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By Shani Struthers | Comments: ( 281 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

That house, that damned house Will it ever stop haunting me After her parents divorce, five year old Corinna Greer moves into Blakemort with her mother and brother Set on the edge of the village of Whitesmith, the only thing attractive about it is the rent A sensitive , Corinna is aware from the start that something is wrong with the house Very wrong Christmas is That house, that damned house Will it ever stop haunting me After her parents divorce, five year old Corinna Greer moves into Blakemort with her mother and brother Set on the edge of the village of Whitesmith, the only thing attractive about it is the rent A sensitive , Corinna is aware from the start that something is wrong with the house Very wrong Christmas is coming but at Blakemort that s not something to get excited about A house that sits and broods, that calculates and considers, it s then that it lashes out the attacks endured over five years becoming worse There are also the spirits, some willing residents, others not Amongst them a boy, a beautiful, spiteful boy Who are they What do they want And is Corinna right when she suspects it s not just the dead the house traps but the living too

  • Title: Blakemort
  • Author: Shani Struthers
  • ISBN: 9781519029331
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Shani Struthers

It s all about the ghostsHere s the order my books come in Psychic Surveys Prequel Eve A Christmas Ghost StoryPsychic Surveys Book One The Haunting of Highdown HallPsychic Surveys Book Two Rise to MePsychic Surveys Book Three 44 Gil StreetPsychic Surveys Book Four Old Cross CottageSupporting Psychic Surveys NovellasBlakemortThirteen PLEASE NOTE ONLY EVE, BLAKEMORT AND THIRTEEN ARE STANDALONE BOOKS, THE MAIN PSYCHIC SURVEYS BOOKS ARE ALL FOLLOW ONS AND THERE WILL BE SIX IN TOTAL Jessamine is a STANDALONE atmospheric romance with a hint of the supernatural, set in the Highlands of Scotland This Haunted World Book One The VenetianThis Haunted World Book Two The Eleventh Floor PLEASE NOTE BOOKS IN THE THIS HAUNTED WORLD SERIES WILL BE STANDALONE NOVELS, SET IN AND AROUND THE WORLD S MOST HAUNTED PLACES AND BLENDING FACT WITH FICTION All stories are inspired by true events and experiences Catch up with me via Facebook or on my website shanistruthers where you can sign up to my newsletter for all the latest information, offers and giveaways.

Comments Blakemort

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

    I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to finally read a real haunting haunted house story. I've found lately that either the story isn't creepy enough (seriously cozy horror is not a thing) or it's a romance masquerading as a horror. So, reading Blakemort was a real thrill. I've never read anything by Shani Struthers before. However, I own the first book in this series (and I bought two books in the series after finishing this one hehe). I'm really thrilled to have discovered an author that ca [...]

  • Mark Tilbury

    After her mum and dad split up, Corinna and her brother Ethan move into Blakemort with their mum. It doesn't take long for strange things to start happening and for the house to affect it's new residents. This novella features a young Corinna, from the author's Psychic Surveys series and Blakemort is going to feature in a full length novel - which I'm really looking forward to.Shani is an expert at building atmosphere and tension in her books. The feelings felt by Corinna and her family whilst i [...]

  • Jules

    This is not really a genre I read much these days, but I did enjoy Blakemort, and could definitely see me having loved it if I had read it as a young teenager, when I loved reading books that spooked me. Even after all these years, one part in particular did send a shiver down my spine, as I too was pushed down the stairs, when I was just a few years old, and to this day I am still convinced it was a ghost that pushed me. I was pushed twice by something invisible, falling down the stairs on the [...]

  • Nolene Driscoll

    Shani Struthers writes a good novel but this book left me a little disappointed. To me there was a nice build up of tension as though something was going to happen, then it was glossed over. I felt that there should have been more action, more things happening not just alluded to. It had a great plot and storyline but for me never quite got going, perhaps if this had been a complete book rather than a novella She could have done more with it.

  • Kaz

    Blakemort.The house of the deadShani Struthers has delivered a Christmas novella like no other, The story centre's around 5 year old Corrina and her family, Corrina's parent''s are newly separated, and when Helena, her mother rents Blakemort she is hoping for a new start for Corrina and Ethan her brother. Corrina sense's and see's thing's. she has a gift, and Blakemort is a Pandora's box just waiting to be opened, but once the lid is off, there are no pleasant surprise'sjust malevolent evil, int [...]

  • Hilary Mortz

    This is the first Shani Struthers book I have read and I have to admit that after a good start, I became a little disappointed by the slow pace of the story telling. I know the intention was to build tension for the reader, but after a while I just stopped caring what happened to the characters. I've certainly had much worse family Christmases than the ones described in Blakemort. The whole thing was just a bit too drawn out for my reading taste. A must for her many fans however.

  • Jesse Christiansen

    Blakemort bleeds rich with imagination, chilling ambiance, and, most importantly, the signature, master storytelling that Struthers fans have come to expect and love. I found myself quickly drawn in and living in the scene with the characters, of which the story was perhaps the most memorable protagonist. The author also does a great job of weaving the history of the house into a building plot and satisfying climax.Well worth the read. Another ghost story gem for haunted house enthusiasts everyw [...]

  • Carol Peace

    What an introduction into the books of Shani Struthers, I had not read any of hers before but I will after.Corrine's mum and dad had split up and her mum was finding things difficult when her old friend Carol offered her a house to rent very cheap. Corrine her mum and older brother Ethan went to live in Blakemort. On arrival they realised it was a bit run down and from the outset Corrine just didn't feel easy as she felt there were 'other' people there too but knowing she wouldn't be believed sh [...]

  • Emma Jackson

    This is a brilliantly terrifying ghost book. It gripped me from the first chapter and nothing in the book is predictable. It's quite an eerie read.Blackened has become a new home for corinnna, her mum and brother after her parents get divorced and this house is affordable on rent from a friend so it's too good to turn down. The house is like a mansion but not one of those glamourous places. This home is definitely not for the living. But will they realise too late or will they find a way out soo [...]

  • Natasha du Plessis

    I am not a fan of watching Horrors on the tv or the big screen, but will gladly read a Horror. This book was really scary and if it is ever made into a movie you will not find met watching this movie as I will be scared to death. I would probably leave the room or switch channel within the first 10 minutes of the movie.This book by Shani Struthers is a stand alone within the Psychic Surveys series and I read it as such. I loved the writing style and the characters. I would have loved to find out [...]

  • Vanessa Wild

    I thought Blakemort was a great introduction to the author's Psychic Surveys stories. It can also be read as a standalone and and it made a very good Christmas ghost story.It's eerie and has all the elements of what you would expect in a haunted house mystery. I loved the writing style and I enjoyed the build up of tension. The house and its many 'inhabitants' were really spooky and I could easily picture it all in my mind! I really liked Corinna, the narrator, and look forward to reading more a [...]

  • Annette

    It's quite scary when you realise that Blakemort is based on documented true facts. Corrina was only five when she moved into Blakemort with her mum and older brother. It was a move of necessity as her mum and dad had split up and their old house sold. When Corrina entered the house she realised that all was not as it should be and for some reason a feeling of dread came over her. This was the start of terrifying unexplained events and one thing was certain they were not alone or welcome in the [...]

  • Heather Fitt

    An absolutely terrifying, chilling book!I wasn't sure about it at first, I'm not really a ghost story kind of a person; but I'd read Jessamine and really enjoyed it so I thought I'd give it a go.A first it I thought 'is this it?' I was convinced it was going to be a something and nothing book; but oh my goodness! Shani Struthers is a master and building tension slowly but surely, then letting it fall away before ramping it up all over again. There were times when by blood ran cold and the hairs [...]

  • J.L.

    A Christmas ghost story seen through the eyes of a child, narrated twenty years afterwards. I have to get used to the anomaly of mature words, observations and thoughts coming from a five year-old girl. The initial pace is steady and the content spooky. I can see that dreaded house so clearly in my mind's eye. Reading on, I experience horror after horror until my senses deaden. I guess I've never been one to thrive on horrific thrills, and somehow the ending has left me in the air - is that all? [...]

  • Lindsay

    This book centres on a girl a sensitive growing up over 4 years in a haunted house.This house has a history and its interested in Corrine and her gifts! They drain her of her psychic energy and they play tricks on her and her family. This house is cheap for her mother following a split from her father and it gets harder and harder for Corrine to deal with the growing malevolence.It makes for an interesting read on how atmospheres and hauntings are experienced on a personal level.I'm already read [...]

  • Della Rainey

    A spine-tingling and haunted readCorinna, a girl of 5, from a broken home, is made to live in a run-down and eerie house with her Mum and brother. However, Blakemort, the house has a secret - its alive with the Dead! Blakemort has a great build-up and as a reader, it soon draws you into the dark, evil and terrifying atmosphere it possesses. The sounds, the shadows and the apparitions will leave you gripped. This is the first book I have read from Shani Struthers and I loved it. It's a novella th [...]

  • Sarah Muxlow

    Well this is the first I have read in the psychic surveys series and all I can say is wow. I found this to be a very powerful thought provoking book which looks at the issues of a split family and how those insecurities can be pushed to the limit by forces from the other side. The story focuses on Corinna who shows great strength for such a young child and I loved seeing her character develop as the years took their toll. I won't give the plot away but will say is a definite must read as I could [...]

  • Glynis

    When I started Blakemort I was of the opinion that this was an average haunted house book, nothing special but an alright read. But hey it got better and better and really gripped me so much so that I was reading way in to the early hours, looking over my shoulder to see what that shadow could be hovering in the corner of the room. I definitely will read more of this author. Reminiscent of James Herbert The Magic Cottage. A big thank you to Facebook The Book Club and Helen Boyce in particular fo [...]

  • Michelle Baldwin

    WowI couldn't put this down read it in one sitting. I got goosebumps a lot and choked up twice. This is the first book I've read by SHANI STRUTHERS and I promise I will be reading more I love supernatural I'm a believer, However I need to see something for myself. To know that this is based on true events is mind boggling. I am left wondering and have many questions I'd love to have answered. Very well written kept me hooked and a pleasure to read.

  • Susan Angela Wallace

    Omg absolutely fantastic read. Blakemort by shani Struthers is a psychic Surveys Christmas novella read.After her parents divorce, five year old Corinna greer moves to blakemort with her mother and brother.Absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters. Especially Corinna and her family. Wow that house. Highly recommended. Definitely worth more than 5*. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from tbc on fb.

  • Bridget McKeown

    I really liked this book (first one I've read by this author). It's very well written and flows. Corinna is a sensitive in a house filled with mostly malevolent spirits. I'd be running for the door!! I'll have to read more books by Ms Struthers. Thank you to TBC for the opportunity to read this book.

  • Janice Atkinson

    I've never read any of the psychic surveys series but as it said this was a stand alone novella I thought I'd give it a go. This was spine tingling stuff which I stayed up all night reading. Great book will now need to download the rest of the series.

  • Caroline

    Another atmospheric and creepy read from shani struthers, this is fascinating but leaves questions will the psychic surveys team visit blakemort?

  • Jennifer Penman

    Scary! But a book to be devoured!I've read other books by this author, love them in fact, but this is by far the scariest book I've ever read! Written from fear almost, you get sucked in, as if the house is sucking you into it as well. Absolutely terrifying, but couldn't put it down!

  • Cath

    Got me again!Shani is a fantastic author who holds gold medal for gripping build ups, never failing to disappoint when reaching the peak. I always warm to the characters instantly and read with empathy and trepidation; feeling like I am seeing things unfold from the characters very own eyes. A clever talent and a great read!

  • Margaret

    Another great read! I read this book over 3 nights, in the dark and because the descriptions were so good I couldn't put the book down until it was finished! I love a good horror/Mystery book and this one certainly fitted the bill.

  • Joyce

    Review of BlakemortAnother 5star rating for this book as well as the others in this series, cant wait to read the next, just love this authors work, and hope that there is a follow up to this as would love to find out what happens to Blakemort house. Also love the haunted world series that Shani has going too the first of which is the Venetian!

  • Jeanine

    What a horrifying childhood, in a horrifying house I couldn't put it down.

  • Deanna Gurley

    BlakemortI found it very unique. I couldn't hardly put it down. I had to keep reading so I could see what was going to happen next. I will read more from this author.

  • Donna

    GrippingReally good read from start to finish, highly recommend giving it a go. A good read on a stormy night.

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