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By Gayla K. Hiss | Comments: ( 732 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

When Park Ranger Jenny Snowfeather runs into Deputy Marshal Chase Matthews at her brother s Fourth of July barbecue, she suspects there is going on in Eagle Valley, WA than fireworks After Chase confides that he believes the fugitive who killed his partner may be hiding out in the area, Jenny is skeptical at first But when her peaceful town is besieged with a suddenWhen Park Ranger Jenny Snowfeather runs into Deputy Marshal Chase Matthews at her brother s Fourth of July barbecue, she suspects there is going on in Eagle Valley, WA than fireworks After Chase confides that he believes the fugitive who killed his partner may be hiding out in the area, Jenny is skeptical at first But when her peaceful town is besieged with a sudden crime spree, she realizes Chase s theory may be true.As the manhunt advances to the rugged backcountry of North Cascades National Park, Jenny is confronted with her past mistakes But she soon discovers the greatest threat of all is losing her heart to Chase, who is obsessed with capturing the fugitive at all costs Risking everything to help Chase find the man who could kill them both, Jenny s faith is put to the test Like an avalanche waiting to happen, their path is fraught with danger Will the enemy get away with murder Will Jenny and Chase reach freedom and safety, or be buried alive They must tread carefully One step in the wrong direction could mean the difference between life and death.

  • Title: Avalanche
  • Author: Gayla K. Hiss
  • ISBN: 9781943959174
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Gayla K. Hiss

Gayla s writing journey began with her hobby of painting landscapes In her imagination, characters and scenes came to life as she painted beautiful natural settings Her inspiring novels combine her love for the great outdoors with romance, suspense and adventure Gayla and her husband often tour the country in their RV, visiting many state and national parks She enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling.

Comments Avalanche

  • Edward Arrington

    This story was a very enjoyable read as suspense, romance, and faith were interwoven throughout. Jenny was struggling in her faith because of the sudden death of her father. Like many of us who have struggled at one time or another, she did not think her “vacation” from church would affect anyone else. She learned much quicker than many people do that her lapse did affect others. Some would suggest that faith was merely a minor aspect of the story as one suspenseful event after another playe [...]

  • Robbie

    Jennifer Snowfeather meets Chase Matthews at a Fourth of July picnic, and immediately her antenna goes up. Something doesn’t feel right to her. How does he know her name, and what about the gun he carries? Will she be able to discover why something seems off with Matthew?Beautiful scenery exquisitely described, suspense that causes you to hold your breath as it plays out and danger around every corner are just of a sampling of the richness illustrated in this story.I figure out the “whodunit [...]

  • Beth

    I'd like to rate this one more highly, as it is Christian fiction, and well copy edited. However, the author and editors missed that it was far overdone with multiple perils and bad guys. The heroine was portrayed as talented, but then made too many mistakes. There were also several points to the plot that didn't make sense. For example, search and rescue hikers and the bad guys also seemed to haul far too many items on an extended trek. I expect to suspend my disbelief to some degree, but there [...]

  • Judith Allen

    Murder in the MountainsI enjoyed the suspense and action in this story. It is so refreshing to be able to read a good romantic story with no sex and a murder without foul language. It is an added blessing when the story line is so interesting.

  • Amanda Geaney (Christian Shelf-Esteem)

    Originally posted to christianshelfesteem.wordpresGayla Hiss’ debut novel Avalanche is equal parts adventure, mystery, and romance. When Park Ranger Jenny Snowfeather becomes entangled with the local sheriff’s investigation of area break-ins, she never could have predicted the dangers she would face. Readers, prepare to take to the trails of North Cascades National Park on the hunt for a fugitive.Hiss maintained tension start to finish by quickly escalating the crimes which were committed an [...]

  • Tracie

    This was a great story full of action and suspense. There’s more than one story line, but they work together well. I enjoyed the characters and plot development. Underlying motivations of the characters kept the story interesting. The author’s writing flows smoothly through the action scenes and plot twists and surprises.I was given this book by the publisher as an advance copy, with no expectation of a review, positive or otherwise.

  • Kim

    I obtained this free e-book from and I am voluntarily writing a review. Jenny is a Park Ranger in the North Cascades National Park. Chase is a US Marshall on forced leave after losing his partner who was murdered while guarding a witness waiting to testify at a trial. He got away and Chase is following a strong hunch that he is around the North Cascade National Park where the guy grow up. So happens he has an old army buddy Joel, Jenny's brother, that lives I the area and he is staying there. T [...]

  • Peggy Kessel

    Avalanche is a perfect balance of suspense, intrigue, romance with notes of faith throughout. There are many twists & turns that held my attention. I grew a fondness and appreciation for each character, particularly Jenny & Chase. I could easily relate to where they were in their Christian walk and how they used their faith to deal with circumstances that came their way. Additionally, Gayla Hiss beautifully described the Northwest settings, I felt like I was there. Gayla is a gifted the [...]

  • Richard Spillman

    I enjoyed it from start to finish and am looking forward to reading more from this author. This is a refreshing (not just for the snow and mountain backdrop) clean suspense story that will hold your interest throughout. Not only are the characters real, their relationships ring true – from the older brother looking after his sister to the sister’s frustration in being looked after by the older brother, from the slow, realistic development of the love story to the frustrating roadblocks that [...]

  • Janice Sisemore

    Avalanche Chase is looking for the guy that killed his partner, he is staying with his friend Joel and didn't tell him what he was doing but did tell Joel's sister Jenny that worked as a park ranger. The book is very suspenseful for several characters not just for Chase. Very interesting from start to finish and lot of action. Really enjoyed the book. I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of the book.

  • Nancy

    Good fast read

  • Julie Patterson

    Fast moving book.This is the first book I have read from this author. Now I want to read more. Very interesting and you don't want to put it down.

  • Pat

    This is a debut novel from Gayla K. Hiss and I couldn't put it down. Action, suspense, romance and fast paced storyline. Definitely an author to follow. I absolutely loved this book. I heard someone giving it a great review on a blog I was reading. I bought this book immediately and I don't regret it.Jenny Snowfeather is a Park Ranger and meets Deputy Marshal Chase Matthews at her brother's backyard bbq. She finds out he is visiting her brother and hasn't been completely honest to him about why [...]

  • Becky Dempsey

    This book had almost non stop action. The story kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat to see what was going to happen next. There were so many twists and turns in the mystery that I did not know what to expect until it unfolded before me. The action continued right up to the end of the book, too. The romance, mystery, action, and Biblical threads are all woven seamlessly throughout the whole book. Jenny was struggling with her faith after her father's death, but still held strongly to her [...]

  • Sally

    Jenny Snowfeather is a park ranger. She has taken a break from God after her father dies. Does God still care for her? Will she come to realize God never left her? Chase Matthews is a US Marshall. He’s turned his back on God before even giving Him a chance. He’s in town to apprehend a fugitive, one that killed his best friend. Will Jenny and Chase find their faith in God and freedom from their past in the midst of their hard times? From tracking a cougar to organizing a manhunt, this story i [...]

  • Patrizia

    3 stelle e mezzaNon c'è niente da fare, non resisto a un romance o a un mystery ambientato in un parco americano. Se poi è un romantic suspence, anche meglio!In questo caso, la parte suspence mi ha soddisfatto, ma quando ho iniziato a leggere il libro mi ero completamente dimenticata che era un inspirational ed io mi aspettavo un po' più di "verve" nella storia d'amore Errore mio. Comunque, leggerò anche il secondo.

  • Barbara Thompson

    Avalanche is my first book to read by Gayla K. Hiss. An excellent job in writing this book. It's a mystery with suspense and turmoil, also some romance. Avalanche is Book One in the Peril In The Park series. I'm interested to read Book Two by this author.I received a complimentary copy from the author. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.

  • Karen Dare

    Avalanche is a story of Jenny, a forest ranger living on her brother’s property and Chase, a friend visiting her brother and on a mission to find his partner’s murderer. They meet at a fourth of July party and their lives become intertwined. It is a faith based combination of suspense, action and romance. Set in the mountains of Washington State, the story shows a true appreciation of the outdoors. The main characters are well developed and believable, so much so that one develops a fondness [...]

  • Sarah Shewey

    Jenny Snowfeather is a park ranger in the Cascade Mountains where she meets U.S Deputy Marshal Chase Matthews. Chase is in Eagle Valley on “vacation” but that is just what he’s telling Jenny’s brother. This book has many twists and turns as well as a few interesting characters that will have you wondering ‘Is this the guy?’ There is a mild romance between Jenny and Chase. It doesn’t really develop until the end when Chase realizes his need for God.This book is a thrilling start to [...]

  • Sheila R Stark

    This is a very sweet and honest story of people trying to find themselves while solving a local mystery. I quickly grew to love the characters and really enjoyed the outdoors setting. I enjoyed the subtle connections to faith and family and the types of crisis we all face at some point in our lives. I felt compelled to keep reading and I'm excited about the next book in the series. ( I was given a free copy in order to review this book and the opinions expressed here are my own honest thoughts r [...]

  • Lorena Saxton

    This is a great read, once you start you won't put it down. Jenny finds her faith again after a series of things happen in her life. Mystery, romance and a search in the mountains. Animal lovers beware, you will fall in love with Jenny!I received a free copy from author for my honest opinion.

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  • Best Download [Gayla K. Hiss] ✓ Avalanche || [Religion Book] PDF ☆
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