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By Helen Sword | Comments: ( 221 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

From the author of Stylish Academic Writing comes an essential new guide for writers aspiring to become productive and take greater pleasure in their craft Helen Sword interviewed one hundred academics worldwide about their writing background and practices Relatively few were trained as writers, she found, and yet all have developed strategies to thrive in their pubFrom the author of Stylish Academic Writing comes an essential new guide for writers aspiring to become productive and take greater pleasure in their craft Helen Sword interviewed one hundred academics worldwide about their writing background and practices Relatively few were trained as writers, she found, and yet all have developed strategies to thrive in their publish or perish environment.So how do these successful academics write, and where do they find the air and light and time and space, in the words of poet Charles Bukowski, to get their writing done What are their formative experiences, their daily routines, their habits of mind How do they summon up the courage to take intellectual risks and the resilience to deal with rejection Sword identifies four cornerstones that anchor any successful writing practice Behavioral habits of discipline and persistence Artisanal habits of craftsmanship and care Social habits of collegiality and collaboration and Emotional habits of positivity and pleasure Building on this BASE, she illuminates the emotional complexity of the writing process and exposes the lack of writing support typically available to early career academics She also lays to rest the myth that academics must produce safe, conventional prose or risk professional failure The successful writers profiled here tell stories of intellectual passions indulged, disciplinary conventions subverted, and risk taking rewarded Grounded in empirical research and focused on sustainable change, Air Light Time Space offers a customizable blueprint for refreshing personal habits and creating a collegial environment where all writers can flourish.

  • Title: Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write
  • Author: Helen Sword
  • ISBN: 9780674737709
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Helen Sword

Helen Sword Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Sword author readers around the world.

Comments Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write

  • Paul Silvia

    Helen and I don't agree on everything (as you will surely notice when you read this book) but I always enjoy reading her writing. This book proposes an expansive approach to the practice of academic writing. In a broad sense, the book seeks to give people permission to try new things, go with what works, and not get hung up on the "oughts" of academic writing. (PS: I went to college in Los Angeles in the 1990s, soon after Charles Bukowski died, and every disaffected young man in LA was writing B [...]

  • Bex

    There’s a lot of inspiring bits in this book. I'm trying to decide if I like the long lists of what others do/quote extracts which make it very rich, but I got a little lost in some of them! I definitely like her live-working of writing demonstrated in one chapter where she illustrates it with the various false starts she'd had as ideas for that chapter. The thoughts on thinking through metaphors are really helpful - is writing a 'battle' or a 'passion', and how does that impact how you approa [...]

  • Clayton Hutchins

    Decent. There's good stuff in here but I wasn't a big fan of the format. It felt like it was 50% Sword's own words (mainly introducing the quotes), and 50% quotes of successful academic writers she interviewed on their writing habits. It is encouraging on one level to be exposed to so many differing approaches to writing. It helps us realize that personal habits are not a one-size-fits all kind of thing. While one person might appreciate having a sacred time and a set number of words that simply [...]

  • Titus Hjelm

    Academic writing guides are, to me at least, a bit like cheap therapy sessions. You get to have a conversation (inside your head) about how you do things and how they could be done. The problem with many guides, as Sword also points out, is that they only tell how things _should_ be done. I can't keep track of how many writing regimes I've tried to follow, only to fail on day two and then forgetting about the whole thing--a bit like dieting, right? Sword's book is different in that it does not o [...]

  • Curiously

    This book was helpful and encouraging, especially from the perspective of an early-career researcher. It is also, of course, stylishly written. However, Sword suggested at one point that most academic experiences of luck were actually an outcome of perseverance, risk-taking etc – the luck of being, for example, white, male, and/or from an academic family were not acknowledged here. There was definitely a lack of intersectional discussion throughout about how issues such as class background, et [...]

  • Elizabeth

    This was a lovely departure from the singular approach that so many publications on academic writing take. By illuminating the depths of the relationships that academics of a variety of stripes have to the writing process, Sword does a wonderful job of exploring the many contours of writing within academia. It felt both enlightened and inspired after reading this, and much more inclined to think of the balance (or, as Sword would put it, base) of all of the aspects of my writing process and iden [...]

  • Zachary

    Helpful and encouraging, but sometimes a bit too optimistic. While I got some ideas for how to be more productive in my writing, I still don't really understand how the those who are really good do it. A good lesson, and one which I already knew from bitter experience, is to be a kind reviewer who is cognizant that there is a human being who produced what is being reviewed. Bad reviewers destroy people and inflict deeper wounds than they likely know, so don't be a bad reviewer. All in all, it wa [...]

  • Kristin

    The format makes this quick to read. I appreciated the authors own words supplemented with quotes from interviews and then further illustrated with more elaborated author profiles. The title leads one to believe this is about finding a way to be productive in the task of writing, but it also covers artistry, social elements and emotional responses. The breadth is appreciated!

  • Leif

    In Air & Light & Time & Space, I'm not always convinced that Sword is developing a project beyond the bounds she already set for it in Stylish Academic Writing. Nevertheless, there's much here to reaffirm good writing practices: it's well put together and should be useful for academics of any stripe – and writers interested in the academic writing process.

  • LeeRay

    I wish this book had been available when I was a graduate student. I recommend it for all academic writers - regardless of rank - especially if you ever struggle with writing. This book will make you feel less alone and inspire you, as it did me, to approach writing in some new, productive, and pleasurable ways.

  • Kristen

    I devour any and all books about writing and this was no exception. Not a ton of new thoughts here, though, I really did enjoy all the tips and testimonies from the actual academics. It read like a really good round up of best practices with a bit of philosophy thrown in. While aimed at academics, I would recommend to any writer. It was insightful and generous and inspiring.

  • Ana

    What a refreshing and energizing book about academic writing. The text itself is delightful and inspiring, and I now have about 15 spots bookmarked that each have a list of possible other books to read to keep up a curious passion for how to write better, and with satisfaction.

  • Michele Berger

    One of the most important books I have ever read on academic writing. It actually feels like I'm reading a bestseller because of how Sword paces the book. A tour de force! I have given this book as a gift all summer and fall long.

  • Laura

    Some good ideas in here, but probably the biggest value is the interviews she does with other scholars who talk about their experiences of writing. Serves to normalize and destigmatize the difficulties of writing.

  • Josephine Ensign

    I have a multiple books on writing and the writing life, but this book will be added to my collection. There are parts of the book that I found to be overly heavy on the quotes from people she interviewed for the project, but I like her advice.

  • Jonathan

    I thought I might find this book useful. To my surprise I find I enjoyed, much more than most books I’ve read recently, including my so-called pleasure reading. I would recommend it to everyone who writes non-fiction, academic or not. And now I want to read all her other books.

  • Michael Reid

    Cracking open writingEast To read book which unpacked the often unspoken challenges of writing. It’s change my outlook and practice towards writing.

  • Alex Marsden

    Great. Start here to improve your writing.

  • Clayton

    A great, different book about the rewards of writing and the struggles that most academics experience before the rewards. Not necessarily a "how to do" book, but a "keep at it" type of book.

  • Angie Sturrock

    A bit heavy on the quotes at times, however, there is a lot of good stuff here. I liked Sword's upfront honesty re what she expected from her work and what she ended up with. I also found it somewhat liberating to read a book about academic writing that did not try to provide a 'prescription for success' but rather encouraged individual reflection. This is more a book about how academics write, rather than how to write.

  • Tim Williams

    One of the most helpful and enlightening books I have come across.

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  • Best Read [Helen Sword] ☆ Air & Light & Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write || [Chick Lit Book] PDF ↠
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