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  • Title: ჩემო მიხაელ
  • Author: Amos Oz მამუკა ბუცხრიკიძე
  • ISBN: 9789941236921
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Amos Oz მამუკა ბუცხრიკიძე

Amos Oz Hebrew born Amos Klausner is an Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual He is also a professor of literature at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba He is regarded as Israel s most famous living author.Oz s work has been published in 42 languages in 43 countries, and has received many honours and awards, among them the Legion of Honour of France, the Goethe Prize, the Prince of Asturias Award in Literature, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Israel Prize In 2007, a selection from the Chinese translation of A Tale of Love and Darkness was the first work of modern Hebrew literature to appear in an official Chinese textbook.Since 1967, Oz has been a prominent advocate of a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Comments ჩემო მიხაელ

  • Chrissie

    "I am writing this because people I have loved died."The central character, Hannah Gonen, tell us this at the very beginning. This is her story, a recounting of the first decade of her marriage to Michael. The setting is Jerusalemn, 1950s. He is a third-year geology student, she a kindergarten teacher and in the evenings a student of Hebrew literature. Her father, whom she loved above all else, died in 1943; her mother, brother and his family live in a kibbutz. She was a tomboy as a child and le [...]

  • Fatema Hassan , bahrain

    رواية تتناول علاقة زوجية فاترة تناضل للبقاء - متقنة الوصف مستوفية التفاصيل دون تبجح - بين حنّه طالبة الأدب و ميخائيلها رجل الجيولوجيا،أو بالأدق رجل الصقيع اليهودي الذي تحول لمأزق شخصيّ بالنسبة لها يلتهمها المفتعل من مشاركته إياها رتابة الحياة بقدر ما يلتهمها انزواءه، تعار [...]

  • Tsung

    29 year old male author writing about a young Israeli woman, about her thoughts and her experiences, as though he knows her mind. Written from a first person perspective, no less. Dude! You are on your own. Even Stefan Zweig, whom you mention a few times, does not try to express his female characters psyche in the first person.Coming off the mixture of tragic and comic tales of ”A Tale of Love and Darkness”, I was expecting more of the same. I was also hoping for more of that insight into Je [...]

  • Gattalucy

    Noia!Questo estate ho viaggiato in tutto il mondo e nel tempo grazie ai libri: dagli States di Stoner e Revolutionary road, all’India dell’Arundhati Roy, alla Francia di Simenon, a Ferrara con Bassani, e in Islanda con Stefansson per finire nel Sudafrica di Coetzee. Mi sembrava giusto non tralasciare il Medioriente, nucleo di tanti disastri infiniti, e ho pensato che un nome come Amos Oz, mai letto, potesse essere l’autore giusto. Forse ho sbagliato libro. Già la premessa che fa l’autor [...]

  • Stephen Durrant

    If you read for plot, leave this book on the shelf. Oz here traces the deterioration of a marriage between two people with opposing temperaments. The woman narrator, Hannah, is a romantic, who once studied literature, remains lost in a world of dreams, and longs for excitement. Her husband, Michael, is a geologist who speaks little and only with scientific care and precision. Nothing terribly dramatic happens, except on a purely psychological level. Hannah is bored, and finds her husband's truth [...]

  • გვანცა მეგუთნიშვილი

    ერთმანეთს ჰგვანან დღეები. წიგნი კი სრულებითაც არაა მოსაწყენი. და მჯერა, რომ ამის მიზეზი წიგნის ნარატორი პოეტი ხანაა, რომელიც ლექსებს არ წერს.ვცდილობდი არ გამომპარვოდა რაიმე დეტალი, რადგან [...]

  • Daniel Chaikin

    Amos Oz's first book. The opening 50 pages are brilliant. Just dreamy wonderful perfect prose (in translation) of Hannah telling us about her history with Michael, her husband, "a geologist, a good-natured man. I loved him.". The dreamy prose started to feel like work after a bit, or maybe I was just waiting for somethings to happen that never actually happened. Oz seems to be working on several different themes. One is a delicate exploration of personalities, and the disconnect between Michael [...]

  • Maria Beltrami

    Depressivo, irrazionale, cupo, maniacale, claustrofobico, monumento all'incomunicabilità, ma molto, molto ben scritto.Infatti sono arrivata in fondo solo a causa della fascinazione delle parole.

  • Lavinia

    I chose My Michael because I wanted to read Amos Oz and it appears this is one of his earliest and most famous novels. In a recent interview he said that if you want to know how's life in a different country, the best way to find this out is by reading a novel from that country. Indeed, My Michael provides this kind of insight into Israel in the 50s. There you are, in the middle of the sunny, rainy, misty or dusty Jerusalem, in Hanna's kitchen, Michael's office or one of the many kibbutzim.I lik [...]

  • Mona Saboni

    في التقديم للرواية يقول بعض النقاد أنها أخطر على اسرائيل من كل معارك العرب ! و يقال أنها ترجمت للعديد من اللغات و تعتبر من روائع الأدب العبري ! حقاً لم أفهم لمذا الرواية تتحدث عن انسانة بنفس عليلة ، يفترض بالكاتب على الأقل أن يسبر أغوار النفس البشرية بالقليل من العمق يفترض به [...]

  • Inderjit Sanghera

    The Jerusalem of "My Michael flickers fulminously beneath the mind of Hannah Gonen, the erswhile heroine of the novel. Married to the kind, if somewhat dull geologist Michael, Oz gives free-reign to Hannah's febrile, if slightly unbalanced psyche, as she sees refuges from the vague sense of dissatisfaction which runs through her life via a series of increasingly bizarre and often sexual fantasies; from the young Arab twins who she used to wrestle with when she was young, to the vulgar and loutis [...]

  • Christian Schwoerke

    This novel is a curious little book: published in Hebrew in 1968, it went on to become a bestseller in Israel. What’s curious is that such a book—ostensibly about a neurasthenic narcissist who envisions herself trapped in a marriage that does not sufficiently reward her need for overt displays of affection—could capture the imagination of the reading public in Israel. Two things are suggested to me by this fact: 1) the small state of Israel is very aware, literate, and self-conscious and 2 [...]

  • Giorgi Baskhajauri

    ბავშვობაში ხანა ფიქრობდა, რომ თუ ბიჭივით მოიქცეოდა, ქალის ნიშნებს დაკარგავდა და ბიჭი გახდებოდა.მიზეზი თუ რატომ არ უნდოდა ყოფილიყო ქალი ნაწარმოების მსვლელობისას ცხადი ხდება, მაგრამ იქამდ [...]

  • لقاء السعدي

    قراءتي الأولى في الأدب العبري و يبدو أنه لم يحالفني الحظ !الرواية مترجمة – كما يبدو – ترجمة حرفية بلا روحكنت أقرأ فقراتٍ كاملة فلا أستخلص منها شيئًامجرد كلمات رُصت رصًا !بالإضافة لعدم استخدام علامات ترقيمجعل القراءة أشبه بالمتاهةفلا تدري متى تبدأ الجملة و متى تنتهيمع هذه ا [...]

  • Rafa

    En la vida las decisiones importantes no se meditan.

  • Nhi Nguyễn

    Không dễ để review một cuốn tiểu thuyết về câu chuyện tình yêu và cuộc hôn nhân tan vỡ mang chiều sâu nội tâm đầy phức tạp như cuốn tiểu thuyết này của tác giả người Israel Amos Oz. Giữa bối cảnh Jerusalem những năm 1950s, “Michael của tôi”, thông qua lời kể của nhân vật chính Hannah, đã tái hiện lại toàn bộ những thăng trầm và uẩn ức trong mối tình của Hannah và Michael, từ khi họ m [...]

  • Shane

    Oz wrote this novel in a female protagonist’s voice when he was 26, and as he got older (and wiser) swore that he would never attempt that again. And yet Hanna Gonen took on a life of her own for him as he wrote this novel in a cramped toilet after work over several months while his wife and child slept adjacent in the one bedroom flat they lived in at the time.Hanna meets Michael while both are in university in Jerusalem in 1950, she studying literature and he studying geology. She is the ima [...]

  • Tina Ghviniashvili

    ჩემი ცხოვრების ყველაზე რთულ დროს გამოიცა ეს წიგნი. ყდის და სათაურის გამო, მაშინვე უკიდეგანოდ შემიყვარდა და კარგა ხანს მეშინოდა წაკითხვის, რა აღმოჩნდებოდა. ძალიან ცუდად ვიყავი ის დღეები. გა [...]

  • Beth

    The story is narrated by a woman, in fact, Michael's wife. She is clearly bipolar (or manic depressive as she would have been labeled in the 60s when the book was written). The manic episodes in the spring are devastating because of her profligate spending --- the depressive episodes are bleak stretches filled with long silences and inaction. This is an very internal book and especially interesting in the light of the autobiography which he wrote recently (Light and Darkness: A Love Story --- I [...]

  • Isabelle

    De (typische Joodse?) psychologische complexiteit van Grossman, de eenvoud, de 0bservaties en het mysterieuze van Berger, volgens mij het gevolg van het juiste weglaten, het mededogen voor de personages: ik denk dat ik er een nieuwe favoriete schrijver bij heb. Fijngevoelig portret van het huwelijk van twee mensen met een te verschillend temperament. Hoe het lot ons bijeen brengt en dat niet altijd gelukkige resultaten oplevert, over de teleurstelling die een huwelijk ook kan zijn. Het einde ste [...]

  • Zura

    რომანში მოქმედება ძალიან მდორედ და ნელა მიდის, პერსონაჟები არ განიცდიან ძირეულ ცვლილებებს, არც დიდად მათი ცხოვრება იცვლება უკეთესობისკენ ან უარესობისკენ, ხშირად ერთ ადგილას არიან და არს [...]

  • Andreea Lucau

    I really enjoy this kind of books: written like a diary by a person with really rich and tormented interior life. Hanna got married to Michael maybe a little bit too fast and even if from outside they might seem like a solid, traditional Jewish family, she feels really misfit and always seem to wait for a change, for some sort of lost dreams to come true.

  • Zillah

    I have mixed feelings about this book On one hand it is too gloomy and depressing for me to really like it, and on the other it's so beautifully and poetically written The story did not actually reach me, but Oz's writing is as amazing as ever

  • Stratos

    Καλό αλλά δεν μ΄ ενθουσίασε. Μια όμορφη ιστορία, κάποιες σελίδες έντονα συγκινησιακές, κάποιες πάλι αδιάφορες. Το προηγούμενο βιβλίο του Οζ που διάβασα "Ιστορία αγάαπης και σκότους", ήταν κατά πολύ ανώτερο.

  • Islam

    أنشودة للبساطةبلا كلاكيع بلا نيلةالأغنية المصاحبة للقراءةJoan Baez - Blowin in the windyoutube/watch?v=QLUDJl

  • Sajida Abdulla

    اعتقد أن كتابة مراجعة لهذا الكتاب ستكون مضيعة للوقت مثلها مثل قرائته. سيء.الكلمة التي سأكتفي بها لوصف هذا الكتاب. لا أنصح بقرائته.

  • Iván Ramírez Osorio

    Diferentes personas me habían sugerido fervientemente que me acercara al escritor israelí Amos Oz. No son sus discursos políticos ni algunas de sus polémicas declaraciones las que han impedido una clasificación más alta a esta novela. Mi querido Mijael es un libro que se lee de manera tranquila, que no utiliza lenguaje extremadamente retórico y que no presenta un gran desafío para el lector. Es un libro que a través de la historia del proceso de la destrucción de un matrimonio, plantea [...]

  • T4ncr3d1

    E penso anche alle cose delicate che si nascondono nel profondo del mio corpo. Cose delicate che appartengono soltanto a me: il mio cuore, i miei nervi, il mio ventre Cose profondamente mie, che però non potrò mai né toccare né vedere, come tutto è distante e irraggiungibile su questa terra.Micheal mio è la storia di un amore che subisce l'usura del tempo, di un matrimonio in fallimento, di una presa di distanza progressiva. E' la cronaca del distacco emotivo di Hannah, da se stessa e da M [...]

  • Cărți și călătorii

    L-Sotul meu, Michaelam descoperit pe Amos Oz în urmă cu câţiva ani, când am împrumutat de la o prietenă romanul Fima. Mi s-a părut serios şi amuzant în acelaşi timp, dar mai ales atipic faţă de lecturile mele de până atunci. Au urmat Poveste despre dragoste şi întuneric, Să nu pronunţi: noapte şi, cel mai recent, Soţul meu, Michael.Pe măsură ce i-am citit cărţile, am fost din ce în ce mai atrasă de stilul lui aparent simplu, care nu lasă să se simtă munca şi căut [...]

  • Nini

    ამოს ოზის "ჩემო მიხაელ" პირველი დანახვისთანავე მიიქცევს შენს ყურადღებას. აუცილებლად გადაშლი, ხელს შეავლებ, დააკვირდები. დაფიქრდები და მიხვდები რომ აუცილებლად უნდა წაიკითხო ეს წიგნი. შემდ [...]

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