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He has just inherited his father s estate upon returning from a long stint in the Army Will he inherit smoothly Now he faces a terrifying prospect he must marry right away or lose his inheritance Page Count Approx 340 pages Shawn William, Duke of Worthington, cousin to the Prince Regent and ruler of Fairbanks, has seen many things during his time in the Army DeaHe has just inherited his father s estate upon returning from a long stint in the Army Will he inherit smoothly Now he faces a terrifying prospect he must marry right away or lose his inheritance Page Count Approx 340 pages Shawn William, Duke of Worthington, cousin to the Prince Regent and ruler of Fairbanks, has seen many things during his time in the Army Death and dismemberment, pain and suffering, but nothing has prepared him for his return to life as a civilian Haunted by the ghosts of his past and battling the inner demons that keep him from restful sleep, he must still find time to choose a Lady as his bride, as commanded by the Prince Regent Although there are dozens of eligible maidens in beautiful Fairbanks, he only has eyes for one the ravishing Lady Elizabeth Dowling Another man wants to pay court to her, but he s willing to do whatever it takes, even a fight to the death, if it means that she will be his bride Will Duke Shawn finally meet his match in the form of the waspish older gentleman who has already asked for Lady Elizabeth s hand and been denied Can Lady Elizabeth discover the true reason for her reluctance toward the handsome Duke of Fairfield before he chooses another bride perhaps even her own sister This is a clean historical regency romance novel Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

  • Title: More for a Duke
  • Author: Jessie Bennett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Jessie Bennett

Jessie Bennett has always loved the romance of the Regency period She wants to use her ideas, knowledge and interest in the era to create stories and characters that resonate with her readers She aspires to be the next Jane Austen, combining grace, love, and simplicity in her workShe lives in Norfolk County, England When she s not writing, she likes to take long walks in the countryside with her husband and beloved dog.

Comments More for a Duke

  • Vicki

    This is my favorite Jessie Bennett book thus far. She always has interesting plots and cute characters, but this book flowed better than the ones I have read before. I enjoyed the story and thought that she made this book more interesting and alive. I liked how the story contained so many enjoyable characters. It made the read better. I always enjoy that her books are clean and wholesome yet have plenty of steam to keep it interesting. Good job Jessie Bennett!

  • Connie

    Good story but jumps around confusingly at the end. On the outside Shawn looks like he is doing fine but the horrible memories/nightmares from the war have wrecked his peace of mind. He has returned to his estate forced to take a wife, but his dependence on hard liquor, to keep the war at bay, has frightened away his prospects. Will Shawn be able to convince Lady Elizabeth that he is not a hopeless drunk and to agree to marry him in order to save his estate?

  • April

    Regency Romance: More For A Duke (The Fairbanks Series - The Familial Adventures) by Jessie Bennett is yet another favorite Clean Historical Regency Romance author of mine. While part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone.Shawn William, Duke of Worthington, is returning from war to the estate he inherited from his father, he's also cousin to the Prince Regent and ruler of Fairbanks. What he returns to find is disorder and chaos with his estate. His younger brother has made a mess of the f [...]

  • Danielle Urban

    More for a Duke by Jessie Bennett is a dashing bold read. A Duke returns home to find all is not well with the family finances. A younger brother not knowing how to deal with the finances right, led to some some disorder and interruption into the elderly brother's life. He returns back home, from war, and finds he must marry or else. This soon leads him to meeting a woman of his age who also, doesn't like going to balls. But something transpires between them. Lady Elizabeth is fascinated with th [...]

  • Maria Contreras

    Review All I can say to Jessie Bennett is that you are a great and very intelligent writer, you managed to put three stories in one story, this is a very good book and I truly recommend it, I’m glad everything worked out well for all the family, especially for the first Duke and Duchess, thank you for this great story.

  • Louiseann Walter

    AMAZING!I got this book to read how Shawn and Elizabeth got together. It was a , WONDERFUL short story. But then it went into several more enlightening stories of their families. WONDERFUL.

  • Pat Babcock

    More For A DukeInteresting family dynamics which included large numbers of people. The social and political setup of the time was different than the present.

  • Debbie Scott

    A GREAT REGENCY ROMANCE ANTHOLOGYI truly enjoyed Shawn and Elizabeth's story, as well as the three short stories included. It is great to see family interactions in the same book rather than wait weeks or months for the next installment. Thank you for an enjoyable story, Danny Scott.

  • Beth

    Unfortunately it needs workThese stories jump from one event to another without rhyme or reason. In one paragraph they are getting engaged and the next has her having a baby. By the next story that baby has disappeared.I don't understand why these characters are called Duke Shawnhe wouldn't be referred to as that. Rarely did they use their first name once they inherited the title. Historically quite inaccurateDukes and the lesser nobility didn't RULE. Only the King, Queen and Prince Regent ruled [...]

  • Patricia Schuette

    More of the FairbanksI am a bit confused about the stories in this book. I have read some previous books in the series especially the ones that include Duke Abe. He has a son Carter who jumps from about 15 to 27 in a short period of time. Otherwise the tales in this book are interesting.

  • Brenda

    I enjoyed this Regency book. You never think about how proper they actually were in this era (or at least I don't) until you read about them. I like the stories about the Dukes because you will learn quite a bit about that time. Read this book to find out about Shawn, Elizabeth, her sisters and their cousins and see if all of them find their true love or not. If you like a good historical romance story try this one. It's clean and interesting. I was given this book by the author and I am not req [...]

  • Phylis Collins

    Excellent readingMORE FOR A DUKE by Jessie Bennett This story may have been nothing like what I expected but it was absolutely fantastic. Great characters and plot. I liked that this story is about more then one couple but about 4 different ones, and they are related. The only problem with the story is that it left a few things not cleared up and just went on to anther. I am not obliged to review this book and do it at my own voluntary basis.Thank you.

  • Bettye McKee

    A far-reaching love storyThis book covers the courtship and love of several couples, each one a story in itself. Each of the characters is a complete person, and each romance is told with no loose ends left dangling.I enjoyed every bit of this book and have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

  • Nancie

    A nice clean readThis was a nice read! It is a lovely Regency type of romance. It tells multiple stories within the same family and each one is linked by love and family values. Definitely worthy of 5 stars in this genre.

  • Mercedes

    A good historical romance.Good story and drama

  • Adrian Iosif

    Storytelling is quite bad and has no natural flow.I can see where the characters are headed but the flow is so stilted and unnatural that i gave up in chapter 3.

  • Mary

    Great readI liked reading this book because it had three different stories but the characters were all connected. Jessie makes the characters come alive in her stories.

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  • ↠ More for a Duke || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Jessie Bennett
    110 Jessie Bennett
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