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By Robert P. Rowe | Comments: ( 759 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

Sometimes love can come out of left field.Tony was waiting until he went away to college to come out to his parents and start his new gay life Unfortunately, at twenty four, it doesn t look like college is going to happen after all Stuck in a dead end job in a small town and still living at home, with all the arrested development that entails, he finds escape in playingSometimes love can come out of left field.Tony was waiting until he went away to college to come out to his parents and start his new gay life Unfortunately, at twenty four, it doesn t look like college is going to happen after all Stuck in a dead end job in a small town and still living at home, with all the arrested development that entails, he finds escape in playing for the company baseball team and lusting after his straight outfielder crush, Alex But Tony s best friend, Jennifer, thinks she s found a plan in the pages of gay romance novels All Tony has to do is convince Alex he s gay for you or for Tony It s easy just find some excuse to be alone in bed together and let nature take its course What could possibly go wrong You can t get to first base if you don t take a chance and step up to the plate.

  • Title: The Outfielders
  • Author: Robert P. Rowe
  • ISBN: 9781634778688
  • Page: 431
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Robert P. Rowe

Robert P. Rowe Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Outfielders book, this is one of the most wanted Robert P. Rowe author readers around the world.

Comments The Outfielders

  • Tess

    4.5 starsOh this book made me so happy! Just what I wanted - a cute, funny and slowly developing friends to lovers romance. This has a little fun with the GFY genre but it's definitely not GFY! One thing though is that the characters did read a little young for their ages, but I expect it's because they're still living at home in their mid 20s!

  • Pianka *call me PIU*

    “The Outfielder” is a coming-out story of our MC, Tony. He is 24 and stuck in his small town doing a job he hates. He has been secretly crushing on his baseball-teammate/colleague Alex from the time they were in high school. But no one knows he is gay except his best friend, Jennifer. Alex is straight and Tony has no hope of ever turning his dream of “being in a relationship with Alex” a reality so why try??? But Jennifer has a plan: Tony just has to convince Alex that he is gay for him. [...]

  • Sandra

    Really cute friends-to-lovers story. If the implied possible GFY in the blurb is keeping you from buying this book - don't worry, there's no GFY here at all. None.Tony is 24, stuck in a dead-end job working for the local big box store that has driven all the small business out of their little town, and still living at home. Both have crushed his dreams of college and coming out to his parents. He plays baseball on a small team with friends he's known since high school, and lusts after his straig [...]

  • Lauren (Shooting Stars Mag) Becker

    I was given a chance to read and review The Outfielders from Dreamspinner Press and while it's not my new favorite LGBT+ novel, it was still really enjoyable. The premise of The Outfielders is that twenty-something Tony is stuck in a dead end job in a dead end town. Oh, and he's gay and nobody knows but his best friend, Jennifer, who most people believe is his girlfriend. He's been crushing on his baseball teammate Alex for years, but Alex is straight, so it's pointless, right? Having read many [...]

  • Anke

    3.5 stars

  • Karlijn

    Not for me.Too much details and way too long. I think the story could be told in half of the amount of pages.

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsI liked this book. I thought Tony and Alex were adorable. Sure, there were issues. Tony still lived at home with his family at the age of 24 because his job doesn’t pay him enough to move out on his own. Alex is in the same predicament, but he has the added problem of an overly religious mother, a father who isn’t around because of his job in another town, and what I can only describe is a mega brat of a younger brother.Their relationship develops slowly. The [...]

  • Mary

    i liked this bookked the way the author writes great read

  • D.

    Before I get into the review let me clear something up that may put a lot of people off this book. The book summary makes it seem this is a gay-for-you book, but it 100% is not. It contains characters coming out, but isn't GFY. If I didn’t dislike the main characters so much this would be a five out of five star book. Rowe did a good job writing them and making their story believable, but I was just not into them. They were kind of immature boys and I was MEH about it, but honestly that’s my [...]

  • Cathy Brockman

    Tony has had a thing for Alex since Alex moved to Groverville in his junior year. They now both work in the big box store called Markdowns that has practically wiped out the town. Tony's best friend Jennifer is pushing Tony to make a move to get Alex's attention. Tony is sure you can't turn a straight man gay, but Jenifer thinks he can. She gives him a book ironically called Outfielders to boost Tony along.This story is fun and cute in so many ways. First of all the way Robert P Rowe wrote the s [...]

  • Erica Chilson

    I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads DNF @ 23% = automatic 3 stars Reason: the voice/narration sounded a decade younger than the character's age of 24. If this had been a young adult novel vs adult, I may have been able to continue. The opener of the novel, until it stated the age, I thought it was a guy in junior high speaking. Even after learning his age, he was obsessed with stating what happened in high school, relationships formed and such, when it was 6 or 7 [...]

  • Natosha Wilson

    This story was so riveting that I could not put it down. I will be honest and say that I really hard a hard time figuring out one of the characters, Alex. He was very hard to read and to figure out what exactly his feelings toward Tony was. Was it really just friendly feelings or was there something more there. As far as Tony goes I think his problem is he is so busy trying to hide that he is gay that he does not realize that everyone, and I do mean everyone in his town already knows he is gay. [...]

  • Alishea

    Nice enough, but it didn't get my motor running. I think it's more because it's too barley adult for me now.

  • JoAnna G

    This is the first book by this author for me. The writing was good, and the pace was steady. It had a likable cast of characters, some not so much.This book was funny at times and like I stated some good people. The thing is they are all in their twenties, but they read like high school. Seeking permission, and to go to sleepovers, that I thought was odd. They all work at the same place because there is nowhere else to work unless you leave town. Tony is the main character along with the object [...]

  • Blackmermaid

    Honestly, I'm surprised by how much I liked this book! I don't really care for New Adult or Young Adult stories and I don't really like baseball, but I enjoyed this. There isn't a whole lot of baseball, so I was okay with it and I liked the idea of Tony trying to get Alex to turn "gay for him". What I was not expecting was the ending. It was smart and it made the most sense. The epilogue was sweet and the two get their HEA. If you're looking for friends who fall in love with a slow-burn mixed wi [...]

  • Natalija

    DNF at 25%Too many irrelevant details, too much baseball, too many characters to keep track of & Jennifer took up too much page space that could be used to develop relationship between the two romantic leads. Obviously, I'm not the target audience for this book.

  • SheReadsALot

    A Hearts On Fire Review to come

  • Justin

    First few chapters read more like a dissertation on the effects of Big Box stores on small town American than a romance. Also, the narrator sounded like a 16 year old instead of a 24 year old to me. Putting this aside for now.

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  • [PDF] Download º The Outfielders | by Ì Robert P. Rowe
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