[PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ The Book of Bees! : by Piotr Socha Wojciech Grajkowski ✓

By Piotr Socha Wojciech Grajkowski | Comments: ( 823 ) | Date: ( Apr 03, 2020 )

Wszystko o pszczo ach w wielkoformatowym albumie.Daj si zaprosi do magicznego kr lestwa pszcz Przyjrzyj si z bliska, jak s zbudowane, zajrzyj do ich domu, poznaj ich zwyczaje Zobacz, jak ta cz , i dowiedz si , kiedy i po co to robi Sprawd , sk d wiadomo, e y y ju w czasach dinozaur w, i dlaczego znalaz y si na p aszczu Napoleona Popracuj z pszczelarzem, przeWszystko o pszczo ach w wielkoformatowym albumie.Daj si zaprosi do magicznego kr lestwa pszcz Przyjrzyj si z bliska, jak s zbudowane, zajrzyj do ich domu, poznaj ich zwyczaje Zobacz, jak ta cz , i dowiedz si , kiedy i po co to robi Sprawd , sk d wiadomo, e y y ju w czasach dinozaur w, i dlaczego znalaz y si na p aszczu Napoleona Popracuj z pszczelarzem, przejed si ci ar wk wioz c ule do sadu migda owego, posmakuj r nych rodzaj w miodu Tylko uwa aj nie daj si u dli Na ksi k sk ada si ponad 30 rozk ad wek w du ym formacie, z kt rych ka da to misternie skomponowana plansza Kolorowe ilustracje s pe ne szczeg w, a kr tki przyst pny tekst nie tylko obja nia to, co si na nich znajduje, ale te zawiera wiele dodatkowych informacji i ciekawostek.

  • Title: The Book of Bees!
  • Author: Piotr Socha Wojciech Grajkowski
  • ISBN: 9780500650950
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Piotr Socha Wojciech Grajkowski

Piotr Socha studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Graphic Arts in the Class of Book Illustrations of Professor Janusz Stanny.He worked as an illustrator for Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka, Newsweek, Przekr j, Playboy, Wysokie Obcasy, Harvard Business Review, Machina as well as many other newspapers and magazines For many years, he was the leading graphic illustrator in the monthly Machina magazine.He also collaborated with the Polish Television TVP I Programme for which he designed together with Platige Image animation studio new artwork that won the Golden Eagle award in the Golden Eagles advertisement competition 1999.In the same competition, he won the Artistic Director of the Year award.Together with Platige Image he designed the opening sequences for Wiadomo ci and Teleexpress TV news and song festivals in Sopot and Opole.

Comments The Book of Bees!

  • Reetta Saine

    Mahtavan upea tietokirja mehiläisistä ja ihan kaikesta, mitä niihin liittyy. Mukana ovat niin myytit, hunajareseptit, biologia, mehiläisen hoito ja kasvatus, uhat, mehiläisten kaupallinen käyttö, kaupunkien mehiläishotellit ja paljon muuta, mistä en ollut koskaan kuullutkaan.Kuvitus on täydellistä, ainoa miinus tekstin pienuudesta ja vaikeasta sijoittelusta.

  • Eritrea

    Nádherne ilustrovaná knižka o vzniku včelárenia a včielkach, ktorá poteší malých aj veľkých :) Spája v sebe historické zaujímavosti od praveku, až po dnešok. Včelárenie máme v rodine a túto knihu určite musím mať. Knihu určite odporúčam každému. Krásne ilustrácie, ktoré v nej nájdete Vám vyčaria úsmev na tvári zakaždým, keď knihu vezmete do ruky !

  • Sylvester

    6* art5* informationA little old for Squirt at the moment, but the pictures are so huge and amazing, I just went from page to page, read a bit of text and put the rest into my own words. What a wonderful way to interest kids in nature. I highly recommend.

  • Trish

    There are lots of interesting fact about bees in this book.

  • FantasySvet

    Včely včely žijú na zemi minimálne 100 miliónov rokov. Včely patria medzi vegetariánov. Dospelé robotnice dorastajú do 15 mm a vďačíme im nielen za med, ale aj mnoho iných dobrôt, ktoré by sme nikdy neochutnali, ak by včiel nebolo. Včely sa po prvý raz objavili na nástenných maľbách v Pavúčej jaskyni v Španielsku. Prvé zmienky o včelárstve pochádzajú už zo starovekého Egypta. Egypťania totiž verili, že včely vznikli zo sĺz boha slnka Re. Nakoniec, už starov [...]

  • Alice

    This book fulfills my requirements for a book challenged ( a book you didn't get to finish) I started reading in in July 2017 took it on a trip, and it sat in the suit case for 2 months. Last week I opened it up and I finished it today!The illustrations are greatfull of detail and texture. The details and information are fascinating facts!!~ My criticism is this the words are too too small and the pictures are too too big. ( This isn't a book you can curl up on the couch and read. It is probably [...]

  • Jenni Joru

    Kaunis, iso ja hyvä tietopaketti mehiläisistä ja niiden merkityksestä maailmalle. Asiaa bioniikasta pygmien hunajakuukauden ja kukkauskollisuuden kautta historian alkuhämärään. Tämän kirjan luettuasi osaat olla kiitollinen mehiläisille ja tiedät, ketkä kiusasivat hunajalla pyhää krokotiilia. Välttämätön hankinta kirjastoon!

  • Lauren

    Very fun & educational read for people of all ages. The only downside was that the illustrations were numbered with Roman numerals, which I have a difficult time with, so I couldn't really find the other illustrations they referred to.

  • Anna

    Saw this at the library when I went to pick up another book. It was a huge book and caught my eye - the theme for the display was "big books" after all. I flipped through it and decided I wanted to check it out. I love bees!The illustrations were quite cute and the information within was quite thorough. Historical, anecdotal, scientific, and full of great tips and lots of information on bees. Any bee-enthusiast or insect lover or person who might just want to learn something new about one of our [...]

  • Kristen Heimerl

    Wow. It's been a long time since I've been blown away by a beauty like Bees: A Honeyed History. When I came upon the book at BN, I was breathless. Its massive size, gorgeous, vibrant illustrations and content that celebrates our helpful little friends are pure delight. I couldn't help but pick it up! In fact, I stopped what I was doing and sat down to explore it from cover to cover. This is a book that as I child I would have sat for hours going back and forth over every page to ensure I missed [...]

  • Rebekka

    Ein umfassendes Sachbilderbuch von einem stilsicheren Illustrator, der gleichzeitig als Sohn eines Imkers Kenntnisse aus erster Hand mitbringt und sein Wissen in kurzen Texten und tollen, oft äußerst detaillierten Zeichnungen teilt. Die Bebilderung ist wirklich großartig und sehr unterhaltsam; man erfährt alles was man wissen will über die Geschichte und die Biologie der Bienen.Auch die Übersetzung ist wirklich gelungen und lässt den satirischen Ton Sochas durchklingen.

  • Nikki

    This is book that should be owned, not borrowed. There is a lot of information that begs to be read in snippets and chunks, over a long period of time, and there is a great mix of scientific and historical information about the bee. It is an oversized book, which makes it tricky for library shelves, but the perfect size to be shoved under a bed or on a coffee table, where one could easily pop it open or share a snippet with a friend.

  • Vojtěch

    Nevím jak vás, ale mě tyto velkoformátové publikace začínají děsně bavit a rozšiřují moji sbírku v knihovničce. Tentokrát žádná kartografie, ani cestování v čase, ale všech 70 stran o včelách. A baví mě to. I když hmyz moc nemusím, tak bylo skvělé prohlížet si všechny obrázky a číst si text, co vše včely a jejich životní poslání (tedy sběr medu) ovlivňuje. Vynikající.

  • GalindoLibrarian

    Comprehensive, informative, great illustrations, large-sized, fascinatingI loved this book! Translated from Polish, it gave a lot of accurate information about honeybees, including interesting stories about their role in history and connections to historical figures. I learned things I hadn't known before. ❤

  • Penny

    Rating: 4,5*Such an adorable book in which you'll fall in love. Those illustrations were cute and I also learned some stuffs about bees (about their living, hierarchy, making honey, etc.) I truly recommend :)Hodnocení: 4,5*Neskutečně miloučká kniha, kterou si zamilujete nejenom pro její zajímavé informace ze života včel, ale i pro to luxusní zpracování ilustrací <3

  • Lindsey

    I saw this on my library's new book shelf and I couldn't resist the colorful cover and the size-very eye-catching. The illustrations are gorgeous and provide interest to a variety of bee facts and the history of bee keeping. Great for kids and adults. Even my husband, who is a beekeeper, learned some new bee trivia.

  • Seema Rao

    An informative children's book (a tome, frankly) with many spreads about bees, including life-cycle, importance, and cultural history. Each spread is like a contemporary take on historic botanical illustrations.

  • Kristin

    I think the size of this book will grab children's attention. The detailed, fun illustrations and interesting text will engage kids further. There is so much information from history, culture, and science to absorb from this one.

  • R. G. Nairam

    edit: Bumping this rating up to 4 stars as my 9yo sister--more of the target audience--LOVES the book and has spent hours studying it and now wants bees.Original review:Appealing oversized book on bees. I liked how it looked at history and related topics along with the typical "here is how a beehive is set up and how they make honey." It felt a bit scattered and I didn't like hunting all over the pages to find the appropriate referenced illustrations, but it is a fun and attractive book.

  • Jayanne

    This is a gorgeous book, packed with information, and I would have given it a 5+BUT, where are citations, the bibliography, a list of resources, other places to find out more? This should be included in any nonfiction title, no matter the age of the intended.

  • Anneleen

    Heel tof boek!

  • Marilyn

    great childrens book. tall format great pictures. everyone wanted to look at it. Very attractive in my waiting room!

  • Lindsey

    Beautiful - lovely pictures and layout and details.

  • Holly

    Fascinating! As a library book, I wish it wasn't so darn tall because it doesn't fit on the shelf, but the information is fantastic and the illustrations are quite amusing.

  • Rae

    A social and scientific look at all aspects of bees. Marvelous illustrations and content. An oversized delight!Translated from the Polish edition.

  • Mary Lehmer

    Almost a 5 star book.

  • Heydi Smith

    Absolutely packed with information and hilarious illustrations. Everything you could possibly want to know about bees and then some.

  • Magdalena

    Piękny przewodnik po życiu, zwyczajach i różnych aspektach życia pszczół, z wielkoformatowymi ilustracjami.

  • Talley

    It helped me learn about bees

  • Shaun


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  • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ The Book of Bees! : by Piotr Socha Wojciech Grajkowski ✓
    245 Piotr Socha Wojciech Grajkowski
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