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From the critically acclaimed author Bradford Morrow, a literary quest novel that travels from Nazi occupied Prague to turn of the millennium New York as a young musicologist seeks to solve the mystery behind an eighteenth century sonata manuscript.Music and war, war and music these are the twin motifs around which Bradford Morrow, recipient of the Academy Award in FictionFrom the critically acclaimed author Bradford Morrow, a literary quest novel that travels from Nazi occupied Prague to turn of the millennium New York as a young musicologist seeks to solve the mystery behind an eighteenth century sonata manuscript.Music and war, war and music these are the twin motifs around which Bradford Morrow, recipient of the Academy Award in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, has composed his magnum opus, The Prague Sonata, a novel than a dozen years in the making.In the early days of the new millennium, pages of a worn and weathered original sonata manuscript the gift of a Czech immigrant living out her final days in Queens come into the hands of Meta Taverner, a young musicologist whose concert piano career was cut short by an injury To Meta s eye, it appears to be an authentic eighteenth century work to her discerning ear, the music rendered there is commanding, hauntingly beautiful, clearly the undiscovered composition of a master But there is no indication of who the composer might be The gift comes with the request that Meta attempt to find the manuscript s true owner a Prague friend the old woman has not heard from since the Second World War forced them apart and to make the three part sonata whole again Leaving New York behind for the land of Dvor k and Kafka, Meta sets out on an unforgettable search to locate the remaining movements of the sonata and uncover a story that has influenced the course of many lives, even as it becomes clear that she isn t the only one after the music s secrets.Magisterially evoking decades of Prague s tragic and triumphant history, from the First World War through the soaring days of the Velvet Revolution, and moving from postwar London to the heartland of immigrant America, The Prague Sonata is both epic and intimate, evoking the ways in which individual notes of love and sacrifice become part of the celebratory symphony of life.

  • Title: The Prague Sonata
  • Author: Bradford Morrow
  • ISBN: 9780802127150
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Bradford Morrow

Bradford Morrow has lived for the past thirty years in New York City and rural upstate New York, though he grew up in Colorado and lived and worked in a variety of places in between While in his mid teens, he traveled through rural Honduras as a member of the Amigos de las Americas program, serving as a medical volunteer in the summer of 1967 The following year he was awarded an American Field Service scholarship to finish his last year of high school as a foreign exchange student at a Liceo Scientifico in Cuneo, Italy In 1973, he took time off from studying at the University of Colorado to live in Paris for a year After doing graduate work on a Danforth Fellowship at Yale University, he moved to Santa Barbara, California, to work as a rare book dealer In 1981 he relocated to New York City to the literary journal Conjunctions, which he founded with the poet Kenneth Rexroth, and to write novels He and his two cats divide their time between NYC and upstate New York.Visit his website at bradfordmorrow.

The Prague Sonata by Bradford Morrow From the critically acclaimed author Bradford Morrow, a literary quest novel that travels from Nazi occupied Prague to turn of the millennium New York as a young musicologist seeks to solve the mystery behind an eighteenth century sonata manuscript Music and war, war and music these are the twin The Prague Sonata Bradford Morrow The Prague Sonata Bradford Morrow ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . The Prague Sonata Bradford Morrow, Christina The Prague Sonata Bradford Morrow, Christina Delaine ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . The Prague Sonata Grove Atlantic The Prague Sonata is a mighty, epic novel that only Bradford Morrow could have written Moving from New York to Prague to London and beyond, it is a major and compelling work about the persistence of a smart, determined woman with a real commitment both to music and to truth. The Prague Sonata English Edition eBook Bradford Morrow The Prague Sonata English Edition eBook Bradford Morrow Kindle Shop Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln Prime entdecken Hallo Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufs wagen Kindle Shop Los Suche Bestseller Geschenkideen Neuerscheinungen Summary and reviews of The Prague Sonata by Music and war, war and music these are the twin motifs around which Bradford Morrow, recipient of the Academy Award in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, has composed his magnum opus, The Prague Sonata, a novel than a dozen years in the making.

Comments The Prague Sonata

  • Diane S ☔

    What I liked?The history, had read little before of the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, and none at all of The Velvet Revolution of the nineties.The tour of Prague, fascinating city with a long history.A few of the characters, Otylie, Sam, Garrett, Tomas and Irena. All interesting and touching, living in hard times and trying to survive the best way they could. Their lives afterward, what happened to them.What was mixed? Love music, find searching and identifying lost things fascinating, this w [...]

  • Angela M

    I thought I would like this more since at it's core, this is story of courageous resistance against the Nazis during the German occupation of Prague. I’ve read stories before about how people have tried so hard under almost impossible circumstances, to save paintings. This time it’s a music manuscript. For a moment I ask why - when your life and the lives of others are so much more precious. But it is a matter of saving a part of history, a part of one’s culture, a part of oneself. Certain [...]

  • Liz

    This book contains several of my favorite things- history, music, a love story and a good mystery. Meta, a musicologist, is given the second movement of an unknown 18th century sonata by Irena, a Czech emigre, and charged with finding the first and third movements. The story travels back and forth in time, between Otylie being given the sonata by her father at the end of WWI, to her divvying up the movements during WWII to keep it out of the hands of the Germans, to her later life and then to th [...]

  • Esil

    2.5 stars. As I read The Prague Sonata, I kept thinking "Please let this book end" What a terrible reaction to what should and could have been a really good novel. The Prague Sonata is a good idea left untamed. It takes place throughout the 20th and early 21st century, and focuses on a found musical manuscript that is suspected of being by a famous composer. Just at the beginning of WWII, Prague resident, Otylie, who has inherited the manuscript from her father, must find a way to keep it safe d [...]

  • Maureen Carden

    Lush, lovely, and lyrical would be an accurate way to describe Mr. Morrow's twenty year journey in researching and writing The Prague Sonata.I was captivated from the beginning by the story of two women, born almost sixty years apart, in their quest to preserve, and then recover a sonata of unknown authorship but of unmistakable beauty and originality. A sonata is a composition written in three sections known as an exposition, a development, and a recapitulation Otylie Laska’s father gives her [...]

  • Erin

    Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review.I have decided to not give this book a rating. I dragged my feet on the reading of it and at the 34% mark admitted defeat. This was perhaps the first NetGalley that I felt was assembled in a mismatch way because I could never make head nor tails of which dual storyline was unraveling. Although I am really disappointed that this book didn't hold my interest, I can see that I am safely in the minority.

  • Cindy Burnett

    3.5 starsI loved the base story line in The Prague Sonata; it was completely engrossing, clever and unique. My one complaint, which altered my overall thoughts on the book significantly, was that the book was WAY too long and included too much extraneous information. I ended up having to skim pages and pages to pick up the next section on the sonata story line. I thoroughly enjoyed the tale regarding the missing manuscript, and the resolution of that tale brought tears to my eyes. The Czech hist [...]

  • Joyce

    5 plus stars Our story starts out in Czechoslovakia just after the ending of WWI. A little girl named Otylie is told by her father that there is music in war. He describes even the various types of military music, including the music that accompanies the start and finish of a battle. The young girl ponders this and decides she doesn’t want this haunting her. He leaves her a three part musical score. For Otylie this is the only thing that remains of her father. It is now the late 1939 and Czech [...]

  • Phil

    An anonymous piano sonata of unknown provenance and Prague, one of the most enchanting cities in the world – I simply loved the premise and read The Prague Sonata in great anticipation.In brief, I was disappointed. The characters are not especially developed and the “bad guy” is not especially bad – just another vain, narcissistic academic. In places, it felt the author was simply copying off notes for a plot outline, and in others, the narrative was overwritten with flowery or five doll [...]

  • Faouzia

    Stories about music are among my favorites. Stories about music set in cities i love and composers i really like are even better. So when i requested this book, The Prague Sonata, i was expecting a very pleasant journey in my favorite city. And i was not disappointed. It was kind of thrilling to be able to picture exactly the places mentioned and to recall the emotions and impressions that those same places conjured.By some mysterious chance, a part of an 18th century music manuscript came into [...]

  • Davida Chazan

    When part of a manuscript of what seems to be an 18th century piano sonata falls into Meta Taverner’s hands, she decides she must find the missing pieces, and see if she can discover who wrote it, as well as attempt to return the full work to its rightful owner. Her search takes her half way across the globe, and gets her involved in an intrigue that might result in her losing everything. This is the latest novel from Bradford Morrow, and you can read what I thought of it in my review here. dr [...]

  • Nancy

    What makes me love a book? Gorgeous writing. Great characters. An intriguing plot. Insights into our common humanity. Historical perspective. Encountering joy and love. Encountering horror, war, and villains. A story line that grabs me so I want to know what happens next. Some books have one or two of those attributes. To find a book that wraps up all of these things is a happy day indeed. Bradford Morrow's The Prague Sonata offers the whole package.The story is rich and complex, but also full o [...]

  • Patricia Doyle

    The Prague Sonata was extremely well researched. Unfortunately, more often than not, this research read like a history book with countless facts or much like a telephone book filled with Czech names. It reminded me of Cliff Clavin, from television’s ‘Cheers’. Cliff knew everything about everything (“It’s a little known fact that”) and told you all of it. There were more details in this book than I ever wanted to know.There were too many Czech names and street names. There were too ma [...]

  • Bandit

    A while ago I read Morrow's Forgers and remember enjoying it within reason, but being somewhat underwhelmed. One of the most memorable things about that reading experience was the exhaustive amount of research the author ahs obviously put into it. Well, at 300some pages that was nothing comparing to this particular behemoth and all the musicology that went into it. Confession timeMusic, I'm just not that into you. I'm not against music for the right occasion for a reasonable duration, but it's f [...]

  • Steven Z.

    At the end of World War I Jaromir Laska is killed on the battlefield leaving an orphaned daughter with his most prized possession, an old music manuscript. The daughter, Otylie was packed off to live with an aunt in Prague where she remained until 1939 when the Nazis seized control of her country. So begins Bradford Morrow’s brilliant new novel, THE PRAGUE SONATA where the music manuscript became the centerpiece of Otylie’s memory of her father. Its origin and composer would become an obsess [...]

  • TAS

    First, full disclosure. I gained early access to this book with the understanding that I would write an impartial review AND I requested that access because I read a lot about the two world wars and the book's description indicated it was related to Prague during World War IIAGUE SONATA is a great read! It's suspenseful, has interesting and multi-dimensional characters and takes the reader deep inside the world of professional musicians and musicologists. One of the novel's main characters is an [...]

  • Vanessa

    I thought this book was excellent. The story is intriguing. It's well written. It takes place mostly in Prague, which I love. This is the story of a sonata that was divided into three parts during World War II, the people who had the three parts, and the musicologist that is tasked with bringing them back together. I love novels like this where there is historical fiction and some sort of mystery in the present that needs to be solved. I definitely recommend this.

  • John

    Meta Taverner, a former piano prodigy & now a dedicated musicologist, wonders about the manuscript that's just fallen into her hands. The gift of the Eastern European emigre Irena, living out her last days in Queens, NY, the work's penmanship & rag-paper & more suggest the composition dates a long way back, 1800 or earlier, & according to the ancient Irena, it's one movement of a sonata, separated into thirds back in 1938, in Prague. At that time the piece's owners had too much J [...]

  • Sarah

    Our story begins during WWII with the occupation of Prague by the Nazi's. Already, I'm excited because what would make for a better story than WWII and Prague! Otylie Bartsova is in possession of a sonata manuscript given to her by her father. She decides that the only way to keep it out of Nazi hands is to split it into 3 sections. She gives one section to her best friend Irena, one to her husband who is active in the Prague resistance, and keeps one piece herself. Fast forward 60 years and one [...]

  • J.S. Dunn

    4.0 to 4.5An opus magnum, and worth the ten years plus it took the author for research, travel, and writing. This is a page turner and for all the right reasons. Several stories intertwine like musical phrases into a consistent sonata with themes. Every page is worthwhile, nothing forced or contrived or ponderous but nevertheless, of weighty effect. A solid intro to the Czech Velvet Revolution for those of us not familiar with it, and just enough backstory of the prior Nazi and Soviet oppression [...]

  • Liz

    This is a wonderfully written story that grabbed my interest from the first page and held me until the last. I've been to Prague and Lidice and had heard a great deal about the war in Czechoslovakia but this book made it all seem so real and personal. I really enjoyed the merging of the past and the present as the story evolved. There was a lot to like: a well done intrigue, a nice romance and fascinating history. Since I know nothing about musical terminology and references, I did struggle a bi [...]

  • Natasa

    I'm really sorry I can not give a better review, but this book disappointed me by the time I reached the end. A rather interesting story is embedded in an inexplicable number of details that do not contribute to the plot, and the action is so extravagant and, as an average reader, at some point you will probably lose the will to find out the remaining secrets hidden in this book. I believe this is an excellent idea, but a weak performance. The whole story could be purified and presented to a bro [...]

  • Smkarizona

    Runn't walk to your bookstore or library to get a copy of this book. It is seriously one of the best books I've read in a while. The story is fantastic, woven through the German invasion of the Czech Republic and modern times, and touches on greed, loss, love of music, and just plain love. I was pleasantly surprised when Nebraska (specifically Lincoln and PRAGUE!) provided a backdrop for part of the timeline in the book. At one point I stopped reading because I was too close to the end and didn' [...]

  • Melisa

    I struggled between 3 and 4 for this one. I enjoyed reading it and the historical part worked very well. The attempt to introduce some 'thriller' elements was underwhelming as were some of the flashbacks that could have been cut for a shorter possibly better read.

  • Dgordon

    It's 1939 in Prague, the Nazies have entered the city and a young woman divides her precious sonata into three pieces and distributes it to three to preserve it. Years later another young woman goes on a quest to reunite the three pieces. A wonderful story of lost love, heroism, perserverince, romance and music, music, music! Highly recommended for historical novel readers and music lovers. Thanks Netgalley for this great book.

  • Deepa

    As a professional classical musician, I was thrilled to get my hands on an advanced copy of The Prague Sonata by Bradford Morrow. It is incredibly rare to find fictional books set in my world of classical music and I wasn´t disappointed with the intricate level of research that Mr Morrow displayed in this sweeping historical novel set across 80 years from Europe to America. The Prague Sonata begins with Otyllie Bartsova who is given the sonata by her beloved musician father. Devastated by the e [...]

  • Charlie Smith

    [I requested a copy of this novel and was sent one. I do not know the author, and have no connection to the publisher, I found the synopsis intriguing and so asked to be included in the list of bloggers/book people who got advance reader copies.]I have not read any of Bradford Morrow's eight previously published works of fiction, so I came to "The Prague Sonata" fresh, unencumbered by expectations other than this --- like "The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells", about which I just wrote --- the no [...]

  • Tonstant Weader

    The Prague Sonata is a bit of history, mystery, romance, and quest. It tells us the story of Meta and her quest to unite a manuscript that was divided in 1938 as the Nazis marched into Prague.Meta was once an aspiring world-class pianist but an accident took that future away from her. She adjusted her ambitions and moved on, settling for the much smaller ambition of being a musicologist and giving piano lessons. But life had more interesting plans for her. A dying woman who heard Meta play gave [...]

  • Readnponder

    The Prague Sonata follows an opt-repeated trope but with a refreshing twist. Many novels depict a current day protagonist tracking a lost work of art or artifact, which disappeared during the Nazi regime whether hidden or stolen. Think Geraldine Brooks’ People of the Book (Jewish Haggadah) or Ayelet Waldman’s Love and Treasure (jewels on a Hungarian gold train), Debra Dean’s The Madonnas of Leningrad (masterpieces at the Hermitage), Susan Vreeland’s Girl in Hyacinth Blue (Vermeer paintin [...]

  • Breakaway Reviewers

    A fascinating search for a musical manuscript.This story starts in Prague at the time of the First World War. A man sets out for the fighting, leaving his only daughter, Otylie, with a single possession, an old manuscript of a sonata written in three movements, which he believes to have great value.Everything now revolves around this sonata and it leads to a fascinating trail of events. The father having died in the war leaves his orphaned child with nothing but this manuscript. The story then m [...]

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    227 Bradford Morrow
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