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By Christine Merrill | Comments: ( 506 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

Bought for Ten Thousand Pounds Ex soldier Frederick Challenger may own a share of London s most secret gentlemen s club, but he has long since stopped sampling its delightsuntil a beautiful woman auctions her innocence.Georgiana Knight s plan had been to lure in a villain, but instead she s trapped the devil himself And now, to protect her reputation, she must marry hBought for Ten Thousand Pounds Ex soldier Frederick Challenger may own a share of London s most secret gentlemen s club, but he has long since stopped sampling its delightsuntil a beautiful woman auctions her innocence.Georgiana Knight s plan had been to lure in a villain, but instead she s trapped the devil himself And now, to protect her reputation, she must marry him But if Frederick has hopes of taming this temptress, he ll have to think againThe Society of Wicked Gentlemen The hour is late and the stakes are high

  • Title: A Convenient Bride for the Soldier
  • Author: Christine Merrill
  • ISBN: 9780373299447
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Christine Merrill

Christine Merrill has wanted to be an author for as long as she can remember But one thing stood in her way touch typing.Six weeks spent on an IBM Selectric in her Sopho year of high school proved that she would never be able to produce one readable page of manuscript, much less several hundred.Twenty years passed, and she found ways to pass the time marrying her high school sweetheart having two sons and taking an assortment of jobs in professional theater costume shops, including a miserable year and a half spent styling wigs for a certain hamburger selling clown who shall remain nameless, since I don t want to incur the wrath of a major American corporation and a couple of weeks working on a TV movie with one of the sexiest men alive whose name I m happy to drop Mark Harmon.During that time, someone invented word processing, and a reliable spell checker.Christine returned to her childhood dream, only to discover that there was to the whole writing thing than accurate typing The next years were spent learning to tell stories that people might want to read, and trying to find someone who wanted to buy them Her chance came when she won the RWA s Golden Heart Competition for unpublished manuscripts The winning story, soon to be known as THE INCONVENIENT DUCHESS, was bought by the contest judges, the delightful editors at Mills Boon, in Richmond, Surrey.Christine is now busy writing her fifth book, and is than slightly jealous that her manuscripts get to visit England, while she stays home in Wisconsin

Comments A Convenient Bride for the Soldier

  • Dash fan

    5☆ Full of Charm, Passion, Forbidden secrets.A Convenient Bride for a Soldier is the first book in The Society for Wicked Gentlemen. It is also my first book i have read by Christine Merrill. It certainly won't be the last.I am very excited for this new series.A Convenient Bride for a Soldier is full of Passion, secrets, Forbidden encounters, family secrets and a Marriage of Hate/Love/Lust.When Georgiana (George) first meets Frederick (Fred) she is being pursued by the very unsavoury character [...]

  • Caz

    I've given this a B at AAR.Christine Merrill joins forces with three other Harlequin Historical authors to bring us a new series of four books under the title The Society of Wicked Gentlemen.  The gentlemen in question are a group of friends of differing backgrounds who met at university and who now jointly own a rather scandalous and extremely popular club at which members of the ton can freely indulge their vices, whether their preference is for strong drink, high-stakes gaming, sexual peccad [...]

  • Rachel (BAVR)

    These characters are salty as hell with each other, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Full review to come (if I remember). :P

  • Susan

    Good book. Georgiana is a young woman trapped in a no-win situation. She doesn't get along with her stepmother, who wants her married off and out of the house. Unfortunately, her only suitor is a relative of her stepmother's, one who hides an unsavory reputation under a veneer of respectability. George thinks that her only option is to get the proof of Nash's activities and denounce him to her father. She comes up with a plan to sneak into a gentlemen's club and use herself as bait to catch him. [...]

  • Tima

    Georgiana is horrified when her father and step-mother give her the ultimatum. She must marry her step-mother's cousin. It's time she wed and they don't see why she's rejecting him. But Georgiana has heard horrible things about him and decides to enter a pleasure house to catch him in the act. Little does she know that he wants her for her dowry just as much as he wants her for other, more horrifying things. But her plans go awry and Captain Challenger rushes to the rescue. The outcome is not wh [...]

  • Vikki Vaught

    Thanks go to the publisher and Net-Galley for the opportunity to read A Convenient Bride for the Soldier. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Merrill, and I enjoyed the story. It did take me time to warm up to the characters, but the plot kept me engaged until I grew to like them. I was very glad they found their happy ending.The pacing is nice and steady, and I enjoyed the secondary characters a great deal. I will definitely look for other books in the series. The romance between Georgian [...]

  • AnnMarie

    A Convenient Bride for the Soldier is the first book in The Society of Wicked Gentlemen series by Christine Merrill.Georgiana Knight is being pushed towards marrying her step-mother's cousin who is only after her dowry, and is everything no woman would want in a man. In order to show her father that the man is perverted she means to catch him out in an infamous club where anything goes. Her attempts go horribly wrong when not only does she not catch him out, he catches her at her game, and the o [...]

  • Harlequin Historical

    Miniseries: The Society of Wicked Gentlemen

  • Gwessie Tee

    Recieved fromm Mills and Boon Insiders in return for an honest review Naughtiness 4*Im so thrilled that I reviewed this title, it's been a while since I've read one of Christine books and I am never going to wait that long again and I definitely have catching up to do as life got in the way for a while. I've adored many of Christine titles in the past and will most definitely be reading a lot more. As always I never give spoilers as it's unfair to the author aswell as potential readers aswell as [...]

  • Janet

    Georgiana Knight is being pushed to marry her stepmother’s cousin Nash Bowles but she learns from her maid that he’s not all he seems. So she plans to lure Bowles by visiting a secret club, but instead she’s trapped the devil himself. Ex-soldier Frederick Challenger may own a share of London’s most secret gentlemen’s club, but he has long since stopped sampling its delights…until a beautiful woman auctions her innocence.However all good plans go awry & now George must marry Fred [...]

  • Carol

    This review should have started with "DNF at 47%" then "DNF at 74%" but here I am having actually finished it. To say it was out of boredom seems horribly ironic considering I was bored to tears reading this.I've read similar plots before much like this book is based on. However those actually worked where these one well not so much. It felt far too rushed for an actual full length novel, not to mention there was literally not chemistry between either the main female or male leads. It was painfu [...]

  • Maggie Hesseling

    Georgiana is in a difficult position. Her step-mother is pushing her to marry one of her family members, and he is repulsive. So repulsive that Georgiana is forced to take drastic measures. But when her plan goes awry (mostly due to her naivete) she's forced into an arrangement she hadn't even considered and with Mr. Challanger, the owner of a disreputable club.There was a lot to like about this novel. The story is simple, which allows for the characters to be a little more intricate. I really l [...]

  • Anna Swedenmom

    Another buy buy buy buy buy book from this fantastic author! At first I thought oh no this one will not live up to her prior writings, I was so wrong! With twists and turns and surprises through out the story I was caught! I love her way of writing and her characters are strong and realistic. Her romances are given with heart and warmth as well as passion and life. Through out the entire story you are captivated by the way she is writing the story to life inside your imagination. Over and over a [...]

  • Diane K. Peterson

    Very pleasant read. We have the combination of an impulsive, but loving girl and a reclusive guy who is, of course, not interested in marriage. Georgiana's impulsiveness and curiosity get her in big trouble and it's up to Frederick to rescue her by offering a loveless marriage of convenience. I had not read a Christine Merrill book for a while and was very pleased to see some lovely "sparkles" of clever writing. By that, I mean clever turns of a phrase, similes, etc. They really added to my enjo [...]

  • Jill Purinton

    Loved it ! Frederick suffers from ennui following his return from the war. Georgiana would like to escape an arranged marriage and a wicked stepmother. How they accomplish that in Regency England makes an interesting and fun read. Georgiana battles The Ton so both she and Frederick have their HEA. Merrill is my go to Regency author.

  • Melania Ramona

    I was a bit disappointed with this book or, should I say, with Georgiana, the heroine, who was so silly and annoying at times that she totally spoiled the story for me

  • Gail

    PBS #1 in series

  • Harlequin Books

    *Miniseries: The Society of Wicked Gentlemen

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ A Convenient Bride for the Soldier | by ☆ Christine Merrill
    392 Christine Merrill
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