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Acapulco detective Emilia Cruz confronts a death worshipping cult in PACIFIC REAPER, the fifth novel in the series that takes you inside Mexico s drug wars with a fearless style and an unforgettable woman Imagine if you were the first and only female police detective in Acapulco, investigating crime in a city both deadly and breathtaking Mexican drug cartels battle for cAcapulco detective Emilia Cruz confronts a death worshipping cult in PACIFIC REAPER, the fifth novel in the series that takes you inside Mexico s drug wars with a fearless style and an unforgettable woman Imagine if you were the first and only female police detective in Acapulco, investigating crime in a city both deadly and breathtaking Mexican drug cartels battle for control and politicians are bought with blood money Gang warfare rages across Acapulco Murder victims are sacrificed to Santa Muerte, Mexico s forbidden saint of death Will you investigate Or be cursed In the remote Coyuca Lagoon reserve, Detective Emilia Cruz Emilia and her partner Franco Silvio find an elaborate altar to Santa Muerte next to the body of a known gang member Prayers to the so called Skeleton Saint curse the deity s enemies Another murder victim is hung from a billboard Soon it s clear that a new gang has moved into Acapulco looking to grab a share of the lucrative meth trade Focusing on the Santa Muerte angle, Emilia s investigation is soon a maze of unholy clues At the same time, everyone close to her has a brush with death Bad luck Or is the Skeleton Saint s curse coming true The closer Emilia gets to the truth, the worse things get When she goes undercover as a Santa Muerte worshipper on the eve of the Day of the Dead, her life will be stripped of everything she holds dear Her family Her lover Her job Herself MEET EMILIA CRUZ She s a good liar, a fast thinker, a determined investigator, and a mean kickboxer An Acapulco native forced to grow up too fast, Emilia has been a cop for a dozen years She fought her way through the ranks and into a detective squad that didn t want her and is still trying to break her Being the first female police detective in Acapulco can be a crushing weight, as Emilia struggles against official corruption, threatening colleagues, and drug cartel violence Despite it all, she knows many women in Mexico don t get the chances she s had The proof is in a log she tracks of women who have gone missing The one thing Emilia doesn t know how to handle is Kurt Rucker, the manager of a luxury hotel in Acapulco A former US Marine, he has the confidence and leadership qualities she admires A triathlete, he s calm under pressure and knows what he wants But does Emilia THE TWO FACES OF ACAPULCO The Acapulco that tourists know has luxury hi rises, fabulous sunsets, the sweep of the most beautiful bay in the world, and the majesty of the clear blue Pacific But Acapulco is also a prize to be fought over by drug cartels and is populated by hookers and thieves a place where life is cheap and poverty is as pervasive as the wind off the ocean Both of these versions of Acapulco claw at each other and force Emilia to survive between them No investigation will be easy, no crime will be simple Grab a margarita and come on down to Acapulco If you can take the heat.

  • Title: Pacific Reaper
  • Author: Carmen Amato
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Carmen Amato

I m the author of romantic thrillers and the Detective Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco She s the first female police detective in Acapulco and the series has been optioned for television by a major US network I love to travel and Mexico and Central America provided the impetus for my writing career My books live at the tangled intersection of risk, power, and corruption Every month, I share the Mystery Ahead newsletter with thousands of mystery readers and writers Together we explore what makes for a compelling mystery with writing protips, author and publishing insider interviews, books reviews, and QA from the Mystery Ahead mailbag.Visit my website at carmenamato to get a free copy of the Detective Emilia Cruz Starter Library and subscribe to Mystery Ahead.Always keep exploring and chasing the mystery ahead

Comments Pacific Reaper

  • Toni Osborne

    Book# 5, in the Emilia Cruz MysteriesIn “Pacific Reaper”, Emilia confronts a death worshiping cult and takes us once again inside Mexico’s drug war. The setting is Acapulco, a breathtaking and deadly city where Mexican cartels battles for control and more politicians that you can imagine are in the drug lord’s pockets.Murder victims are sacrificed to Santo Muerte. Looking into gruesome and ritualistic murders Emilia takes us to another level of suspense. This character-driven mystery is [...]

  • Sheri

    Pacific Reaper (Detective Emilia Cruz Book 5) by Carmen AmatoEmilia and her partner Franco investigate the murder of a known gang member. Oddly his body is found at an Alter to Santa Muerte. Soon another is murdered and it appears to be gang related. Emilia is determined to untangle the web and solve the crime, despite the fact that lives are in danger. Add to it the looming "Curse" of the Skeleton Saint and bad luck which appears all around her.An original plot with a lot of action, twists and [...]

  • M.A. Comley

    It's been a while since my first encounter with Emilia Cruz, the smart female detective trying to keep her community safe in Acapulco. She's a likeable, kick-ass character who has to deal with working in a man's world on a daily basis. I loved the fact that she had personal issues in this book and the end re a family member was a total shock to this reader at least. The action is fast and furious and the twists and turns, some personal to Emilia are hard to take at times. Love the author's style [...]

  • Jim Nesbitt

    HORRIBLE CRIMES AND A FAMILY SECRETAcapulco detective Emilia Cruz has one stylish foot poised in the opulent comfort of one of her city’s luxury hotels, a beach-front high-rise run by her boyfriend Kurt. The other is mired in the hyper-violent world of a cop trying to solve murders in a Mexico ruled and riven by rival drug cartels and corrupt politicians and fellow officers.Cruz is the only female detective in a squad room of uber-macho males, some of them corrupt, some of them openly contempt [...]

  • Michael Ludden

    Carmen Amato’s “Pacific Reaper” is full of elegant word choices. Smart dialogue. Disturbing plot twists. And a great lead character. Emilia Cruz is the lone female detective in the Acapulco Police Department. It’s not easy.Cruz is very real, very human, very tough. She’s on the trail of some frightening killers. The problem is -- how many. And why. It’s beginning to appear that her city is becoming a battleground between opposing forces of evil.Finding the truth, she fears, could kil [...]

  • annapi

    Emilia and Silvio are called to a gruesome murder scene, involving a decapitated body next to an altar of Santa Muerte, a "saint" of death, the worship of which is forbidden by the Catholic church. The next murder is a body hanging from a billboard, marked by a gang as a clear warning for those who interfere with their operations. As the warring gangs escalate the violence, Emilia and Silvio struggle to make progress in their investigations despite stonewalling by rich friends of the mayor. But [...]

  • Lit A.

    Reviewed for Readers' FavoriteFrom the beginning, it’s clear that Pacific Reaper is a standalone book, even though it’s the fifth installment of the Detective Emilia Cruz series. The plot is well-structured, but pulls no punches and sometimes is not an easy read-gruesome murder, drugs, gang wars, and corruption among others. The suspense builds gradually, which serves the plot well when all the dots get connected, one by one. Some parts of the narrative are slightly lengthy with details, b [...]

  • Livin' laVida Latina

    Reviewed by: CeliaRating: 3 starsReview: For Detective Emilia Cruz, sometimes the danger can be too much. I enjoyed the Latina flair against the backdrop of a luscious beach resort masquerading as a Mexican battleground for crime and drug lords. The story line sounded interesting and the mystery could certainly send a thrill to crime-loving aficionados, however, I wasn't that enticed. Let's put aside that I'm not a big crime buff. I just thought the plot was too complex. I was almost lost at tim [...]

  • Rhonda Holle

    I thoroughly enjoyed this paperback book. This story takes place in Mexico and has to do with a criminal investigation. We have the drug cartels trying to outdo each other and perform the most gruesome show of deaths using Santa Muerte offerings and a priest. This all makes for a spine-tingling race to find the answers and stop these killings. One of my favorite quotes is from Detective Emilia, she says, "Madre de Dios you are such a pendejo, Franco." I really enjoyed this story, thank you to th [...]

  • Marie Tovaas

    Powerful and grippingThis novel pulls no punches. It incorporates official corruption and entrenched bias with exciting action, nail biting suspense and mysterious folk characters. A story of professional ability, and personal courage, set in a world of hard truths.

  • Owen Parr

    I read novels for entertainment and author Amato did not disappoint me. A story of personal courage and dedication, fused with mystery, murders and suspense. Amato, through Emilia Cruz, her main character, has an uncanny ability to draw you into the underworld of ritualistic murders and crimes. Her characters come to life in this page turner, putting the reader on the scene. Her locations are superbly described and vivid. You are there and your part of the suspense. My plan was to take my time a [...]

  • Lynda Lock

    Awesome! Another outstanding story in the Detective Emilia Cruz series from Carmen Amato. Her astute descriptions of life in Mexico are amazing, the plot is engaging, and her characters believable. I'm anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. Cheers Lynda Lock

  • Vee James

    In the spectacular fifth installment of her Detective Emilia Cruz series, Carmen Amato has once again raised the stakes for her gutsy heroine. Emilia is forced not only to face a vicious gang war, the kidnapping on her turf of the son of an influential political leader, and a series of hair-raising cult murders, but also her mother’s precipitous slide toward a break with reality. Emilia’s world teeters on the edge of destruction. Telling the steadily deepening story of Emilia’s investigati [...]

  • Lina

    Emilia Cruz is nothing if not smart, fast-thinking and good looking to boot. Despite all this, there is an underlying sense of worthlessness, but she couldn't be more wrong.I have read all the books in the series; this one is by far the most fast-paced, with a plot full of twists and turns. I can hardly refer to anything in the story for fear of giving away the plot, but prepare to be shocked at the reveals and surprises. Carmen Amato's scintillating writing style brings everything alive. From t [...]

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  • Free Read [Poetry Book] ↠ Pacific Reaper - by Carmen Amato Í
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