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By M. Kane | Comments: ( 810 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Liana Mason has a life that anyone would envy Rags to riches Pauper to princess A girl with beauty and brains and power Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city s most notorious thief.But that s what she is A thief A con artist A criminal It s what she s been for a long time Something she once did for the sake of surviving became a habitLiana Mason has a life that anyone would envy Rags to riches Pauper to princess A girl with beauty and brains and power Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city s most notorious thief.But that s what she is A thief A con artist A criminal It s what she s been for a long time Something she once did for the sake of surviving became a habit somewhere along the way, a source of pleasure Even now, even will all the money in the world, nothing s changed Not really Lia has no desire to change that, not even a little bit She hasn t known anything else, not for a long time.Most of her life, she s dwindled along the line of good and evil, never quite crossing over to one side or the other The line was blurred, her moral skewed, the rules broken, but through it all, she was never seduced by either side.But when an assassin arrives in her city with ill intentions, the thief s life is no longer in her hands With her world spinning out of control, she s forced to play a role she never imagined she d choose.Hero A Robin Hood retelling Ranked 1 in Mystery Thriller Selected by Universal Pictures the Visit as a Top Mysterious Thriller Selected by Fullscreen as a Top Thriller Wattys 2016 Award Collector s Edition Trigger Warning While this book isn t too dark, there are themes that may be uncomfortable for some readers violence, sexual assault, etc.

  • Title: Queen of Thieves
  • Author: M. Kane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: None

About Author:

M. Kane

M Kane is a twenty year old YA author studying health sciences A large amount of her life is dedicated to caffeine consumption, theme parks, books, and, unfortunately, college tuition She enjoys taking amateurish photos on her smartphone, writing stories, and instant validation Despite the fact that she s been alive for twenty years, she has yet to learn how to write a bio without sounding entirely full of herself.

Comments Queen of Thieves

  • Amanda

    Please don't let my babies die in the rewrite.

  • Crystal

    Must read. Just loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Barenya Tripathy

    This book is goals. I mean, be it mystery, horror, thrill, suspense, action, adventure, romance, this book has it all. When I was reading this book, the only thing I could think of was, "What's going to happen next?" It has raw emotions, emotions that hit you straight in the heart and the author has captured it impossibly well. This book made me feel the feelings of Liana, the MC, which I think is a great thing an author can ever give to a reader.Liana Mason is a character I'd totally die for to [...]

  • Emily Pena

    I've read this book three times since it's been completed. The first few chapters, you feel like you know exactly what's going to happen, but then things take a turn and then another and then another. Basically, you think that it's going to be predictable, but once you reach a certain point, you realize it's the complete opposite. And I lived for the banter in this book. Lia caught sight of it immediately and glared at him. "You gave me your word. You swore you wouldn't tell him.""I'm a mass mur [...]

  • Jocelyn Gates

    HELLO! This is my first 'in-depth' review, so bear with me. Finished this yesterday and loved it. I'll admit it - I was skeptical. But only because I'm a die-hard Arrow fan. The first chapter gave off this huge arrow vibe to me - a thief/vigilante that's also an archer - but as I read on, the similarities just felt like a coincidence. Liana Mason (the hero, or well, antihero) is her own woman. The plot is unique. It made a fantastic read once you got past the few typos (found out the author is d [...]

  • Saffron Mavros

    What a fabulous story. The characters are strong and charismatic, each with their own unique personality. And the way their lives touch each other, the readers literally go "ooohhhhhH"So yes, it has all the Oomph factor one could look for in a story. The way Liana Mason finds herself throughout the story. The little bits and pieces of her life revealed over the story. What really kept me hooked was the backgrounds of the main characters. It is not revealed at one go. But slowly, through differen [...]

  • Hailey

    Loved this on Wattpad! The first book I read on there. Hoping it ends up published sooner or later because I'd like to have an actual copy of it.

  • M. Kane

    I might be self-deprecating, but I'm not about to give myself anything less than five stars.

  • Ray

    This was all over Wattpad but I kept ignoring it even though it was on my reading list. Thought I was going to hate it, but fell in love with the characters, the plot, everything. Especially Jacian. His character development was fantastic. At the beginning, I thought that the author would just throw the romance in out of nowhere, but they were a slow burn. It came naturally. I was determined NOT to ship him with Lia, but the chemistry and the banter just won me over to the point where they becam [...]

  • Pierre

    more like a 4.5 than a 5, but apparently, half stars aren't a thing on (someone get on that). i'll be the first to say I went in prepared to hate this book, I don't know why. and I did hate it for a little while if I'm honest, it reminded me too much of the current superhero trend (vigilantes), but it grew on me, or, Lia did. she came off as an entitled little brat at first, but she really wasn't. her character is why I changed my mind about the book halfway through. she's really raw, really sm [...]

  • Meena Patel

    Lia is intriguing. Interesting. Lovable. She can be unlikeable here and there when she's acting cruel, but she's never done it without reason. She acts a certain way for a reason, and you have to get further into the story to realize why. So if you think she's unlikeable at first, just wait and keep going, and it'll all make sense. But in spite of that callousness, she has at times, she's a BRILLIANT heroine. She's smart, quick on her feet, sarcastic, and sassy in a way that's not overdone. She' [...]

  • Tiffany Yeung

    REALLY CUTE! The two are so sweet and the author was amazing. Kane wove a beautiful masterpiece of a conspiracy filled with romance and wit. I suppose one thing I disliked was the rape. Compared to older works from only a decade or two ago, rape is now a very common crime to write about.

  • Eidoloscense

    This book was amazing. I normally don't read thrillers or mystery but when I do, I do look for books like this. It got me thinking I figured everything out or the story was over but then something pops up out of nowhere and it's amazing. The characters are all strong yet flawed with different traits and little character development that worked quite well with the story.The main protagonist, Lia, is a strong, stubborn young women who seems like a perfect little girl to everyone else while she liv [...]

  • Maham

    I love this book so much! I usually only fall in love with one or two characters, but the writer made me care for all of them in this story - even our little assassin. Lia was strong, brave, and smart. She defied stereotypes. Can't wait to read to author's other stories!

  • leilanidiaz

    I liked the book so much I finished it within a day. Some parts felt a bit rushed but in all the book was great and I could see it as a small film. Also I feel there needed more room to get to know some of the characters better.

  • Jack Zhong

    I should have known better before picking up a novel for teens, who in general loves adrenaline rush and less care of rationales behind a good story.Gave up at 80%.

  • 1016Hajira

    This is one of my favorite wattpad books! the characters are amazing and the plot is so nice! :)

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Queen of Thieves | by ↠ M. Kane
    399 M. Kane
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