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  • Title: Wonders Will Never Cease
  • Author: Robert Irwin
  • ISBN: 9781910213476
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin was born in 1946 He read Modern History at Oxford and taught Medieval History at the University of St Andrews He also lectured on Arabic and Middle Eastern History at the universities of London, Cambridge and Oxford He is the commissioning editor for the TLS for The Middle East and writes for a number of newspapers and journals in the UK and the USA.Robert Irwin goes rollerblading most days and takes part in rollerblading marathons.His other pursuits include juggling, pinball and cooking.He has published six novels The Arabian Nightmare 1983 , The Limits of Vision 1986 , The Mysteries of Algiers 1988 , Exquisite Corpse 1995 , Prayer Cushions of the Flesh 1997 and Satan Wants Me 1999 He is the author of six works of non fiction The Middle East in the Middle Ages 1984 , The Arabian Nights A Companion 1994 , Islamic Art 1997 and Night and Horses and the Desert The Penguin Anthology of Classical Arabic Literature 1999, Alhambra 2004 and For Lust of Knowing The Orientalists and Their Enemies 2006.

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Comments Wonders Will Never Cease

  • Jack Tripper

    I'm surprised there aren't more ratings and reviews for this, Robert Irwin's first novel in 17 years. Part reality-bending fantasy, part historical fiction, this was quite the absorbing read for me, with the same "stories within stories" concept of Irwin's (brilliant) The Arabian Nightmare, only set in England during the Wars of the Roses as opposed to medieval Cairo. It's a mostly third-person, partial first-person tale following Anthony, a knight who is killed early on in the book during the b [...]

  • Nicole Beaudry

    This, theoretically, is a book I should have really enjoyed. And I did enjoy parts of it. It was wild and imaginative and has a sort of fable-type quality to it that made reading it a bit of a breathless experience, partially because it was written in the present tense. I don't love historical fiction in the present tense, it has to be said. I did feel I got to know Anthony, but really none of the other characters. It was fantastic, but the fantastic often gained foothold solely by shoving thing [...]

  • Caidyn (BW Book Reviews; he/him/his)

    This review and others can be found on BW Book Reviews.4.5/5First, I want to say that the damn description on lies. This is not for fans of George R.R. Martin or Philippa Gregory. This book has one perspective and is told in a period-appropriate way, so it’s not like Martin, although it deals with the time that inspired him. While this book isn’t completely historically accurate, it has a purpose to it. Oh, and there’s no sex scenes. Or people pitted against each other to create drama wit [...]

  • Maura Heaphy

    I have seen this compared to "Game of Thrones" and Russell Hoban's novel "Ridley Walker," both of which I love, but I could not get on board with this strange novel, which re-imagines the life of Anthony, Lord Scales, and later 2nd Earl Rivers, as a mythic saga, in the style of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." On a line by line basis, it was very readable -- witty, clever -- but I just found it hard to care, once the novelty wore off.

  • Roberta Sciortino

    Beautiful. Admirable as the author reaches the goal of writing a very correct historical fiction maintaining the rhythm of a very compelling book. Now I'm going to look for the other masterpieces of him!

  • Brittany

    It's rare that I rate a book so poorly but I just cannot recommend this book to anyone and feel OK about it. I picked up Wonders Will Never Cease at BEA this year and was pretty excited about it. I've never read any of Irwin's books prior to this but seeing a blurb from Gaiman on the front cover, it had to be good, right?I don't know how to explain this book but I'll try. The way it was written was so odd. It was written as if a friend of mine was re telling a book to me that they read in the pa [...]

  • Tim Hicks

    Anthony was dead: to begin with. Then he wasn't, sort of. His sorcerous amulet may or may not have had anything to do with it. The Wars of the Roses unfold before us, as we follow Anthony Woodville (who existed). But his life path is hardly straightforward. Two odd men, Ripley and Malory (who existed, alhough perhaps not quite as shown here) weave in and out. Ripley's alchemy includes a Talking Head with some accurate predictions of the future (or are they causing that future?) and Malory's work [...]

  • Annie

    Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, by Robert Irwin’s Wonders Will Never Cease repeatedly demonstrates that fiction will always win a competition for imaginative bizarreness. This metafictional novel follows the life of Anthony Woodville, an actual historical figure, as he is bounced around by the vagaries of War of the Roses-era politics and by the fictional wrangling of the king’s alchemist and Sir Thomas Malory. This is not a biographical novel so much as it is a bibliographic one. [...]

  • James Eckman

    Based loosely on the life of Anthony Woodville, Irwin adds fantasy encounters and adventures for Anthony as well as bizarre stories for other characters as well as Arthurian and Greek legends. At times it's hard to tell if this is a straight historical novel or a fantasy hodgepodge. It starts out well but soon gets strange, I almost stopped reading it. The ending is preordained about 75% into the book, and that's a bummer, I would have been much better off not knowing.It's an odd duck, maybe thi [...]

  • Roy Kenagy

    An extraordinarily satisfying existential fantasy, re-imagining the career of Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers, doomed courtier in the court of Edward IV. The young King Edward marries Anthony's sister Elizabeth in a fit of lusty romance; this fatal MacGuffin casually propels the wandering, magical realist plot, eventually populating the Tower (which Anthony has chosen as his memory palace) with the skulls of almost all his enemies and friends. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" performed [...]

  • Hannah

    They say that truth is stranger than fiction, but in Robert Irwin' s version of medieval England truth and fiction are apparently the same thing. Myth bleeds into history with an absurd sense of humor in this entertaining, confusing, and just plain bizarre novel, and while I enjoyed a good deal of it find myself with mixed feelings at the end.

  • Caroline

    I really, really tried to like this novel, but I just couldn't get past the first few chapters. The writing seemed stilted to me and the story disjointed. I think it tries to straddle the line between historical fiction and fantasy and never truly embraces either.

  • Jean

    I enjoyed this a lot. Part meticulous historical fiction, part magical fairytale, part ghost story. Really fun.

  • Laura


  • Melisende d'Outremer


  • Kerry Quinlisk

    I could not get into this book. the writing is clever and the history should be interesting, but Anthony is the most unlikable hero I have come across in quite a while.

  • Kelly

    Couldn't get into the narrative style.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Download ✓ Wonders Will Never Cease : by Robert Irwin ✓
    263 Robert Irwin
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