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By Jerry Falwell | Comments: ( 670 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

Jerry Falwell, the outspoken and controversial preacher from Lynchburg, Virginia shares in his autobiography his life and his faith, drawing from his own experiences lessons about sin and forgiveness, the meaning of the Bible, prayer, and much .

  • Title: Falwell: An Autobiography
  • Author: Jerry Falwell
  • ISBN: 9781888684049
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell, Sr was the founding pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia He co founded Liberty University with Dr Elmer L Towns in 1971 He was also a founding member of the Moral Majority.

Comments Falwell: An Autobiography

  • Alondra Ramirez

    Truly, an amazing man. His faith has challenged my own. Really, this book is almost like a devotional with how much you can learn from it. It does take a while to read, since he kind of talks a lot haha, but it's well worth it. I'm grateful to be someone who has been largely ministered to by the works this man did for God.

  • Todd Stockslager

    After reading about Jerry in his own words, I find him likable and funny and not at all stuffy. His Christianity is heartfelt and real, and he lives it out without fear or hypocrisy.As a Christian who agrees with Falwell theologically, I always kind of steered away from him, his church, and his college because of the media response toward him, his theology, and his Moral Majority foray in the 1980s, under the theory that smoke followed fire and Falwell might be the self-righteous ogre he was por [...]

  • Todd Mccauley

    Excellent learning from the horses mouth. I've gained a new respect for Doc. Falwell. the Lord did more in his 77 yrs than 10 people put together. To God be the glory.

  • Charlotte

    Controversial? Yes. Interesting? Hmm

  • Susan

    Why am I reading this? Since I live in the shadow of Liberty University, I thought it would be good to know about the man who started it.

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  • Best Download [Jerry Falwell] ↠ Falwell: An Autobiography || [Crime Book] PDF Ç
    386 Jerry Falwell
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