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By Abigail Graham Vanessa Waltz | Comments: ( 727 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

I m stuck in the woods with a mountain man And he wants to make a baby I got lost in the forest and met the man of my dreams Lucas Wood is six feet of strapping, hot, lumberjack One look at him chopping firewood, sweaty muscles flexing, and mmmmm Then he saw me Our eyes met, and my panties melted I want to give him my v card, but he won t touch me until I agree to I m stuck in the woods with a mountain man And he wants to make a baby I got lost in the forest and met the man of my dreams Lucas Wood is six feet of strapping, hot, lumberjack One look at him chopping firewood, sweaty muscles flexing, and mmmmm Then he saw me Our eyes met, and my panties melted I want to give him my v card, but he won t touch me until I agree to be his wife Good thing we re stuck in this log cabin with only one way to keep warm She took my wood I ll keep her.I thought a sign and a forest would be enough to keep people away, but she trespassed on my land and took pictures without my permission and she s gorgeous Sweet, innocent Alexa wandered onto my property, her head filled with big dreams I m a recluse a mountain man who s been alone for too long I need a woman to keep me company, and Alexa s perfect All she wanted was my wood to keep her warm I ll give it to her and make her my wife She s the one I ve been waiting for Alexa s good girl days are officially over Author s Note If you re looking to stay warm, this sticky sweet novella will do the trick It consists of an over the top alpha male and a clueless ingenue Sweet Smutty Quickies always end with a HEA No cheating, ever.

  • Title: Riding Wood
  • Author: Abigail Graham Vanessa Waltz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Abigail Graham Vanessa Waltz

Abigail Graham Vanessa Waltz Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Riding Wood book, this is one of the most wanted Abigail Graham Vanessa Waltz author readers around the world.

Comments Riding Wood

  • ♡Tonya♡

    ** IT'S LIVE! **** ARC received in exchange for an honest review **I had really high hopes for this story but unfortunately,  it felt disconnected to me.  The blurb does not really match the storyline at all.  The hero is not a lumberjack, he's an artist (he just happened to be chopping wood when she stumbled upon his cabin).  It is implied that he pursues the heroine in the ott manner that we love and that was NOT the case at all.  He actually pushed the heroine away for about 85% of the b [...]

  • Cindy

    Riding Wood is the story of Lucas woods, who isn't the lumberjack we thought. He's actually a famous artist. But he's given up that life. When he finds out his ex wife is cheating he decides to leave the city behind. He moves to a secluded cabin deep in the woods. His life is quiet and peaceful until Alexa stumbles upon his property. We first meet Alexa on a camping trip with some not so good friends in my opinion. She's out taking pictures of the wilderness when she stumbles upon Lucas. He's se [...]

  • Jabberwocky

    Title: Riding WoodSeries: (Standalone)Author: Abigail Graham & Vanessa Waltz Genre: Adult/New Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance Rating: 3-StarsCliffhanger: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Blog: HERENovella is a standalone.Hero: 3.5-StarsHeroine: 2.5-StarsRomance: 3.5-StarsSex: 4.5-StarsPlot: 3-StarsDialogue: 4-StarsWriting: 4.5-StarsPS: I was given a complementary copy of this book. But I do solemnly swear that I am up togood. *wink* This is a fair, ho [...]

  • April Symes

    This is one hot , sexy and steamy romance that will make you need to turn a fan to cool down on while reading. It’s that hot and good!The hero, Lucas, is an artist who meets the heroine, Alexa, while chopping down wood. She trespassed on his property and that was all he wrote. Because Lucas decided to keep Alexa . But Lucas had a push and pull relationship with Alexa. That was rooted in Lucas’s background as to why he kept her at a distance. He wanted her but didn’t want her, if you know w [...]

  • K.M. Montemayor

    If you read the author's note in the book description, it tells you everything you need to know. This book is exactly as advertised. I had about two hours to spare yesterday and really didn't want to delve into two other longer books I was currently reading. This was exactly what I was looking for.

  • Lori

    2.5 stars

  • Sara Long

    What this book lacked in length, it more than made up for in its refreshing storyline, captivating and well-developed characters, and descriptive writing. I feel compelled to applaud the author duo on their writing because it was superb – they went above and beyond to make the experience real for their readers, from so palpably describing visual attributes to noting the type of magazine the art store owner was reading to indirectly describe that character, to the analogies threaded throughout [...]

  • Jennifer Finn

    I felt so bad giving this book 3 stars because I love Vanessa Waltz. I've loved all her books that I've read and I liked the ones I've read by Abigail Graham also. This one however was just okay for me and I'm not even really sure why I just know it was a struggle to finish. Lucas is an artist who has been living by himself in a cabin in the woods for about six months. Ever since he walked into his studio and caught his wife having sex with her business partner who also happened to be co-owner o [...]

  • Book Snob Sue

    I loved this book. Alexa's roughing it in the woods with some friendst very good friends, but I'm not judging. She's trying to get away from one of the guys that can't take a hint. She finally leaves him to take some pictures. She finds Lucas chopping wood by his cabin and she can't resist taking pictures of his sexy self. He catches her and then it goes from there. Lucas is an artist that moved out to the middle after he caught his ex-wife cheating on himcky for Alexa that his ex-wife was ignor [...]

  • Chitra *CJ*

    Short, insta lust story between Alexa and Lucas.Alexa is a photographer, eager to lose her V card and shooting in the wild. When a random encounter leads her to a secluded cabin- she finds the recluse painter Lucas in it.While she pursues him, he tries to resist her. I liked that he waited to cement the relationship.Enjoyed their final love making/baby making scene.All this being said, it was overall OK. I was a bit bored by it- not by the authors' fault- but all these books have started feeling [...]

  • K

    Very meh for me. :(

  • Jazzysmum

    A nice, quick, entertaining read from these two established authors.i loved how the H exercised restraint and making sure the h was genuine and ready, so sweeeeet:)The h friends were typical young 20 somethings dumb and acting like the world owes them something - thank goodness the h wasn't like that and not all this age group are)Looking forward to the next book.Thanks Abigail and Vanessa

  • Melissa creasey

    I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. It's a great read, highly recommended!Lucas and Alexa have sizzling chemistry from the start No spoilers but I definitely recommend you read

  • Amanda

    yawwwwwwwn. the guy on the cover was the best part

  • Elizabeth Neal

    Alexa is enjoying the peace and quiet around her, the beauty that nature entails, and just as she's about to take a beautiful picture, a loud male voice calls out.  She should've known Bryan, a fellow camper that won't leave her alone, would be the person to ruin the moment. He's just yet another guy that her "friend," Jessie, thinks should be the one to take Alexa's virginity. Jessie is obsessed with it happening, but Alexa has no use for boys her own age and Bryan won't take the hint. As she [...]

  • Jessica Ramsey

    Hero, Lucas  = 4/5Heroine, Alexa = 4/5Secondary Characters = 3/5Chemistry = 4/5Sex = 4/5Plot = 4/5Mystery = 2/5Action =  1/5Darkness = 1/5Humor = 1/5POV = Dual POVEnding = HEAStars =  4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Author = Abigail Graham & Vanessa WaltzWould I recommend this book = YesWould I re-read this book = MaybeWould I read future books by this author = YesThis book was definitely sweet and smutty. The banter between the two was awesome as well. You have a virgin temptress and a rough around the [...]

  • Debbie

    Alexa is a twenty-three year old art student taking photographs in the woods when she ends up at a secluded cabin. She sees Lucas chopping wood and believes he's the most gorgeous man she's ever seen. Lucas caught his ex-wife cheating and has been alone ever since. He's an artist and escaped to the woods to paint and enjoy the peace and quiet. The moment he sees Alexa he wants her. But Lucas wants more than just a hot fling. He wants a wife, a child and a family. Could Alexa be the women he's be [...]

  • Linda Barrett

    I love Vanessa Waltz and Abigail Graham books so when I heard they were writing a novella together I couldn't wait to read it.This is a short read that you will enjoy having in your kindle collection. Alexa Monroe is a 23 year old art student who's passion in life is photography. She goes on a camping weekend with friends and ends up snapping pictures of Lucas Wood.Who knew that her running away from Bryans advances could have her finding everything she could possibly want from life.Lucas Wood i [...]

  • Gale

    The authors are correct: Riding Wood IS smutty, is sweet, and a fairly quick read. It’s not a deep story but it is well-written. Alexa is a virgin, who is not happy about being so, and is on a camping trip with friends. She has an argument with one of her friends, a guy who was told by another that she is still a virgin, and she stomps off to get away from the jerk. And he IS acting like a jerk. She is in the forest and stumbles upon some [posted] private property and a gorgeous specimen of a [...]

  • Dawn Kunda

    Authors Graham and Waltz got together to write a Sweet and Smutty Quickie, as they call it! My guess is that one took on the hero and the other created the heroine, but you’d never know because they meld so well together.I did get my lumberjack fix in this story :) Actually, Lucas is a painter and darn good at it. He has a secluded cabin in the woods and does his own wood splitting, which equals lumberjack to me.Alexa is a photographer on a weekend camping trip with friends. One of the friends [...]

  • Nicole Studioso

    Fun, fast, hit and sexy read! Lucas and Alexa year up the pages with their hotness. I remember finding this book and thinking, ok, this looks smutty. And it was oh so good! Lucas is a reclusive,older artist who has lost his muse until young student Alexa comes bumbling into his site, trying to take pictures of his cabin and surrounding scenery. He mistakes her for a journalist, and the story takes of from there. She inspires him, he creates a passion within her. It's sweet and sexy.

  • Jonella Moore

    Sweet and sexyThis was a really enjoyable story, with almost instalove between the hero and heroine. He's a reknown artist who is withdrawn from the world after finding his wife cheating on him. Now divorced, he lives alone in a cabin deep in the forest. She's an old-for-her-years college student who only wants to be a famous photographer and find someone that makes her feel loved. It's a great story with a happy ending!

  • Deb Diem

    Riding Wood by Abigail Graham and Vanessa Waltz is a quick read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading. Ms Graham and Ms Waltz have created a book that is well-written. The characters are lovable and fun to read. Lucas and Alexa's story is loaded with drama, bits of humor and lots of sizzle. I enjoyed reading Riding Wood and would read more from these authors. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.I voluntarily read a BookFunnel copy of this book.

  • Sarah

    Riding wood was a love at first sight story. Alexa was very pushy towards Lucas to take her virginity. Lucas was way cautious about Alexa. It was a little frustrating. But overall good quick steamy read.

  • Kristen Zimmerman (Book 'Em Krafty)

    I really wanted to like this book. As far as the story itself goes, it was just okay. For the most part I was bored reading this, the Alexa character just plain annoyed me. Now just because this book wasn't my cup of tea, that doesn't mean it won't be yours

  • annette kraft

    Sweet and sexyAlexa meets Lucas under odd circumstances. He's licking his wounds of a failed relationship and she's trying to take nature. He wants the whole cake and without realizing it so does she. This. Is a cute little story.

  • Cheri Pardue

    It's definitely a quick read which explains the rushness to the finish line. I lost interest in Alexa due to her aggressiveness to lose her virginity. Lucas's character I did love. It's a sweet girl meets man love story.

  • Summer-SSBR-

    This was an awesome hot quick read! The build up was so worth it. He is a 29 year old artist living in the woods off the grid and she is 23 year old photography student. She stumbles on to his homestead and can't take her eyes off of him. He see her and forever runs through his mind.

  • Becky Davis

    Good quick rrsfI loved the way alexa went after what she wants and did not let anything stop her. I too knew I had und the man I meant to marry the first time I saw him and I was only 15 at the time and 50 years later I still love him with all my heart.

  • Mary

    Short but goodLove short little stories almost as much long stories and hea are some of my favorites. Great job looking forward to more collaborations.

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