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By Dayne Edmondson Don Semora | Comments: ( 320 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

They came from deep space They came to destroy us.Two thousand years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the world of Tar Ebon Humanity almost perished Now they re back to finish the deed.But now we are prepared Now we fight back.Captain Martin Rigsby was forged in the crucible of war After the last war, he is assigned to the outer rim of the United Federation of PlanThey came from deep space They came to destroy us.Two thousand years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the world of Tar Ebon Humanity almost perished Now they re back to finish the deed.But now we are prepared Now we fight back.Captain Martin Rigsby was forged in the crucible of war After the last war, he is assigned to the outer rim of the United Federation of Planets Martin must lead his aging fleet to face the enemy in battle.Marine Lieutenant Derek Jamison is stuck on a shithole planet at the far edge of the galaxy But when destruction rains from the sky he must rally the troops and face this new threat.Agent Kimberly Hague is working routine security duty at a presidential summit when betrayal leads to an explosion and subsequent assault on the president s life, turning her world upside down She must pursue the traitors responsible and bring them to justice.Against the alien onslaught, they each stand alone But we will fight We will rise We will win.

  • Title: Emergence
  • Author: Dayne Edmondson Don Semora
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Dayne Edmondson Don Semora

Dayne first began writing fantasy at the age of fifteen when he discovered the worlds which fantasy novels could transport him to Since then, he s read countless fantasy and science fiction novels from the likes of Robert Jordan, Elizabeth Haydon, Peter F Hamilton, George R.R Martin and many others He has earned a bachelor of business administration from CTU, written a fantasy novel, obtained his customs broker license and started a publishing business.Dayne lives in southeastern Michigan with his wife and daughter When he is not working on his Saga of the Seven Stars series and his next novel, you can find him reading, watching television with his wife, biking, walking and playing on the computer or with his daughter.

Comments Emergence

  • Aviar Savijon

    A thrilling fast paced space adventure. Loved it get your copy today

  • Elsbeth

    Action filled story about humans defending their worlds and peoples against scary 4-legged aliens. Great story, fast read.

  • Bruce McLennan

    Holy cow! Do you know how you find a book that is so good, so engrossing, so entertaining that you can't put it down? Well, this isn't one of them so get over that idea right now. When I started this book I had a lot of work on and it suited me just right to not have a demanding book screaming to be read. Emergence could be a much better read with a minor amount of plot development. The basic plot is that there is a bunch of aliens that want to destroy humanity and the story is really a lacklust [...]

  • W.H. Lock

    So, I bought into this book on the description’s first sentence: If you love Star Wars and Starcraft, you’ll love this book.”I love both those things so I was like “Sure!” And it started off like an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Which I also love. There was a hot-headed pilot. There were CAG’s. And spacefighters. It was under written but that might be a style choice. The second chapter was about an intelligence agent at a ball or somethingI’m like, “Okay, let’s see where thi [...]

  • Suki

    Energetic and newI liked the story overall and it had few errors. The mixing of characters was strange at first but was done well after the initial setup of the characters and their surroundings. It is mildly paced with little gore, but has a sense of purpose to the plot. I look forward to the next installment.

  • Jennifer

    I enjoy reading books written by Dayne Edmondson. I find a variety of characters and settings in his work. If you are a fan of fantasy, check out Emergence before the second book in this series is released this spring.

  • Don Moore

    Fast paced and a quick read, I always enjoy the serialized space war books, but for once this one developed some good characters. It also surprised me, which is very hard to do, with a crazy Earth twist. Simply awesome, Bravo Dayne

  • Barbara Salfelder

    Fast readInteresting story line. Pretty good editing, only caught one word out of context around 28% Mark ( sorry no page numbers). Action picked up and drew me in. Now for the next one.

  • Austin Myers

    Average "war" storyAt best it's an average war story with boring characters I never cared about and a "plot" we have all seen a gazillion times. Expect this to become another never ending series of books just as boring as the first. Yawn

  • RolandHagge

    Nice and fast actionThis is in the spirit of hard core science-fiction. I like it a lot. Monster attacking with heroes left and right with fast action what more can't you ask for.

  • Larry Griffiths

    Larry's takeVery exciting from start to finish. I love the variety of characters. I highly recommend it if you like space opera.

  • Kwame Opeyo

    Without giving anything away, this book is a high impact military saga with a twist. The combination of technology and magic is superb. I will definitely read the rest of the series.

  • Jackie

    A fairly cool science fiction story with heroes and bad guys. Totally different type for me. A must read for lovers of space stories.

  • M Hamed

    seriously under developed

  • J.S.

    Emergence is military science fiction. Attacked by a belligerent species known as the Krai’kesh, a group of soldiers, government agents and mages find themselves suddenly fighting for their lives.Whoa. Mages?This is a first for me. I have come across references to ‘genre-mashing’. I see the appeal. And why not? Bookstores often put Sci Fi and Fantasy in one section. Why not put them in one book?It was a relief to find a good mix of characters in this novel. Too many times female characters [...]

  • Cristina Slusariuc

    “Emergence” by Dayne Edmondson it’s that kind of book that every Science Fiction and Fantasy genre fan would simply love as, through a well-written galactic context and full of imagination plot, it has the power to make the reader feel involved in the story even from the first pages, every chapter being even more exciting than the previous ones!Besides the engaging and fast plot of the story, I appreciated the fact that “Emergence” it’s not an ordinary science-fiction book defined ju [...]

  • Norma

    "We'll make believers of them "Emergence - an excellent title for the start of a new series: and it promises to be a good one, too. In this book we are dramatically introduced to the main players, not least amongst them the pilot, Selene, and four of the seven Gaurdians, also known as Eternals, in particular the light hearted couple, John and Ashley Edgerton. These latter are !Ongoing lived humans with their own individual super powers, limited by the drain exerted on their physical bodies, but [...]

  • Patti

    I am extremely pleased that this book was brought to my attention as a suggested read. This sci-fi action packed adventure kept the energy level of the storyline high and fast from page one till the end. But the end is not the end, and I happily await book two of this adventure. This storyline is about a fierce galactic war and most of the time war scenes leave me cross eyed. That was not the case with this book. The scenes came through with vivid clarity, and I felt every moment of tragedy, hor [...]

  • Curtis Johnson

    Great Job Magic, Marines, Starships Can't ask for anything else for a Space Opera Saga Loved this book I Highly recommend reading Emergence

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  • Best Read [Dayne Edmondson Don Semora] ☆ Emergence || [Travel Book] PDF ↠
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