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Katharine Ashe continues her lush and sensual Devil s Duke series with a sweeping story of unbreakable love Six years ago, when Lady Amarantha Vale was an innocent in a foreign land and Gabriel Hume was a young naval officer, they met and played with fire.Now Gabriel is the dark lord known to society as the Devil s Duke, a notorious recluse hidden away in a castle iKatharine Ashe continues her lush and sensual Devil s Duke series with a sweeping story of unbreakable loveSix years ago, when Lady Amarantha Vale was an innocent in a foreign land and Gabriel Hume was a young naval officer, they met and played with fire.Now Gabriel is the dark lord known to society as the Devil s Duke, a notorious recluse hidden away in a castle in the Highlands Only Amarantha knows the truth about him, and she won t be intimidated He is the one man who can give her the answers she needs.But Gabriel cannot let her learn his darkest secret So begins a game of wit and desire that proves seduction is satisfying and much wicked the second time around

  • Title: The Duke
  • Author: Katharine Ashe
  • ISBN: 9780062641724
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Katharine Ashe

Katharine Ashe is the USA Today bestselling author of the acclaimed Devil s Duke series and than a dozen other historical romances reviewers call intensely lush and sensationally intelligent A professor of European history and popular culture, she writes fiction because she adores the grand adventures and breathtaking sensuality of historical romance.Katharine is a two time finalist for the prestigious RITA Award of the Romance Writers of America, a four time nominee in the Reviewers Choice Awards including winner for Best Historical Romantic Adventure and her novels The Duke and How to Be a Proper Lady have been honored on s Best Romances of 2012 and 2017 lists Her books are recommended by Woman s World Magazine, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews Barnes Noble, All About Romance and many others, and translated into languages around the world Wearing her other hat rather, tam , as a professor of history and popular culture Katharine teaches courses on the history of romance fiction, religion in film and fiction, and creative writing at Duke University She co founded and runs Duke s UNSUITABLE Speakers Series about women, history, and popular fiction, and she writes publicly and teaches workshops on women s history, feminism, romance, and writing She is also the convenor and moderator of Facebook s Feminist Romance Book Club.Katharine lives in the wonderfully warm Southeast with her husband, son, dog, and a garden she likes to call romantic rather than unkempt She loves meeting readers in person, and connecting with readers by mail and email and on social media too

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  • Julie

    The Duke by Katharine Ashe is a 2017 Avon publication. Ah- Sweeping romance! We sure do need more of those!In this third installment of the ‘Devil’s Duke’ series, we finally get Gabriel’s highly anticipated story. Lady Amarantha Vale follows her betrothed, a missionary, to Jamaica, where she finds herself fighting off the ravages of a dangerous hurricane with a young naval officer, named Gabriel Hume. During that frightful night, with their very lives hanging in the balance, the two forg [...]

  • Astrid - ☆Vanilla & Spice Books☆

    Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books✮✮✮ 3 STARS ✮✮✮I used to read a lot of Historical Romance so I have read Katharine Ashe's books before and know they tend to be a bit more angsty than others. She has a beautiful way with words and knows how pull you into the era and place she writes about and makes it feel authentic.While this is absolutely true for this book I have had a couple of issues with it. This story is about an idealistic, bright-eyed young woman and a charming, gorgeous ro [...]

  • Caz

    With a heavy heart, I've given this a C+ at AAR, so that's 3.5 starsI think it’s fair to say that those of us who review books do it because, well, we love books.  We love reading them, talking about them, hearing about them, writing about them and enthusing about them to others.  But when a novel you’ve really been looking forward to, written by an author you admire and whose work you enjoy turns out to be disappointing, it’s hard to sit down and face the prospect of laying out all th [...]

  • Alyssa

    1.5 stars. Could be 1 star but for now I'm going with 2 stars. This book was so problematic which is hilarious because it is supposed to be super feminist and such. Traditionally, this author's books ARE feminist, and very well-written. They are definitely books to to keep an eye on, because they will always feature a strong heroine and a kind, sturdy man.But what happens when the heroine is an absolute bitch, a snob, a horrible, disrespectful person to the hero?Read this book to find out.Just k [...]

  • Becca

    Katharine Ashe's The Duke is third in her Devil's Duke series, and for me, was the easiest to follow thus far. I have been a fan of Katharine's writing since I discovered her Prince Catcher's series year ago and I have since read everything on her backlist and her new releases. While I love Ashe's rich writing, this series has not been a favorite of mine due to harder-to-follow plots and difficult-to-like heroines. This novel has beautifully immersive writing and a story on a grand scale. I thou [...]

  • Ursula

    I love Katharine Ashe. There- just putting it out there.I want actual history in my HR. I want passion, sexual tension, angst. I want a sexy hero I can respect and who respects women. I want a heroine who is intelligent, fearless and independent. And I can count on Katherine Ashe to give it all to me :)This story carries on from The Earl, I think my favourite of hers (and one I have yet to review) and again takes place in Scotland.I won't go into the plot, suffice to say there is lots of drama a [...]

  • Esther

    ARC provided by Edelweiss and Publisher for an honest review.Rating 2.5This was a positive start with Amarantha and Gabriel relationship and their interaction. The character build was slow but steady, with the hero being the most likable. I found Amarantha at the beginning to be somewhat intriguing, but as the story progressed everything just fell apart and flat.The story hit a point were to many characters were introduced with too much activity and plot twist and sub plots. Amarantha decision m [...]

  • Anne

    Somewhere in this book, I believe, is a good story.When I started reading, I was hooked. I loved the interactions between Amarantha and Gabriel (from their meet cute to their forbidden flirtations), and I thought this would be a guaranteed great read.The novel then skipped into the future and lost me completely. It takes quite a few chapters for the characters to reunite again, and some of those chapters were filled with missives from Amarantha to family members or friends. I'm not a fan of epis [...]

  • October

    At last, a separation and reunion romance where the heroine doesn't uselessly wait for the hero and gets on with her life during the separation. I never thought I'd see it! Amarantha is betrothed to a missionary and leaves England to join him in Jamaica. There she meets the hero, Gabriel, a navy Lieutenant who has all the qualities of the 'ideal man' she had imagined since she was eight. They fall in love but Gabriel's orders come through and he asks her to break it off with the missionary and w [...]

  • Tracy DeNeal

    Whoa!!!! I've been following this series from the beginning. I never anticipated this resolution to the mystery. I was anxious throughout. I had no idea how this would be resolved.Katharine Ashe has woven an expansive tale that takes the reader from a genteel English home of the nobility to colonial Jamaica and then to the wilder climes of Scotland.Our protagonists are seldom in the same location, but the action is so tight and the intricacies of the story are so vital that there is little need [...]

  • Fabiola Chenet

    I'm very sad with this quotation for one of Katharine's books. But the heroine's choices from the beginning to the end annoyed me a lot.

  • Ang

    This is the long awaited continuation of the Devil’s Duke series and conclusion to the mystique surrounding the “Devil’s Duke”. In typical Katharine Ashe style, there are a lot of details and dialogue between characters. The heroine, Amarantha Vale, the sister of Emily Vale in The Earl and many of the Falcon Club books, has her story told and it’s a bit of back and forth in time. Her connection and relationship with Gabriel, the hero, is developed well and one hopes the best for them d [...]

  • Dani (Dani Reviews Things & Love in a time of Feminism)

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Talk about a slow burn. This book made me wait. I'll admit that I am not the most patient with books, and I did find this really difficult in the middle, but I'm glad I stuck it out because the last 30% was worth it.I don't really read historical romance, but it's a very popular subgenre of romance, so I naturally have to try a book every now and then. I find that it can be a bit OTT with the language of the time, and the las [...]

  • Michele

    See the full review at HarlequinJunkieWhat a whirlwind of a romance The Duke turned out to be. Written with Katharine Ashe’s distinctive, lush prose and attention to detail, this was one historical that, while I loved the writing itself, it may have had a few too many characters and subplots for its own good.It actually pains me to give The Duke a 3 star rating as I am a huge fan of Ashe’s work. And it’s nothing against the writing, the plot, or the characters themselves. I did enjoy all o [...]

  • Donna

    This, in my opinion, is the best book Katharine Ashe has written and she has written some very good ones. We met Gabriel Hume, Duke of Loch Irvine, in the previous 2 books of this series, “The Rogue” and “The Earl”. Those glimpses didn’t begin to scratch the surface of the man you’ll come to know in “The Duke”. Before Gabriel inherited his title, he was a Lieutenant in His Majesty’s navy. In Jamaica, he meets Amy Vale while taking shelter in a storage cellar during a hurricane [...]

  • Jen

    This started out strong for me, but Aramantha's dramatics were exhausting. Gabriel is the only reason I finished it.

  • Roses R Blue

    As reviewed at Roses Are Blue: wp/p3QRh4-DeEver since she was a young girl, Lady Aramantha (Amy) Vale dreamed of marrying a golden haired prince of a man who would sweep her off her feet into happy ever after. She meets the handsome Reverend Paul Garland when she's only seventeen, but she knows that he's the one. He's about to start his mission work in the West Indies, and though her family has strong reservations, they allow Amy to travel there to marry him.Soon after Amy's arrival, a hurricane [...]

  • Gaele

    Amarantha Vale and Gabriel Hume met years before in Jamaica – she was engaged to marry and he was a naval officer. Despite the difference in circumstance and place – the two found a connection that neither could forget. Now years have passed, and Amarantha, now widowed is in search of her sister in law – a trek that carries her to Scotland, where she hears tales of the “Devil’s Duke” with a dark reputation that keeps people at bay. But, on learning the Duke’s name, Amarantha can’ [...]

  • Tracy Emro

    4.5 StarsAmarantha Vale travels to Jamaica to marry the man of her girlish dreams, but before she does, she will meet the man that will forever own her heart.Amarantha and Gabriel meet during a hurricane in Jamaica and bond is formed that neither time or circumstance can break. The spend time together over the next 9 weeks and the bond grows even stronger and when Gabe asks Amarantha to break off her betrothal and wait for him, she agrees. But a well placed lie along with vicious gossip, turn th [...]

  • Les Romantiques

    Reviewed by FabiolaThe Duke is the third volume in the Devil’s Duke series. My review of the first two books are there: The rogue (/review/show ) and The earl (/review/show ).It makes me sad to give just one star to a Katharine’s book. But it’s harder and harder for me to appreciate the last opus from this author of whom I had a big crush for her novel I married a Duke. I wasn’t expecting a lot with The Duke, not having really loved The Earl, the series’ second volume. Well, in spite o [...]

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review

    Book Review For :THE DUKE by Katharine Ashe 4.5 Stars'THE DUKE' by Katharine Ashe is Book Three in the "Devil's Duke" series. This is the story of Amarantha Vale and Gabriel Hume. This can easily be a standalone book. Amarantha from an early age wanted to only marry for love and thought she might have found that in Reverend Paul Garland. Gabriel was a Lieutenant for the Royal Navy when he first met Amarantha during a hurricane where they were trapped in a cellar. Amarantha and Gabriel survived a [...]

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    "Gabriel stole my heart, both the young more open and carefree man and then the older more darker delicious duke. Amarantha (love the name) was carefree, high-spirited woman that wanted no man to tie her down or hold her back. Ashe gives a story that had the drama, angst, betrayal, loss, love, romance and of course well written character, witty banter, snarky comments, and a love that has stood against time and may finally get that chance at happy. The pages here turn for the drama, conflict, pa [...]

  • Jaci

    A stunning beautiful journey of love, loss, heartbreak and danger by two courageous people that will grab your heart and not let go. Oh and did I mention that they are both stubborn and hard-headed?This is the story of a Scottish Duke and the daughter of The Earl of Vale. When they first meet, he is not a Duke, just Gabriel Hume, Officer in the Royal Navy and Lady Amarantha Vale has sailed all the way from England to Kingston Jamaica to marry a Missionary and be his wife and helpmate in his miss [...]

  • Misty Sow

    "The Duke" is the 3 full length novel in the Devil's Duke series and did it have some good content. I absolutely love K. Ashe sheds light on issues most don't even acknowledge; in this case, she brings to light slavery in the Caribbean during the Victoria Era. I love stories where unexpected circumstances create the meeting of the main characters, in this case, a hurricane. It creates a tension between the characters that is weaved throughout the novel creating for some steamy scenes. I enjoyed [...]

  • Maria Dariotis

    PHENOMENAL!!! This was a fantastic story, Gabriel Hume fell in love with the spirited young Lady Amarantha Vale while in Jamaica. Although she’s betrothed to Paul a missionary he confesses his love to her and asks her to end the betrothal and wait for him. Through a deceitful lie from his cousin with news of his death bring Amarantha great sorrow and heartbreak. Her life has no meaning without the man she had given her youthful heart so she goes ahead with the marriage.Years later she’s a wi [...]

  • Shoppermom

    I received an ARC of The Duke via Edelweiss and I'm glad I got a chance to read it. I have had a love/hate relationship with Ms. Ashe's works for several years. I almost always come to care for the characters she creates, and I am always eager to reach the resolution. However, I often find the path to that resolution to be filled with potholes and interruptions that drive me crazy. The Duke fit this pattern to a T. At heart it is a love story between a young woman, Amarantha, at first pledged to [...]

  • Robin Brock

    Overall I really liked this one! ❤️ PROS: sweeping epic "old-school" type of grand adventure; various locales; steamy love scenes; endearing hero. CONS: a bit convoluted with changing timeline (first half); heroine could be a bit annoying; perhaps a little too lengthy. I enjoyed watching the maturity growth of both main characters over the six-year time span. And it was refreshing to have a hero who saw and loved the heroine for who she essentially was (especially as she was wrestling with t [...]

  • Cynthia

    I received an advanced copy of this book.Katharine Ashe is one of the authors whose books I always purchase. She has a gift for bringing settings to life within the story and the research she does to bring realism to her books shows.I liked Gabriel, the hero, and Amarantha, the heroine, in this story. I did feel that Amarantha was stubborn at times and if she and the Duke had talked things out they could have worked things out sooner. There were some twists in this story that I hadn't anticipate [...]

  • Kate

    The plot of this book was better than the last in the series, though it didn't really get started until a little over halfway through. It's a little helter skelter, but as crazy as this often makes me, it is often part of the charm of Katharine Ashe's books (though there WAS a dropped plot point I wasn't thrilled with). Once again, Katharine Ashe writes chemistry so smoldering I'm surprised I didn't burn my fingers turning pages. AND. I really, really liked Gabriel.And now for the reasons this i [...]

  • Em

    I gave this 4 stars at Romantic Historical Reviews.If you follow my reviews you already know I’m a big fan of Katharine Ashe. The Falcon Club series is one of my favorites, and I’ve enjoyed each of the books in her spin-off Devil’s Duke series. The Duke is yet another great addition to her catalog and I enjoyed most of it. Unfortunately, Ms. Ashe tries to do a bit too much within the framework of her story – touching on abuse and slavery before the novel concludes – and seems to lose s [...]

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