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By M.V. Stott | Comments: ( 498 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

A witch s familiar is tasked with protecting London from the monsters that lurk in the shadows the creatures that seek to unravel the fabric of things and send us all to hell Mystery, horror, and fast paced action collide in this thrilling urban fantasy series from the Uncanny Kingdom.Three dead witches An unknown killer One big mistake they left me alive.My name is SA witch s familiar is tasked with protecting London from the monsters that lurk in the shadows the creatures that seek to unravel the fabric of things and send us all to hell Mystery, horror, and fast paced action collide in this thrilling urban fantasy series from the Uncanny Kingdom.Three dead witches An unknown killer One big mistake they left me alive.My name is Stella Familiar and I work for the London Coven I m good at what I do, but now now something has come to town and torn my coven apart It did the impossible and murdered the three most powerful witches in London, leaving me to protect the city on my own Something evil beyond anything I ve ever experienced is loose, something with the power to squash me like a bug and I m going to destroy it.

  • Title: Familiar Magic
  • Author: M.V. Stott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

M.V. Stott

M.V. Stott Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Familiar Magic book, this is one of the most wanted M.V. Stott author readers around the world.

Comments Familiar Magic

  • Michele Evans

    Loved this new series - a breakthrough in a new genre different than the previous works I've read from this author. I was honored to receive an ARCe story starts out full throttle with a familiar's coven being horribly murdered and she walks in to find the seat of their power devoid of all magic. Queue in a crazy devil dog and the chase is on. The main character, Stella, barely escapes the hell dog and miraculously magics herself into the middle of a local detective's home (without even consciou [...]

  • PJ Lea

    This is the most exciting urban fantasy that I have read so far.It jumps right into the action with Stella finding her coven dead, though it should have been impossible. Trying to find the killer, as a lowly familiar, seems to be an insurmountable task without help.It is vividly descriptive, an emotional rollercoaster, with a bombshell to finish. Stunning work as Mr Stott's first foray into UF.

  • Kriselda Gray

    The London Coven is made up of the three most powerful witches in the city who have been charged with policing the denizens of the Uncanny Kingdom - the hidden magical world in this series' universe - and to help keep most humans unaware of its existence. They've been doing their job for a few hundred years, but as the story opens, Stella Familiar, a humanoid woman the Coven had created to assist them in their work, comes home to find them dead. Stella quickly begins trying to find out what kill [...]

  • Judith Cohen

    I've no spoilers of Familiar Magic in this review but if you haven't read Underground Magic, the series' excellent prequel, stop right here and go read that. You can get it from the author for free and it's worth the read. Warning though: by necessity this review is a major spoiler of Underground Magic. This book started off with a gut punch. I'd read Underground Magic and was really looking forward to seeing further interactions between Kala, Trin, & Feal, the three most powerful witches of [...]

  • Jo

    This is a masterfully woven tale of magical retribution and the so-human urge to fight back against what threatens to end us. The story didnt drag, I was promptly pulled in and buckled up for all the twisty turns. The characters were endearing and tough and I loved them.Stella Familiar, the protagonist, is the new standard in female badassery. She is the heroine all young (and not so young) girls aspire to be. She was bold, gutsy, brave, and yet still retained her heart. She faced everything hea [...]

  • Janet

    This first book in the London Coven series, set in the Uncanny Kingdom, is a fantastic start to the series. Stella Familiar has been created by the witches of the London Coven to protect London but she finds herself alone and facing the worst antagonist she has faced in all her sixty years. She finds an unexpected ally, a "normal", but just meeting Stella puts him in great danger. The story is exciting and original and Stella is a unique character in urban fantasy, being a witches' familiar. Oh, [...]

  • Linda

    Stella Familiar is just that. A familiar for THE witches coven. Created by the same three witches, the most powerful witches in London. When she returns to the coven she feels no magic, she finds the door open. nothing feels right. Then she finds them dead, all three of them. But how? No one or no thing is more powerful than the witches coven. But that doesn't stop them from being dead. And then she comes up against the hound from hell. Getting away from the hound lands her in the kitchen of Det [...]

  • Charise Olivier

    I absolutely hated this book! There is almost no plot whatsoever! No descriptions given for the characters, the environment or even the bloody 'devil dog'! How am I supposed to enjoy a book when I am constantly guessing wtf the surroundings and the characters look like? David seems like a total fucking bafoon with no mental filter(foot in mouth syndrome) and Stella seems like a dumb twat with serious anger management issues! How was she created? How long has she lived? How old did they decide to [...]

  • Michele

    Stella is a witches' familiar created to act as the enforcer when paranormals in London needed enforcing. One evening, she returns to the coven only to discover that the witches have all been horribly butchered and every drop of magic sucked from the area.What's an enforcer to do when the brains of an operation are gone? Why seek bloody vengeance, of course! Stella periodically guest stars in the Ghosted series, assisting Jake Fletcher, spectral PI with more dangerous cases. Although her persona [...]

  • Dawn

    Familiar magicThe story moved at a fast pace and kept me interested. The action was violent and gruesome, but it was not too disgusting. The main characters were not too shallow, but the remaining cast were definitely background material. The battles were intense. All in all the book was engaging.

  • Donna

    This book was ok but I missed that connection with the MC. I really had trouble getting into the story. It was an interesting take on paranormal creatures. I think if I had liked the characters more and the story pulled me in more than I would have enjoyed it so much more. Overall, it was an ok read.

  • Alan T

    FamiliarStella, a familiar of the London Coven, arrives home to a strange lack of magic, and the door hanging from one hinge. After escaping from the attack beast left behind for her, she meets David Tyler after finding herself on his kitchen table. Good characterization and plotting as with other books in this series.

  • Monique

    Well, I didn't love it but I definitely didn't hate it either. It's an interesting insight to the Uncanny Kingdom from Stella's point of view. I think I might grow to like her, eventually, but I was hoping that I'd immediately love her (as I did with Jake Fletcher as the protagonist in Ghost series) Nevertheless, good writing and an original premise.

  • Phthon

    Familiar Magic makes its debut with a BANG! Action packed from the beginning it just gets more intense with each chapter. I was so enthralled I read it in an hour and now I am going to have to be patient for the next bookI can't wait!

  • stephanie huntington

    Loved this bookAn intriguing and twisted tale that kept me guessing. Interesting characters, well written and definitely a world you should visit.

  • Devyn Jayse

    Entertaining urban fantasy story.

  • Holly

    The repetition of this one bugged me a bit, but it was still a good fun read and an interesting look at the Uncanny Kingdom world.

  • Mella

    Pretty average read. The humour was funny but I didn't particularly enjoy the characters or the plot. Needed to be fleshed out a lot more. I've rated 2 but it's probably more a 1.5 that 2.

  • Sherri Shade

    Love this series!Funnier than the intro magic book. Still action packed and awesome. These are dependably fun entertaining reads, aways worth the time.

  • Jan Niblock

    I found this book to be very fast paced and totally engaging. I really enjoyed it and loved the fact that the lowly familiar was the one to solve the mystery. The main character, Stella, the Familiar is one that you absolutely love because she is so brave even though she is afraid. She has the sense of duty and determination that all heroines have, but she is very vulnerable. Then there is David, a Normal Detective, who gets caught up in a paranormal world that is full of danger. You have to adm [...]

  • Tracy Marrs

    Such a great read. Stella Familiar was created by the London Coven to help keep the streets safe. When she returns home to find her creators murdered she is determined to find the one responsible. She soon discovers she is also being hunted. She befriends and teams up with a detective and they set out to seek justice for her murdered family. This is such an action packed thrill ride you better buckle up. Lots of twists and unexpected turns. Real page turner was unable to put down. Looking forwar [...]

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  • Best Download [M.V. Stott] ✓ Familiar Magic || [Graphic Novels Book] PDF À
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