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Similes set off an exciting chase scene in an adventure in language arts Rufus the fox is up to something He runs across the meadow as fast as lightning, sneaks up to Babette like a thief in the night, and roars like a lion Babette, mad as a hornet, chases Rufus all over town But is Rufus being chased or is he actually leading Babette to a surprise destination Rufus sSimiles set off an exciting chase scene in an adventure in language arts Rufus the fox is up to something He runs across the meadow as fast as lightning, sneaks up to Babette like a thief in the night, and roars like a lion Babette, mad as a hornet, chases Rufus all over town But is Rufus being chased or is he actually leading Babette to a surprise destination Rufus sure is crazy crazy like a fox Sure to make the reader as happy as a clam, this bright simile story also includes a clear explanation of similes and shows how to include similes in a story.

  • Title: Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story
  • Author: Loreen Leedy
  • ISBN: 9780823417193
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Loreen Leedy

Loreen Leedy is the author and illustrator of over 40 picture books with math, science, language arts, and other curriculum content Her books showcase information in a kid friendly format, often with characters and entertaining stories.Honors and awards for her books include ALA Notable Book, Science Books and Films finalist, Reading Rainbow feature book, Chicago Library Best of the Best, many Book Fair selections, Florida Book Award, Parent s Choice Award, many Junior Library Guild selections, and Outstanding Science Trade Book by the National Science Teachers Association.Loreen has spoken at hundreds of schools and many conferences such as the International Reading Association, the American Library Association, the Mazza Summer Conference, and the UVU Engaged Reading Forum.She lives in central Florida with her husband Andy, who is a scientist and a cat named Knickers who has an easily triggered purrometer They love to travel, read, and watch movies.

Comments Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story

  • Ogechukwu

    Good way to teach kids what simile means and how to use it. Illustrations are fun also

  • Elsa Dean

    I loved this book! Such a great book for teaching kids about similes. You pull so many different extension activities from this book. It has a cute storyline that is just basically being told through similes. Love it!

  • Amelia Turvey

    Leedy, L. (2008). Crazy like a fox: A simile story. New York, NY: Holiday House. This book is about Rufus the fox. It tells the story in similes as he runs all over town. Babette chase Rufus and he takes her to her surprise party.The illustrator, Loreen Leedy, used the media watercolor for the illustrations.I thought this book was adorable. It also introduces the concept of a simile. I think it's important to include these concepts in young childhood education. This book also was a nominated for [...]

  • Lindsey

    Used for a simile lesson

  • Mary

    Humorous story employing dozens of similes. Good for teaching this figure of speech, but a legitimate story that can also stand on its own. Recommended for 1st-3rd grades.

  • Chelsea

    Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story follows Rufus the fox and Babette the sheep on their adventure through forests, across rivers, and into dark caves. All through their trip of Rufus running from Babette, observers describe what they see by using similes. With every turn of the page Babetter gets closer to catching Rufus and the similes continue. Will Babette ever catch Rufus? Why is he running away from her? Find out what happens and learn new examples of similes on every page!This book is a crea [...]

  • April

    1. Rating: 42. A book review from School Library Journal says, "Rufus, a spunky fox in suspenders, rudely startles his friend Babette, a lamb, by roaring "like…a lion." She gets "mad…as a hornet" and chases him, and he eventually leads her to her surprise birthday party. Leedy relates this narrative entirely through similes. Her illustrations emphasize the comparisons as each protagonist is amusingly transformed from one object into another. Children may participate by guessing the upcoming [...]

  • Lindsey

    There isn't much of a plot in this book. So it's not really a good book to pick up if you are looking for a strong story. In spite of that, I loved it anyway because of the great illustrations and common expressions that also happen to be similes. There are some invented similes (or atleast I'm not familiar with them) like "He runs like a deer" or "quick as a rocket," but most of the similes in this book are popular ones. My personal favorites were "mean as a snake""quiet as a mouse""cool as a c [...]

  • Amy

    What is a simile? A simile is a figure of speech where two things are used to compare different things. This book about Rufus the Fox is written using all similes. Rufus is acting silly as a goose in this book. He starts off sleeping like a log then wakes felling fresh as a daisy! Off he goes sneaking up on Babette the sheep. He gives a lion’s RROARRRR!!! Babette is so scared she shakes like a leaf. Babette chases Rufus through the river that’s cold as ice and into a cave as dark as night. S [...]

  • Alice

    3 1/2 for me. Not quite a 4 for me even though I love Loreen Leedy and I love the illustrations in this book It was not a smooth read.Here is why I couldn't give it a 4The similes are great, but you see "In the quiet forest, Rufus is sleeping." and to complete the simile you have to turn the pagewhich would normally be fine, but in tiny print on the same page as "In the quiet." It has "He's out like a light" "He's as still as a stone" and He's as snug as a bug in a rug" Which are great similes b [...]

  • Elizabeth Littleton

    Crazy Like a Fox uses Rufus the fox to demonstrate the use of similes by comparing him and his activities to other things. The illustrations show the literal phrasing of the simile but do not explain what it means. In a classroom this book would be useful to use for discussing the use of similes in stories. I would have a list of similes for students to choose from and draw a picture to illustrate it and describe what it means. I would then combine their pages to create a class book or small boo [...]

  • Gala

    The word simile took me back to my childhood days of learning how to use and identify these kind of sentences. The teacher kept us on this topic for so long trying to get us to "get it". I like this book because it makes it simple to understand. I could teach simile from this book. I am not sure of the age because young children may not understand because of the lack of life experiences. I would guess third grade and up. To answer the as or like the children can use their five senses to figure i [...]

  • Maddie Shell

    Crazy Like a Fox is a great book to use to teach kids about similes. It is a cute and funny book that has great comparisons. In my experience, I have seen kids write similes that truly make no sense. They don't really understand how to write a meaningful comparison. I think this book would be a great way to teach them how to do that! The book is a bit primary, but if you focus on the simile aspect, it could be used in the intermediate grades. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. They are [...]

  • Jenny Young

    Age:Grades 3-5Genre:fictionDiversity:Poetry; friendshipIllustrations:The illustrations are created with mixed media.Personal response:The entire book is told in similes. The story is told in similes and each page includes additional similes pertaining to the action on the page. The story is cute and does a great job presenting a variety of similes. The illustrations are cute as well.Curricular or programming connections:This book would be great for languages arts lesson on similes.

  • Katherine

    "Crazy Like a Fox" by Loreen Leedy was an incredible book for learning similes for children. It had all the basic similes that people say everyday that children can learn and use correctly in their lives. It was not just a story about similes it also had a good plot to it as well and was very fun and enjoyable. This is a great book to ask children "What do you think that means?" and have them guess.Very fun!

  • Denisse

    This story is about a fox's adventures as he tries to surprise his friend, Babette, on her birthday. This book is an AMAZING resource to use during a figurative language lesson because every sentence is a simile. It's fast paced and kids catch onto the idea of a simile before they understand it's purpose so they get into the story and start trying to guess the two things being compared based on the context clues.

  • Katelynn Carroll

    This book was really cute and can help a lot in the classroom! I think that it could be fun to have my future students come up with their own similes based of of an animal that we choose in class and then make our own story based of the similes that the students create. We could read this book before we start our own simile project as well. I really like this book not only because it was cute but it gave me a lot of different teaching ideas.

  • Heather Russon

    This is a very unique picture book. The artwork is done in a very blocky style. It is a story completely told with similes. It tells of a fox and how the fox annoys his friend and how it was to get the fox's friend to a party. It would be a good story to introduce similes but overall I feel it was very choppy. If I were to use it I would afterwords have my students make a story using just similes.

  • Heather Armbruster

    For my concept book, I read Crazy like a Fox: A Simile Story by Loreen Leedy. This book tells what a simile is and tells a story using similes on every page. This book is colorful and descriptive with its usage of similes. This book would make a great introduction to a descriptive writing activity in which students write their own short stories using similes. There is no concerning content in this book. This book would be ideal for 2nd and 3rd graders.

  • Kerri Harshaw

    This is a wonderful book with great illustrations to go along with the text. The book begins with what a simile is, and then runs away with different animals describing a fox with similes as he goes though his day. The text offers many different similes for each actions the fox is doing. A great way to activate students to write their own simile story. The silliness of the text will sure get students laughing and brains churning with similes of their own!

  • Deanna

    This is a very good book for simile awareness for children. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars because I think it is a little too packed with similes. The storyline used similes very well, but each page has 2-3 additional similes. Also, the end of the story is a little bit confusing. I would read this book to a class, bu I would not read the additional side similes. Otherwise, it's a smart book with very well correlating text to illustrations.

  • Kelli Bratten

    Students will like this book for the silly animal characters and the fun way the words are written on the page. It also gives them a chance to think about what the author might write next since the writing stops before the page is turned! They can also write their own fun similes after reading this book!

  • Janet

    Rufus the fox starts a game of chase with Babette the sheep as similes run across one page to the next. Age: 4+Skill: Vocabulary (This story uses similes through the plot. Through discussion children can learn how to describe various words, such as hornet and haystack, in order to gain an understanding of similes.)

  • Jodi Young

    This story was great. A great representation of similies and the different types. And it is all related to known animals which children will understand. The only problem with this book is that if kids don't understand common similies or characteristics of animals or cliches, some of the things in this book will go over their head. I would probably use this book for older grades.

  • Kelly Havens

    Teaching students about figurative language is a highlight of mine in writing. I feel that this is always a turning point where students’ writing begins to come alive. Crazy Like a Fox, is a perfect way to introduce the topic of similes. My mother gave me this book a year ago after getting it signed by Loren Leedy, and I loved it the moment I read it.

  • Jackie

    Rufus the fox tells a story entirely in similes to catch his friend in a birthday surprise. Anticipation and prediction will accompany the turning of each page, as Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story would be a perfect book for read-aloud and storytime. Includes a definition of simile and suggestions for writing a simile story.

  • Michelle

    This is a great book if you are working on sililes. The book starts with the definition of a simile and then the story is told through the use of similes. The illustrations are fun. The book ends with the suggestion of creating your own similes. I am sure elementary age kids would get a great kick out of this.

  • Rachael

    excellent for teaching simile and sayings. children would come up with their own similes after reading the book aloud to themildren can describe themselves, their house, or other favorite/known objects or friends using their knowledge of similes."Jay is as silly as a snake." (snakes can be silly!)Sharlene is as sweet as a lollipop"

  • Sharon

    Crazy similies for a crazy fox. Essentially, this book is especially helpful in prompting students to make predictions and to learn about the different characteristics of various types of animals. The visual imagery of the animals and the large texts of the animal the reader predicts from the previous page also makes this a kid-friendly book and ideal for read-alouds.

  • Sandybear76

    Read this one to second graders today. They were not sure what a simile was but they enjoyed the story. I read the main story first then went back and read the tiny comments. They got a laugh out of some of the similes and were familiar with some of the similes. They said their teacher had just said they sounded like a herd of elephants as they came up the stairs before library time.

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