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Introducing Blobfish Throws a Party, a wild and hilarious story from award winning author Miranda Paul Blobfish lives at the bottom of the ocean with no lights, no friends, and no delicious treats The only two ways he can think to change this would be to 1 throw a party, or 2 save the world in true hero style He decides to do the first one However, when he announces,Introducing Blobfish Throws a Party, a wild and hilarious story from award winning author Miranda Paul Blobfish lives at the bottom of the ocean with no lights, no friends, and no delicious treats The only two ways he can think to change this would be to 1 throw a party, or 2 save the world in true hero style He decides to do the first one However, when he announces, Deep sea party Bring a treat to share , the mermaids hear Cheap, free party Sling on a sheet to wear , and the shorebirds hear Cheep peep party Sing a tweet with flair , and so on Soon the whole world is partying in strange ways based on what they think they heard, and Blobfish is still sad and alone at the bottom of the sea Will Blobfish ever get his lights, friends, and delicious treats

  • Title: Blobfish Throws a Party
  • Author: MirandaPaul Maggie Caton
  • ISBN: 9781499804225
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

MirandaPaul Maggie Caton

Miranda Paul has worked as a teacher, volunteer zookeeper, and freelance writer among other things She is passionate about creating stories for young readers that inspire, entertain, and broaden horizons Miranda is also a thrill seeker, and one of her bravest moments involved reciting poetry from inside a crocodile pit Yikes In addition to being a picture book author, Miranda is a team member of We Need Diverse Books and a volunteer for the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI Learn at mirandapaul.

Comments Blobfish Throws a Party

  • Penny Klostermann

    Love the story! Love the illustrations! From beginning to end, Blobfish Throws a Party is delightful and entertaining. Think about the game "Gossip" where a line is whispered from person to person and the more it is whispered, the more it morphs from the original line until it's unrecognizable. Miranda Paul incorporates that technique in her text and it kept me laughing page turn after page turn. But along with the humor, there is heart as I wondered if anybody would ever party with Blobfish. Ma [...]

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    Poor Blobfish just wants friends way down in the murky depths. How will he accomplish his goal? By throwing a party! Cute book with a child friendly message.

  • Jen

    My thanks to Caitlin of little bee books for a copy of this book to read and review.I admit, Blobfish was so ugly he was cute! The artwork was colorful, the story delightfully silly, sure to get giggles from the little ones!Spoiler: Candy is mentioned in the book a lot and given to our hero at the end. If trying to limit your child's intake/desire for candy, this may not be the book for your little one. Which is a shame, because it is adorable. Definitely preview it first though.4 solid and ador [...]

  • Kirsti Call

    I adore all of Miranda Paul's books. This is her debut comical book and it's got just as much heart as her other picture books. It's a funny, madcap story about Blobfish who really just wants some company. When everyone misunderstands his invitation to a party, he is left alone as the world gets wackier and wilder. Hilarious misinterpretations of his words cause mayhem and in the end, those very words that confused everyone are what saves the world from an alien invasion. Filled with wordplay an [...]

  • Suzanne

    It's funny how some topic or type of character will suddenly appear in several places with no connection to each other. In this instance, it's a blobfish. Only last month Jess Keating's book, Pink Is for Blobfish, was on our school's book fair - and now here is a story of hilarious miscommunication also starring a blobfish. Where Keating's book is a nonfiction look at pink creatures in nature, Miranda Paul has written a tale of a lonely guy who just wants some friends, lights, and delicious trea [...]

  • Sandy Brehl

    Who's up for a party?Who doesn't like delicious candy treats?Who doesn't like full-blown, giggle-inducing silliness?And who doesn't LOVE a blobfish story?What's a blobfish, you ask? It's a recently discovered, gelatinous inhabitant of the deepest waters off Australia, and it was voted (in an online poll) the world's ugliest animal! Check out the video on Miranda Paul's website to learn more about it, scientifically, here.Despite that pathetically sad face, the central character in BLOBFISH THROW [...]

  • Jennifer

    Blobfish Throws a Party is a fun book for children aged 4-8. The verbal humour is fun, but also allowed me an opportunity to discuss mishearing things with my son, who has an auditory processing disorder. It was nice for him to see that others sometimes don't hear correctly too. The ending was great and left us cheering for Blobfish.

  • LynnDavidson

    Blobfish Throws a Party, written by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Maggie Caton, is a funny story children will love. Blobfish lived on the bottom of the ocean where it was dark and lonely. He was tired of being alone. He wanted friends, and lights and delicious treats, but how was he going to get them?Blobfish decided that there were only two ways to get what he wanted – one was to have a great party, the other was to save the world and be a hero. Either way he would get friends, and lights [...]

  • Elizabeth

    First we have blobfish. He is so ugly that he is cute! (Kind of like Grumpy Cat!) And he has TWO ideas of how to get lights, friends, and treats. Then we have miscommunication. (Think the old telephone game whereby the messages get tangled as they are passed on.) Next are aliens, who we are relieved to find are diverted from attacking our planet. Finally, blobfish happily realizes that BOTH of his ideas come to fruition. This book is simply a delight. The wild, hilarious, wacky story accompanied [...]

  • Kelly

    Blobfish wants to have a party because he wants friends and good candy to eat. Things don't work out as planned because nobody quite understands what he said. It's so colorful and fun.

  • Viviane Elbee

    This book is funny, full of heart, and full of fun twists and surprises. It also has bright, colorful illustrations. It's perfect for preschoolers and young elementary students.Our family likes to play the "telephone" game where you whisper something in one person's ear, and that person whispers it to the next, and so on down the line of people the words usually come out distorted on the other end. This book reminds us of the game we like to play.We are also fans of the Pink is for Blobfish boo [...]

  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Paul, Miranda Blobfish Throws a Party, illustrated by Maggie Caton. PICTURE BOOK. Little Bee, 2017. $17.Blobfish wants to throw a party to bring some life to his dark, lonely life. But when he shouts out the invitation, the message gets garbled, like a bad game of “telephone”and Blobfish is still alone ---until something exciting happens!Paul and Caton’s book is a wacky party just waiting to for you to join in. The telephone garbles are super amusing and Blobfish is able to save the day in [...]

  • Hannah Holt

    In Blobfish Throws a Party, a party invitation to the mermaids turns into a rollicking game of telephone that circles the globe. When the earth comes under attack by aliens, a party might just be it's best defense--but will blob fish get to join the fun?This book is a guaranteed laugh for children. (Note to parents: underwear humor.) I'm usually not a fan of underwear jokes because it's a cheap chuckle from kids. However, the author uses underwear as a more than just a punchline. They become ess [...]

  • Jen Woo

    Blobfish, voted one of the world's ugliest animals, throws a party! And I really want to join the party. If only I could get over the inaccurate illustration of poor lonely blobfish, living in the depths of the ocean, based on a viral photo of the fish out of water. Besides this and the awkward turn of events involving UFO's in the search of candy, this story focuses on blobfish being welcome amongst the smaller communities of dancers, children, and more attractive animals.

  • Traci Bold

    It's lonely at the bottom of the sea. Blobfish just wants to hang out with friends sometimes and not always be alone. He has a stellar idea which morphs into a grand idea but not what he expected at all.Written by Miranda Paul, illsutrated by Maggie Caton and published by Little Bee Books. #pb #animals, #friendship #blobfish #mustread

  • Amy Harding

    A great addition to Miranda Paul's collection of gems! A super "wacky" and fun story about poor, lonely blob fish, who finally has of all his dreams realized after a series of Shakespearean-style comic mix-ups bring the story full-circle! A fun book to read aloud with plenty of illustration entertainment as well!

  • The Brothers

    A poor, sad, lonely blobfish decides to throw a party to get some friends. He announces his party, but his words (as passed on by different animals and people) get messed up. Fun to see how the words morph.Illustrations are fun!

  • Liz Zimmer

    I've read this book aloud to my five-year old probably 15 times now, and we both still laugh out loud every time. And I'm not a laughing-out-loud type of person. This book is adorable, fun, and consistently hilarious.

  • Alyssa Gudenburr

    A super funny book that reminds me of the telephone game. Blobfish is lonely so he shouts "Deep-sea party! Bring a treat to share!" and the message changes as it is passed along. Would make a funny read aloud for elementary children.

  • Ms Threlkeld

    Good for talking to kids about miscommunication and it's entertaining.

  • Becky

    I thought this was going to be much more about blobfish and sea creatures, so I'm a little disappointed. I think had I not had that in mind, I'd have enjoyed this more. Wah wah.

  • Karina

    This was super adorable! I loved this story and the illustrations. Totally heartwarming.

  • Kirsten

    Barnett's TELEPHONE meets CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS. Let's just say the plot involves flinging underthings, which is a sure-fire hit.

  • Melanie

    Blobfish lived deep in the ocean where it was dark and there weren't any treats. One day he decides to have a party to liven things up. But when he makes the announcement everyone misunderstands him. So everyone up on land is partying in their own way when aliens come to steal all of the treats. But the kids who heard "fling your underwear" saved the day by throwing their underwear on the spaceship and scaring the aliens away. Blobfish finally gets credit and a party and all the treats he can ea [...]

  • Marcia

    There have been a number of books featuring blobfish in recent years, and the poor thing always seems to be the butt of the joke. In this brightly illustrated picture book, lonely blobfish just wants some company at the bottom of the ocean, so sends out an invitation to a party. His invitation is mis-understood in many humorous ways. Then the aliens arriveSilly fun.

  • Angela

    It’s wonderful to see the pitied Blobfish turn hero in a story of “telephone” gone so wrong it rights the world. Caton’s color palate harks of Lisa Frank journals from years past keeping the story busy and bright despite a deep sea setting. A little Blobfish non-fiction backmatter would make a great addition to this pop-pink portrayal of Psychrolutes marcidus.

  • Sarah

    Cons: The lesson seems to be people who do the minimum of effort to attain their dreams will, apparently, be rewarded with everything they could ever dream of.Pros: Lots of shouting and some space aliens.For real, if my kids have hearing problems, I will not be surprised if it's because their mom gets excited about picture-book-induced yelling.

  • Brittany

    Blobfish is always interesting. However, some parts of this book are just weird and don't make sense when you read it aloud. I got some pretty odd and confused looks. But then, some parts are hilarious like when the kids throw underwear at the aliens. That part gets lots of laughs.

  • Cat

    So incredibly sweet and a great hidden message.

  • Mary Librarian

    Like a game of telephone. From advanced reader copy.

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