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By Jackie Nacht | Comments: ( 374 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

When north meets south, sparks fly Adrian is a student from a northern college transferring to Georgia Tech Used to seeing snowmobiles outnumbering the cars on campus, Adrian finds himself living in a state hotter than hell and feeling completely lost in the heart of Atlanta A chance encounter introduces him to Davis who Adrian knows is trouble, but can t help falling fWhen north meets south, sparks fly Adrian is a student from a northern college transferring to Georgia Tech Used to seeing snowmobiles outnumbering the cars on campus, Adrian finds himself living in a state hotter than hell and feeling completely lost in the heart of Atlanta A chance encounter introduces him to Davis who Adrian knows is trouble, but can t help falling for Davis is the picture of big man on campus and oozes with confidence, at least until he meets Adrian Something about Adrian has Davis s usual charm flying out of the window and everything goes from smooth to hell as Davis tries to make Adrian his own Between awkward dates, second degree burns, study sessions, and snow, the two stumble their way into a relationship neither had planned Will Davis give up the bachelor life to take a chance at a relationship with Adrian, or will he walk away from something special just to stick to his original plan

  • Title: Engineering Love
  • Author: Jackie Nacht
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Jackie Nacht

Short, sexy and sweet where a little love goes a long way That s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht s stories I was introduced to M M Romance through my sister, Stephani, and read it for years Then, I thought it was time to put my own stories on paper I began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after and sometimes than one, in the case of my YA Fork in the Road series, which has interactive endings Thinking back to my own book addiction, where there were many nights I stayed up way too late so I could read just one chapter yeah, right I decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults Hopefully, they will give high school and college students, or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and at my webpage jackienacht.

Comments Engineering Love

  • Susan

    When I first read this I gave it 4.5 stars. Now that I've re-read it for the third time I'm going to drop my rating to 3.5 stars. It was still cute, but not that special.------------Original review:Adorable!!I absolutely loved this sweet, no angst whatsoever, college romance.Davis is not ready for a relationship, that’s why he’s upfront to his bedpartners about it, only one night stands, that’s it. But because of that, he has earned himself quite the reputation on campus.Shy Adrian just tr [...]

  • Serena Yates

    “North meets South” can be intriguing, and this fun story about two students meeting up at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, shows quite a few of the details and differences that can occur. Meet Adrian, who is used to snow and calls every soft drink “pop”, and Davis, who has grown up in Georgia’s heat and refers to soft drinks as “Coke” – never mind what brand they are. But those are only a few of the superficial differences. As it turns out, Adrian and Davis have much more in common tha [...]

  • Cee Brown

    ¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)4.5 Love stars(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*"Has the player met his match?"As a civil engineering student, Davis had no interest in relationship OR love. As the big man on campus, his job was to work through the population and enjoy himself while earning his degree. Until one faithful night when he risked life and limb on meeting Adrian. The hot junior did not even realize how tempting he was and how much Davis wanted him. Uncharted territory.Out of the northern cold [...]

  • Stephanie

    This is my second book by Jackie, and she didn't disappoint. This story is short and sweet and very low on drama. I liked the originality in career paths these two have chosen. Who would really think to write about Civil Engineering? Jackie did, and she made it not sound boring LOL! Davis is a player, but when he literally falls into Adrian, his future plans of just "having fun until he graduates" kind of fly out the window. Davis wasn't one of those cocky player types either, he's just kind of [...]

  • Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie

    **copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review**Adrian is a junior who transfers from a school near his home in Michigan to Georgia Tech. Shortly after starting school, Adrian meets Davis. Davis is a senior who is open, friendly, charming and usually smooth, yet something happens to Davis when he gets around Adrian. He seems to lose all his smoothness and becomes an accident prone klutz. I loved both Adrian and Davis they had an amazing chemistry and connection. Dav [...]

  • Suze

    Quick easy read.Character driven plot which Is not my favourite, I like to have something else going on. YA/college setting.Davis falls - literally - the first time he sees Adrian, and keeps on landing in daft situations whenever they meet - not his smooth, suave self. The story covers their dating over the course of a college year. Cute, sweet, no angst at all.

  • Mercedes

    3.5 stars

  • justanya

    Jackie Nacht has crafted yet another tale that is so easy to love! Engineering Love is sweet, low angst and features vibrant three dimensional MC’s that is sure to capture your heart.Let’s start with our bad boy ( because we all love them of course)!Davisis a bad boy, he’s irresistible, he’s in total carpe diem mode, determined to sample everything on campus before he’s forced to grow up and become a “respectable” tax paying member of society. Davis embodies everything most people [...]

  • Lucy

    3.5 Adrian is an engineering student from Upper Peninsula, Michigan who has just transferred to Georgia Tech. He’s getting used to the heat and the new place. He’s already thinking how homesick he is going to be. “Twenty hours away from his family. Cheese and crackers, what he had been thinking?” But he wants to be a civil engineer and Georgia Tech has the best program, so he’s going to make it work. He’s lucky in that he’s rooming in a suite with Mark, Brandon and Luke, all gay, a [...]

  • E Low the

    Oh how I enjoyed this book!!! I was a little apprehensive at first because of it being a couple of college guys and that just screamed angst to me, but to my surpriseNO ANGST!!!!Adrian is a shy guy who decides to move from upper Michigan transfer his junior year in college Georgia. He is welcomed by his new roommate and his roommates boyfriend and they become fast friends. They take him to the first football game where he has an accidental meeting with the campus player Davis. Davis is not out l [...]

  • Nick

    4.5 stars rounded up To be honest, I only read this because I didn't feel like writing my paper. Essentially, I used this story to procrastinate, but woohOO am I glad I did! It was much much cuter than I expected it to be. Davis was so adorably clumsy around Adrian, I couldn't help but giggle my way through reading this. Not going to lie. This is brain candy. Absolutely no angst or deeper plot to be found within these pages. It is complete and utter fluff, but I liked it like that. My only compl [...]

  • Tess

    3.25It was okay. Kinda insta-love-y and pretty much zero conflict.

  • Simone

    4.25 stars

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Engineering Love | by Û Jackie Nacht
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