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By Mick Inkpen | Comments: ( 504 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

Tired of sleeping on his old blanket in his chewed up basket, Kipper goes in search of a better place to sleep, considering a flowerpot, the grass, a lily pad, and other spots before returning to his own cozy bed.

  • Title: Kipper
  • Author: Mick Inkpen
  • ISBN: 9780316418836
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Mick Inkpen

Mick Inkpen is one of the most popular author illustrators in the world His books have sold over 4 million copies, and have been translated into over twenty different languages His best loved characters are probably Kipper and Wibbly Pig who are both stars of their very own TV series He began his career as a graphic designer, and worked with another children s author Nick Butterworth of Percy the Park Keeper fame on a cartoon strip for the Sunday Express In 1989 The Blue Balloon was published to great acclaim, and established him as an important and original voice in children s picture books He and his wife, Debbie, also had children of their own by this point Without the experience of having children of my own I doubt that I would have been capable of writing effectively for children And yet it s true that good work really springs from trying to please yourself Mick lives in Essex with his wife and two children.He began his career as a graphic designer, declining a place to study English at Cambridge University During this period he worked with Nick Butterworth, a fellow children s author, from whom he learned design and typography Together they developed a cartoon strip for the Sunday Express magazine, later to become a first series of children s picture books They also worked in children s television.In 1989 The Blue Balloon established him as a truly original voice in children s picture books, by which time Mick and his wife Debbie had two children of their own Without the experience of having children of my own I doubt that I would have been capable of writing effectively for children And yet it s true that good work really springs from trying to please yourself

Comments Kipper

  • Siobhan

    Ah Kipper, you were always there in my childhood when I needed you. Whilst Kipper does not win first place in my childhood reads, it is certainly high up there (within my top ten, which is a hard thing to do considering the number of childhood reads out there).Charming and loveable it is certainly a book to keep the wee ones happy.

  • Karishma

    As The Guardian so rightly points out ‘The charmingly comical Inkpen, as always, hits the spot’. The first from the collection of Kipper books, it describes Kipper’s struggle to get comfortable in his doggy basket. He tries a number of amusing options such as a gardening pot, only to find it incredibly uncomfortable and eventually, he retreats back to ‘his smelly old blanket’. The sizeably large text is great for beginner readers and the words are easy to sound out. It is best suited t [...]

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    Kipper decides to rid himself of his smelly bed and toys and seek a new place to sleep. He tries the beds of other animals, but nothing satisfies and he finally returns home to the comfort of his old bed.

  • Jessica

    Remember this from my childhood used to love kipper books and it will be one of those books that i read and will reccomend to my neices and pass through the familys children .

  • Adam Nickson

    Scarlett aged 6 ****Poppy aged 4 *****

  • Emily

    'Kipper' by Mick Inkpen, is the tale one of our favourite dogs who in this story is uncomfortable in his basket and wants to find somewhere new to sleep. He throws out his soggy dog and blanket and goes in the search of somewhere new and exciting to sleep in the garden. Should he copy the ducks and sleep on one leg? Should sleep on a lily pad just like the contented frog? Or perhaps in a dark hole like the friendly mole? Kipper realises that none of these options are right for him and returns to [...]

  • Frankie


  • Laura Black

    Kipper is a familiar character to many children and this book was the first in the popular series. It is appropriate for children from a very early age and could be read by some children by the end of reception or beginning of year one as the majority of the book can be phonically decoded.In Kipper, the well known dog decides that he no longer wants to sleep in his smelly basket and so explores where and how other animals live. In an Early Years setting, this could be used to promote Understandi [...]

  • Allison

    Kipper is a little dog who wants some change in his life. He heads out on some adventures and tries out things other critters are doing that they seem content with. Then after much trial and error, he decides things in his life were pretty great just the way they were before.I like this story because it shows Kipper going out and trying new things - a lot of new things. He doesn't just sit there, unhappy about how things are expecting someone else to come along and "fix it". So many kids today g [...]

  • Amy

    The first in a series of books about a dog, Kipper makes the others in the series appear promising. He cleans up the basket he sleeps in, only to find that it is no longer comfortable without his rabbit, his ball, his bone, and his smelly old blanket. So he tries standing on one leg like the ducks, making a nest in a flowerpot like the wrens, making a nest of sticks like the squirrels, and other experiments to rest like other animals. Finally he decides that the old basket is best, as long as it [...]

  • Jodie

    One of my own all time favourites as a child. Kipper decides he no longer wants to live in his basket with his smelly old blanket and so he explores the homes of different animals. This book is great for children in an EYFS setting or early KS1 as it can be phonetically decoded and the higher children may read this alone. Different homes can be discussed and then the focus could be moved onto what home each child lives in. This gives them an understanding of their own lives and how it may differ [...]

  • Sonia

    Kipper is a very well known book for young children. Kipper the dog tidies his basket, Kipper’s basket is old and his blanket is smelly, he tries to find a place to sleep. Failing to get cosy like the animals around him, Kipper eventually gets tired and falls asleep on his basket. This book can be used with children to introduce punctuation marks, as Inkpen uses a lot of quotations, exclamation marks, capital letters, ellipsis etc. There has also been a production of a British television serie [...]

  • June

    Kipper is in a mood for cleaning and gets rid of everything including his basket, so he looks for a better place to sleep, (ducks, wrens, squirrels, sheep, frogs, & rabbits are copied) until he ends up back home under his blanket. I tried this at PJ time because I had a mixed crowd and thought this was an in-between book, it was okay, but not a great hit. 7/31/12A little long for the younger kids.

  • Hannah

    PB 29This book was kind of boring in my opinion. I thought the story was oversimplified for children and tried too hard to be cute. The pictures were illustrated nicely, but the story in general left something to be desired. I am a big fan of simplicity, but this simplicity was only simple without anything. The one thing I did like about the book was the variety of vocabulary. Although the story was dumbed down, the words were not.

  • Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)

    A wonderful picture book for the preschool set. Kipper decides to clean out his basket, getting rid of his dirty, worn and chewed old possessions. But then he can't get comfortable, and so he sets out to try various ways that other non-dog animals go to sleep. Oh so very cute story and book, with fabulous illustrations. I never really suspect that a cartoon dog could give such a wry smile as Kipper does- but he can. This is a great book.

  • Charlotte

    Kipper is a fun twist on the Goldilocks story line. This bed is too dirty, too hard to make, too scary, ah! just right. Kipper also takes a unique angle on the children's "dog" book genre. You won't find any barking or cat chasing here. It is a welcome respite. Everytime I bark while reading a story to a child I become a little more cynical.

  • Emkoshka

    I'm not a dog person, but Kipper is the cutest pup ever! Nominative determinism applies beautifully in Mick Inkpen's life; he's every bit the artist as well as a humorist and storyteller with heart. In this first Kipper adventure, our eponymous hero tries out a variety of other creatures' homes before deciding that his own home is where his heart is. Gorgeous.

  • Kate

    A classic children's book, Kipper tells the story of a dog who decides his basket is too dirty and throws out his dirty blanket, rabbit, and toys. He finds that his basket is no longer comfortable and goes on a search for a comfortable place, running into many different animals along the way. A great story to read with young ones.

  • Leila T.

    I wish Kipper had thrown his blanket and rabbit into the wash before exploring the world for other beds, but this was pretty cute otherwise. I think I changed one or two sentences only, and of course changed all the pronouns.

  • Meg McGregor

    Kipper wants to get rid of his old blankie, and rabbit but he finds out that his basket isn't as cozy without them!Great for the child who still needs the security of a favorite blanket or stuffed toy!

  • Rosa Cline

    This was a fun Kipper book. He starts out cleaning out his basket wanting to throw out things because they are old and broken etc. And so he goes in search of a new 'bed' and what various others do for bedtime only to go back to his basket and puts everything back and loves it.

  • Robin

    Cutest pup since Eric Hill's Spot the Dog.

  • Sam Pak

    The book is good for preschool children. The story is interesting, and the use of words are suitable for readers.

  • Ann

    Cute, sweet, great for little kids.

  • Danielle Mootz

    We are big fans of the Kipper show and enjoyed the book.

  • Daisy

    There is such a gentle sensibility to the Kipper books -- just as comfy as Kipper's favorite old blanket.

  • Kate B

    One of many in our repertoire of bedtime stories for pre-schoolers.

  • Kyrie

    The art work is charming and the story cute. I loved the videos when my children were smaller.

  • Theresa

    a cute emergent reader book series related to the pbs show that helps kids recognize words and topics related to school, home and outside.

  • Verity

    My girls love Kipper.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ Kipper : by Mick Inkpen ✓
    325 Mick Inkpen
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