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Zander Keller survived an addiction recovery center and being on reality tv, but surviving his father s latest scheme could prove to be much harder He agrees to an undercover boss stunt to help his father The beautiful manager makes him laugh and forget his troubles until she tries to solve his commitment issues like every woman has since his mother s murder Trin Dean hZander Keller survived an addiction recovery center and being on reality tv, but surviving his father s latest scheme could prove to be much harder He agrees to an undercover boss stunt to help his father The beautiful manager makes him laugh and forget his troubles until she tries to solve his commitment issues like every woman has since his mother s murder Trin Dean has no intention of becoming besotted with Zander like every other woman who watched him on television But when he begins helping out at her bed and breakfast, she discovers the true Zander, who has overcome losing his mother and an alcohol addiction She can t risk falling for him and jeopardize her job and her home Bonus chapter The Adventurous One A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance by bestselling author, Jeanette Lewis The Best Selling Billionaire Bride Pact Series reads in order as follows The Resilient One The Passionate One The Feisty One The Rebellious One The Independent One The Adventurous One The Protective One The Faithful One Enjoy these top rated contemporary romance books FREE as part of your Kindle Unlimited Prime Subscription You can read the ebooks on your Kindle Fire, on a computer via Kindle Cloud Reader or on any smartphone or tablet with the free Kindle reading app The Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Series is featured in a number of Kindle Unlimited categories, including romance, contemporary romance, clean romance, sweet romance, new adult romance, new romance, best sellers fiction, romance kindle unlimited books, best contemporary fiction romance novel, new books Thank you for reading

  • Title: The Faithful One
  • Author: Cami Checketts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Cami Checketts

Cami Checketts Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Faithful One book, this is one of the most wanted Cami Checketts author readers around the world.

Comments The Faithful One

  • Katie W

    Trin runs a successful Bed and Breakfast in Alabama. When her boss's son, Zander, comes to stay, she's worried about her future. Zander is back near the place where his mother was murdered years earlier and he's had a hard time coming to terms with her death, escaping through alcohol and now Ironman competitions. Trin is determined to help him, while leaving her heart intact, but it's harder than it seems.Trin and Zander have an undeniable, zingy connection that leaves a reader breathless. They [...]

  • Julie Carpenter

    Another girl in the Billionaire bride pact has met her match.or has she? Trin can't believe she ever made that pact and she really never thinks aboutok only when one of her customers at the Bed and Breakfast comes back to stay. How humiliated can she be over a silly pact she made years ago? She hasn't even been in contact with those other girls since making it. Besides that, it's all she can do to keep going, working all day running her B&B. True she doesn't own the ancestral home anymore bu [...]

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)

    I think most girls dream of finding a wealthy husband. We all hope for a stable financial future. This series is about a group of friends who make a pact at camp that they will marry a billionaire, or sing the silly camp song at their wedding. I don't think that most of the women plan on marrying a billionaire, it was a silly childhood pact. Turns out that most of them do find their wealthy man, but the stories are not contrived. Most of the women do not go out of their way to make sure it happe [...]

  • Jessie

    Undercover BossWhen Zander Keller is asked to check out one of his father's properties, he wonders why he's being sent, but he goes anyway. The bed and breakfast is smaller than the grand hotels his father owns, and run by a young woman named Trin. She sees right through his fake identity, and recognizes him from his stint in the bachelor.Both have some issues to work out, but are drawn to one another. My favorite part of this story was Trin's friend, and the cook at the b&b, Moriah. She had [...]

  • Christina

    Sweet story This story was sweet and had a depth to it that I hadn't anticipated. I laughed at some of the characters dialogue and antics, but also found myself tearing up at some of their tragedies and things they had dealt with. A good read!

  • Donna Campbell

    I loved the main male character Zander! I loved that this was real people, with real struggles that learned how to overcome their past and grab hold of the future. It was sweet, it made me cry and it made me laugh. I loved it!

  • Alisa

    Zander doesn't know why his father has sent him incognito to The Overland - the bed and breakfast owned by Zander's dad and run by Trin Dean. It's obvious that Trin loves her job and is fantastic at it, and the bed and breakfast is in the black. Even though Zander checks into the bed and breakfast under a pseudonym, Trin knows immediately who he is. Longer hair and highlights don't exactly disguise the guy that America obsessed over as The Bachelor. And Zander quickly realizes that he isn't fool [...]

  • Pascale

    The Faithful OneZander's mom was murdered and he blamed himself. He's had a chip on his shoulder and a heavy burden ever since. Now his dad wants him to leave Kauai and go back to the town near where it all happened to do a job for him. He wants him to check on one of his businesses, a bed and breakfast, and report to him. Trin recognizes him right away, even though Zander uses an alias. It's going to be hard to focus on work, not knowing why he's there, besides the fact that he's gorgeous, nice [...]

  • Lillian

    I’m a sucker for overly sweet, cliché holiday romance and The Faithful One by Cami Checketts is just that. This is the first book I’ve read in the popular A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance series and it won’t be the last. The series follows a group of woman who as girls made a pact to marry billionaires. It was a silly promise that Trin rarely thinks about and when she does, she’s embarrassed to admit it.I like Trin. She works hard for everything she has in life, including keeping her gr [...]

  • Bibliophile

    May be my faveI have loved this series but this story may be my favorite. The characters include one down on his luck but not wanting to change. Another down on her luck but filled with sunshine and encouragement. A heroine working herself to death to keep what she loves. And finally, a gorgeous hero trying to overcome the emotional scars of a horrific event a decade before. Blending them together adds depth to this wonderful tale.

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

    I always love reading books by Cami Checketts. She is awesome. I love this series- it's so fun. Yes, a bit unrealistic, but that's what I love about fiction. You get to dream for awhile and escape reality. This was a sweet story of overcoming, healing and fresh starts. I really enjoyed it! Both main characters had me rooting for them from the very beginning.

  • Bernie

    The Faithful One reviewThe Faithful One is another delightful book in the Billionaire Bride Pact Romance series written by author Cami Checketts. Trin and Zander are a cute couple.

  • Lonnie

    I find that the secondary characters in this series are what make them good stories (the grandmothers, the best friends, etc.) They provide the comic relief and the push the main characters need to take a leap of faith. Trin's friend and staff member at the B&B was a hoot!

  • Marjorie J. Navara

    Funny, wonderfulI don't know how they do it, but a true writer keeps you reading from the first page to the last without ever wanting to cheat and read ahead for fear you would be missing something. Wonderful!!

  • Anne Oftedahl

    Cute, predictable, and still a fun summer read

  • Kristine

    Not my favoriteI'll really liked this book up until the last few pages. I then felt the authors didn't quite know how to wrap the story up so it just quit. I needed a couple more pages. Still recommend the book as well as the whole series.

  • Marte Haga

    Not my cup of tea Forutsigbart, overfladisk og meget klisjéfylt. Og humoren som tidvis snikes inn treffer meg overhodet ikke, den blir for tørr, for opplagt, for kunstig. Klarte heller aldri å bli godt nok kjent med hovedpersonene til å utvikle noe særlig medfølelse for dem Gikk inn i boka velvitende om at det var en såkalt chick flick og hadde ikke høye håp overhodet. Valgte boka litt på slump, mest fordi jeg ville ha noe lettlest som ikke krevde mye oppmerksomhet Og det fikk jeg. Men [...]

  • Katie

    The Billionaire Bride Pact Romance series has been a lot of fun! I wasn't sure if I would like it because I didn't think I could relate to crazy wealthy people. Cami has done a wonderful job of keeping it real in this new world of money isn't a problem. Each book has been engaging and fun.The Faithful one is no exception! I was pulled right in. Zander is sent by his father to do their own "Undercover Boss" at one of the B&B's his father owns. Being registered under a false name doesn't fool [...]

  • Nicki

    I like most of the books written by Cami Checketts. I like the Bride Pact series. I did not think this book fit into the series. I was looking forward to reading a fluff book for a brain vacation. This book is not that. It is about addictions, obsessive personalities and the baggage we bring from childhood. It was not an escape read. The romance seemed to be rushed at the end. Frankly, I did not like the 2 main characters very much. I liked Zander's dad and Hannah. I even liked the B and B cook. [...]

  • Cathy

    This is a cute novella, I loved the escape of reading it and I loved that I was able to read the whole thing in an afternoon.I liked Zander in this one. He had some demons and some addictions, but he was a seriously nice guy. I loved the way that he treated Trin and her friend and co-worker Moriah as well. I thought it was a bit sad that he hadn't been able to go to his home since his mom's murder. Then there's Trin. It was kind of funny that she started the book just a bit prejudiced against Za [...]

  • Lisa Paskins

    Another great bride can't help herself in finding a billionaire groom.Trin just wants to run her grandmother’s beloved bed and breakfast. Unfortunately her mother sells it out from under her to the highest bidder. The owners son, Zander, is more playboy then management material when his father sends him undercover to check out Trin, er the B&B. Both Trin and Zander have their own emotional baggage. Trin just wants to live a quiet life in her ancestral home . Zander manages his addictions t [...]

  • Julia Lance

    I loved this one so much. I love that Trin was so attached to her legacy and her Grandparents house. I am all about legacy and family tradition. I lost my Dad 10 years ago when my kids were very small but every single one of them feels like they knew him even the one born after he died. Keeping our Legacy in hearts is important. This book had so many things I could relate to and connect with. I love that about Cami's books! They are always amazing this one was no different. I loved Trin and Zand [...]

  • Karen Tuttle

    Always a great read I gave this five stars for the simple reason that I felt happy and a big smile on my face. I love this author and read whatever I can that she's written. Her people are real and the situations they fall into are believable. I always get what I read for: to be entertained.

  • Barbara

    Fun romance! This is a good story for those looking for a sweet romance. But it also goes a little deeper than just a "fluff" romance. The characters have issues they need to deal with, which makes the story and characters much more real and enjoyable.

  • Patricia

    Rating 3.5. This was a more serious story than I expected. It was basically a good story. A lot had happened in their lives before this story occurred and I almost felt I was reading book 2 in a series but not having read book one. Initially, that is.

  • Suzanne Borcherds

    charming,IGreat read with interesting characters who have real life problems. Fun and clean without sordid sex scenes. I'd highly recommend this book.

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  • Free Read [Memoir Book] ☆ The Faithful One - by Cami Checketts è
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