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By JoanAnderson | Comments: ( 927 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

New York Times bestselling author Joan Anderson gives women practical advice and inspiration for building creative, independent, and fulfilling lives through discovering who they truly are and who they can be.Like Julia Cameron s The Artist s Way, Joan Anderson s bestselling A Year by the Sea revealed a far larger than expected constituency, in the form of thousands of womNew York Times bestselling author Joan Anderson gives women practical advice and inspiration for building creative, independent, and fulfilling lives through discovering who they truly are and who they can be.Like Julia Cameron s The Artist s Way, Joan Anderson s bestselling A Year by the Sea revealed a far larger than expected constituency, in the form of thousands of women struggling to realize their full potential After years of focusing on the needs of others as a wife and mother, Anderson devoted a year to rediscovering herself and reinvigorating her dreams The questions she asked herself and the insights she gained became the core of the popular weekend workshops Anderson developed to help women figure out how after being all things to all people they can finally become what they need to be for themselves A Weekend to Change Your Life brings Anderson s techniques to women everywhere, providing a step by step path readers can follow at their own pace.Drawing on her own life and on the experiences of the women she meets at her workshops, Anderson shows women how to move beyond the roles they play in relationship to others and reclaim their individuality Through illustrations and gentle instruction, she illuminates the rewards of nurturing long neglected talents, revitalizing plans sacrificed to the demands of family life, and redefining oneself by embracing new possibilities.

  • Title: A Weekend to Change Your Life: Find Your Authentic Self After a Lifetime of Being All Things to All People
  • Author: JoanAnderson
  • ISBN: 9780767920544
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:


Ever since I can remember I have been curious asking questions, trying to figure out life s meaning all in an effort to live fully and get it right My career began as a stringer reporter for the Gannett newspaper chain As I practiced the craft of writing, I moved on to photo essays books for children, then the breakthrough book, Breaking the TV Habit, and finally into the genre of memoir The latter happened quite by accident after I ran away from home, lived a year by the sea on my own, and realized that there was something in this experience worth writing about So many women I knew wanted or needed to stop the craziness of their lives but had not the will or the ability to do so By writing my story it has given hundreds of thousands of women the excuse to take themselves away, have their turn, and see who they are beyond the roles that they play.The six books that have come out of my experiences have all been best sellers and many have been printed in foreign languages My big boost came when Oprah called and invited me on her show not once, but twice There have been several appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, ten book tours, and numerous articles headlining me as the woman who got away, the runaway wife, or the woman who took a sabbatical Actually, I m not any one of these descriptions I am simply a person who wanted to become a scholar of self and soul.A vocation has come as a result of my search and my books I conduct weekends by the sea on Cape Cod for women seeking nourishment and weekend retreats in other parts of the country and abroad such as Sonoma, California, Sedona, Arizona, Iona, Scotland, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York, Kripalu, Berkshires, and Whidbey Island, Washington Beyond that, I have the pleasure of speaking on women s topics for organizations throughout the country see past appearances I guess you could say that I am truly as unfinished as the shoreline along the beach, meant to transcend myself again and again It is my delight to encourage women to know they too are unfinished.

Comments A Weekend to Change Your Life: Find Your Authentic Self After a Lifetime of Being All Things to All People

  • Debbie Van

    I think every woman should read this. We as woman in general do not take care of us but take care of everyone else. Great reminder of how important it is to never take life for granted and to be compassionate and loving to ourself first.

  • Sheila Cover

    Excellent book

  • Barbara

    By the same author of “A Year By The Sea”. In this book, she gives advice for those that do not have an entire year to devote to finding your authentic self. She gives you ideas for weekend retreats or even day retreats. Whatever you can take to find yourself. You give yourself to others wholly and unselfishly, it is time to go give you to you unselfishly and not to feel guilty about it. If others try to make you feel guilty about taking time just for you, I say don’t listen to them.In the [...]

  • Gloria

    a good book about women needing time to recharge and figure out where they want to go in life. This lady thinks you need to get away from it all even if its only to a motel or even a quiet place at home. She herself left home for a year to find herself and recharge her batteries and figure out what was next for her in life . If you like the kind of book that helps you look at things in your life both good and bad this book may be for you. Happy reading

  • Michelle B

    The concept is excellent. The intended audience seems to be women who are experiencing the life change that comes with children leaving home or retirement. The author speaks from a place of overwhelming privilege. However, if you can look past that, the book offers a lot of wisdom and good advice, even for younger women.

  • MaryEllen

    Opens your eyes to what comes next in life, after taking care of tons of people and things. Makes you wonder if you need to re-evaluate what's happening in your life to become your best.

  • Bonnie

    FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE I keep very few books. This one will be kept!!!!!!

  • Candace

    I didn't agree with a lot of what she said to do and a lot of it was about her. I wasn't that into it and didn't finish reading it.

  • Lisa Vischer

    wonderful look at the journey to finding your authentic self.

  • Charlene Freake

    Highly recommended if you are struggling with a sense of purpose and getting to know who you really are

  • Emma Infiniti

    Dood exercises and stories to walk you through a weekend retreat.

  • Allison Frederick

    There is no shortage of literature about the struggles of an empty-nester woman these days. This non-fiction book plays nicely into that catagory. Even though I am not her target market, I enjoyed the book. It was a sober reminder, leading me to recognize that choices I make each day compound and if I do not make choices to develop my own talents and presever my own interests; I may find that I completely abandoned myself and then struggle to reconnect with my own voice. Author Joan Anderson hos [...]

  • Eileen

    I read this a few years ago for Bookclub but it was on the shelf here at the Cape and thought it would be the perfect read for the beach. I also brought along a journal Brendan had given me for my birthday. This book is the end of a series by the author and I do believe I enjoyed her fist book the most-“A Year by the Sea” This book provides some narratives about the experiences of women who attended the weekend workshops. There are sample exercises to complete (if you care to do so) with sto [...]

  • Danni

    This is a book that I stumbled upon by accident and loved. She talks about planning enjoyment into everyday and putting Gold stars by all the things that you do just for you. I think that I am going to try it. She had cancer and went to cape cod by herself to rejuvinate her mind and spirit and figure out what she wanted out of life. When she came home she had kicked the cancer and was a much better spouse. She also talks about how having a group of friends to help you through life is a must. I h [...]

  • Jenny

    I've been on a bit of a self-help kick lately and I think that this is the best book I've read in that genre so far. I don't like to mark up books but with this one I wanted to underline it, highlight it, and throw in a few sticky notes for good measure. Basically the idea is that women tend to focus on, as the title says, being all things to all people which leaves them unsure of who they are. A Weekend to Change Your Life is designed to help women find themselves over the course of a weekend b [...]

  • Lisa

    I gained more from Anderson's A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman, but anytime something I read gives me pause to reflect is a positive experience. Lot's of the wisdom and food for thought found in this book has already been touched on in Anderson's previous works, but this book is meant as a mini-retreat, where the reader actively journals in response to exercises. I didn't do this; still I found it nice to ponder the exercises in the early morning quiet or before going to bed.

  • Jennifer Pearson

    This book in a good read for anyone who feels drained by always caring for others- children, elderly parents, family, friends, etc. It is an account of how Joan Anderson learned to refocus on herself and rediscover what was really important to her. This book helps to remove the guilt many women feel when they finally focus on making themselves happy instead of just focusing on the happiness of others. I consider this book to be a retreat of sorts- best read when you have time to do the activitie [...]

  • Plateresca

    'The goal is to turn your mid-life crisis into a mid-life discovery'.I would have appreciated more tools one can use in her life right now, without having to go on a retreat, although I do understand how important it is to spend time on our own and outside. This book is very Clarissa Pinkola Estés-influenced; it's main message is 'go on a retreat and spend a weekend alone thinking about your life, then change it' - nice concept, but probably not the one you can use any time you want; but it cer [...]

  • LemontreeLime

    Actually, I had picked this up for someone else, but decided to read it this weekend and was impressed. I wish there had been more tales about Joan Erickson, and perhaps a stronger nod given to Annie Morrow Lindberg's 'Gift from the sea', which i could feel hiding behind every dune in the story and must have influenced Anderson a wee tad. However, that said, the book is exactly what it says it is, a guide for a 3 day retreat for women to figure out all the things they may have forgotten under th [...]

  • Raquel

    This had some excellent exercises and reflections, and I don't think the point about regular time in nature being essential to well-being can be emphasized enough. That said, this seems more geared toward middle-aged women who are facing transitions or life turning points. I'm sure I'll revisit it in the future. I do love the idea of a physical ritual to help release what no longer serves your life.

  • Joyce

    I loved the idea of the book. I borrowed it from the Racine library and read it over the weekend, hoping to learn more than I did. The idea is great to get one (woman) to reevaluate life goals but her blatant leaving God out of it and self worship is bad in my opinion. I took a few notes, some truths. I think I was attracted to the book because she was on a Cape Cod beach :) She also wrote A Year By the Sea, An Unfinished Marriage, and A Walk On the Beach.

  • Kristi Elker

    I can see how this book might be helpful to some people, but it grated against my beliefs because it was all about "self" and how we need to be our authentic selves. The problem is that she leaves God out of the picture--it's what I can do--it's all about self--and for people who are looking for fulfillment and purpose--you'll never find that apart from God. You can "look inside yourself" all you want, but you'll still find something missing.

  • Jaymi

    This book gives suggestions and exercises for women who want to dig deeper and uncover what their soul purpose is. For many of us, we lose our way and Anderson believes that it only takes one weekend to examine what is going on to change it and become something new. I loved reading the mini-retreat stories from others and what they uncovered about themselves in this book. It was also engaging enough to keep reading during my past weekend getaway camping with friends.

  • Gayle

    There are some good questions in the book to ask yourself if you're in a season of life where things are changing or need to change. Perhaps if a person read this book in conjunction with a retreat (group or personal), it would be more effective, but I didn't. There is a fair bit of New Age philosophy in the book which I found difficult to get past as far as accepting the ideas as presented, but it was an interesting and useful read.

  • Christy Woolum

    This is not a book you read once. I had loved all the other books by Joan Anderson about how she retreated to Cape Cod to rediscover herself. This most recent book is set up with exercises that help with prioritizing life. I highly recommend it if you feel your life is way too busy, especially if you can't remember what it is that is making it so busy!! I just wish I could schedule a week-end now to find my authentic self.

  • Chelsea

    I couldn't finish this book. I tried. But if I had a weekend away to read this book and reflect on my life. would be amazing. But I have 2 little kids and NO free time. I LOVE Joan Anderson. But I will have to say good-bye to this book for now. Maybe later on in my life I will pick it up. I look forward to her other books. A Year By The Sea was life changing for me. Check that one out Good Readers!!!!

  • Hope

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Joan Anderson's books that are about figuring out the important things in her life and having them all co-exist together. She provided a lot to think through and think about. I definitely recommend her books for any woman trying to figure out the important things in her life.

  • Christine Fay

    This accessible little book offers a how-to guide on conducting your own private weekend getaway for the girls with practical advice on how to make the most out of your regenerative time together. There must be time for solitude as well as group processing. Writing a letter to yourself is also part of the program. I’m glad I read this before I went on the weekend retreat in Chatham.

  • Caroline Kingsley

    I enjoyed A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman more, but I still found this book useful and highlighted quite a bit. I think this book is good for any woman going through a transition of any sort, or needing to, not just the empty nesters.

  • Sandibaumcomcast.Net

    I may have enjoyed this book more if I had been at a different place in my life. Her advise is good for those who are searching and it's interesting to read about the experiences of the many women in her weekend support group.

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