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By L.A. Witt | Comments: ( 216 ) | Date: ( Jun 02, 2020 )

Fool me three times Dale Ramsey is looking forward to his twenty year high school reunion except for one small problem will his old friend and old flame be there Adam O Connor has disappeared twice from Dale s life Once after a graduation night fling, and again after a hot reunion years later When he resurfaces this time, single and on the verge of retiring from tFool me three times Dale Ramsey is looking forward to his twenty year high school reunion except for one small problem will his old friend and old flame be there Adam O Connor has disappeared twice from Dale s life Once after a graduation night fling, and again after a hot reunion years later When he resurfaces this time, single and on the verge of retiring from the Navy, he wants to mend fences with Dale Mend fences and maybe tear up some sheets The spark between them is alive and well, but Dale resists After all, Adam has only been interested in him before when his life has been in flux, just like it is now, and Dale refuses to be anyone s placeholder until something better comes along He wants his friend back, but he s not looking to be deserted a third time Over and over, though, their attempts to rekindle their friendship wind up igniting something much hotter, and Dale s feelings for Adam are far too strong to ignore Should he put himself on the line and risk another broken heart Or should he be the one to walk away this time This 55,000 word novel was previously published.

  • Title: Meet Me in the Middle
  • Author: L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

L.A. Witt

L.A Witt is an abnormal M M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain In between wondering how she didn t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever growing herd of rabid plot bunnies She also has substantially time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don t tell Lauren And definitely don t tell Lori A Witt or Ann Gallagher Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shutVisit her website at gallagherwitt.

Comments Meet Me in the Middle

  • Kade Boehme

    Hm, so i loved this story. This may get a bit spoilery but here goes my random thoughts on this one. I'm a huge fan of Witt and she did a fabulous job but a big niggle for me was how hard it was for ME to forgive Adam for letting Dale be second choice and how he KNEW he was gay yet married 3 different women, one whom he technically cheated on with Dale. Hm.I'd say my biggest UGH WHY?! with this one was that it was one of those sequels that often happens to ruin an HEA for you of a previous coupl [...]

  • JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    I really like this series. I especially like seeing all the other guys again. Some time has passed in this one. Kieran and Alex are planning a wedding, Rhett and Ethan's daughter is all grown up, and the guys (cough*Ethan*cough) are really feeling their ages. I really don't remember Dale all that much from the previous stories, but I definitely liked his character. He was pining for his best friend for 20 years, ever since their first hookup in high school. Reuniting for another hookup at their [...]

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    I didn't enjoy this very much - mostly because I didn't see the fascination with Adam.He was described as good-looking, in the Navy and hung. So far, so stereotypical.But he also had a lot of committment issues and lived most of his life as a straight guy with no outstanding qualities and treated Dale over the course of 20 years not well. I just couldn't understand why Dale was so hung up on him.Dale was an ok guy, also not the most fascinating main character I ever encountered and I didn't dig [...]

  • Susan65

    I was surprised i didn't need a reread of the books before this one,but i didn't. I easily fell back into the lives of our naughty boysd boy are they naughty.Two words: body shots!!!Of course there is a lot more to the story but that scene struck with me. :-)

  • Adrianamae, Marco's fan

    Of the three stories in this series, this is the least that I have liked BY FAR! The title of this book is "Meet Me in the Middle," but Dale goes way beyond the middle, and that's where I had a problem with this book because I couldn't buy their relationship. Unbalanced relationships never work. Someone is going to get hurt. Someone is going to feel insecure, and resentment will set in. At 90% of this book Dale was scared and in pain. He still was feeling insecure and was going to have it out wi [...]

  • Tina

    Dale and Adam were best friends in high school and they hooked up after graduation and again after 10 years. Now they see each other at their 20th high school reunion. Despite Dale’s promise to himself that they won’t hook up again they can’t resist each otherDale and Adam's story is lovely, romantic and charming. It can be read as a stand alone, but equally it's a nice addition to the loveable characters of the previous books. I read the previous books a while ago so I couldn't remember e [...]

  • Susan Laine

    Twenty years. A long time to wait for a man you love to feel the same. Too bad for Dale he only seems to reunite with his high school best friend once every ten years, during their reunions. The guys had sex at graduation and on their ten year reunion. That’s twice Adam has given Dale a taste of love, only to disappear on him. It seems Adam only finds Dale when he’s at a crossroads, when he’s in between being what Dale wishes him to be—true to himself and their love—and having his own [...]

  • Debra

    The 3rd book in the Distance Between Us series works as well as a standalone, although you may be initially confused with the mass introduction to the secondary couples. Dale is debating whether to attend his 20th high school reunion. The big issue is Adam, his best friend from high school. Dale had always had a crush on his presumably straight best friend and on the night of graduation Dale and Adam hooked up. The next time Dale saw Adam at their 10 year reunion, they got together again and thi [...]

  • Salsera1974

    This is a lovely story about two men who were best friends in high school, fell in love, made love, and then fell apart. They made love when they were 18; it happened again when they were 28; and in the novel, they see each other again at their 20th high school reunion, and the question is whether or not this time, they can get it right. Dale Ramsey fell for his allegedly straight best friend, Adam O'Connor, when they were just kids, and each time they fell apart, the pain was a little bit more [...]

  • Nic

    "For God's sake, Dale, do you think I just wanted to use you?" "I don't know if that's what you wanted or not," I said. "But it's what you did. Twice."Dale and Adam were best friends in school but parted immediately after their first sexual encounter which happened at graduation. They met again at their 10 year school reunion but once again, Adam leaves Dale after making him promises which he doesn't keep. Finally 20 years after their first encounter, they meet again at the school reunion.I enjo [...]

  • Bitchie

    I didn't really feel this book like I did the first two in this series. A rare miss from this author for me.I don't know, maybe it would have helped to see things from Adam's POV. His feelings were as much as mystery to me as they were to Dale, and Dale deserved better. I totally agreed with what Alex said, it just always felt like Dale was last choice for Adam. Sure, he made a grand gesture there at the end, but it wasn't really enough for me.

  • Kristie

    Another sweet story. I've really enjoyed this series. The characters are all likeable, honest, and real. Their emotions are raw and the stories are about normal people. Nothing over the top. No characters where I felt like they were fantasy men.

  • Jenn

    3.5 starsSo, I haven’t read the previous two books in this series and I was able to understand and follow just fine, in case anyone was curious. This is the story of Dale and Adam – two high school best friends who acted on an attraction right after they graduated high school and right before Adam left for the military. They lost contact until their ten year reunion where they once again acted on a mutual attraction before Adam crushed Dale’s heart. The time has come for their 20th high sc [...]

  • Christy

    I have been waiting with bated breath for Dale's story in this fifth installment of the 'Wilde's' series by L.A. Witt. Dale has been on the sidelines in the prior two books and I just kept getting the feeling that he was waiting and biding his time before his story. Knowing the prior two books I was positive the writing, the characters, the storyline, and the sex would be amazing. I love it when I'm right!Dale is Rhett's best friend, a little more flamboyant than the other guys in the series, an [...]

  • Lelyana

    *** 4 Worth the wait stars.***It's not easy for me to accept Adam in the beginning,knowing how much he hurt Dale in the past. And how much I wanted to slap Dale's head for his doormat attitude for Adam.But in Adam's situation (even I still wanted to punch him for waiting 'that moment' for too fucking long), I understood.And thanks to Alex who finally gave some speech to Dale, how to stand on his own feet and stop being a doormat for Adam.Good thing is, Adam pay it all with his beautiful speech o [...]

  • Jess Candela

    3.5 starsI liked it, but had some niggles I'm struggling to articulate. I'm just not sure how much I ever cared about Dale or Adam, or Dale and Adam together. Not the way I expect to care about characters in an L.A. Witt (or Lauren Gallagher) book.One of the things I loved in The Closer You Get was that I, as the reader, could see things the narrator was oblivious to. Unfortunately, that sort of showing didn't continue with this book. The resolution at the end struck me as too facile. I realize [...]

  • Jen

    Dale and AdamFull review onFiction Vixen Book ReviewsDale and Adam were best friends in high school. Dale was out and Adam was straight. Dale had become very adept at hiding his feelings for his best friend until the night of graduation and the first time Adam kissed him. Dale thought they were going somewhere but Adam was enlisted so he took his one night fling and left Dale behind.Fast forward to their ten-year reunion and a similar situation however Adam was married this time. Adam’s marria [...]

  • Teri

    I don't know. A big part of me wants to round this down to 2.5 or 2I'm not sure why I won't.I didn't read the first book of this series, but I did read the second, The Closer You Get and I LOVED itke 5 star loved it and so this one just fell so completely flat for me and I was horribly disappointed. It did have its moments, don't get me wrong, and I kept on reading, so it held my interest but it was just completely lacking the emotional connection that I wanted. It was just sex. And then he woul [...]

  • Manda

    3 stars, tops.I didn't have as high hopes for this as I did for Kiernan's story. I was quite disappointed after finishing the first 30% of the book and the feeling was the same after the last page. The best part was getting a climpse in Rhett and Ethan's life as well as Kiernan and Alex's. <3 I would actually rather have read an honest sequel about how things went for the four of them instead of this story about Dale's troubled lovelife.The bad: I did not get invested at all with the mc's. Bo [...]

  • Edina Rose

    The characters are likeable and the story is pleasant. I was not just in the mood for the type of story, I guess. One hero and his friends were always talking about age, youth, ultra-gorgeousness I wanted deep, tormented and scarred, imperfect heroes and I had these super gorgeous and "forever young" guys. Warning: (view spoiler)[ Two of the couples have sex together but it's not described in the book and the heroes are not part of it, though the two heroes once took part in a kind of group "thi [...]

  • Ann

    I adored this book. Part of the reason, I think, was because I identified so strongly with Dale, his caring a torch for years but knowing Adam was only going to break his heart. And yet, he put himself out there anyway. Ah, yes. I know that gut-wrenching feeling.Ms. Witt has a way of making her characters *real* and complete and whole people and I was so very happy for Dale and Adam at the end. Good for them! Someone deserves a happy ever after! While this is the third book in this series, you c [...]

  • Susinok

    Really wonderful addition to the series that makes me want to read the rest all over again to get re-acquainted with all the guys.And one of the more romantic retirement speeches I've read! Loved it!

  • Sunne

    Ah - this is a sigh of relief. Why? Because it's a L.A. Witt book, which is exactly written the way I like it.Okay, maybe not exactly but most of the time. I have to admit that it's been a long time since I've read the other two books and while I still have the fondest memories of Rhett, Ethan, Kieran and *sigh* Alex, I didn't remember Dale. Sorry, Dale. Okay, I still don't remember him in the former books but hey, it really doesn't matter. This book can be read as a standalone. So - Dale is a f [...]

  • Didi

    "I just need you to know that nothing could ever make me more committed to you than the twenty years I spent without you.”Twenty years. Would that be considered as a waste of time or unfounded commitment for two used-to-be close friends to be hung up on each other? Were there people patient enough for this sort of not really relationship? Apparently there were at least two here, represented by Dale and Adam.I don't read the first two books of this series so I don't know anything about Dale and [...]

  • ReadingAgent

    2.5 This book just didn't work for me. It's a shame because I really liked the stories and characters from the previous books in this series, and I usually enjoy this author's books. The story just felt "awkward" to borrow Dale's term. It seemed to move along in fits and starts, which I guess has to do with how Dale and Adam's "relationship" progressed, but it just didn't work as far as storytelling. I never felt like I got to know the characters or even why they were doing their little dance ar [...]

  • Pjm12

    It's Dale's turn and I had forgotten how swishy he can be. I love that he is so out and proud. But holding a candle for someone for twenty years? To have found that person and to have let him go, not once, but twice, I don't know if that's selfless or stoopid.And when Dale reconnects with Adam, oh my the sparks (& more) do fly. But there's got to be more talking boys. That's all I'm saying.Loved hanging out with all the boys from the previous books. And seeing Ethan and Rhett confront anothe [...]

  • NancyM

    All I'm getting so far isI'll put this one on the back burner and try again later.

  • Jacq

    The story started off slow. Had to wait a little more then 50% for the smexy. Bit when it came OMG HOT! I love the chemistry combined with the dialogue. . Sigh They met in the middle of HEA! Yay Oh and this can be read as a stand alone :)

  • Diana's

    You can never go wrong with an L.A. Witt read!!This one in particular had the angst and the steam I was looking for!! =0)and we got to see what the rest of the gang was up to!!

  • Portia

    Beautifully developed characters. Despite knowing one another for more than half of their lives, their romance develops slowly and realistically. Loved it.

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