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By Shari J. Ryan | Comments: ( 104 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

Have you ever sat down in front of an incredibly hot man, ran your stiletto covered foot up the side of his leg, then felt a rumbling erupt in the pit of your stomach A rumble so fierce, you were forced to clench harder than you even thought you were capable of clenching This is my life I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it has affected me in ways I try not to tHave you ever sat down in front of an incredibly hot man, ran your stiletto covered foot up the side of his leg, then felt a rumbling erupt in the pit of your stomach A rumble so fierce, you were forced to clench harder than you even thought you were capable of clenching This is my life I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it has affected me in ways I try not to talk about It hasn t just ruined almost every date I have gone on it has simply ruined my life I ve gone to dozens of doctors in search for a solution and every test has come up inconclusive That was until I met Dr Channing I mean, Noah He was the mouth watering gastroenterologist who probed me five minutes after we met Love was instantaneous The way he cupped my butt cheek ever so gently showed me a preview of what my future could be I will never forget that colonoscopy, and I will relive it every night in my dreams until the day I see this man again.

  • Title: Queen of the Throne: A Romantic Comedy
  • Author: Shari J. Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Shari J. Ryan

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Comments Queen of the Throne: A Romantic Comedy

  • Pauline (Passionate About Books)

    Discovering your significant other at the most embarassing moment of your life!I was on the floor laughing from start to finish Shari J. Ryan managed to make a chronic condition embarassingly hilarious without smashing the heroine of this story to pieces. The queen of this porcelain throne finally meets her king who will grant her her Happily-Ever-after by sweeping her off her thone. confused? Well, read this awkward romantic comedey and see why she is better "off" than "on" her throne. 5 Ludicr [...]

  • Hollis

    I thought the concept of QUEEN OF THE THRONE was a sad kind of funny. Sad because it's a shitty (sorry) situation to be a girl, or guy, with IBS and all the disgust and lack of understanding other people can have, but funny because I mean you do have to laugh at it -- and yourself -- when this kind of mess happens to you; even if all you have is the stomach flu. But ultimately, though the jokes weren't bad and the puns were pretty awesome-terrible, I didn't like the way the heroine's friends tre [...]

  • Lourdes

    Sydney is young, pretty and single. She also has a serious case of IBS and it has taken a toll on her dating life. Her friends want her to take drastic measures and grab the bull by the horns so to speak, but she'd rather stay at home safe until the doctors can help her out. Then she meets a new doctor who is a doppelganger of a famous actor, but what's a girl to do when the hot doc has literally already seen her worst side? This short was a fun read, full of the most outrageous toilet jokes and [...]

  • Ashley Marie

    This was a quick fun read. I wouldn't mind reading more from the characters. And poopuri is the best! haha

  • Raven Genevieve

    Hysterical and quick easy read!LOVED IT. This was an easy read, with funny quips and dating humor with a very relatable main character and a wonder happy ending. Had a blast reading this! The author kept the story interesting and unpredictable while keeping the story moving right along. I read through this fast, too fast! Need to get another of her books now!

  • Kathleen

    OMG this book was hilarious. There was times that I was crying because I was laughing so hard. I can so understand what the MC Sydney was going through. It was a quick read and had me turning the pages to keep seeing what else was going to happen to Sydney. I would so recommend this book if you would want a quick read and need a good laugh.

  • T.B. Cooper

    This review is for “Queen of the Throne,” by Shari J. RyanSo, I've never read a story like this. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but laughing at something most people going through wouldn't find laughable- was an excellent surprise! I gave 5 stars, and without giving too much away, here's an overview:Plot: For a short story in an anthology, I was so pleased that the plot had no loose ends. There was a problem, followed by an exploration of the problem, and it ended with a resolution. Yes, [...]

  • Ashley Gallegos

    HILARIOUS!!!! This book reminded me of late nights laughing with friends in college. It was a fantastic light read that kept me rolling in laughter. I loved it from start to finish. On a serious note, as someone who suffers from chronic illness, it did resonate with me on a real level about how lucky I am to have my Prince Charming despite my illness. Shari Ryan is one of my favorite authors and this novella was great! 5*'s all the way!

  • Renee

    In Queen Of The Throne, Sydney is young, beautiful, single and suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. It never fails to flair up on dates or when meeting people. Desperate times call for desperate measures that will have you chuckling at the situations Sydney finds herself in. Upon meeting the Dr who is doing her colonospy, Noah and Sydney both feel an instant attraction . Can he be both her cure and her true love.I loved every single second of this short novella. Shari Ryan has gone from breaki [...]

  • Jessica Cox

    Freaking brilliantThis is the best . The realist fiction about IBS that I suffer from. It was so right on and the truth is if you don't laugh about you, then you cry. It's embarrassing and it makes you have to change situations to deal with it. I loved Sydney she was a freaking hoot, who had to deal with a crappy stomach. Some might find this book gross, or a little to much TMI, but it is real illness that lots suffer from. Anyway everyone poops just some more than others. Great read it seriousl [...]

  • Barb Shuler

    A total 5* read!*received a copy in exchange for an honest review*I laughed my arse off at this one. Which is the point, right? The characters, the story and the hidden desires in this one will fill your heart with laughter as you get to know the characters. I mean, Oh My god, Sydney. I was in love with her from page one. not even joking. The girl was got it all going for her but as life does it keeps her on the outside at times. She is a strong hearted, loud girl who just wants to find love and [...]

  • Carla

    **Carla's Five Star review of Queen of the ThroneThis story will make you laugh! Suffering from IBS myself, I could totally relate to the situations that Syndney found herself in. The things that happened to Sydney really do occur. Kudos to Shari for taking what is quite often an upsetting medical problem and adding some much needed humor! After all, they do say that laughter is the best medicine!!

  • A.M.

    Review to come

  • M L Dyson

    As someone who suffers from IBS I completely understand this book! This was a sweet and light hearted read! I love Shari's books!! Sydney has health problems that affect her life until she realizes she can't hide it from the one man who knows what is going on - Noah the doctor! And Noah the doctor is here to stay! This is a quick and funny read!!❤️😂❤️😂

  • Cheryl

    Having a couple of chronic illnesses myself, I laughed myself silly at this rom-com! It is delightfully well written and the characters are really believable! I loved it!! I received an ARC and am voluntarily reviewing the story!

  • Michelle

    I couldn't go back to sleep this morning. So I wanted to read something light and funny. Omg This book had me laughing! I woke up my poor husband!If I was in Sydney situation I would have died! I felt so bad for her!I loved how she found someone when she least expected it.If you're looking for a light funny read. This is your book!

  • Bethany

    Short and entertaining read about bathroom humor. I giggled out loud a few times.Fun read!

  • Delevingne

    Interesting concept, but I needed more. Still a fun short read.

  • Rebecca Wheeler

    Toilet humour at its best3 1/2 stars.Firstly I'd like to say, I really like this author's writing style. She brought a common shitty medical problem that no-one likes to talk about, into a rom com situation. There were a lot of ass-puns that made me smirk, sometimes cringe. I will be reading this author again.The subject matter didn't scare me, in fact I was curious after book friend Hollis read it not long ago (I think based on a dare) and her review made it sound not so bad, after all, IBS (Ir [...]

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  • ✓ Queen of the Throne: A Romantic Comedy || ☆ PDF Download by ✓ Shari J. Ryan
    363 Shari J. Ryan
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