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By Carter Blake | Comments: ( 143 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

My new nanny may just be the most stubborn, frustrating sexy woman I ve ever met And I can t get her out of my f cking head She thinks I m a cold, heartless, beast And she s right I m used to getting what I want, used to people trembling at my feet, but the only trembling Eliana does is when I touch her Too bad all those curves she hides under baggy sweatshirts and jeMy new nanny may just be the most stubborn, frustrating sexy woman I ve ever met And I can t get her out of my f cking head She thinks I m a cold, heartless, beast And she s right I m used to getting what I want, used to people trembling at my feet, but the only trembling Eliana does is when I touch her Too bad all those curves she hides under baggy sweatshirts and jeans are off limits Because as much as I want to silence that sassy little mouth of hers with my own, I can t ruin the first good thing that s come into my daughter s life since her mother abandoned us I have three rules when it comes to Eliana Don t touch Don t feel Don t fall for the Nanny But tonight, I m going to break each one Give her everything her body has been begging me for And show her just how much of a beast I really am The Nanny and the Beast is a steamy, standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger

  • Title: The Nanny and the Beast
  • Author: Carter Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Carter Blake

I m Carter Blake A good ol Canadian boy, who loves hockey, maple syrup and beavers I also love to write sexy stories about strong alpha men who would do anything to protect the women they love You can contact me at authorcarterblake gmail Don t forget to sign up for updates at eepurl cvVqCzFind me on FB at facebook authorcarter

Comments The Nanny and the Beast

  • Jenn

    Good story, poor editingI read a lot and have learned to deal with grammar & spelling issues; however, when the main character's names are WRONG, that really irritates me. This would have been a 5 star for me had someone paid more attention!The story itself was good.

  • Emma Roberts

    Fabulous short read. This is the story of Elianna and Lucas. Elianna is the nanny to Lily Lucas's daughter. Having been taking care of her for nearly a month and she still hasn't met Lucas. She arrives at his office to met him and didn't expect to fall for him as soon as she sees him. Will Lucas fall for Elianna and her sassy attitude. What will happen between the two of them. have a read and find out. Really great book and highly recommended.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of thi [...]

  • Romance Novel Giveaways Lauren Seiberling

    A quick and touching modern-day fairy tale!I enjoyed the idea of this story and loved reading how the relationship between Eliana and Lucas evolved from employer-employee to something more. In my opinion, the story felt pretty rushed, but I really did like the characters and concept, and I would be very interested in reading an extended version if Carter were to write one!Eliana was very down-to-earth girl with no delusions about her role in Lucas' home; she was there for Lily, Lucas' daughter. [...]

  • Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews

    Nanny makes a family4 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadOne workaholic father, a six year old, plus one determined nanny bring father and daughter back together, leads to a new family

  • Alex ♈

    Not my favourite trope, but it was ok.

  • Angelia

    WowI give this book 5 stars. I whole heartedly recommend this book. I couldn't put it down. The story has a HEA ending.

  • Melissa

    GoodI enjoyed this book! Actually I enjoyed both books but I liked the first one better. Both books are quick and sexy reads with good well developed characters. I really liked the Hs in both books. I look forward to reading more from Carter Blake.

  • Rozzie

    It’s been a while since I have read any male authors that write romance stories. I know why it’s because of my silly mindset that men can’t write a convincing strong enough romance with believable intimate scenes because of this I have already prejudged books and authors when I haven’t even read anything they wrote. To me male authors write good paranormals, fantasy or science fiction not romance. So what makes this book by Mr. Carter Blake different and made me want to read it much less [...]

  • Space Cowgirl

    Snarly👹, Arrogant, 😠Angry At The World🌍Lucas👹 is the Grinch who stole his daughter's heart💘. He's a billionaire who's a workaholic, no surprise there. After his wife's indiscretion with the pool boy, he divorces her and has full custody of his 6 year old daughter, Lily. Now he's running through nannies like water and his daughter's attitude and antics are most of the problem.Elly💋 is the latest nanny to work for Lucas, only he doesn't even know she's already been living at his [...]

  • Cyndi

    Too Short! Sad Face! I really liked this book in the beginningI mean I got whiplash with how quickly we went fromI can't sleep with my daughters nanny to I can't get enough of herat should have given me a clue as to how short this book was going to be. By 20% he's talking about how he can't live without her and how he can't lose herd by 25% the book is over! Booooo! There was so much potential hereEliana was sassy and confident and wasn't afraid to stand up to Lucasor at least she hid her fear w [...]

  • ViolinVixen

    This was a fun, quick, sassy read from Carter Blake. The story has a bit of a Beauty and the Beast theme and I also got some Sound of Music vibes (ie: Maria telling off Captain VonTrapp and telling him to pay attention to his kids!).Elly is Lily's new nanny. Lily is a precocious 6 year old who loves to prank and torment her nannies until they quit. Well, Elly is not so easily run off and they become fast friends. Elly loves spending time with Lily and wants to make her life better, but Lily's fa [...]

  • Karina

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. What a quick and enjoyable book. Eliana is Lilly's nanny and in three months has yet to meet her father, Lucas. When they do finally meet sparks fly. Eliana goes to Lucas' work to talk to him about Lilly and to get him to go on a field trip to the zoo. Lucas has spent the last year focusing on work. He loves Lilly but has not taken a very active role as such. Eliana can see how this affects Lilly and decides to call him on it. Once Eliana and Lucas spe [...]

  • Jenna Crowell

    Lucas is a powerful man running his families business and is successful in everything work related, but sometimes the most successful can be also the most broken people. A little jaded from his past, but he can't seem to get Eliana out of his head. Only problem, she is the nanny to his little girl Lily. This book is quick and sometimes I just couldn't feel the connections but overall I really liked this book and have read others by this author and will continue to read more. If you need a short [...]

  • Jessica Cox

    This story was a short steamy read, about a recently divorced dad , workaholic releasing that he has been neglecting his daughter. It takes his nanny who he has never met to make him realize he is missing out.Eliana the nanny is really dedicated and caring and the sweetest thing. I liked that she had a backbone and stuck it Lucas about being there for Lilly. Lucas is a grouch who still messes up but then comes around. I really loved the relationship between Eliana and Lily it was so sweet.

  • Lisa Hunt

    Loved! Loved it! Not my usual genre of reading, but it was a great read that surprised me. The story kept my attention as it was not slow and did not drag. There was plenty of excitement ! Very steamy! A HEA , which is a major plus for me! My usual genre is of the shifter nature. Honestly I was so engrossed in this story I did not miss a shifter . A must read for anyone that likes a hot steamy romance with a HEA!

  • Konny

    Lukas Philips is a sucessful business man. He is a single father with a 6 year old little adorable girl.He hires Eliana Sanders as nanny.Both meet and have insta-lust. But she´s only the Nanny and taboo.The Nanny and The Beast is a story with scorching hot sex, a very busy father and a nanny.I didn´t like Eliana´s character very much, I think she is annoying and squeeky.But this book is well written and I liked Lily and Lucas´ characters very much.4 Stars and Thank you Carter Blake.

  • Keryth Belvin

    Falling For The NannyI enjoyed this book very much, a bit disappointed that it ended at 25%. Second story takes up 75% of the book, I did not read it. Until you actually read the book, you have no idea it's more than one story.The Nanny And The Beast, is quite well written, great storyline and characters. I will be checking out other books byCarter Blake.

  • Jane

    Two books for one.First story is the nanny story. Fun light read, minor sex scenes. Novella length, I would recommend.Second story was described as a revenge story, I didn't feel like reading that.

  • Michelle Fortune

    Both books are wonderful reads. There is a bonus book and that one is just as good as the main book. You can sympathize with the nanny and understand why she feels the way she does. You can also feel how the "beast" felt and how he is willing to change.

  • Awilda Melendez

    Your storyI gave this book this rating because I loved the story the only thing that there was not in the story that I would have loved to see is how they got married and lived happily ever after

  • Line

    Sweet but too shortSweet story but I feel there was too little of it; it's pace a little too quick. It would have been nice with more background on the characters, especially Eliana.I also more than once came across names that had been switched around among other smaller errors.

  • Aline

    Love storiesWe have the all packed here, love in its most sense. Carter Blake is amazing in give to ber stories mistery and get us attacehd to it, wanting to know more and more and falling in love with her characters.

  • Cassie

    A great quick read. Good story line, when the nanny not only loves her charge, but falls in love with the Dad.

  • Holly

    Sweet and SexyReally enjoyed this sweet and sexy tale. Lucas needed a wake up call regarding his daughter and Eliana is the perfect woman to provide it.

  • JJ

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a good read.

  • Lindsay

    Short. Filler short story only. Happy book.

  • Teresa Calhoun

    Great lessonGood story about learning to live again. Always like stories that have kids. Lilly was a smart girl both her and her dad needed Elly

  • Rogelyn Nay

    BeautifulSuch a beautiful story!!! It's short and sweet. I love all the characters!!! Definitely a good book to read! I highly recommend it.

  • Yeluz Selarom

    EllyEliana was a strong woman who didn't care what her boss said she had to make Lilly happy and uniting her with her father was what she had to do. I love books with strong heroine's awesome job

  • Chrissi

    A sweet, sexy fun read about a dad who works way too much and the nanny who shows him the error of his ways. A standalone, no cliffhanger and a sweet HEA.

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  • Free Read [Memoir Book] ↠ The Nanny and the Beast - by Carter Blake ✓
    168 Carter Blake
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