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By Noah Harris | Comments: ( 141 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

March 1945 American GI Gene Fuller has nearly died in a dozen horrible ways and has watched what happens to friends who aren t so lucky But now, in the war s final weeks, he s scared than ever Guarding a rear area, his regiment comes under attack by the Werewolves, a fanatical band of Nazi diehards who brutally slaughter any American who falls into their hands PrivMarch 1945 American GI Gene Fuller has nearly died in a dozen horrible ways and has watched what happens to friends who aren t so lucky But now, in the war s final weeks, he s scared than ever Guarding a rear area, his regiment comes under attack by the Werewolves, a fanatical band of Nazi diehards who brutally slaughter any American who falls into their hands Private Fuller has to rely on his wits, his lovers in the regiment, and a mysterious and handsome German prisoner in order to survive That may not be enough DISCLAIMER THIS IS A 50K WORD HOT STEAMY eBook FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY

  • Title: Lone Wulf: Dangerous Maneuvers
  • Author: Noah Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Noah Harris

Noah Harris is a 28 year old bisexual man currently single and living in a small apartment in New York.Being a natural introvert with significant extrovert tendencies he expresses himself through the world of writing MM books, often with a darker, paranormal twist His books are written from the heart of his deep, sensitive and mysterious, but playful and creative, wild spirit.Noah is dedicated to giving something back to the universe, sharing generously in his successes and inspiring and motivating others through his writing and in any other way he can He believes in living a natural, healthy lifestyle and has embraced meditation as a way of clearing the noise in his head and allowing his dark creativity to shine through in his books.He is determined to reach out to as many readers, who he considers his friends , as he can through his unique personal touch and through building like minded communities online It is this personal touch, with his readers, that sets him apart from most other authors today.

Comments Lone Wulf: Dangerous Maneuvers

  • Denise H.

    *** Enthralling, Wonderful, Exciting ! *** Be sure to read this one !!An amazing history lesson of gay men in WWII and beyond. It's very absorbing, totally interesting, and wonderfully enticing ! College guy, Simon, has come to Gene to interview him for the Illinois LGBT Historical Society. Gene, now 91, had run the first gay club in Chicago. Simon wants the story if the icon. Gene has lots of mind-blowing tales to tell. Gene has one stipulation. Simon's full attention is on Gene as he weaves hi [...]

  • Amber

    Noah Harris has done it again. Lone Wulf is a fabulous book, and it had my emotions on a roller coaster ride. I laughed, I cried, and I was entertained by the subject matter for the first time ever. I found myself in love with American GI Gene Fuller as he recounted his experiences in the final weeks of World War two and wow, did he have some exciting experiences. Between the different Nazi groups and the Werewolves trying to kill them, there is the stress relieving activities at the bath houses [...]

  • Kris Mielke

    I’m a huge History nut! I’m a huge Paranormal nut! So for the author to combine these two aspects together makes the story that much better! I haven’t read or seen any other books with this combination. I sure hope Mr. Harris has another book similar to this one brewing in his masterful brain for the future. This is right up my alley. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I also enjoyed reading from the modern day point of view of Gene and Sim [...]

  • Samantha Jones

    Lone Wulf was so good I could not stop reading it. Simon and Gene love them in this story it was romantic, sad, mysterious and exciting. Noah you out did yourself with this story I really loved this one I really really hope more will love this story as much as I did. Keep up the awesome work with your stories. The war theme of the story was a good idea for how the story came out. Loved the hot senses wish there was a little hotter sense at the end but still loved it.I received a free copy of thi [...]

  • Jo Bird

    Wow! Bravo Noah Harris!!! Noah has strayed slightly from his comfort zone, again, with another amazing story! This time into history. His ability to do this so successfully shows how much he has matured as an author. This book is beautifully written, extremely well researched and has lots of great period detail. I couldn't fault it. Simon is a gay history student specialising in LGBT. He visits a 91 year old local, gay war hero, Gene, in order to document his story. Simon is surprised when Gene [...]

  • Cee Zin

    Set in current day, it begins with Simon, a history student, interviewing Gene, a WWII vet. Gene informs Simon of a German resistance movement, a Nazi experiment called Unternehmen Werewolf. "Operation Werewolf" is a band of fanatics operating in the same area as Gene's unit is to defend. This woven tale takes us through the ugliness of war team members lost, vanishing hopes and dreams and yet, at the same time it captures the magical human spirit the comrades in arms, the determination to survi [...]

  • Katie Townsend

    I received a ARC in exchange for a honest review From the moment I started reading lone wulf I was transported into genes world i loved it so much This story was beautifully written the way Noah switched from part to present was amazing it made me feel like I were there with them I couldn't put this book downLone wulf was hot and sexy with laughter and seriesness mixed in it was perfectI loved the slight twists in lone wulf that you do not expect it was wonderfulThank you noah Harris for another [...]

  • Teresa

    Title: Lone Wolf (Dangerous Maneuvers)Author: Noah HarrisPublisher: Digital ServicesISBN: B01M1MIDTPBuy Link: amazon/dp/B01M1MIDTP/Reviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb:March 1945 American GI Gene Fuller has nearly died in a dozen horrible ways and has watched what happens to friends who aren’t so lucky. But now, in the war’s final weeks, he’s more scared than ever. Guarding a rear area, his regiment comes under attack by the Werewolves, a fanatical band of Nazi diehards who brutally slaught [...]

  • Jessica

    Wow! I was a little nervous about this book, with the story being part way set in the past. I. I shouldn't of worried about reading Noah's books I have loved all of his other books and why shouldn't of this one be any different. It's not I love this one just as much. The beginning of the book it starts off with an interview with Simon and Gene. Although Simons doesn’t believe what Gene is telling he sits and listens to the interesting past of Gene? Let’s go back into his past shall we. While [...]

  • Barbara

    This was an awesome book that Noah has written this time. It just amazes me how he can find different subject matter and make it flourish. In this story, he has written about WWII. Writing about the end of the war, where squads of soldiers were left in the rear to clean up any German soldiers. Instead of soldiers, they find themselves under attack by werewolves. They are silent vicious killers. Gene, the MC of the story is the one telling the story some seventy years later to a young history stu [...]

  • Ilani K.wise

    I liked this book Lone Wulf because it had my favorite genre in it. Werewolves, gay romance and historical data. The story had my mind, my focus and heart, due to GI Gene finding his first love and coming to terms with his sexuality. While telling his story he helps Simon comes to terms about himself and the need to find his first love. The war scenes were very realistic and the cunning of the soldiers. I really loved and admired how the soldiers all dealt with their sexuality. I loved how Noah [...]

  • Alison Devonish

    past life I really loved how this book was written, two people in the present reflecting on the events of WW2 really putting a laid back twist to that tragic part of history. Gene Fuller reflects on his time in the with the American GI's. He distinctively remembers, nearing the end of the war his regiment being attacked by werewolves. The regiment survived when a werewolf helped them get revenge on the people who turned him. Gene ended up falling in love the wolf and they made love while the wol [...]

  • Ruth Evans

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. This book is based during world war two and is an amazing read. Noah Harris shows his skill in writing and imagination with this book. I have laughed and cried throughout this book. This is an amazingly imaginative book. There are twists and turns throughout which keeps you captivated. Noah Harris goes from strength to strength in his writing. The characters are captivating Gene, Simon and Hans. This is a book you'll want to finish to [...]

  • John-TorleifHarris

    I absolutely loved this book! Gene and Simon were almost instantly engaging and I thought that the format of having simian Simon interview Gene was different from Noah's norm, but executed brilliantly. This book had several surprises that I wasn't expecting, but were all delightful. I suppose that the only question that I had after I finished, that I didn't feel was sufficiently explained in the book, was had Gene planned this interview with Simon before it happened, or was it more of a happy co [...]

  • Coral Mitchell

    MM Romance, explicit content. Set in WWII in Germany. The story is relayed as the memories of the main character, Gene. This sets it up as two stories, one in the present and one in the past. His regiment comes under attack by the Werewolves, a fanatical band of Nazi diehards who brutally slaughter any American who falls into their hands. They are in an extreme situation that only gets worse with new discoveries. Gene also finds love in this unexpected place.I received a copy in exchange for an [...]

  • Lavonne

    I received this free book for an honest review.I loved this book. It was very emotional. Couldn't put it down. Gene and Simon are an unlikely pair that have come together for an interview. Gene relates his war experiences with his unit and the prisoner he fell in love with. It has an unexpected twist at the end that you will love. Another winner for Noah Harris.

  • Susan Orr

    Another great read from Noah Harris. This time he combines a little history with the paranormal. The story draws you in and keeps going until the end. I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review.

  • Ann

    Noah Harris goes from strength to strength with his writing. This work of fiction contains very difficult and emotive subject matter being based during the end of the Second World War when the Nazis were at their worst. We know Jews, gays and other so called "undesirables" were treated despicably in their hands in the death camps and some were subjected to quite horrific experiments. Some of this has been woven into the storyline. Noah's book has been beautifully written. The main character Gene [...]

  • Lexy

    I have never read a book by Noah Harris before so wasn't really sure what to expect.Yes, the blurb does makes you aware of the action and paranormal contents but you get Good Action and a good paranormal twist to the story.I tried to read the book on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and really made it lazy.No dinner by my hand that day.The story is set during WW2 somewhere in Germany and in nowadays Chicago.I so much liked the stupulation set by Gene to Simon in order to give an interview.Imagine that [...]

  • Denise GremoryKohta

    A roller coaster read that'll get your blood flowing. Starts off just like a roller coaster and loops and twists to the very end. Also, there are some true historical facts to keep you grounded in the story. It's darker than you would expect but fits perfectly in the story.

  • Tina

    I loved this book. When I started reading and saw that it was going to have a historical storyline, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get through because I don't read historical books. I was dead wrong. I found myself submerged in this awesome tale of a gay man trying to navigate through life at a time when it was frowned upon to be gay. I can't imagine a fraction of what he truly felt but I sure got a good picture of it. This book takes you on a journey of discovering true love all while [...]

  • Grady

    ‘This was beyond simple lust, this was affection, a deep caring among a group of guys thrust into a hellish situation.’New York author Noah Harris is a 28-year-old bisexual man currently single and living in a small apartment in New York City. Though somewhat shy he is a humanitarian who sees the world in which we live as a community bonded in a natural approach to our feelings and ourselves and our interaction with others. His bisexual nature allows him to create well rounded characters – [...]

  • Christopher Llewellyn

    I am new to Noah Harris, I have actively avoided shapeshifter stories, and I never thought I'd like historical fiction, but, having read Lone Wulf: Dangerous Maneuvers, I'm hungry for more. I thoroughly enjoyed this story-within-a-story, where a young historian of queer history interviews a 91 year-old, WWII veteran with a more-interesting-than-usual story to tell of his time fighting Nazis, having a fair amount of sex, and falling in love.I love the way the story is told; the interview and the [...]

  • Cee Brown

    ¸.•*¨)☆♡¸.•*´¨)☆♡¸.•*´¨)☆♡♡☆(¸.•´4.5 stars for History, Paranormal and Love.So not a history buff, I was willing to take a chance, I mean, Noah Harris, what tales he tells! Plus, the whole paranormal aspect, count me in. And damn you Noah for making me cry!!A tale as old as timeYeah, no. Just the end of a war and exposure to the paranormal. Gene thought dealing with the war was rough. Imagine his surprise when an ambush leads to the discovery of something else. [...]

  • Pam Kay

    Noah Harris has got to be one of the greatest paranormal MM authors of all time!! The more I read them the more I want. He has an incredible style of writing that brings in intense emotions. Love it!! This book is one of them. Simon, a history student, has come to interview Eugene, a 91 year old WWII veteran who was stationed in Germany. The story was meant to bring out the gay community within that time especially with the military. Gene explains in graphic detailOf the relationships that many [...]

  • Gwen

    A lone wolf at war! This story is told as an interview from a young history student Simon done to 91 yr old veteran Eugene Fuller. Simon wants to know about gay history and Eugene has some stories to tell from the war he happened to fight in 1945, set across western Germany. Germans were losing but they had troops called Operation Werewolf that were put there to cause mayhem even when the rest had surrendered. Eugene's troop had more than his share of gay men who would get together in bathhouses [...]

  • Lisa1269

    “It was all worth it… I never thought I’d find love in war…”I was completely absorbed by this compelling and quick paced book, which introduces a paranormal element into a recounting of World War II skirmishes. Gene’s recollections were both heartwrenching and uplifting, mixing the atrocities of war with the stolen intimacies of soldiers seeking comfort from each other. I couldn’t help but feel for Hans, who was so torn by what he was created to be and who he wanted to be. The love [...]

  • Max Thomas

    WWII Erotic Shifter FantasyWow! A plot review can't do this one justice. A WWII tale of US soldiers in the waning days of the war is engaging. The characters are so real that I cared if one was hurt. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the war story, but it certainly seems close. The GI's encounter a German force hidden in the rear of the allied lines. One of the Germans surrenders, and our gay protagonist discovers that the prisoner is gay. The platoon soon learns that he has been turned into a w [...]

  • Debbie Bookers

    Gene tells this story of WWII in such great detail, that his young historian writer has a hard time believing him. Gene's story had me in tears and so emotionally sucked in, I couldn't put it down. To hear his version of the war and what it meant to be gay in that era had me and the young Simon, eager to hear what came next. And what comes next will blow your mind. To have loved and be loved the way Gene was, is amazing. Simon is going to enjoy his life and learn a lot from Gene. The author did [...]

  • Patricia

    This is a intriguing and fascinating book to read, and I really enjoyed reading it. It was emotional and dealt with some tough issues and had just the right amount of drama, suspense, action, humor, sadness, sarcasm, fear, sexuality, werewolves, lust and emotional feelings in to keep me interested. I found the story-line to be well thought out and written. The characters had emotional feelings according to the situation they find themselves in. I would recommend this book to people who like to r [...]

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  • ☆ Lone Wulf: Dangerous Maneuvers || ↠ PDF Download by ↠ Noah Harris
    366 Noah Harris
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