly the [...]

  • Kate

    So I received an ARC of 9 Days and 9 Days because I follow Katie Cotugno on Instagram and I won one of the Monday Giveaways. This was my first ARC ever and I am SO unbelievably happy that it was. In the first installment - 99 Days I shipping Gabe and Molly’s relationship HARD Now reading 9 Days and 9 Nights I have to say it was exactly what I wanted and I could not have asked Katie C. for anything more! One of my favorite things to read about is romance and world travel - especially backpack [...]

  • Eden Church

    3.5 stars!This book was really cute. I enjoyed the closure that this book brought because one of my qualms with 99 Days was that I didn't feel like it was "finished." 9 Days and 9 Nights "finishes," but I'm not sure how much it needed to be its own novel as opposed to a novella or an extended epilogue to the original. Overall, though, I enjoyed this instalment in the saga of Molly Barlow. I found Molly to be a much more "likeable" character in this than in 99 Days (though it's up for debate as t [...]

  • Teresa

    Never read a book by Katie Cotugno (although I dear and trusted friend of mine has recommended her several times, sorry Allison!) and now I can't wait to read the rest of her stuff!Molly had a rough last yeare hurt in a lot of different ways, so Molly is determined not to live through that again, she is deteremined to make sure some of ways she has acted in the past stay buried and that she starts to live life a different way. The first step towards a new Molly is heading to England with her new [...]

  • Emily Leyland

    I was lucky enough to read this directly after reading 99 Days, yet this story was so perfectly begun that it wasn't even necessary. The relevant details were woven into the story so you knew all you needed to know, and could just enjoy what would unfold. Molly has grown tremendously, but there's always more growing to do. She's doing that gracefully, something that can only come from experience. While I'm happy with the ending, the realistic, pragmatic part of me wishes for something else. But [...]

  • Read InAGarden

    I don't think I would have continued to read this novel if I hadn't really wanted to find out what would happen with Molly and Gabe. The interactions between Molly and her new boyfriend, Ian, seem almost stilted and forced. Just like Molly is forcing her true personality to be tempered so she can be Molly 2.0; it feels like readers have to slog through most of this sequel in search for the Gabe and Molly interactions.

  • Julie

    I finished this last night and while it great to see Molly and Gabe since the first book. I didn't really like the cheating in the first book. I do love that she was aware of her situation and tried not to repeat past mistakes. But I certainly wouldn't invite an ex on a trip. Great to see them grow up and figure things out. I didn't read the other companion book but it was easy to figure out what happened in that book. I really enjoyed Imogen who told Molly the truth and drama lol.

  • Amanda

    I read this book too quickly!! But I really loved it :)

  • Andrew


  • Aly (My Heart Hearts Books)

    I have the strangest love/hate relationship with Katie Cotugno's books. Her first novel, How to Love is one of my favorites. I loved it so much. But, her other books, as much as I want to like them, just don't work for me. But I keep coming back. There's something about Cotugno's writing that makes you want to come back.To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the first book in this duology, 99 Days. I didn't like Molly as a character. You want to root for her, but there's just something about this chara [...]

  • Molly

    Such amazing voice. Haven't been reading much young adult but this reminds me what I love about good contemporary YA. ‬

  • Elyse Rosen

    Okay, so I was PSYCHED when I just saw that there’s a sequel to 99 Days set for May! And then I read the synopsis and now I’m nervous and skepticalnd of getting 99 Days+Just One Day Vibes - maybe because it’s late and maybe because I feel like t won’t be done right (and I didn’t totally enjoy the just one Day saga - never properly finished it or got so invested). But I do want to read this - less than 3 months!

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  • Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ 9 Days and 9 Nights - by Katie Cotugno ↠
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